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Love Poems


My Song

The sadness of that song you sing Is another way for my life to begin I just don't wanna cause no more pain I just want your life to begin again Without me tearing you apart It's time for me to move on and Sing my song to someone else My song started with a cozy feeling Inside that caused butterflies to fly What a feeling, soft hearts of unbroken love I cant escape the past...Read On


The Horizon

I see you wandering just over the horizon, Your faint, familiar shape walking away from me.  The air is damp and full of moisture,  The dew is heavy on blades of grass. It clings on, not wanting to let go. I feel the same way about you, and yet I cannot run after you and beg you to stay with me. The pastel colors of the horizon stay etched in my memory. The peach and pink colors remind me ...Read On


Unspoken Love

I wanted more than coffee, but it was not to be;.

Oh, the waiting is sometimes more than I can stand. I yearn to see his face, his smile. I yearn to hear his voice, his laughter. He does not know how I feel nor dare he ever. He is married, so am I, but that does not stop the yearning, the desire, the need to feel his touch and warm embrace. A quick hug, a shared coffee time, chatter about life, a hug goodbye, till next time. All...Read On


Become As One

When our lives are done, may we leave together as one.

Knowing you are always there makes my life seem complete. I feel so secure in your arms that I am afraid of nothing. That aura that I see surrounding you sooths my empty aching heart. It fills it full of love to overflowing, showing my pride to the world. Whether we are in the same room or separated by time and space, your life force envelops me and allows my mind to laugh. I feel...Read On


A Lover's Doubts

raw emotional thoughts

What do I do with this hurt inside. How do I make things alright. Nothing seems good anymore. I feel lost and alone in a sea of people. Don't want to move, don't want to stay. Just want to be gone. Wish his voice didn't make me want him. Don't want to like him right now. I am still hurt and angry. Didn't want him to call. Didn't want to hear his voice. The voice that feeds a...Read On



Words alone of my breath fail to express the ways I adore you and just the who you were,  as I compose final chapters of our seasons and the inkwell runs dry. Until the blowing winds carry me to infinity and the last of the stirring leaves fly,  on my drying parchment I will scribe as my tearing eyes cry. It wasn't but an autumn ago wild geese flew over and beyond our livings...Read On


Small Talk

I'm terrible at making small talk, the fumblings with introductions, the polite dance around countless casual conversations. It makes me nervous to merely graze the surface. I'm better one on one, whether on a silent walk through the cool spring night when your hand slips into mine, or when you lie so close that every breath warms my face. That's a language I can understand, ...Read On


Happy Birthday To My Dearest Wife

Happy birthday to my dearest wife. As you waken each morning, I'm here. Peaceful hope is my wish for your life. Please, just know this. I'll always be near. Yes, I know our voyage has been rough, But the good always outweighed the bad. If our pathway through life has been tough, Recall those sweet moments that we had. Tomorrow may not have time to spare. Have faith, we'll handle all that...Read On

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Our First Kiss

Wanted this first kiss for so long.

Stares at my lips Fingers caress my cheek He leans forward Such longing Eyes closing He moves nearer Feeling his breath Mingle with mine, so close Both panting His fingers Tracing through my hair Pulling me in Hearts pounding Lips getting closer For our first kiss Pulling me nearer Lips barely touching So soft, just grazing Tip of his tongue Traces...Read On

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I Remember

Alone in the night, the poet is filled with longing for his bride far away

Some lines for my sweet love Lying here in the inky dark, In the warm embrace of the night,  My mind moves, and I remember, Other nights like this, back home, with you. But I am far away, alone, Beneath an unfamiliar moon, And foreign stars, unknown patterns Shining down on my loneliness. You begged not to come, and leave you, Though it was just for a brief space, Soon to return...Read On


With Lampblack

It seems to me in dreams I see on distant horizons my Fata Morgana, and with lampblack and tales of the sea I scribe on parchment's scroll. Of beautiful be you bring to me with green eyes and starry skies,  emotional tides of sensuality and soft breeze of sea tomorrows. The whispers of promises we spent and where there are shores on forty winks, we kissed in last summer's swoon  ...Read On


I Am Here

Honor her and complete her.

Gazing out to the distant shore, Wondering from whence her comfort may come. It is my honor to aid and assist her every need. My lady, my deepest most profound respect and admiration, my duty, to complete you and compete for you, to repel your enemies, and to fulfill your needs, whatever they may be. I am here. I have been here awaiting your request, your need. I am here. Ask and it will...Read On


Making Love vs Sex...

A kiss is always better kept in the soul, that one that only touches the lips ...

The human body, beautiful, and perfect, only as He intended. The soul... immortal essence, life giving. Man, divine creation, strong and courageous. Woman, Taken from him, his peace, his breath. Sex, raw, lustful sinful, delicious, empty, and hallow... Love making... tender, sweet, meaningful, complete. Sex is not bad, but when used just for "experience" or pleasure. It...Read On

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I wish I could tell you my thoughts and let you in on the secrets I carry close to my heart, like cherry blossom's kiss to the spring. I wish my hands could travel along your skin and you could feel the need they have for you, like hummingbird's call for the flowers nectar. I wish I could let my soft lips seek yours and whisper the passion that flows through my body...Read On


Upon My Sleep

The midnight hour as I rest upon my sleep and you in cuddle of my embracing arms, soft breath of the swooning willows bough...  apple dumplings taste good even in dreams. As streams of kisses lay on my chest and your hands gently bask my stones, on fields of quilt my limbs sway... apple dumplings taste good even in dreams....Read On

For Us

Dreams and fantasies can come true.

