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Love Poems

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Silence and solitude envelopes all; into her eyes, I slip and fall.

New morning glistened from darkness rose, Her first caress touched verdant green; Softest kiss of warmth amber flowed Climbing steadily over horizon’s screen, Turning blacks and greys to blues and greens; And when crowning in its sun-burst flame, Set fire once more to the majestic scene; Sun and moon play endless celestial game, And rise and fall, their prize to claim. To lay me down...Read On


If This Was Mine

written for Ange'

Softly I kiss you on your shoulder as you sleep. My arm around your waist as I rest my head on your back, hair entangled with yours. A smile escapes my lips as I drift into the sweetest of dreams. Dreamily you find my hand and lace your fingers with mine. I wake to the feel of your warm body turning to face my own. Gentle kisses on my neck and lips as you pull me closer to you. Our...Read On



Sex, so luscious and sane should'nt be shunt by no religion

A word, a touch, electricity Mental image, physical reflection A thought, a memory, toxicity Passion play, gentle direction A lust, a love, deep consume Hormonal release, endorphines rush Sexual tension, pheromone perfume Thought of touch, pussies gush A kiss, a breath, rising ecstacy Hands exploring, increasing heat Picturing unity mentally Convulsing bodies without retreat The joy...Read On


Thoughts of You

When I see your body  So delectable and inviting Thoughts of you overcome me When I think of us together  Our bodies moving as one  I melt for you When I see you smile  Your eyes twinkling with mischief  Thoughts of you devour me When I lay in bed at night  Alone in the dark  I ache for you When I hear you laugh  With such exuberance and joy  Thoughts of you undo me ...Read On



Lust Eruption of sexual heat Love Bonds two hearts entwined Fear Kept truth inside Guilt Building till I burst Truth Cutting like a knife Shattering The heart I love Burst Into a million parts Sorrow Turned own heart lone Frantically Looking for pieces Mending The heart with love Vocation Till I die and beyond... ...Read On


The First 10 Minutes

What just happened?

I arrive outside To see you smile. You stop And plant a kiss upon my lips. My pulse skips a beat. You continue working the yard as I walk inside to work on school. You arrive inside To see me smile. You stop And snap and growl. My pulse stops, then races. Your words bring tears to my eyes. You step aside and move past Seemingly unfazed. We’ve arrived together To...Read On


She walks with me

A man takes stock of his relationship

When I am tired, she walks with me to catch me if I fall.  She helps me carry all my ills,  with no complaint at all. When I am scared, she cuddles me  and gives the strength I crave.  A man can suffer these times too,  where he’s feeling less than brave. When I am tender, she showers me with all her gentle love.  She shows me feelings not ever known.  A gift from there, above. When I...Read On


Let Me

Stop what you're doing and let me do it for you

The only thing that I'll allow you to do Is to sit back and watch your man make your dreams come true. I will send you to places you've never dreamt of going, But you'll definitely think of them when your cum is flowing Out of that sweet pussy, all wet for me Don't you dare finger yourself- let me lick you clean Let me get you off so many times Let me turn you on and blow your mind. Let me...Read On


The Score

Aria 1: Rejoice Scarred spirits converge Burning whirlpool of molten lust Affecting, a comforting surge Mound on mound, feels so just Scars heal, lets love emerge Mental orgasms blow away rust Tenderness and rejoice to the verge Leaping, lifting and flying we must Swirling and twirling in urge Subconscious peaks, a hint of distrust Feelings and secrets scourge Thumbling back...Read On



Stares hooked across the room Uneasy touching, exploring, pushing Backing up, Amaranth in bloom Confidence rises, juices gushing Sexual explosion, revel in heat Lust rushing through bodies burning Increasing passion play, Amaranth so sweet Two minds, as one, loving, yearning Souls entwined forever to infinity Lustful rage replaced by love Settling bodies, Amaranth to eternity...Read On


Maria Elena

Inspired by song Maria Elena, performed by Ry Cooder and by Him, the one that makes my heart sing

The sweetest thing begins with the guitar Twangy and slow Fingers supple on the strings A song he has not known The melody begins Rhythm starts to flow  I begin to fall into him Under his fingers He pulls with no relent The horns start Deep and strong like a man I begin to feel the tears within He exposes my soul He touches, reaches in Piercing depths so low ...Read On


The Perfect Way to Say Goodbye

Lay me down and hold me close Even though this tenderness hurts the most It's too hard to look into your eyes Remembering the hopes, the dreams and the lies I was your dream girl and you my perfect man We were going to tackle the world hand in hand How did it all go so wrong? When did we make each other weak instead of strong? Now it's over for better or worse Our happy...Read On


Lustful bloom

Longing burried young Sexually schizophrenic, untouched Body bend, body flung Silky thread, tightly clutched Desires drowning in despair Surfacing from time to time To be pulled back under without air Hands up, they climb A muffled crack of thunder Grasping hands searching Finding, holding, pulling, will I surrender  Still water, surface breaks yearning Pulled dry, receiving kiss of...Read On


The kiss

Batting eye lash, locking gaze Flaring nostrils, ragged breathing Blood red lips, lusciously thick Biting your lip, anticipation Eyes, drowning pools of lust Hungry stare drawing me in Smell of roses lurking, subtle Flush of heat, red glow rising Closing the abyss, tension rising Blinking eyes, breathing halted Sparks midair, between lips Radiating heat, readying impact Lips...Read On

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Welcome To The Club: Part 1 - The Beast

It is always important to ensure you are noticed ...

