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Love Poems

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None Other Love

The poet describes his love for his lady fair, a lady truly beyond compare

There is no other love, my love, that could to you compare, Such is your beauty beyond price, so delicate and rare. For you are of women nonpareil, your looks so sweet and fair That I would gladly give my all, and worldly wealth forswear To gaze once more upon your face, and stroke your silken hair. I have travelled far and wide, crossed many a storm tossed sea, And sojourned long...Read On


Navigating Layers

You can be inked on my skin,  marked on my heart, tattoos and unseen etchings with our names, all our words said in the other's ear Like a secret that knew precisely where to tear open the other,  whispers traveling along breezes I can feel you in,  the currents coursing through this vessel. Whether I become transparent to you in time,  or become like towering walls covered in dark...Read On



There are times I do not know where I stand, There are other times that I do, But when I find myself around the beauty that is you, I find that I need to be given a helping hand. I love that I love you, But I hate that I love you too, I find myself constricted, And wish your words were listed. You confuse me but captivate me, Throw me and hold me, Keep me and control my mind all day,...Read On

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Come My Love

The poet invites his lover to fly away with him to celestial fields where they can play eternally.

Come dearest heart and take my hand, So shall we skip down to the strand, And there my darling we will sing, Of love eternal murmuring. As by sweet breezes gently fanned, Our footprints printing in the sand, Two hearts together will take wing, United by a wedding ring. Such lovers there have never been, Nor such devotion ever seen, From ocean depths unto the sky Love...Read On



Days sometimes hit us, Specially as the snow covers the ground. The world dark and frozen, People huddling together to stay warm, Looking forward to celebrating A time of light in all the darkness. Once in a while, On days like that, She is struck by the memories. Things from her past, both good and bad, But most of all, Remembering those loved ones no longer here. When...Read On


Imperfect Perfection

Love is rarely perfect.

Love weaves a web of loss through my core as I covet you. Perpetual days of torment, unfinished thoughts of you taunt my past and future. Silent cries ride the back of an impossible avowal, always only a wish. My heart wails in your absence, I miss you incurably, I will wait patiently for you. You are not mine, yet I can't let go. My sorrow is a waterfall. A torrent, a flood,...Read On


Forbidden Love

My heart aches I cannot believe it But I think I have fallen for you I know it cannot be That I should not feel this way Yet every time I take a breath You are on my mind We are so far apart Yet so close It feels as if I tried hard enough I could reach out and touch you These feelings that I feel I am sure are forbidden Still they exist I cannot hide them They burn within...Read On


Red Roses

Deepest red roses I give to thee, A kiss on your hand I place carefully. My heart I take back, It's time to return it to me. So I may give it to you, My dearest love, so tenderly....Read On


Butterfly Wings

We must learn to crawl Before we can walk Day dreaming someday We could finally fly Life is unpredictable Hearts easily are broken The dream of flying At times almost forgotten We can become lost Simply numbing the pain Hiding in our own cocoon Afraid to feel the hurt If we are willing to try again To let ourselves feel love Despite the risk of failure Then anything is possible ...Read On


Mountain Dreaming

Together always, no matter how far apart...

Sitting on the veranda feeling alone,  missing her love, who is away for work. Longing for the moment he will return. She leans back, closing her eyes and starts thinking about a mountain ranch  filled with horses and a flowing creek which leads into a swimming hole. "Come on, let's go in," she hears him say, as he begins to strip down to his togs.  Turning, she looks in his eyes as she...Read On


Holiday Wishes

A wish to be with you this holiday,  A sleigh ride in the crisp air. Sweet kisses in this magical sleigh, The wind blowing at our hair. Warm cocoa shared it's very hot, To be with you and hold you tight. The warmth of the drink hits the spot, I love being with you tonight. We walk along the town square, Looking at holiday windows. Children squeezing their teddy bears, The temperature is...Read On


Farewell, My Princess

Never again, my princess

With a glance you got me Your smile had me Your radiance stunning My princess You're a light to my darkness And darkness you give In an instant you tore me apart Yet you're still my princess, till my last breath your guard Your happiness means my sorrow Your love means my death I'll gladly accept such faith Never to see your smile Never to feel your touch Never to...Read On


Adoration Sent

Distance can't keep us apart

Passion created upon a keyboard, Edited, amended, honed to perfection, Patient construction dripping with sex, Oozing lust, declaring desire. Craving your words I wait, burning, Enslaved by promises, yearning for more, Emotions ignited by voiceless whispers, Body consumed with smouldering need. The distance between us has no meaning, Continents, time-zones, kilometres, miles,...Read On


The Collide

Our worlds collided with your words, Gravity and force pulling me into you.  I had never read something so beautiful, So deep, piercing my soul. You blew me away with your talent, Then became part of my heart. Our worlds collided, If only for awhile. I never expected you, Never knowing I would love you so deeply. I loved and desired every part of you, Inside and out. ...Read On


I want you

it's never enough.