I want to see you in every sexy position. In every setting, Our sullied minds can imagine. I need to see your beautiful eyes, Glazed over with wanton lust. To see your face contorted, twisted, With the pain of pure pleasure. Satisfaction etched deeply, In every part of your being. I wish to sate your every desire. I want to be the man you want and need. I want to make...Read On


Have You Ever?

... So deeply

Have you ever loved someone so deeply, so intensely, that you feel them deep in your soul? Have you ever loved so deeply, that your waking thought is of him, that you feel their breath on your skin? Have you ever loved so deeply, that you imagine his body close to yours. Can you feel his touch? Have you ever loved so deeply, when you close your eyes, you can see his smile? Have you...Read On


Rainy Day Kismet

Gingers have no souls. In gleeful dismissal our souls formed into one.

The rain was falling on that fateful day As autumn weather forced me to stop by. Beside a window watching trickles play, Whilst stirring tea, she heaved a heavy sigh. Side glances to her face at somber rest; Soft, cradled in a dainty hand, her chin. Thick locks, of titian, formed a wavy nest; Inspired my sense of wonder, and a grin. She surely had a soul, I smiled within, For beauty such...Read On



In due-course of my poetic ramblings  I wish to be a better scriber among poets,  calling on sensuality and endearing phrases and the twinkling of who your eyes are. Writing of many sings in words and rhymes  there is romance that keeps me entranced, like a libretto whispering silently in my ear  prosing the few I hold dear and in truth are. As moonlight in timpani of my...Read On


The Winner Takes It All

Listening to Abba. Popular music often mirrors life. That's why it's popular. The winner takes it all. You thought it was moving right along. And really, You were only Treading water, While she was rescuing another. Another heart to fill her emptiness, The emptiness you knew was there, And wanted to declare You could touch, And succor. But  The winner takes it all. You were too slow,  And...Read On


Sweet Briar-Apple Rose

It was but a tomorrow's song I sang  of whiskey hours and midnight orange and the scent of sweet briar-apple rose, on yesterday's laurels the silence blows. And for the betterment of smiles kissed your love coming my way beneath the Cheshire moon, as garnish of spring brought me sings. Swishes of whispers from your breath and your fingers walked about my nape as the bough of the...Read On


A Place Out of Time

someone else thought it good enough to be here, so here it is.

Lost Speak and be Heard, I hide in Shame, The Death of Desire, And I am to Blame. A Voice is Silenced, It's Death screams out, My world torn apart, Left in Doubt. Hope and Despair, War from Within, When will it finish? Where does it Begin? Acceptance and love, Could have been mine, If I hadn't been Lost, In a Place out of Time....Read On

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Love Reborn

The poet sings of reconciliation, and the renewal of vows of love

My dearest wife, it has been such a long winter, Hard and bitter, draining the heart and soul of hope. It has been doubly hard for you, so much sadness, Almost too much to bear, with the illness of friends, And frozen pipes, and the children's difficulties, Such a long catalogue of woes, you look so tired, New lines of care on your face, and fresh streaks of grey Staining the...Read On



Like so many women She always tried to be perfect, To be everything to everyone, A wonderful wife, A resourceful employee, A trusted friend, A hot lover, A good daughter. In the middle Of trying to play all these parts, Be there for everyone, Somehow she forgot herself. She rarely took time To do things for her, Or love herself The way she loved others. Setting...Read On



Still haunting me

I thought I had laid you to rest my love, Buried you six feet under me. It feels like you hadn't left at all, that Not even a second has passed between us. I can feel you go through me, Every cell and through my whole body Of consciousness, every pore. You are my ghost of what we had and I thought you left permanently. You're my ghost and shadow, Every thought of mine...Read On


With Flowers In Her Hair

Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair.

Now I imagine her With flowers in her hair. I do. Since I met her and was smitten. Completely overboard, I've come undone. Smitten. Flowers in her hair. The free spirit of spontaneous  Joyousness I need. Her lips are like flowers, Scented and vibrant With color, And with bright, brilliant Words of wisdom, Truth, And honest declarations Of loving dispensation. She appears to bloom...Read On


A lifetime of love

Time of spring, Shy, little smiles, Stolen, secret glances, Blushing cheeks and butterflies, The beginning of youthful love. The first kiss, Fumbling hands, Racing hearts and hormones As two young unite. Moving into summer, Passion and desire, Heat, bodies on fire, Lovers knowing each other’s bodies, Every little secret, Bringing the other into paradise, An ocean of pleasure,...Read On


If's, What and Can

watching you by

If I stop seeing you would you miss me? If I stop breathing would you care? If I fall would you catch me? If I love you, would it matter? What if I learn to say no What if I bid my farewell What if I cry, would you wipe my tears away? Can you stay even just for a while? Can I kiss you goodbye? To many if's, what and can Scared of rejection, looking for assurance If only...Read On


Soul Mates

Lying next to you in bed our limbs still entwined, Lovers who are sated in body and mind, Breathing still heavy from the passion just shared, From our willing submission both our hearts ensnared. Your body warm and soft under my hand, Which just made me concede to your every demand, I am a willing accomplice in our passionate lust, Bringing with it a closeness, a love and a trust. ...Read On


Here And Now

Usually in song of idle-while thoughts soft tones dancing of aspirations and amore As gift of winds watch over me in tunes and with kisses you sigh I love you Feeling the breath of silent breeze send  swing low the boughs of willows you bring And with that I will take my adieu  near the well waiting for you With swishes of soft tones dancing  in arabesque on life's carousel On...Read On