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Love Poems

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Hot What?

This poem only available on Lush Stories. If you are reading it elsewhere, it has been stolen. Once upon a time, There was a very shy lass. She wasn't very pretty, And she had a massive ass. "Ah me, oh my," the shy lass said, "I cannot talk to men! Perhaps an online dating site Will help me chat to them." And so, the shy lass sat right down, And she fired up her computer. "Let's see,"...Read On



Falling I am about to crash, and no one wants to catch me. They say they do, but then they go. They ask what wrong, but don’t listen. The path was together, now it’s apart. They asked “What do you want?” I told them. I asked “did you understand?” I was ignored. I want to play, they do not. I changed to be wanted, I was not. I listen, but don’t understand. ...Read On


One night with an angel

When morning comes, light breaks through the darkness, I feel you breathing against my chest, Wrapped tightly in my arms, I take in your scent, exhaling your sin, Every inhale brings forth a new memory, Flesh against flesh, your warm smooth skin sustains me, My fingers draw on your shoulder while you sleep, Etching passionate memories of the night past, My lips press to...Read On



Another quick love poem I've written up from some inspiration

I looked into your eyes for the first time and knew that this was fate. How could anybody love me despite my past?  How could any one person accept who I was?  You have truly inspired me to become who I must.  How could I ever pay you back for what you've done for me?  I'll start by kissing you every chance I get.  I'll offer a hug whenever you need it and even when you don't.  ...Read On


Book Of Love

Summoned, I bid you to be my mindscape...

I opened mindscape Lush Images and touched you,  Naked, wearing only sweat,  The bittersweet taste and sticky touch of your flesh  Opened memeories wide as ransacked drawers,  Or safes opened by gloved burglars.  In my mind I put my hand in your drawers,  Anxious for the touch and further taste of you  On my tongue, my mouth, my face wet with you. You're like a fast bike on...Read On


sweet surrender

Forbidden love

Thoughts of him invade my mind, echoes of his whispers entwined his shadowy touch a sweet benediction to my senses a love forbidden a secret kept his lure consuming my soul he kept my cravings stir my need awakens my body yearns a desire I cannot hide, a want I will not deny an agony I gladly endure an ache with no control, as passion ignites within heart racing ...Read On


Sensually Divided

My moisture coyly collects

I spread my lengthy legs, Exposing my personal perforation So you may sensually explore. See how my pink luscious lips Engorge with stimulated stature And slowly leak my inner core. My clit quietly quivers, Pulsing desirable waves wildly For what is in store. Then your tongue slides slowly Through my sensual slit And opens the flood door. I let out a whispering whimper As...Read On



A poem about how I feel right now. Hope you like it.

Cherish I'd given up on everything. I tried to turn and hide. Your absence nearly killed me. I need you in my life. What started out as friendship turned into something more. This lost ship out at sea has finally reached the shore. The future now, we cannot see, looks to be so bright. How can it be? Is it true, that you've become my light? What happened to the person, so many...Read On


Lost Cyber Friend

Should the passing of a friend into the cyber darkness remain so emotionally intense?

Not huge, this wound my heart endures this hour Not like the gaping hole a blade might leave Nor even close to wounds from rude gunfire Yet hurt, I truly am, and I do grieve. Her memory finds me when all is quiet When life’s endless demands are held at bay When I have shut my book, turned off the light In predawn hours before the break of day Her endless joy, her boundless zeal for life ...Read On



Sometimes by Sebastion Lugo Sometimes I want to fuck you like a woman; Not like an inexperienced virgin who flutters her eyelids and sighs, Not a like a surrendered ragdoll, yielding and pliant. Fuck like wolves and eagles mate, High and mighty and wild, With howls and snarls and bites and licks; Fuck like the wind of a storm; Fuck like now is all there is. Sometimes I want you to fuck like...Read On



I still miss him after all this time...

Not that it probably Matters one little bit, And not that I thought I could cry any more, But tonight I did. It was so much so that My soul felt the pain of Your absence. Why didn’t you just Leave me alone to Die in my own misery? Why did you ever even bother with me? Was I not better on my own? Because surely this pain, This agony, this misery, This lack...Read On


Dream Man

My mind wanders over your body supreme; I’m starving for everything that is more than I see. It is a feeling much more than skin touching skin;  A connection filled with heat, the fires burn from within. Swept away on the high rising tide; It is the arrow, that pierces you deep inside. Filled with desire you need a release; His eyes look through you, he sees every piece. His...Read On


Feisty Mouth

I've got a feisty mouth.

Does my feisty mouth defy you? Does it turn you on? Does it make you want to gag me When I won’t follow along? Does my feisty mouth enrage you? Does it make you curse and plead? Does it make you want to spank me As I am bent over your knee? Does my feisty mouth tease you? Does it make you throbbing hard? Does it take you to the brink and back And leave you wanting more? Does...Read On


My Emancipation

A Lovers Tryst

Alone at last, just you and I, some time for us to be Whatever you desire most, just ask and we shall see. I take your hand and hold in mine, our fingers intertwined You're sweet and sexy, funny and smart, wickedly lovely and kind. I touch my lips to yours alone, you and only you The softest kiss, your skin so smooth, a love so fresh and new. To touch you now, to hold you close, it makes...Read On


A whisper

Something simple... for now

A little more than friendship. A blossoming begins. I tried to keep things calm. I tried to just stay friends. You captivate me deeply. You're running through my mind. You know that I am yours. I know that you are mine. Whenever I forget, on any day to smile You remind me you'll be with me each and every mile. You love me at my best. You love me at my worst. You love me for...Read On


Nature's Warm Up (Foreplay Consummation)

Spring awakenings infuse potent potential for propagation...

