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Love Poems


I Remember

I remember falling asleep curled around your arm as you drove  Telling myself it was wrong because you weren't mine I was with another yet it felt so wonderful with you I remember waking up your hand on my leg fingers lightly stroking The gentle touch of your lips atop my head made me smile Pretending to be sleeping so it wouldn't end I remember the clarity and peace that...Read On


Mirror Mirror

She admires the memories of passionate night left on herself

Showing what her eyes can see, "A gorgeous damsel, can this be me?" Urging, needing to touch, explore, Be an exhibitionist today or a peeping voyeur ? Falling in love with her own shadow, From the silky hair to the curling toe. Her hands wandered to her dainty curves, Her loins reacted to the firing nerves. She cooed, she giggled, she turned around, Looking for it and...Read On



We all say things that we wish we could take back.

We all stretch the truth from time to time I should know,  I have committed this crime. Though you point your finger at me and declare You liar! You fake! How could you dare? I wonder if you have ever, been in my shoes, Where you were forced,  Yes, made to choose Between living the lie and keeping things nice, Continuing to lie  With blood that’s like ice. Or telling the truth and...Read On



Just a bit of fun.

Oh woe is me, I wonder why My little pussy is so dry? Could it be while on the cam I squirted like the Hoover Dam? And that excited my old boy Who encouraged me to use a toy. Then on the coffee table I went Bum up with my knees well bent. His cock was hard and slid right in. It made me squirt and squirt again. The juices falling on the floor Were certainly a bit of a bore. ...Read On

Recommended Read

101 Words for Roses

Lips Swollen and bruised Muscular tongue filling my ass While fingers stroke between my thighs Tangled together A trio What are the odds of coming together like this And coming Together Like this Rose petals so wet Dew clinging to soft pink edges Slowly dripping Lemons and… I’m blushing Thinking about the coming morning Yours not mine My belly full of love ...Read On


A Better Toy

I once fell in love with a toy. The use of which gave me such joy. But the batteries died, And after I cried, I went out and got a real boy. The boy has a wonderful cock. With it, my world he does rock! He gives me such pleasure. His cock I do treasure. And now I just fuck him non-stop!...Read On


Faith In Love

I'll fall in love again

Broken hearts and open wounds are my reward for love. Holding hands and treasured memories, Causes my heart to soar like a dove. When I am thinking of you, and thinking of me, I know my love was true. But you went new places and saw new faces, And you wanted someone new. So I'll bandage my heart and be on my way, Shedding a tear for the past. It's time to move on...Read On



A man discovers himself

Hidden in the darkness, Protected by a shell.  The seed that was my heart,  Was wallowing in hell. He could never blossom, In the place where darkness reigns.  No sun could reach his outer.  No strength could break his chains. Women laughed and pointed,  At his foolish, fallen pride.  They jeered at him and spat,  Because to them he often lied. His fate was well deserved. I am not...Read On


Butcher's hook

Scenarios for sex are not confined by social mores

Hacking bones, I glance askance At Graham in his bloody apron Sawing through a clump of muscle Trimming fat and severing tendons * Oh, those hands! Now gloved and crimson Skillful as a slaughtering surgeon Operations never ending  Always reaping, never sewing * Grisly gristle, loathsome lites are Minced for barbecue delights; I Stuff obscenely swollen skins Hope...Read On


101 Words: She Wanted to Sneeze

A girl with an unusual problem...

There was a young girl with knobbly knees, Who had an orgasm whenever she sneezed. Her name was Rach and she had some fun, When her nose went twitchy, she looked at the sun. Her nasal cavity it itched and it scratched, A tightening below - there was something attached. But her breath just caught as she tipped her head back, She wanted to sneeze but had not the knack. She tried really hard...Read On


All The Things

I love about you

The times you make me act like a teenager kissing for the camera without a care in the world The way you tell me your passionate secrets that no-one else must know The perfect perfection of your smile with your little dimples flashing on each side. Your laughter, my favourite love song the most beautiful sound to my heart Your lips that talk so clearly with such care ...Read On

Master in 101 Words

What is a Master?

Master. The name scares some and thrills others. It seduces, it charms, it intimidates, it awes. To be a Master you must be more than a man. A man is just a matter of birth. But to be a Master one must reach above birth. A Master goes beyond a mere man, beyond even a Dominant. A Master reaches into a woman's mind. And seduces her thoughts, her desires, her dreams. He...Read On



101 word poem

I long to look into your eyes again. I miss the feeling of your fingers in my hair. I ache to feel you slide your hands along my breasts to my nipples. I yearn to taste your lips on mine. I hunger to have your manhood in against my tongue. I pine for your tongue on my tender bits. I dream such sweet dreams of having you inside me. I must feel your passion release. I desire to...Read On


101 Words from Principessa

How do I love you?

Your love warms me like the Tuscan sun Golden, glowing, and ineffable. It quenches me like Parisian rain Cool, soft, and delicious. It blankets me like Canadian snow Enveloping me, glittering in the night. It propels me like Chicago’s winds Always back into your arms. You touch all of my senses: Hearing your voice, Seeing your face, Feeling your touch, Taking in...Read On


Older Gent

Meeting an online love for the first time

I once met a man online, he was so nice and kind, an older gent he was his words he knew just how to use, to invade my mind for reasons I mistook each time his message struck, sparks would erupt 'til finally we had to meet to fan the sparks into some serious heat so off to the skies I took my body shook with delightful visions of long lingering kisses slow delicious penetrations ...Read On


101 wasted words

A Roman said it in 2 words; someone else in 3: seize the day! We know it, yet still run out of ti...