I want you for an hour I want you to be mine I want to lay down naked so our bodies intertwine I want you for a weekend I want to take it slow I want to kiss your body so that every inch I know I want you for a whole year I want to know you well I want to make you feel so good you fall under my spell I want you for a lifetime I want you to be free I want to make you wanted so you want to...Read On


Write a love song

You went away

On the radio each day Since you went away The songs are about you Just you, And they leave me blue. Those tunes and words We once shared and loved Now haunt me Only me, Because you’re free. After all the sweet lines The wind and strings The times we held hands Beguiled by the bands, Why leave for different lands? Like a bird on the wing You left to do your thing...Read On



How could I describe you, With your ethereal mystique? Words could not do justice, Or manage to compete. Your form is of wondrous beauty, The like which no words can describe, Your voice sounds like an angel, But just a whisper from above. Your soul dances with mine, To a slow and rhythm-less tune, Courting and embracing, Losing track of time. Your love comes in waves, Ebb...Read On

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Drifting without course Unanchored and unmoored Caught up in his wanton breeze I let go and drop the oars I boldly face the breeze Give in and to feel release Fall into his tide Reckless, without heed The shimmer of the sun Casts diamonds on the sea I dip my toe to see the ripple And because it pleases he His sparkling diamonds call to me To fall into his boundless deep...Read On



I'll always wonder if you can feel me through the air, through the floating whispers in winter's coldest night winds  when I graze the soft skin of your cheek as you sleep,  the smile curving lips as you dream will be me. Silently reaching and pulling the blanket  over your warm tired frame,  smoothing away locks of hair  that have fallen over your face,  eyes opening to find mine. Asking...Read On



If You Loved Me...

"If you loved me" you said life would be grand! "If you loved me" the world would be in the palm of my hand. "If you loved me" you said I should give you my all. "If you loved me" I should run to your beckon and call. "If you loved me" the words filled my soul with desire, "If you loved me" the words turns my body to fire! "If you loved me" - your words were just selfish demands. ...Read On


Blew Spring

Its not complicated  If one writes life's pages With a gentle pen, As I did yesterday When the skies were blue. Birds sang caroling As pollen blew Spring, Dandelion wings flew Over creek beds slew, Then we were just two. Soft linen spread  On cloud like pillows, We became wed Like a carousel spinning On wheels it spun,  And now we are one....Read On


Winter Star

When you wish upon a star...

Darkness, Silence, A blanket of snow. Muffling all sound, Glittering, Like a million diamonds, Under a pale moon, A cold winter’s eve. She knows She is lucky. A nice house, Warmth, Never hungry, Family, Friends who care, Loving arms to hold her. Out in the night, There is sadness, Despair, Those struggling To eat, To keep warm, Fighting, With every breath Simply to...Read On



poem from an aching heart

i ache for you beside me my reaching your touch my desire your submission my look your eyes my penis your vagina my heart aches your heart responds your touch heals my lips smile...Read On


What Love Means to Me

I love to share my thoughts and dreams with my guy,  We're both the apples to each other's eyes. Sometimes we laugh and sometimes we cry. Enjoying each other in whatever we do, Remembering to always say, "I love you." Trying to understand each other's point of view. Sharing a joke or other funny stuff, Sometimes we argue and that can be tough. Saying "I'm sorry" and hoping it's enough. ...Read On



Sweet aromas of love, air scented, another world Wild thoughts move in the heart of the girl, And slowly awaken what lies beneath a surface tense With heart-whispered, soft-petal promises. Carried to this early morning moment On the white-winged breath of an easy dream, Heaven-given, heaven-sent. She is here. I will touch, I will sense, in angelic time, Her heart, my heart....Read On



There are no good-byes, where ever you'll be, you'll be in my heart. ~ Ghandi

Tumbling along You crept into my thoughts today You haven’t been there in quite awhile I thought I had put you to rest Tumbling days upon days Turning weeks into months I still find myself in the darkness Wishing for you Tumbling along I still whisper your name Wishing to feel your need Strong and dominant against me Tumbling down Just another nothing In a sea of nothings A...Read On


Sign On The Line

I need you to sign this contract, Before I commit to love you, Because I know from second hand news, That it isn't what you do. You play around with feelings, Betray none of yours to me, You want me to believe that I'm "The One", But you admit to others, you'd rather be free. I am not the first you have come to "love", And I sure as hell won't be the last, So why do I put...Read On


To Breathe In

You get close enough for me to breathe in the unique glow from every constellation  you made in my eyes with just a touch,  the meeting of our fingertips could be enough To make these dangerous energies burst  and paint showers of every color across the sky. Before then, you never knew the power  you held to make and unmake me,  and I never knew floating in such quiet space was darker...Read On



With trust in her all goals may be achieved,  Because her faith can conquer all your fear. Forgetting all the times you may have grieved Your life will leave behind all throb and tear. With gentle touches bravery will grow,  To persevere when doubting may arise. A woman's soul is full of strength, and so,  You find your courage deep within her eyes. With modesty she fills your heart with...Read On



A full life

We remember... Eyes scanning the room, party in full flow. Our glances fused sparks flew, boom! You blinked, I blinked, we played that curious game: look away, look back, a nervy smile of recognition. It’s all so long ago we even smoked. I lit your cigarette, you blew out the match, said “Save it for later.” That made me smile, though it was old and corny. ...Read On