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Love Poems



Can't get you off my mind

Your name appears in my mind, My pussy heats. Your words play over and over, My pussy lips swell. The visuals, the details, the complete saturation of mind, My clit hardens, pulses. For hours we play, you discover hot spots I never knew I had, My pussy squeezes tight, clenches hard. Touching me with words, the way I want to be touched. Here. Waiting. Ready. Soaking wet. ...Read On


A Heart of Rage

We fight for our lives, And stay because we love, We place ourselves in dangerous situations, And for some reason they get upset. They hit and punch, You kick and scream. You make up, and laugh. But then something happens, You see it in their eyes, And it starts again. You can't seem to leave, Because you have a heart...Read On


Your Invisible Lover

The ultimate state of intimacy...

I am with you when you masturbate When your fingers tease your stiff nipples They become my fingers When your slick fingers slide over your stiff clit That is the pre-cum-slippery head of my cock The soft sheets of your bed that caress your back as you writhe They are my arms and my hands sliding down your sweaty back to caress your bottom I am your invisible lover I am with...Read On


A drink from her cup.

This poem was inspired by someone who has always been sweet to me. I hope she recognizes herself.

I drink red wine before the fire; She shares my cup with grace. Cold winds howl, the fire’s blaze Chases chill away. I lay her down and drink my wine From the hollow of her throat; Spilling out across her breast, My hungry lips then race. Her navel is a tankard full Of wine, ripe for the taking. Below, out spills her own sweet wine; A far more heady vintage. Rosé cheeks. ...Read On


I Won't Let You

received my separation papers today...trying to look forward

I Won’t Let You We made promises of forever But our love you did betray You tore my heart in pieces But I won’t fade away We shared so many laughs But abruptly left me in tears You shook me to the core But I won’t regret the years We looked to the future together But you had other hidden schemes You left me feeling lonely But I won’t let you steal my dreams We close the...Read On


Wish I Could Have Met You

This poem is dedicated to a friend of mine who lost his dad...his best friend

Wish I Could Have Met You You inspired a man to be great His eyes shine when he speaks your name You taught him to be kind You taught him to work hard You taught him how to live You taught him how to love You left behind a legacy Look down on him from above Feel joy and be proud Wish I could have met you Shake your hand and share a smile Wish I could have met the man ...Read On


Weekend or Dreams

I would take the floor any day, As long as I don't have to sleep alone. My days are long, And my nights grow short, Especially the nights I spend with you. My world crashes round me, And my thoughts rush to you. The feel of your skin, The smell of your scent, Comes to me, And everything stops for just a moment, I remember the nights I spend with you. When I lay down to sleep, I pray that...Read On


The lost lover

When all is lost, memories are all that remains

You lie in my heart, from the very start. Though so far you are. My thoughts go astray, to the place where you lay. And sometimes, distance raises no bar. Memories go fonder. About you I wonder The day when I saw your face. Those sparkling eyes vanishing all cries, Checking sorrows, at a rapid pace. That charming smile, without anything vile The lips that knew no lie. ...Read On



Dedicated to JE

You always make me smile You’re so passionate and sweet You fill me with desire You make my life complete You’re always on my mind You inspire my soul You send shivers down my spine You make my heart whole You fill my life with happiness You know I won’t disappear You hold me close and whisper I love you dear...Read On


Give Me

Give me a minute of your time. Give me a chance to prove myself. Give me a reason to believe in us. Give me a moment with no end. Give me a night without a morning. Give me your touch so I may feel. Give me your love and you will have my soul....Read On


He Touches Me

For the writers

With his quiet voice, his caring manner, he touches me. Reflecting on our days, our nights, he touches me. Igniting my desires, my passions, he touches me. Making me feel his heat, his love, he touches me. Not with his hands, but his...Read On


I Can't Forget

It’s the pain of not knowing that hurts the most. When at one time I thought we were so close. I still have this need to protect you. Even though whatever we had went askew. You thought that you were the cause of my stress. But it’s really not knowing that causes my distress. I fear for your future and your peace of mind. There is nothing I can do my hands are tied. I don’t know if...Read On



Touched by a figment of my imagination. Was it really real or of my own creation? There was such a deep connection. It spread through me like an infection. Could it be real? Well that’s how it did feel. You let me see your soul. It filled that empty hole. But then you took it all away. So much to my great dismay. Touched by a figment of my imagination. Was it really real or of my...Read On


Stuck In My Mind

Why is it I see your face in so many buff guys I see? It’s just a constant depressing reminder of all the lost possibilities. I wish I had a magic pill that would get you out of my head. But I don’t want to lose those cherished memories. Losing them is what I truly dread. I know I will eventually stop thinking about you. It makes me sad to think that to me you could not be true. You...Read On


Quench My Thirst

A lovers plea for her cum

Quench My Thirst Copyright © Don Abdul 2010 Quench My Thirst Let me tease you, and save the best for last Part your thighs Open them wide, tonight there'll be no lies Faked orgasms, flung far into the sea I'll eat your wet, throbbing sex 'tll you scream your every plea From trough to crest as you ride the wave As you're tossed, and flung towards the orgasm you so much crave ...Read On


Once It Was Perfect

Our time together.

