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Love Poems


From the soul out

The day we met I recall well, The way we related and all we shared. I remember the way you laughed, And I remember all you said, Most of all I remember your breathtaking smile. The days that followed I began to fall, Piece by piece my heart became yours. I remember when you said ‘I love you', And I remember when I said ‘I’m yours. You’re my one and only and I love you,   ...Read On


Tempt me

Come to my beckoning call. Drink from my water's mouth. Whisper words of passion. Tempt me with touch. Lay me down on my mother's earth. Show me the ways of man. We move to the dance as old as time. Cries of passion carrying on the night's sky Entwine us body and soul; For when the dawn breaks, We must part, For this is a forbidden love....Read On


Love's Island

Love's dreams can become Love's reality if you dream together

I watch the waves that stroke my beach beyond them is a love to reach remember how I came that day? to hold my lover far away there were no waves upon your lake just ripples that the wind did make no washing surf a silent sea where dreams became reality we paddled in an old canoe it seemed a crazy thing to do an island beach a rocky shore our dreams of love could wait no more we lit a fire...Read On


A Tale of Love

The first time I saw you,  You were leaning against a bar; Looking around the room, Smoking a cigarette. I walked over, Standing a few feet away, Ordering myself a drink. That is when I first noticed your eyes, Dark brown with a golden centre, I thought you looked so handsome. A year later We have spent so much time Slowly learning; Working and enjoy life together, ...Read On


Missing Her

Missing her

I still remember the day, The day that I lost my love. It seems like forever Since I have heard from her. I can't sleep nor can I be awake Without her ever in my thoughts. I'm still missing her. She was the one thing That made me whole. The beautiful angel that Makes me smile. I'm still missing her. Day by day I tell myself That it'll get better in time; But I know that's a lie, It will...Read On



Come over here darling. Buy me a drink. No-no. My eyes are up here. Shall we dance, and talk. No you mustn't grab my ass. Yes, whisper in my ear. Come over here darling. Let’s go to your place. No-no. Let the lady lead. You will enjoy. Shall we tumble in the sheets. Share hot passionate kisses. Exploring each other bodies. taking it slow. Or? Do we share...Read On


The truth of him

Learning to trust and take a chance

In a touch so divine his lips brushed mine, He whispers, you are mine, Such a delightful thrill that sweet little whisper instilled. As he drew me near my body shook with a bit of fear as his finger traced every curve and wiped away a tear. Don't be frightened my dear I will wipe away your fears; Just look in my eyes and the truth of it will shine just let your heart speak to mine. ...Read On


Love or lust

A short poem inspired by a hot sex session

Lips locked, hair undone, glasses off Arms open, clothes off, sweet kisses Hands in, rubbing softly, dirty words Moans out in approval as he makes his way down Passion burning, hearts racing "Make me yours," she teases Skin to skin Cum to cum Tied up and turned on "Please, baby, punish me!" She begs Red bum, sore pussy, satisfied hips Sore bodies, sweaty pores Panting lungs and...Read On



Touch me, kiss me, Show you miss me. Lick me, tease me Aim to please me. Squeeze me, suck me, Baby, fuck me. Ride me, grind me, Even bind me. Spank me, ram me, Come on slam me. Grab me, cease me, Please release in me. Hold me, cleave me. Never leave me. ...Read On


Passion's Fire

Warming us, moving us, making us sin,  Passion’s fires, burn deep within.  As we give in to our carnal desires, our past consumed by the burning fires!  While the tempo of passion steadily increases,  Mistakes of the past, torn all to pieces. Perhaps we were brought together by fate, the god’s way of healing us each of our hate. Our hearts were so hard, refusing to budge  ...Read On

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Sometimes it's hard to be yourself...

I dreamed that all my wounds had healed, which freed me to move on. My confidence was coming back, I'd thought it all but gone. A smile, a laugh, an opening up, a glimmer of some hope, But my epistemic self still said I was a dope. * Not sure if I was was worthy, was sadly my belief And a brave face was the one I wore, despite the mental grief. Suppressing it, I steeled myself and...Read On

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this is who we are

Here we are Across the miles. Camera in. Camera out. I see your face only dimly From the darkness of your room. Your voice assures my heart I am beautiful And desirable. Candles illuminate my bare silk In flickering shades of gold. I spread myself before you Revealing pink and glistening flesh. Pads slowly glide over the orchid bloom Of my swollen sex. ...Read On

Editor's Pick

Second Act

The senses waken and wait

There’s next to no sense in anything fun: Whims, like winds, startle roofs with their rages. We’ve liquored and loved, before, till the sun Shushed us off to sleep like sober sages. Quiet, this house now keeps saner hours Where wandered wishes’ eyes I kiss tight shut When, wistful, I wonder upon our bower, That bed, where, lonely, I toss in a rut. No fun! But fitful dreams pen hard demands...Read On

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Summer Love

Our love is like a butterfly

You walk through meadows, below enchanted skies, Nature’s ephemeral beauty, so little time; Each bloom a sweet receptacle for the butterflies, So your lips impart - their nectar onto mine. Summer breeze, relaxing, the faintest warm caress, Smiling florescence, its pollen soon released; Carried yonder field, winter’s stagnation redressed, The psyche, a fleeting, colourful caprice. ...Read On


Devious Dance

Lightning of lust locks look in concert Catlike crawling cradles of love Dancing and dolling to reassert Twisting and touching to rise above Senses spinning of sexual exert Devious the dance society deprives of Luscious lips licking for the flirt Extravagant explosion we’re secretly in awe of Devilishly devouring each others hurt Lips on lips, tribbing in the alcove Demonishly...Read On



you cannot kill love but it can die i nurture mine each passing moment i feed it with memories of soft kisses gentle touches intimacy with a lover gone i know not where or why my love grows stronger  hardier with each day that passes it knows no bounds as it grows in search of her my hope should my lover ever return or even pass by she might kiss a leaf from me and help me blossom...Read On

Editor's Pick

Oakland X

Black boy, brown boy, white boy, It makes no difference in the dark, And when I’m with you It’s always night. Street light is broken again, Only the moon casting light through the bars Dowsing us in shadowed strips of cool; Just enough to see the laughter in your eyes. Drenched in sweat and cum And tangled together like Oroborus, My mouth full of kisses and cock, ...Read On


What Is Love

What love does.

