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Love Poems


Murray, you owe me

Learning never to bet sex on a tennis final

7th July 2013. Oh damn you dear Murray, you owe me The Wimbledon atmosphere merry Adam and I Are watching you try For first British champ since Fred Perry “Let’s make it a game,” suggests Adam The concept seems rather enticing Pimms over ice Is out in a trice The strawb’ries and cream are the icing The rules neither science nor rocket: “The Serb can be yours, and I’ll be the Brit Once...Read On


Thoughts of Your Cyber Lover

wondering who we really are as we hold each other

Who are you lying in my arms, my mind reaching through the dark to touch your skin, your hair, your breasts crushed against my chest, my eyes seeing you, or the thought of you, our minds touching where our eyes can’t see? And here we are swept away by the whirlwind of our lust, our spirits soaring in this space high above the atmosphere, and though we know...Read On



For Soleil who has set me free

A prisoner and hardly aware Denying and seeking to fit in Feelings of guilt and shame Repressed desires hidden away. She appears on the scene Joining me in my secret Lush hideaway One of a very few who know But somehow she is different. She herself is so free Loving sex unabashedly Not judging but indulging Teasing but not fleeing. My curiosity aroused And much more! Is she real?...Read On


The Willow Grove

This poem only available on Lush Stories. If you are reading it elsewhere, it has been stolen. Light dances upon the rippling surface of Deep, cool green waters that Pool at the feet of the willow grove. Sundrops kiss your smiling face As shimmers of gold grace your skin. The summer sea breeze Carries a giggling melody through The coastal valley where Butterflies flitter From wildflower...Read On



When you just need reminding everything will be alright!

Looking for you, seeking the comfort and warmth of your loving arms, As I feel my world crumble. I look for you needing, wanting you when I see you arrive I rush to you. You wrap your arms around me as you whisper words of love and support. They help make me believe that no matter how dark things are right now. Your love and support I receive from you will make...Read On



Today I sit here  watching the rainfall  the soft pitta patta  of the raindrops  hitting the ground,  match the tears  that run down my face. Remembering the moments  we shared that made me  feel so special  the softly whispered words  the gentle kisses and hugs  you gave, when you sensed  I was feeling nervous  which made me feel so safe. Now I sit here  trying to make sense  of what...Read On


Good morning

A night time poem for my sleepyhead

We are so far gone  And we are in so deep Both of us are loosing sleep We have no where to run  And no where to hide Knowing our love and knowing the price We keep moving deeper And we find compromise The need that we have cannot be denied We make our love And we share our nights Talk of our dreams and turn down the lights We treasure our love  And we sacrifice  ...Read On



For Soleil, of course

It began in fun, We teased and played, She laughed a lot, She made me smile. We began to share Things we enjoyed, Some in common, Some unique. She made me feel I was not strange, My heart she opened, It all poured out. Still I feared To confess my love, Could this be real Or a web illusion? So full of love, My heart was hers, I confessed my love, Then she...Read On



Female essence rushes in This hollow male shell. I was wrongfully born within; Desires society will quell. Female form I desire, To love and lust forever. Burning with lesbian fire, Orgasming ladies together. Female life I envy Behind this beastly front. Dreaming, tribbing, lust of plenty To find peace as an endosymbiont. Female entity, my mistress; Apprentice pleading salvation. A...Read On


Your Love

For you Bill, because you have restored me.

You found me hurting, alone and afraid My life had gone wrong, was all that I said. You wrapped me up tightly, in your arms so strong You made me feel safe, and made me belong. I told you of all the bad things I had done You held none against me, not a single one. You lifted my chin and made me smile once more On the pain of my past we closed the door. The birds sing again and...Read On



He doesn't realize how much he hurts me...

Just so you know It's not okay For you to Continuously ignore me. A girl needs to feel Wanted and desired So either you do Or you don't and You need to decide. I cannot go on acting As if your indifference doesn't sting Or that my heart doesn't bleed. So if you love me tell me And if you want me show me Because not only do I want to know But I need to feel your desire. ...Read On



Our lust once divine Our love still a treasure Our souls for ever as one Our beings each others support I want you to be mine I crave for your pleasure I lied, your lust undone I fucked up, my life cut short You I want to enshrine You were my Zephyr You I see moving on You I no longer want to distort My feelings thorn to twine My being wanting closure My mind urging its all foregone ...Read On



The truest heart I've ever known  He is mine to keep The secrets shared both night and day He tells me everything The pain of love not yet complete He tells me it will be The rantings of my wild mind He listens patiently The jokes and giggles that we play He laughs and tickles me The questions and the fears He answers tenderly The words of love, they always flow ...Read On




I sought you before I knew you existed When we kissed you never resisted To see you to dream of you was all in my mind I finally found you can life be that kind You have made me so much better than I thought I could be And I still can't figure just what you see in me But you have taken my heart and my soul And for the first time in my life I really feel whole...Read On


Safe, Loved, Desired

I want to be in your arms, There I feel wanted and looked for. I feel safe from harm, Needed, warm to the core. You hold together the pieces of me, The bits left shattered by pain. The desire you ignite within Pours over us like wild rain. I want to be who you need, Maybe I can repay you. Call it a hunger, or greed, Either might be true. Take me, claim me as your own, I offer no resistance,...Read On