Once it was perfect. It started out so hot. Through September and October. We were never caught. Just last December the most intense of all. I thought we finally understood. If we set our priorities yes we would. Unlike in November. When you didn’t think we could. Then January came. It went downhill again. So all of my style. I used then. It took another month. ...Read On


Dreaming Of You

You’re the first thing I think of when I awake. The last thing in my mind at night it’s a torturous state. I don’t like at all the way that I left you. I’ll never know if you know what is really true. I was always so extremely protective of you. Making sure there was no trouble with anything that you’d do. I guess I’m a control freak that wanted what was best. That’s why I always tried...Read On


Spontaneous Passion

A horny man fantasizes about a woman whose picture he is looking at and is overwhelmed by his desire

Spontaneous Passion Don Abdul (c) 2010 As I look through your pics I'm burdened with the hardest of dicks As mine got swollen and kicking I fantasize about kissing and licking Your full luscious pair of lips And your rock hard nips Oh how I dream of caressing your silken thigh And between your open legs lie And thereafter orally commune with your labia Until...Read On



Searching through the forum for his old posts. His av is gone but his words are like a ghost. I’m so happy for him and that still heavily lingers. But going to his profile that is no more, is automatic for my fingers. It’s like something is missing though they say he'll be back. I have to let go but I really hope we don't lose track. How bad I wish we could all just be friends. But...Read On


Pain to Pleasure

A woman takes her pain an exchanges it for a night of pleasure

This is my first poem and only my second submission to lust hope you enjoy it and give me advice to better myself. The poem didn't start out focused on a specific person but since I started it before we got to talking but it may have changed directions after talking. Again I hope you enjoy. My heart hurts with pain and sorrow Not knowing about the days of tomorrow Tonight you will be...Read On


My Master Is My Slave

When the tables turn.

A discovery so unique it totally blew your mind. All your desires in one package such a rare find. That is what we always were to each other. It was never quite the same with another lover. Knowing you so deeply as all this time went by. All the discoveries about ourselves made us ask why? I’m aggressive and possessive I own all your secret desires. We are so attracted to each...Read On


Poisoned Fruit

I am poison So I’ve been told Dare taste my fruit If you are bold. You’ve been warned About my charms So sweet, so sly Of how it harms I’ll reel you in I’ll take my prey Devour you whole Then run away I mean no harm Partake of me But you will never Be set free I’ll use and use I’ll only take That’s what he said GO! For your sake I’ll only hurt I’m hard to love Don’t even...Read On



I watch as the sun sinks beneath the horizon. Wondering what night fall will bring. Lightning flashes in the distance as the rumble of thunder reaches my ears. I take in a deep breath catching the faint scent of rain coming closer. The low melody of the bamboo wind chime awakening me from a trance. Wind whipping my hair around as the storm moves closer. A soft smile finally...Read On


Emotional Roller Coaster

I feel so off never felt like this before. I’m wired all my emotions continue to soar. All in one week within just a few days. The news I have gotten has created this haze. On one hand I am just so very sad. Because my sister is ill and it’s very bad. But on the other is complete pure joy. That a man has grown out of my favorite boy. He’s expecting a new life with the one that he...Read On


Walk Away

As I walk away my heart is torn from me. What I thought was real now I just can’t see. I have needs that were not met. But this longing gets stronger yet. It is the hardest thing that I have ever done. To think of the future instead of having fun. To make myself take a back seat. Forget my desires, forget that heat. To still be happy without what I want. The memories so...Read On



Written after a medical scare and resulting argument

over and over again the words trip over themselves spilling from my mouth, before my brain formulates a plan my breath in rapid gasps, the tears streaming little rivers down my freckled face my brain running laps, tripping over itself like a hamster in a wheel my hamster squeaks on I am in a maze hundreds of straight paths stretching as far and wide in all angles that I can fathom ...Read On



A poem I wrote for a past love

Slowly - The hours turned to days . . . The days to weeks . . . The weeks to months . . . And I am still waiting for you. Frequently - I find myself asking you "Where do I belong?" Do I even belong at all? Do you even care? And I am unaware of the chaos outside my head You also sit there unaware of the world around you . . . Oblivious as it crumbles, enveloping...Read On

Audio version available


What I did to him wasn't really fair. Such a gentle tender man. There was no way for him to beware. I've thought over my actions. And I am not very proud. Of all of the distractions. And everything I voiced aloud. I had his best interest always at heart. But my lust got in the way. And tore my intentions apart. I thought it would be so fun. Just a sexy little affair. I'm so perfectly...Read On


Something Familiar

I long for that special feeling that has escaped me. The future is uncertain there is no telling what will be. It saturated me for so long, so very completely. Nothing else made my passion burn quite so sweetly. It was an escape that always did ease my mind. Gave me an exciting refuse from my daily grind. That feeling has evaporated it is no where to be found. Like it fell into the...Read On


Fuck me

Just a quickie. I tried writing something from the female perspective

I’m waiting for you at the door, The burning desire hard to ignore Passion and lust is what you bring But most of all that precious thing I thought about it day and night How you would spread my legs wide Slide in easy, like knife through butter Making me scream, making me stutter   As you arrive, I open the door My body trembles even more There is no doubt why you are here You grab my hips...Read On