Nature's Warm Up (Foreplay): Winter's frozen mantle recedes from yonder cordillera flanks As wildflower bud presses it's urgent release, not yet fulfilled, Life-in-lull, dreaming through dim-lit days, wrestle with soaked cloak For light and life, humus purified, fertile for expectant emergence. Eager rise precedes hungry stem, stretching abundant after sleep, Fertile vessels feed the...Read On


Cum on my own

to make you cum and cum on my own!!

Even when all around me dry out, still fells wet, Like an oasis in the desert keeps the liquid. Like a drop of drew over the hardest rock, remains with joy. My tongue always has a drop of it, a wet lust. The wholeness it has, I can feel within, The calmness it has, I can feel within, You see that’s why when I suck, I get hard You see that’s why when I lick, I get hard You...Read On


Two Girls in a Bar - He Didn't Get Far

A bloke in a bar offers to pay for sex

Did I ever tell you about the young dude, Who met two girls and what then ensued? One girl was a blond, the other, brunette. The bloke couldn't decide which was the best bet. Well…the bloke scratched his head, and his chin and his pants. And he said to himself, 'I’ll be taking a chance,' I should go for the blond - I can see that she's be hot! But how do I know if she’ll like me or not? ...Read On


The Wall

Force the wetness out of me

Slam my back against the wall, Thrust hard into my wetness; Show me you enjoy what I give to you As we fuck here in the hall. Take my breath away with your thrusts, Make me gasp as you hold me up; Pierce me fast with your rigidness Until I scream with uncontrollable lust. With my body, break the wall down, Pound my pussy with a heavy force; Press my back into its hard surface Drive me to...Read On


Only to Put into Me

It's dry all around, It's hard all around! It's dark all around, It's dust all around! Make me wet in the rain of love, make me feel it; Make me see in the eyes of love, make me feel it. My mouth is waiting, my hands are craving, My heart is pounding, my legs are throbbing. Let there be the night, let there be the time; Let there be the shiny drips of memory. Oh, my dear!...Read On


Long Distance Reach

When time and space cease to exist...

Your enigmatic charms come to me in some vaporous illusion, That cause me to cry out for your company and caress.  I have found myself awoken on more than one occasion by my own moans,  Tossing and turning in some transcendental dreamscape dance. Your ethereal essence, transmitted images and dreamed words are  Fixed upon my memory's eye like some intuitive genetic instinct.  How is it that...Read On


X marks the heart


An unknown quantity Imagination stretched Open for all to see I am but a naked 'X'...Read On



A poem of longing

I long for your touch the feel of your hands on my face, my back, my breast. I long for your soft kisses upon my lips with promises of so much more. I long for your mouth to nibble my ear lingering there before placing soft kisses upon my neck and shoulders. Slowly, with deliberate purpose kissing your way down to my nipples. I whimper with longing as your mouth claims...Read On

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Now You're Not Mine

Now you're not mine, I'm sad. Now you're not mine, I'm lonely. Now you're not mine, I ache. Now you're not mine, I'm broken. Now you're not mine, You're free. Now you're not mine, We can both live our lives. Now you're not mine, We can just be the best of friends. Now you're not mine, Change can happen. Now you're not mine, I'm scared. Now you're not mine, You're only his. Now...Read On

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Inner Flames

There is a fire within us that only needs a touch to bring forth the flame

As you type your words, Lust and deep rooted desire is what I see. Do you feel the fire stirring inside of me? Glowing ember quickly turns to spark and fans the flames within my dark center, my pulsing, aching, throbbing core. My fingers are no longer mine, My hands, they become yours. I stroke and I touch, until I'm lost in thoughts of you. The feelings that overcome me, When you explore...Read On


find me please

find me I wait for you today tomorrow for you who will touch me when I first wake up look for me in the crowd as I search for those eyes that bind me to you wait for me to overcome the pain of his betrayal and the loss of ME ENDURE for me for my love be patient for I WILL learn to trust...Read On



Chasing It’s when you turn and look away, From me your eyes do shift and stray, My heart, it sinks into dismay. It’s when it’s night and we’re alone, In leaving me you are so prone, To then ignore my saddened tone. It’s when I know it’s not your fault, We’re not the same, like pepper, salt, The way you think, brings the result. It’s when you’re not aware of me, That’s...Read On


Cold And Dry

It’s that empty place inside; from it I always try to hide. But it follows me around; to my mind it’s tied and bound. My heart bleeds like it has been stabbed; sweet memories are now stained with sadness. Left not knowing what to do or why; hopelessness I’ve got no will to try. You are not who I thought you were; but I don’t know, I haven’t heard. Incomplete and left to wonder; all...Read On


I Have A Silly Little Smile

I have a silly little smile, I wear upon my face, and it’s been given to me by you.

I have a silly little smile, I wear upon my face, and it’s been given to me by you. When we met, you had away about you. The sweetest things you did, to get a smile on these lips. I have a silly little smile, I wear upon my face, and it’s been given to me by you. When I think of you, it becomes bigger. You've made me smile so wide my cheeks hurt. I have a silly little smile, I...Read On


Days Like Today

You patiently wait and your patience makes me want you even more.

There are days where I don’t know Which way to turn. Pulled in a thousand different directions, Everybody wants something from me. Except for you. You have been patient and understanding, Even when I know my silence is Frustrating. Disheartening. Heart-breaking. But you send words of kindness, Of longing, Of desire. Of patience and of understanding. If only there was more of me, Or...Read On