Love is joy, it is pain, it is hurt, it is hate, it is death, it is thunder and lighting, it is the rain, it is one of life's great pleasures. Love can make you feel small or ten feet tall, it will make your heart sing or leave it laying in a sling. Love is the sweet music that leads us flying into the unknown, not giving a damn where we land or go. Love is a drug a sweet addiction,...Read On


The Smell

Thoughts that bring on memories

The Smell Smell of warm sea breezes reminds me of your hair just washed with just a hint of coconuts, passion fruits, lemons. Bouquets floating from the kitchen remind me of you. Rosemary, Thyme, Cinnamon. Thinking of you after a bath, fresh, sweet, and spices bathe my soul. Smell of wood burning fire lights my mind of cold winter night. Popcorn, movies, and cuddles. ...Read On


Not Ready To Let Go

We can't always see what's right in front of us or understand why it drives us.

Maybe there's a way to stop my tears before they fall?  To shield my heart from breaking at all. A way to make sense of you and I,  To trust our fates aligned, like the stars in the sky. I once drifted in circles, unaware my soul mate was near, Until you came along and showed me the way. You guided me when I was lost, and supported me when I felt weak, You held me in the palm of...Read On


Murray, you owe me

Learning never to bet sex on a tennis final

7th July 2013. Oh damn you dear Murray, you owe me The Wimbledon atmosphere merry Adam and I Are watching you try For first British champ since Fred Perry “Let’s make it a game,” suggests Adam The concept seems rather enticing Pimms over ice Is out in a trice The strawb’ries and cream are the icing The rules neither science nor rocket: “The Serb can be yours, and I’ll be the Brit Once...Read On


Thoughts of Your Cyber Lover

wondering who we really are as we hold each other

Who are you lying in my arms, my mind reaching through the dark to touch your skin, your hair, your breasts crushed against my chest, my eyes seeing you, or the thought of you, our minds touching where our eyes can’t see? And here we are swept away by the whirlwind of our lust, our spirits soaring in this space high above the atmosphere, and though we know...Read On



For Soleil who has set me free

A prisoner and hardly aware Denying and seeking to fit in Feelings of guilt and shame Repressed desires hidden away. She appears on the scene Joining me in my secret Lush hideaway One of a very few who know But somehow she is different. She herself is so free Loving sex unabashedly Not judging but indulging Teasing but not fleeing. My curiosity aroused And much more! Is she real?...Read On


The Willow Grove

This poem only available on Lush Stories. If you are reading it elsewhere, it has been stolen. Light dances upon the rippling surface of Deep, cool green waters that Pool at the feet of the willow grove. Sundrops kiss your smiling face As shimmers of gold grace your skin. The summer sea breeze Carries a giggling melody through The coastal valley where Butterflies flitter From wildflower...Read On



When you just need reminding everything will be alright!

Looking for you, seeking the comfort and warmth of your loving arms, As I feel my world crumble. I look for you needing, wanting you when I see you arrive I rush to you. You wrap your arms around me as you whisper words of love and support. They help make me believe that no matter how dark things are right now. Your love and support I receive from you will make...Read On



Today I sit here  watching the rainfall  the soft pitta patta  of the raindrops  hitting the ground,  match the tears  that run down my face. Remembering the moments  we shared that made me  feel so special  the softly whispered words  the gentle kisses and hugs  you gave, when you sensed  I was feeling nervous  which made me feel so safe. Now I sit here  trying to make sense  of what...Read On


Good morning

A night time poem for my sleepyhead

We are so far gone  And we are in so deep Both of us are loosing sleep We have no where to run  And no where to hide Knowing our love and knowing the price We keep moving deeper And we find compromise The need that we have cannot be denied We make our love And we share our nights Talk of our dreams and turn down the lights We treasure our love  And we sacrifice  ...Read On



For Soleil, of course

It began in fun, We teased and played, She laughed a lot, She made me smile. We began to share Things we enjoyed, Some in common, Some unique. She made me feel I was not strange, My heart she opened, It all poured out. Still I feared To confess my love, Could this be real Or a web illusion? So full of love, My heart was hers, I confessed my love, Then she...Read On



Female essence rushes in This hollow male shell. I was wrongfully born within; Desires society will quell. Female form I desire, To love and lust forever. Burning with lesbian fire, Orgasming ladies together. Female life I envy Behind this beastly front. Dreaming, tribbing, lust of plenty To find peace as an endosymbiont. Female entity, my mistress; Apprentice pleading salvation. A...Read On


Your Love

For you Bill, because you have restored me.

You found me hurting, alone and afraid My life had gone wrong, was all that I said. You wrapped me up tightly, in your arms so strong You made me feel safe, and made me belong. I told you of all the bad things I had done You held none against me, not a single one. You lifted my chin and made me smile once more On the pain of my past we closed the door. The birds sing again and...Read On