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Love Poems


for you

dont judge me hard, my first effort

I was lonely and when I found you all flourished. Dry field my body, one thousand streams watering it Come back in the cold, come as a light to warm my soul I love you, love you, like flower petals I wrapped around your body I love you, love you and all the land celebrates our love I love you ... Oh, come on! As melody from India I want to enter into your heart. Let me fill...Read On



Once far, now here, still so far away, When are you mine, when am I yours? Too many tears, too many dreams, Now, everythings bursting at the seams. I grasped your hand, held you so tight. Why? When? How did this happen? I loved your eyes, how bright and free, I loved them most when they were on me. My heart is full, with love ever-lasting, Will it always be so? Forever and true?...Read On



originally posted in the poetry thread - such a lovely response, so i thought i'd share it here.

Kiss me, kiss me, two little fishies, startle my mind to the tuna boat. If I follow you may swallow all the sweet juices in which I float. Tender ripens mean little vipers worm their way into my heart. And if I wishes, those little fishes will cry until the tide rolls by. Kiss me, Odin, spread me open, taste me with your golden tongue. If I swallow what will follow like juices from the...Read On


I've Missed You

I've been missing my Master...

I’ve missed you, but did you notice As I saw you there looking so divine, Hair all curly and mussed, making me want to touch? Your smell, your essence invades my senses. Look but don’t touch is the rule When all can view You pause; look over, just a quick glance But I did see. I say hello, you respond in kind, Causing my heart to skip more than a beat. Then you smile and...Read On



I can't change my ways . . . .

I guess I should've told you You'd be a fool to believe My promiscuous phase was Just-- a phase. It's just my nature, I suppose. And if I led you to believe I was loyal, and kind, and true Well, you should know: I have sojourned 'mid strange fruit Twisted mandrake by the root Broken hearts without reprieve Trained my glances to deceive Marshalled falsehoods in neat ranks Slipped my...Read On


To Sleep Perchance to Dream

I come upon her, sleeping be, Immersed in dreams of revelry

I come upon her, sleeping be, Immersed in dreams of revelry Her limbs are still, her eyelids twitch She might be beggar, queen, or witch I look high—look low—all around Her raiment’s nowhere to be found I did not seek to find her thus My blessings, are they fate or luck? Her breasts they rise as breaths she breathes Her form’s as pretty as you please Of all her gifts I would partake...Read On


Morning Quickie

She was up before I woke; she wasn't fully dressed when I woke. This is how I remember it.

No bra draws my eyes Nipples tease beneath her blouse Cock throbbing for her Beauty beckons me Sashays across the bedroom Purest poetry Kisses with passion Tongues dart and play with fervor Hands fondle her ass Upward rising hands Pressing my hardness to her Blouse silently falls Kneeling before her Panties slither down her hips Worship begins...Read On



A short lived connection.

Butterflies rise within me, my head spins Lying in the darkness next to him, wide awake I want to hear his every sound Our cheeks and noses grow ever so close My eyes barely make out his silhouette in the darkness His warm breath brushes across my face, so inviting His body heat radiating into me I soak up all of him I can, perfection He moves closer to me, his...Read On


My angel

This story is about a lost love.....

On the day that I met you: I knew that you were an angel. I could, almost, see wings behind you as you gazed at me with the immortal smile. It was a cloudy, dreary, day, but the sun has formed a halo above your head. We were both looking out at the cliffs at the Atlantic ocean, and just being with you for the first time: made the sight much more beautiful. Your blonde hair felt so soft and...Read On



Are you her? I feel like you might be. I stay up all night, Just to talk. Nothing and everything, Whatever's amusing. We sit and laugh at nothing, For endless hours. I love how you make me smile, Even though I have only known you, For only a while, A few weeks, But feels like forever. That's what I want with you. Already these feelings, I can not control. The feelings I hide deep in my soul....Read On


My Dear

The air crackles with unknown excitment as the faces lie to their minds. Trees sway as the wind blows, Howling endlessly into the ears Of the people standing near. Today is the day I confirm My undying love for you my dear. The water ripples as the tears of the saddened start to fall from the darkened sky. I walk into the room as the sky opens And pours her tears onto the earth. ...Read On


Intensity At It's Finest

I'm losing my Lush Virginity. Be Kind..

You love it. You're choking my heart within your hands, I've trusted you. Don't abuse me. Use me... - Use me, I'm a toy. I am yours for you are mine, Who is in control? Is it control, or a struggle for control? - We crush together, intense, Loving, loathing, rough. Bruises and bites, I love it. It's serious, this game... - You're everywhere, all Over me,...Read On


Time Together

The storm's intensity cannot match their intensity.

Seaspray explodes off of the rocky shoreline and sheets of course sand blow. Holding you in my arms, we watch through the window as the waves crash. Our faces tingling as they warm after our walk on the windy beach. Saying nothing. Not needing to. Just enjoying the intensity of the storm outside. Our bodies so close together, drawing heat from the feelings with both share, and the roaring...Read On



Her eyes find the frost bitten window, covered in morning dew. Lovely leaves plastered to wood. Her hands find his face. Her memory filled by his scent. His face is dark, with a hint of sadness in his clear, dark eyes. She smiles; love, where have you been? Her voice is muffled by the fear her sullen heart holds. He smiles and his face fades. Her eyes open as she must remember the fear...Read On



I'm a long time friend of yours you of me. We know the love we share yet we hide it from each other. Why do we choose to forego the intense passion we feel for each other? Where are the smiles we used to share? Time has taken you away from me. My love. One. True. Love. Looking across the room your hand in hers. Hearts clench at the diamond ring on her finger, the love in your eyes....Read On


Who are you?

Are you real?

