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Love Poems


Storm Surge

Skies threatening. Ominous dark clouds roll in quickly. Walking headlong into the wind. Holding your hand. Fingers interlaced. Wet sand blowing in our faces. The waves roar and crash into the shoreline. Seagulls cry out warnings. Wrapping my arm around your shoulder. Bracing against it all. So assured when you're with me. Able to face the world. No matter what it throws at us. Finding...Read On


Love Light

Guess what the prize is

Boy or girl I have no idea What I did to be granted a valuable Prize so early in life, Guess what the prize is?  Your heart and if not  Well, it is a great loss  On my path, at least the while  But if I have, well,  Let's just say I will live,  Love to its fullest,  Until the battery,  Your heart runs out But not the love light  It is...Read On



Thank you, this is a crushing enlightenment.  I thought it would come,  but still, I’m shocked and numb.   It hurts though, between the numbness  it's an ache, no, a throb,  burning behind my eyes.   And breathing, it’s now painful, no longer the smooth unknowing action. It’s hard, I stop for a moment, and then I feel everything pull. My body needing but my mind too full of...Read On


A love poem for the love of My life

I want you, babysub. Not the way I want a piece of cake Or the way I want a vacation; But so much more than such things. I want you deep in My soul. I want to feel you in My blood, I want to share My breath with you, I want to share My very life with you. I want you possess you as you possess Me ; with every cell in My body,  with every fiber of My being, with...Read On


Physical Love

A poem about me and my love being intimate

We lay on your bed with Your arms wrapped around me. It can't get any better than this But, actually, it can.  We begin to feel the desire and hunger for each other,  as well as the need for one another As we lay there.  You start kissing me passionately.  Soft supple lips pressed together;  Eyes closed as we become lost,  Lost in each other.  You eagerly toss my shirt off ...Read On

Reaching Out

love poem

Reaching out, knowing you're there, Knowing that you always care Always my shoulder to cry on, my comforting pillow, You remain steadfast, like a tree, my pussy willow Through the good times and bad, You hold me when I am sad Your warmth and affection is my own safe retreat, Your sweet love nourishes me, until I am replete Hear me baby girl, my lover, Know there will never...Read On



Just shower me with your hot strokes, Till I reach my exploding point.

Strokes of pleasure fill my mind, To be stroked all over by you makes me tingle. Stroke me up,stroke me down, Just shower me with your hot strokes, Till I reach my exploding point. Stroke it baby,come and do your magic, Stroke it where I always love it. As insides of me want to feel that desirable stroke by you. So here I await for your strokes, I know you want the feel of that too baby,...Read On


A Villanelle

A stab at the poetic form of the villanelle - for the one who does not want to hear words of love.

In silence can I speak without a word? The language of the heart I'll use instead; What need have I of speech when souls are stirred? A gentle touch, a kiss, both are deferred; The meaning of those acts remain unsaid; In silence can I speak without a word? A smile, perhaps, takes flight much like a bird, And carries far on purest wings outspread; What need have I of speech when souls...Read On


Red Passion Of Love

Breathing love through our mating lips of passion, We enjoy these blissful moments that brings us

Your love colors' me red with passion, Like blood it flows through my veins, Fueling our existence as one being. Breathing love through our mating lips of passion, We enjoy these blissful moments that brings us closer. As love's soft whispers entices us to taste the forbidden fruit of temptation, Filled with nectar of passion to paralyze our senses. With overwhelming...Read On

Recommended Read

Your Essence

Kiss me now, feel my heat Do not think about maybe nor tomorrow Take in your hands this , your gift One heart beats to the rhythm of the other Your steps will bring you closer to me Fate brought us here today Breathe my desire for you Listen to the whimpers These that grip your aching soul Without mercy, without fear My lips lead your desire Sweet...Read On


To Take Away is To Gain

The beginning of a subs journey

"Little one Do you Trust Me?" I'm scared, so much fear "Oh yes, with all I might be" "But, I've never.." I tremble.. Hush, I know that you're frightened But you know I'll be near Closing my eyes I place myself in Your hands Silk slips across my face Wrists held tight above my head in soft bands At first my heart beats as loud as a scream Slowly I settle, my mind starts...Read On


My Guardian Angel

Embrace me in your feathered wings of affection, By filling my heart and soul with your compassiona

Oh my guardian angel residing in the heavenly horizon above. Come fly to me, to end my sorrows all over again. Embrace me in your feathered wings of affection, By filling my heart and soul with your compassionate love. So that with every breath I take, I can feel you in my heart. Oh my guardian angel residing in the heavenly horizon above. Come fly to me, to end my sorrows all...Read On


There's Something

A poem about online infatuation

Something draws me to the photograph of him, It’s so wrong for me to look, But I do, Over and over again. There is something in the way he is poised, Casual, against the cushions of the sofa. Black jeans, White shirt. It’s the jacket, though,  And the buckle on his belt,  - Undone. The thrust of his hips,  The way his arm reaches overhead,  These are where my eye wanders,  Over and...Read On


Master's eyes, Master's face

Master's eyes, Master's face The sting of leather, tattered lace His anger fades, leaving only His pain My head bowed down, lashes lowered in shame Knees bent wide, with arms behind Facing the wall, searching my mind His disappointment is cold, the sorrow crushing How could I..Why did I.. Understanding comes rushing The lesson is learned, but at what cost? My heart is...Read On

Recommended Read

Bedtime Snuggles

This poem only available on Lush Stories. If you are reading it elsewhere, it has been stolen. Snuggle down under the duvet And wriggle our limbs together. Let your heat mix with mine, Two walls of warm skin Kissing each other Between fresh cotton sheets. Our scents rise in tendrils of mingling incense, Vanilla and cedar embracing the air. Giggles and chuckles join in song, A bass line...Read On


He Was My Dream

My dream realized, or so it seemed; The plans we made and how we schemed. A forbidden desire we actually saw through; Now when I’m lonely to the core, I always crave you. Your forceful touch, your boyish charm; You set me on fire, a three alarm. I searched for years then you fell into my lap; I get flushed when I think of how, my pussy you attacked. We want all the same things, we...Read On

Audio version available

Broken Rules

Everyone likes to break the rules...