We have tonight, my lover said, To write a poem A poem to write Without a wasted word? said I Said I, said I, said I * Precisely so, my lover said,  A hundred words And one besides 'Tis not enough, I fast replied 'Tis not, 'tis not enough * If love were true, my lover said, You'd need but three Just three would do But I would die for you, I said For you I'd...Read On


Is this me?

A short love poem

Is this my body? Alone, apart from the tapping of keys, Unlocking your soul and spirit across the ether, Bowed by your elegance and fuelled by desire. Is this my desire? Words that arouse and stimulate my mind. Turning my body into a priaptic state. Wishing for, but knowing the futility of distance and dreams. Is this my dream? Wanting to ease your burden and brighten your face. Feeling...Read On



there is something magical about the knowing...

Your warm breath presses close. Star-filled kisses fall On a mouth open To love you. Strong hands caress skin That sings your name, Your true name, Your heart name. Perfect joy flows between us As you give me back my wings; Those iridescent flutterings That will bring me to you Day after day. What I feel is too deep for words So my body speaks. My legs spread wide, The...Read On



Life seaching for love

It seems the older I get, the more I reflect, Taking stock if you will of life’s pantry. A storeroom filled with faces and names, The loves and lies that made up every relationship. Emotional deception was never a cause. Failure was always a result of perception. Theirs or mine. Usually mine. Salvage became a specialty. Sad are my thoughts about that now. How unfair...Read On


My 101 Words

Sometimes, if you wait and have faith, you will get what you wish for

Tonight We’ll wait again, As we have every night Since you left. Curtains open, Letting in the moonlight, Naked bodies tense and alert, Listening, waiting, hoping For your steps at the door. We’ve almost given up When I hear it: soft tentative knock. I leap from the bed And sprint, a moonlit ghost; Those few seconds Between bed and door An eternity. And you are there. ...Read On


Day of reckoning

In love as in life, what goes up must come down

One chance Two souls Three times Forewarned Five kisses Sixth sense Seven leaven Ate all Nine and sixty Tentatively Nine tails Eight strokes Seven wonders Six kisses Five tears Forgo Three words Too late One...Read On


The Power of Forgiveness

Every secret has a cost.

Every secret has a cost, they are anything but free. They weigh your soul with burden, a millstone you cannot see. To wake a fluster, heart beating hard, tearing at the seams. The devastation of a lie, witnessed in a dream. Vivid pictures, broken lives, painful truths unfold, But not a realisation of our future being foretold. As the words pour forth, from untruth to truth be told, ...Read On


A Thousand Miles

Distance doesn't matter...

A thousand miles of ocean blue, A thousand miles to be with you. A thousand miles to kiss your lips, A thousand miles to hold your hips. A thousand miles to dance all night, A thousand miles to make it right. A thousand miles to hear your laugh, A thousand miles to share your bath. A thousand miles to ease your pain,  A thousand miles to drink champagne. A thousand miles to share...Read On

Recommended Read

I Don't Love You

Maybe one day I'll be able to say that I don't love you.

Maybe if I say these words, That will make them true. Maybe if I concentrate, I'll get over you. Maybe when I see you with him That will be enough. Maybe when I know you're happy Things won't be so rough. Maybe I just have to wait For these wounds to heal. Maybe then I can forget The way you make me feel. Maybe you'll come back to me, Though I start to doubt it. Maybe...Read On


Someone I Like

I don’t know what you are to me, But you do give me joy, You’re not my crush or eye candy You’re not my lover boy. I have a boyfriend as you know, We’re even not quite friends? We’ve known each other for some time, so, I guess, well that depends. It’s when I see you walking past, Your headphones on your head, My spirits do rise up quite fast, With no words even said. ...Read On

Recommended Read

Past Pluperfect

Can the past be overcome?

“So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past. ” (F. Scott Fitzgerald) The past is prologue so they say It informs our present and our future.  It makes me wonder if there is a way To escape the past and its pain.  Some memories warm the heart,  Others make anguish live again.  There were times so very warm,  Of unconditional affection,  ...Read On

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101 Words From Me

The Way I See It

In pain we scare, In pain we hide, In pain we cry, In pain we lie, In pain we fear. Enough of the scared, Enough of the hiding, Enough of the tears, Enough of the lies, Enough of the fears. When will it ever be enough? Take away the fears, Take away the need to hide, Take away the need to cry, Take away the need to lie. Take away the need to be full of fear.  Let...Read On



how do you see me?

I blush at your attention. You ask questions with your eyes. Your mouth Draws out truth By the quirk at its corner. There is music in my head As I wonder how you see me. But I will never risk What we say and are By asking for more, Even though I crave Your mouth, Your hand in mine, Your laughter in my ear. ........Read On


One Heart Missing

Choosing lust and finding love

There isn’t a place I haven’t been,  Or a place I wouldn’t go.  There isn’t a path I’ve never taken, I chased my dreams both high and low. I thought I knew each journey chosen,  Each fantasy I sought to explore.  Lines were crossed so many times, Rules were broken and signs ignored. I lived and loved each moment chosen,  Not thinking about the pain or cost.  The plans and schemes...Read On


Ode to Camel Toe

In praise of the camel toe

As spring turns to summer the camel toe do bloom. Camel toe, O camel toe! How much do I love thee Standing in line I spot you mere inches from me Camel toe, how you tease me so Leaving tracks in my heart I love you camel toe You are always a pleasant surprise A perfect vision to me eyes I love you camel toe Thank you, thank you camel toe!...Read On