Here I am again. Waiting, Watching. The music blasting, People mingle, But yet somehow, I'm still single. I sit and wait. Will you walk in? I sit, Glued to the chair. People come and go, Drink, Dance, Laugh. Why am I still alone? But then you see me, By myself. You approach, Introductions. Next thing I know, I wake up in your bed, With you. I don't know your name. What did I do? I...Read On


Next Thursday

A random meeting leads to a meaningful connection.

We see each other every Thursday. Meeting at the local aquarium, as it's become our special place. She stands across the darkened room. Her angel face bathed in the light from the mammoth tank of sea creatures. I love the sense of wonder and serenity on her face as she watches the fish glide by. She never fails to make me smile. She looks across the room and we make eye contact like we...Read On


Your Perfect Slut

I am...

Every single thought is a gift, a present for me. I unwrap and find a bright, hot feeling inside. I feel everything you want from me. I feel how much you want me. I feel how much you want to use me. How high you have placed me, your perfect Slut. I want to give myself to you completely. I want to be tied and used as a receptacle for cum. I want to be whored out for...Read On


Birthday Bath

A wonderful way to end a birthday celebration.

The tub faucet drips slowly and steadily as steam fills the room. The room’s only light is one candle for every year of your birth. Your back lies comfortably against my chest. Our breathing is relaxed and deep. Your eyes are closed as I watch a bead of perspiration trickle off your shoulder and down your back. I kiss the bead and begin nuzzling your shoulder. Your eyes open gently and...Read On


My Lovers

You know those moments when you're with a lover and memories of the other blends in?

I see you and you see me the same way he sees me. Your eyes make their way into the depths of me, and you claim to know every inch of my fears and secrets, and I wonder if you know that as I look at you, I see him looking at me in the same way you look at me now, drunk off love and consumed with desire. Your golden brown-green eyes shadowed by thick black lashes blends with the...Read On


Untitled Poem

My girlfriend had asked me to write down my favorite sex poem. :S

I lift you to my mouth. The abundance of your wetness greets me and my mouth overflows with your warm essence. Your sweet taste is on my tongue and your fragrance delights my senses. No gentle lick this visit. No bashful cautious approach For I wish to consume you. Push against my hungry mouth As the tip of my tongue slides up the slippery furrow that welcomes me between rows of delicate...Read On


Dirty Fucking

Dedicated to my hot, sexy, loving lady Lover Eternal Hey sexy love, I want to fuck you and want to suck, Your hot lips, your nice tits have changed my luck. Please find some time on the weekend, I need a blow job, Unzip my pants quickly baby, watch my cock throb. Squeezing your breasts, I shall make you horny, Sigh, moan, scream loudly, make the night stormy. Laying you on...Read On


Loving You

I love you my dear husband

As I am loving you, I feel like my feelings are real, like we are made for each other When I'm with you, the world stops in motion, As I touch you I am electricfied as the emotions sparkle like rain As I am loving you, I realize you are my everything When I kiss you, my mouth is glued to yours, As I cry you wrap your arms around me, You have held me when I was down As I am loving you, I...Read On


Would You Mind?

I picture her lying down in nothing but her panties...

Would it be terrible And would you mind If I lay my face Down upon your smooth belly And would you mind If I turned my eyes southward As my heart continues to race Because I long to sneak a peek And would you mind If my hands Follow my heart And slide down inside And would you mind If my needy fingers Reach for your moist flesh And draw your nectar to my lips And would you mind If I...Read On



a poem about my wild imagination...

As broad as the ocean, My brain filled with emotion, Of what I feel, Fiction and real. My imagination wild, Not quite like a child, But with some bits and pieces, My thinking never ceases. As loose, As a freely running goose, Full speed through the meadow, My thoughts just flow. All over the place, Even outer space, But I try to keep them contained. But the Lion is hard to tame. I crack...Read On


Your Beautiful Mouth

A short poem to celebrate fellatio.

This is my first, and still somewhat poor, attempt at a poem. Not my usual style, but hopefully striking a chord. Dropped to your knees, Your eyes dark with lust, Locked onto mine, suspended in time, Open and waiting, red circle of mine Your Beautiful Mouth Your lips surround me, Your tongue so divine, Licking and sucking Drawing me in Your Beautiful Mouth Animal now, your...Read On


Come On Over

I think I found me a sexy little thing; I hope he is for real and wants to have a fling. Give me your ass baby I will worship it so fine; I will take such good care of you; you will want me all the time. Your body looks hot and your face is even cuter; Why don’t you decide to come and be my suitor? Take a little drive and come on over here; You don’t need to bring anything I’ve got all...Read On



I want you My thoughts askew, Never in person, My feelings worsen, Deeply in love, A girl sent from above. Flawless and kind, Never leaves my mind. Even when I log off, Your image so soft, In my mind embedded. Through my thoughts, your threaded. Can't get you out, So I sit and pout, Until you come back on A light shines through neon! Your back at last, I type really fast, Before you drift...Read On


The Bond

The bond that holds two people together is not always a strand of silk, But a length of rope, rough and course… Whatever the bond, it is neither stronger nor weaker than The two people who would have it so… As long as they choose to travel the same road, Neither their fortunes nor their misfortunes can be divided… If one laughs, they both laugh, if one cries, they both cry, ...Read On


Off Limits

About a lesbian crushing on a straight girl...

You are more pure than a dove, An angel sent from above. You seem so flawless, Makes me thoughtless, Just taking one look at you. Caught my breath, But you had flew. Away from me, But can't you see, I just smile happily. I spread a grin, Above my chin, But then it fades The thought invades, I really hate that you are straight, Why can't you just bite the bait. Just take my hand, And you...Read On