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Love Poems


Through the Storm

Life is filled with storms, the thing that gets us through life's storms is Love.

The thunder in the distance Reminds me of your voice From which I cannot hide It stirs my heart and warms me As you call to me to come And walk along your side The sound of raindrops falling Striking the tin roof hard The splash and pitter patter Comes quick and hard in torrents Yet it’s somehow gentle and soothing Reminding me of our chatter The wind...Read On


Enticing Ecstacy

Senses heightened to limit Anticipation turned wet Touch burning so vivid Hunger makes body sweat Eyes feel black velvet Tongue tastes rubber gag Spread eagle on duvet Naked except the slave tag Leather flogger stings nipples Quenched and erected by ice Clamped secure, pain triples Sexual excitement to entice Electric surge sent through clit Legs wound up, flowers laid bare...Read On


The Warmth

The warmth remember

When I came into the room warmth that I felt as you smiled at me. The warmth of your words “ Hi Hun” gave me hope. I can feel the warmth of you over the miles that we are apart. The warmth in your eyes as you look into mine set my heart on fire. The warmth of your lips melts my heart. The warmth of a whisper in my ear inflames my desire. Warmth of our body heat with hot desire ...Read On


Through the Storm

Life is filled with storms, the thing that gets us through life's storms is Love.

The thunder in the distance Reminds me of your voice From which I cannot hide It stirs my heart and warms me As you call to me to come And walk along your side The sound of raindrops falling Striking the tin roof hard The splash and pitter patter Comes quick and hard in torrents Yet it’s somehow gentle and soothing Reminding me of our chatter The wind...Read On



A man longs for a stranger

Every single morning, For three weeks now or more.  You are sitting at the station,  In the same place as before.  You never see my glances.  You never feel my eyes.  You never know how much I want,  To hear your tender sighs.  My mind it starts to wander,  As you lose yourself in books;  A new one every day it seems,  oblivious of my looks.  You are not the world's best looker.  ...Read On


Out of Reach

I won't dare compare how I feel, knowing I can never have you. To have you come into my life, only to see you with someone else. I loved you way back then, as much as now. I have spent an eon , with you in my thoughts. A vision in an oasis, everything pails in comparison. I smile when I remember, the glint in your eye. Your life is better now, with the love of your man. If only things...Read On


Riding Lessons

love lost and found

I rode the mountains I've felt the rain . I've been in love and felt the pain when love fails you get up and ride Regardless of how hurt you feel inside even when your world's been turned upside down you learn to smile through the frown But love redeems it comes again and the lessons you learn will never end Things do happen for a reason and you my love will stay in season...Read On



Lust feeds on desire Like a fire on wood Souls gaze and admire Their kittens are their food Tongues hunger for succus Exploring bodies lit Lips, thighs and anus Tits, nipples and clit Flesh hunger for more Individuals want to be one Crevices ever so sore Increasing pleasure like none Vaginal geysers squirt Figures in quaking shifts Souls continue their flirt Lustful hunger on drift...Read On


In your Arms

Remembering our date night  How you made an average girl, Feel like a princess. Watching you walk towards me Gradually getting closer When I’m in reach You take my hand Softly placing it on your chest. I look up into your eyes I smile You smile back I wrap my arms around you, Holding you close. Hearing a slow ballad start I lay my head on your shoulder ...Read On

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A man loves

Through clouds of fantasy. I touch you. The world holds its breath for a second, a snapshot in time, forever remembered. The rustle of silk dropping to the floor, showing your pale skin in the moonlight. My tongue salivating at your innocent glance, as you reveal yourself. A maiden of grace, of beauty. That first kiss as some things soften, some become harder under...Read On


Whip of desire

Welcome the whip of desire Touch, brush, hot and searing Soul entwined, never ending fire Letting go, unknown, fearing Platonic words of lust Tribbing imaginary cunt Mistress and sub so just Hell's fire not to be shunt Clasped on ankle and wrist The wanting so dark Hands clenched to a fist The paddle leaves its mark Slave brought to the rim Not yet allowed to cum Sound gagged to a...Read On


Reinventing Myself

From one extreme to the next

I've been through it all, seen the good and the bad. I tasted the sweet nectar of a woman, but always new something wasn't right. I sat back and thought for a bit, and I knew something didn't fit. There was something I needed to try, but I didn't know how to quit. Then you walked in the door, and my heart skipped a beat. You looked so good in front of me, I knew I'd be at your feet. To...Read On

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you. are. magic.

Your hands caress my rousing body And I feel your mouth Softly kiss a path to my waist.. Your breath washes me in  One.  Perfect.  Magic. And my arousal fills the room With invitation.  I dare not open my eyes  Because the sight of your tenderness  Will overwhelm me. Come love me.  Come bathe my soul. Come fill me with your perfection  Because there will  ...Read On

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some things you just can't undo

. Water runs over stones Making its way down the trace. Flowing where it is meant to go. It cannot undo  The molecules of itself  Left behind on stones and soil. You are like that warm wetness  Flowing over the stones  That were once my heart Leaving words and hopes  Meant for another more perfect way... That path where  Your everything rests  All the time. The...Read On


Late Night

I have missed this.