Just a Game

Entertained by my heartache

In my world of dark, She shone like a light, Becoming a beacon, To guide me through the night. As beautiful as a siren, But innocent as a lamb. And my heart sailed forward, Without worry of being damned. Straight into her arms, Which beckoned me near; For I longed for her touch, And to be rid of my fears. She smiled so sweetly, As I handed her my heart, But her smile turned wicked, As...Read On


Fantasy Pt 1

Me and you, one to one, alone in the dark of night; I see your look, I feel your touch, I know the moment's right. You held my face and looked at me and then our lips met,  Then you start exploring my body to get my pussy wet. You kiss my neck and move on down, stopping at my breast; You lick and suck my nipple, my pussy you caress. Moving your way down, my belly button you lick ...Read On


My Favorite Hooker

You slink into the bar so sexy and nice And every guy looks at you a lot more than twice You flirt,you you tease to get what you want A hundred on the bar is all that you want I sip my drink and watch all I can And smile and think what you could do to a man To hold you and screw you throw passion to the wind The memory would be worth it. Thank goodness for sin I get up and...Read On


Over The Rainbow

Somewhere over the rainbow ...

Over The Rainbow … Early in the morning when all of nature rests. That’s my time with you. The silence of the environment sleeping is enough to arouse me from my slumber. I wake and feel your presence. A warm breeze that swirls around me and yet I shiver. The darkness is my blindfold, but I know it’s you. You whisper in my ear that you’re here. The scent of citrus...Read On


broken pieces

meeting someone new that wants you even when your broken inside.

He found her broken so he tried to fix her He found all the colors of life underneath her So many things he wished to teach her So much love he had to give her His heart spoke to hers, please be mine But deep down inside he wondered if her hurt was too much to put aside Would his love speak its mind, could he make her heart work one more time?...Read On



It starts with a simple word “ fine” It’s the answer to a not so simple question “ are you ok?” With every question asked, and answered the distance seems to grow Its not felt in miles, its right there in the heart. Distance has the power, you are no longer in control It lurks in the mind, making you doubt every thought It settles in the heart, and making you question her You...Read On


Lantern in the dark

My world died as I felt you remove yourself. My heart was torn from my body, By a rusty teaspoon of broken promise and unfulfilled want. The world was no longer for me, Just for those lucky enough to still have a soul. My spirit whisked onto the funeral pyre of futility, Thinking that this vacuum would be my sole habitat forever. I never saw it coming. I was as blind as Sulla, ...Read On


A Dream?

I lie down and close my eyes….. Two shadows in the dark both wanting to play Face to face in silence not knowing what to say. My heart is racing I feel you breathe Take this opportunity or should I leave I see your gesture I move in close By this point we are nose to nose. I close my eyes and taste your tongue My body melts and I’m instantly sprung Electricity through...Read On


Three Wishes

The reflection of the firelight glows in your eyes I watch the love of my favorite prize My fingers trace your delicious breasts While my hardening cock waits in its'rest Your wonderful body is all so enticing And your wanting me is all so exciting Your pussy,your mouth are all I desire And you beside me only increases the fire The stars gleam outside with a nice morning dew ...Read On

Recommended Read


even a little hope was too much

It must have been an enchantment. No other word can explain How I allowed your Whisper to infiltrate my defenses And capture my thoughts And my heart. My fingers touched To match your words Which called me to orgasm And joining. There was never hope for more But the magic of the enchantment was enough. But now you have withdrawn Into your shadow world ...Read On


The Touch of His Hand

For my lover who inspires me daily.

So sweet are his words as they touch my heart, How tender his touch from the moment we start. His kisses as hot as a mid-summer’s day, With his arms around me is how I will stay. He’s always been gentle as a new born lamb,  He guides my movements with the touch of his hand. The way that he moves, so deeply inside;  The tension building as I begin to ride. He drives me over...Read On


101 Words - Dream

Was it a dream? Did it happen? Were you real? Or  Was it just another Mirage Hallucination Delusion Another game you play If you are just a fantasy Why do I  Smell your scent, intoxicating Hear your moan, enticing Feel the warmth of your body Pressing, rubbing, grinding Against mine If you are real Why did you Disappear without a kiss Vanish without a word Throw away what we had...Read On


Making It Right

I once thought that I knew it all That was before my life took the fall Then you came along and lifted my soul And showed me that my back was to the wall It took patience and love to remove the doubts You stayed with me and we figured it out Tonight, tomorrow all the rest of my days Have taught me to love you in oh so many ways Take make and love me every day and every night ...Read On


Entwined Entity

Two embodiments collide Subjected to physical attraction To pheromonal calls they abide To answer any natural exaction As they near each others touch Energy shoots through the roof The heat almost to much Two souls no longer aloof Sexual pandemonium about to erupt Physical fusion of body and soul Adrenaline pumping without interrupt Dying to eat each other whole One entwined...Read On



I'd rather be lonely alone, than lonely with somebody else.

I'd rather be lonely alone, than lonely with somebody else... I've decided over time and mishaps just the same that although I ache for companionship I can be alone if and when the time came Like an unattended orchid my emotions are left to die As if I had crawled in a blackened hole I feel alone and didn't know why As if I’m a used toy doll I’m tossed away and never...Read On