Barely had I wiggled into the room Before she’d undressed me with searching eyes Rapacious pupils eager to consume Face a vision of delighted surprise. Soft finger pads slide the length of glass stem Sharp teeth, soft tongue, play games of interest Where unto now has been hidden this gem Now wonderfully come to brighten her nest? She is the queen of this suburban hive Acolytes, flatterers,...Read On


Nature's Embrace

  You lay on the grass—their soft blades tickle playfully against your skin As you close your eyes against the bright sunlight To watch the afterimages dance their show. The heat caresses your skin as it beats down upon you, warming you from the outside in. The soft breeze carries the scent of lilacs to your waiting senses. Crickets chirp lyrics under the soft rustling of...Read On


101 Words: Make Love To Me

Making love - sex as an expression of love, bonding a couple together

Your torso like a sturdy tree, You dip your branch down into me. Your gentle touch upon my face, You filling what was empty space. You push your body into mine, Shivers running up my spine. Your kiss so hungry on my lips, Muscles flex, muscles grip. Merging, dancing, us entwined, More than bodies: one shared mind. Love me, fuck me, make me come, Gasping, trembling, going numb. ...Read On


I want you so bad

I’m in dreamland, not yet conscious of my surroundings. I hear you restless beside me. It’s too early for my eyes to open I’m having the sweetest of dreams. I can feel you caress my inner thigh; your hand feels so soft. Your lips replace your hand and brush gently against my skin. I can feel your hot breath between my legs. I want you so bad. You kiss me good morning in...Read On



Heart jumping Sensation of flight Blood pumping Ceiling floats in sight Straining to flip over Limbs fall numb Hitting sober Pain striking like a drum Suspended mid-air Hooked through the heart An emotional snare Dangling like a piece of art Universe rushing in Going through withdrawal Neurones searing, burning Stripping lust in brawl Left with pure love Hooks start melting Free like...Read On


Our Love

Comments are always welcome, please be kind this is my first attempt.

Looking into your eyes, feeling my heart beat gradually faster... As your hands reach for me... Your fingers softly caressing my cheeks. Our lips meet, softly brushing against each other. Our kiss growing more intense, our hands roaming over one another's body. Moaning softly I feel your fingers brushing the inside of my thighs, slowly moving higher. I moan baby, as I...Read On


Cum Slut Whore

A girl gives her first blowjob and finds herself addicted...

I was 18 when I discovered boys, Before that, I'd used only toys. Justin was the first for me, On the sofa after tea. I took his cock, gave it a suck, Not ready yet for a proper fuck. I was ready, I wanted to do it, His cock just there, so I blew it. I knew to suck and lick and rub, All along his big meat club. Justin groaned but I didn't know, That into my mouth he was about to blow. ...Read On



The heavy feelings of a transitional state of mind. Channeled into meanings for personalities of any kind. Enabler, healer of the soul her fickle emotions, enticingly wayward. Sexually lofty, deviously foul inciting poets, never ackward. Lamenting lord of darkness, molder of words, pulled into light by the angel of starkness, effervescent and eternally bright. Like fire and water, ...Read On


What I Want

I finally realized what I wanted

I told you once I wanted more But felt confused By my own Inability to define What air and space confine. I look at you and The answer becomes clear. What is it I want? The answer my soul Has always known… What I want is you....Read On



. Every. Single. Sense. is aroused by the very thought of you. The sound of your voice or the sight of your hands, causes my heart to contract as if you are actually pressing and massaging this well of all hope. My body sings your song and simply feeling flesh caressing flesh as I walk increases my desire. There is no moment of peace because I want you. ...Read On


Delight In the Night

A lone patron becomes her focus for the night.

As the rhythm strikes, I sway to the beat For the man in black, As our glazed eyes meet. With a suit well pressed, He’s under my skin. As I twirl and grind, I’m dancing for him. A soloist tryst, Now a pas de deux. My face wears a mask, Which he can see through. My hands are fevered, Stoked by fire within. Fingertips, his touch, Alight on my skin. Graceful dips and twirls ...Read On



Childhood innocence,  orgasmic feelings barred. Stuck behind this fence, body left, scarred. For years and years, sexual expression, fighting. Always taunted, so fierce,  one day, lightning. Shielding eyes, hurting, Exalted feeling, all so bright. Bars crack open, disconcerting, angel wafting, bathing in light. Atomic heat, searing, embracing pure ecstasy. Gazing around, fearing, ...Read On


Bitter Sweet

How an affair may feel.

We don't meet out on the street but in some secluded corner.  Where I gaze into her eyes, wondering who is telling lies. These sweet stolen moments are craved all the time, Inside intense emotions, outside I'm just fine. There are times I've touched her soul and I feel that I have reached her. No common sense to spoil the dream this is not a sordid scheme. Embrace, then she's...Read On

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Unwrapping your gift, And peering inside, Follow my instructions, The blindfold to hide, Those shuttering eyes. The daylight is fading. Silk against eyelashes, Blackness cascading. Lace between fingers, Enveloping around. Your heart pounding, Is the only sound. Your breathing quickens Footsteps draw near, Anticipation building, My presence is clear. Breath...Read On


Blondie's Song

This one was just sort of for fun.

“Let’s ride,” she said, or rather said I And he lay down beside me, prick aimed at the sky My magnificent cuckold of destruction and death Draining my soul and stealing my breath. “Get on little girl!” I felt obliged to correct him Growling softly and sinking my teeth in Little perhaps but the girl had long fled Drowned in a shower of powder and lead. “Let’s ride,” he said,...Read On

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My frilly things lie scattered A bit of lace here, A scrap of cotton there. The bedclothes are tangled, A mound of insulation piled, Sheet twisted and tugged. Hair tumbles across your chest, Chestnut and soft, Knotted and wild. The pillows are tossed, One lies on the floor, Another is shared. There is a wet spot, A towel covers, Rough terry on bare skin. ...Read On