You come in the night. I wasn't expecting you. It has been so long. Your kiss is fierce. I am yours to claim. You want my mouth,   Around your cock. I want your seed, Inside of me. As you slide in,   You give me what I need. I listen closely, To hear you stroke. We talk and play. Oh, you know me well. My body responds,   You make it ache. It only takes your voice, And a word...Read On


Pillow Talk

Thoughts after making love

I hold you naked in my arms, Content and happy with your charms. My soul reflected in your eyes,  So lovely, So beautiful, And yet so wise. I want you, I need you, I love you so. I will never let you go, My heart belongs to only you, And how lucky I am.... Your in love with me too....Read On



I could wait forever and it would be worth it

I would wait forever for you, My love, To get yourself online, I would wait forever to be with you, I would wait for a very long time. I would wait forever for you, My love, So we can have a good time, I would wait forever to snuggle you, I would wait for a very long time. I would wait forever for you, My love, Though friends may think me strange, I would wait forever to talk again to you,...Read On


Seaside Tranquility

Hot morning breeze whisper Satin white curtains rustle White sheets around beauty crisper Her leg, bare to cheek muscle Brown curls covered pillow Oceanic tranquility roles outside Lips trailing from heel to cheek so mellow Gripping teeth pull covers aside Scent of an angelic woman revealed Inhaling her perfume like crack Flick of the tongue, senses annealed Lapping love front to back ...Read On


Ode To An Unknown Love

A little poem inspired by a movie I saw that led me to write my own hopes and feelings.

I write this poem to state desire. That I might feel a burning fire. For someone I will love for life, And will not give me endless strife, But will love me in return. For this my heart may always yearn. I long for touch and soft caress, But love has always been a mess. I find it easy to fall in love, sometimes they even love me back. But stability in relationships,...Read On

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Conquest of Love

The bitter conflict of love, loss, betrayal, and love fought for.

I have been laid open, Exposed for all to see The scar tissue of my heart That forms your name. For only you could penetrate My impregnable defense, And rip from my soul The burning forever flame. Your wiles, your smiles, Your lustful kisses, your whispers That called my name were Cruelly dealt by your conspires. You owned my heart And conquered my spirit. My soul painfully impaled By...Read On


tender seduction

First sex in a long time.

The thunder rumbles, the lighting flashes my heart skips in mad little dashes, as our lips come together in soft moist clashes His tongue entwines with mine, sweet little lashes so divine, that his breath becomes mine I gasp as finger tip touches my cheek His light stroke telling me he knows my needs, I shiver as his hands seek my heat That moist wet spot full of need My breath...Read On


For Amie, forever

A declaration made. A promise to keep.

What was I, before I saw you? Was I even truly alive? What was dead, now breathes anew; For this love I can strive. If only it had been you from the start, When in darkness I was bound. Now that you rule my heart, Only in the light, can I be found. No need for heaven, in your embrace. Only to my goddess can I be devout. Aphrodite weeps at her disgrace; From your eyes,...Read On


One Was Never Enough

Finding true peace.

One was never enough for her, One snuggle, one "I love you", one kiss, She could never get close enough Crawling closer and closer as they slept Leg tossed over his, Her head on his chest Listening to his heart Hand on his cock feeling his warmth Wanting to crawl inside him So she could be everywhere with him Her love so deep for him One was never enough, One hour with him, one month,...Read On

Within Dreams

A break, that last gasp The one that leaves a void A silent whisper within dreams Moments of lust lived Now lost yet not forgotten Kisses that once raved Rivers of tears flow Without shame Once, they were of joy Life moves fast Flavors crave, change Shadows become color Two that danced An unheard tune For a bit, a while The music ceased ...Read On


You row away

A man watches his love leave

This boat trip was once beautiful, but now you row away. Is there anything more that I can do to make you want to stay? I gave all the love I carried and made you feel so wanted. Did this love just smother you, or did you just take it for granted? Could I have done things differently? Was there any more to give, or are we destined now to part, so you finally can live? ...Read On


This Is Mine

Written for Ange

I find myself in the waking hours, Still laying safely in your arms. Our bodies pressed tightly as if Perfectly fit pieces of a jigsaw. You lay stroking my hair As I place gentle kisses upon your chest. Legs still entangled, Locking us together as one. Your head now resting upon mine, I listen as your heart beats in The same rhythm as my own. Intoxicated by the warmth of your arms And...Read On


The Door That Was Closed

“You know my heart is breaking,” “Crying, it hurts, please stop.” she said. I realized at that point, That is the farthest thing from the truth. Breaking is bad, nothing bad is here; Just us, just the truth, just finding it. It is the area that has been locked away; Shut so that you can protect it. I found the key;  You didn’t even know it existed, You forgot...Read On


Soccer To Me, Boys

I can't get enough of boys who are buff

You must wonder why any dame Would want to watch a soccer game. Balls shot at the net Got our pussies wet. As guys pulled off their shirts, we came. When compared to rugby, it’s tame. But it’s called the beautiful game Because players are so buff As they show off their stuff. Our passions they’re sure to inflame. Soccer players are ever so polite. Their cute, little buns are so...Read On


The Cons of Online Love

I cannot explain these things I feel for you, You, my love across the miles. You are the one I choose to love, Love with all my heart. But there are cons to these things I feel, I feel with all my being. You are so very far away, Away from me, my love. I hate the time difference, Difference of many hours. I cannot feel your gentle touch, Touch against my skin. I cannot just appear at...Read On



This poem only available on Lush Stories. If you are reading it elsewhere, it has been stolen. There's a whisper on the night winds As they kiss my naked skin; There's a fire within the starlight For this empty heart to win. There's an urge within my longing, Deep desire to be with you; There's a passion in this aching For the things I want to do. There's a tingle in my fingers, And a...Read On