You break the rules to talk to me, That dawned on me today, Shouldn't text at work you see, E'en though you'd rather play. Though I don't like the thought of this, The trouble you go through, I know you play it carefully, So that nobody sees. So when you text me through the day, You bring me little smiles, All the little things you say, Help me know I'm okay. So when you go on to your...Read On


Crowded Heart

Misguided relationship

Friend me she said, I remember the day. So many months ago, But seems like just yesterday. Chat me she said, You seem like a nice guy. I don’t have many friends, So I gave it a try. Kiss me she said, Come closer to me. Trapped by her charms, She led me so easily. Touch me she said, Her body was mine. How could I not? Even if only online. Fuck me...Read On

Recommended Read

One Thousand

A thousand times, one thousand more...

To say I was sorry, I really have tried, A thousand nights alone I've cried. A thousand times I've tried to be strong, A thousand rights, a thousand wrongs. I didn't mean those words I said, Now all alone, just me in our bed. A thousand glances at the door, Hoping, waiting, a thousand more. A thousand messages on your phone, Please warm for me your heart of stone. I sit and...Read On

Audio version available

Song of the Shy Lass

Shy lasses don't belong in a Lush sort of world. Or do they...?

This song only available on Lush Stories. If you are reading or listening to it elsewhere, it has been stolen. Naughty! She’s a fraudulent little fishy in a big porn pond, Fat little damsel nymph, don’t know how to respond. She’s got no pretty scales and she’s got no pretty fins, And all that she’s got going on is her boobies they call "The Twins". Well, Daisy ain’t no fishy, and she ain’t...Read On



Your hands wash over me like waves Tugging at string, seen and unseen As you peel away the layers Leaving me naked, exposed, afraid And you could treat me like your puppet Another in a long list of players I would let you, gladly, never saying a word As you carefully hung me from the cross Strings tight around wrists and ankle Dangling me over the water Making me dance...Read On

Audio version available

Lush Thought For The Day

One Lushie's Prayer...

Our Playground, which is in the Internet, Lush is your name. The punters cum. We will get fucked in Lush, If it is our choosing. Give us this day our daily smut. And forgive us our tendencies, As we encourage those that grind against us. And lead us into plenty temptation, But deliver us from boredom. For this is the Lushdom, The stories, and the forums, For ever and ever. ...Read On



choosing to love again

Had an argument with myself today over which door I should take two to chose who could lose, its only your life at stake behind both there is love to be found, a joy to profound to be buried so deep down my heart wanes as despair springs, as my hopes dim and I cave in the argument done which side won still to be sung I tremble as I reach for the door I seek, my choice near complete,...Read On



I love you.

Hopeful dreams draw me near. The thought of your hands  .....caressing, .....soothing, .....loving, Makes my mind race  Beyond wind-chased clouds. Is there something more than love That births dreams of beaches  And bodies heaving in sweaty contention? My fingertips slide over burning skin Pulling you into my  Warmest, Most welcoming  Imagining. Your voice sings...Read On


A Silly Love Poem

I was feeling silly...

How do I love thee... Wait, that has already been done. My love is like... Oh shoot, that one has been taken too. My love springs eternal... Nope, that one has been used as well. Sigh. No matter how many times Someone else has used or tried The lines that come to mind, There can be no other way To express how I feel, Except to simply say "I love you."...Read On


Virtual Romance

sometimes you just have to close your eyes and pretend.

There comes a time when things begin to fade. Nothing is like you believed it would be in the beginning. The paths you set for yourself have long been passed. You have ended up somewhere you never would have chosen. Age sixteen, your high school boyfriend knocks you up. Your life changes, whether for the best or not, you aren’t sure. You marry the man and raise the child. That...Read On



Inflicting loving pain

I love a sexy lady With handcuffed hands and feet. I love to lick and nibble Her place that tastes so sweet. Or tie her wrists and ankles With a strong Hentai bow. Then spread her lovely knees wide And make her juices flow. I’d inflict some loving pain; Clothes pins upon a tit. Maybe use a riding crop To spank her pulsing clit. And when she’s really begging ...Read On


Walking up to Destiny

I never knew what I was missing...just that something was

Walking down a path at school surrounded by so many... laughing talking yet something is missing. Surrounded by so many... every week another party another hookup another "fun night". I feel so alone. Surrounded by so many... bodies entwined  kisses on lips moans from many. I feel so empty. Surrounded by so many... one man walks up to me takes me by the hand. ...Read On


Falling In Love

Brightest star in all of the sky...

When darkness fell around me, A blanket of despair and fear. I felt so lost, so scared and alone, All my love slipped away in a tear. When my strength had all but left me, And slowly I slipped away. It was you that came and saved me, A debt I can never repay. I laid my heart below your feet, Praying, for you to tread softly. For I have but just the one, It is yours should you...Read On


I give my heart to you

I finally learned the truth.

Time at once was uncertain, to nothing real did I belong. Something was missing from my heart, I knew it all along. I tried and tried to feel, for my heart it craved it so. But nothing was right, every love I tried, my heart screamed no. I kissed the lips that held me, but nothing did I feel. I felt as if I was nothing, I was made up and unreal. You can’t love when your heart...Read On