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Love Poems

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The Things You Do To Me

Perfect Timing

Written By Poppet:For LushStories ONLY! The Things You Do To me We meet and become fast friends. We form a bond that is closer than I've had in a long time. We joke, laugh, play, tease growing that bond tighter. It doesn't dawn on me what is forming between us. My heart is going through turmoil over the confusion of what ‘he’ is doing to me. You’re there, holding my hand, letting...Read On


Love of my life

A poem dedicated to my love.

after the pains, the tempest rolled there isa new look at life, a reason to look forward; there is a star to follow and pursue. never again to shed tears of loneliness; no more cause to be sad; no dull moments, no clouds of darkness above. nothing to fear about the future with you. naught of this world would ever go between, not even bumps and humps ahead, and none of...Read On



The thoughts flying around my head...

I crave, The warm, caressing touch of your hand. I crave, That searing connection as our eyes meet. I crave, The sound of your voice whispering in my ear. I crave, That jolt of electricity as your lips meet mine. I crave, The seductive scent of you on my skin. I crave, Feeling your hardness stretching me open. I crave, Our bodies locked together, moving as one. ...Read On


Giving all without looking back

Stepping out of shadows, just you and I Your hand taking mine, holding so tight As I follow your lead, no turning back I have no idea what awaits Yet this is how we are Your scent inhaled deep as I breathe Sensual temptation, a naughty wink The air is sweet, nothing compares I feel that sudden rush, wet anticipation Your hands upon my body Taking all that is yours ...Read On


The Confinements of Lush

We find ourselves here for many reasons; we are writers, readers, companions and confidants. Although separated, by distance, time and reality, our experiences often overlap, leaving us to ponder.... What is real? Creating a bio to mark our arrival; describing ourselves in mere paragraphs, likes, dislikes, kinks and twists, just to be noticed. Typing in black boxes with limited...Read On

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Dear Teacher

In honour of one year since finding, and joining, Lush.

This poem only available on Lush Stories. If you are reading it elsewhere, it has been stolen, and the thief's Happy Bits will always smell of stinky cheese (not in a good way). You've taught me things I never dreamed, Created deepening urges, Lambasted deep within my heart, And called forth frightening urges. I've learned to suck a throbbing cock, And lick a swollen cunt; To go in search...Read On



Her love brought me euphoria divine.

When I think about you, I can feel my beating heart sway. These intense desires, birth jovial thoughts everyday. When you're in my arms, everything around us feels so right. Deeply lost within your eyes, wishing this moment could be every night. The Moon and Stars wane, in the beauty and grace of your smile. Clinched around my arm, you have wholly become my style. The intoxicating...Read On


Angel Watching Over You


You are … Beside me … Curled up into a ball … Nestled against me Your shallow breathing … I am watching and feeling … The slow rise and fall of your chest … And hearing the soft sighs of contented slumber … It is so unlike the ragged, gasping breaths of last night’s ecstasy … When I was buried balls deep in you … Totally emptying myself … As my desire for you erupted and overflowed ...Read On


In love

I love you as the sun as it sinks into the ocean coloring the sky I love you like the moon as it bathes the world in its soft glow My love is like the volcano as it rains hot and all consuming My love is like the rain as it gently washing away the pain And leaving you feeling blissful when you touch me it all fades I become a child again lost in all its wonder ...Read On



A light-hearted poem from an ex-player

To put it into perspective, It seems my prime directive Is to be a little more selective When parking Percy in a hole. It's just he gets excited When by a filly he’s invited To be orally delighted, And rubbed onwards to his goal. But the way forward is monogamy, At the risk of my ignominy, And darling, just to let you see, That you will be the only one. So I will stop being...Read On


For My Missing Bestie

For Lushstories publication ONLY I miss you old friend, Lush best friend. Your crazy ways, Our moderator days, All caught up now in a haze. I know you can't come back, So I know you can't keep track, But just in case you look, Please note all that you took. Your happiness, Your smile, Your cheery disposition. I even wrote a poem, For my best friend, My missing limb, But I do hope...Read On


First Kiss

First kiss with a new lover

First Kiss Hunger… Heart thunders The soft perfect curves of your smile A lipstick paradise... In your eyes: want, need... surrender… I brush a hand softly across your cheek Coaxing you forward, gently, slowly… near Our lips touch, yet barely, tantalizingly… Pressure rising, building An electric fire burns in my soul with delicious heat Lips colliding,...Read On



Eternal love

Never to hear your voice again, Never to see your face. Never to know your touch, Or the taste of your lips on mine. Never to look into your eyes, Or feel your heart beat against mine when we dance. Never to turn in bed and find you there, Or know the depth of your wetness. Never to make you laugh, Or hear you cry for me. Never to share your thoughts, Or catch your scent...Read On


His eyes haunt me when I sleep

His eyes haunt me when I sleep, He has the most gorgeous eyes I have ever seen. I can imagine just looking at them all the time They are so green, shiny, hauntingly Devine. He just looks so serious that it drives me nuts, but when he smiles, it makes me want to melt. He is gorgeous, with a nice ass too, He has those green eyes with black hair I could run my fingers through. Oh...Read On


On My Knees

There is no better feeling…..

On my knees before you, I worship at the altar of your exquisite cock. Long, thick, pink perfection. Looking up into your eyes, My tongue travels the length of your shaft. Flicking over your swollen head, Tasting the sublime saltiness of your pearly droplets. Your fingers tangling in my hair. My scarlet nails tracing soft circles over your balls, As my glossy lips...Read On

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One Night of Grace

This poem only available on Lush Stories. If you are reading it elsewhere, it has been stolen. Hush and soothe this night away; Kiss the velvet skies to day; Hum a lullaby of peace And let my love for you increase. Smooth my cheek and rest awhile; Sing a heart song, sleepy smile. Hold me closer, kiss me soft; Sweetly hold my dreams aloft; Ease away the tautened worry; Send the nightmares...Read On


The Thick Girl

Some men like this type of girl.

Thicker then a milkshake Yeah she can make her booty quake They said she's busty Their eyes are lusty 42DDD Clothing size 18/20 Some people say she's fat But others think she's really thick There's nothing wrong with that She has the face of a model Body is kind of shaped like a bottle Short girl, 4'11 Long hair They want to rock her hips Like Led Zeppelin She has plump lips Kind of like...Read On


Open Your Eyes

Why you have open eyes for a bigger O. Dedicated to my Green eyed temptress..she knows.

Open your eyes ... To see the one who longs for you. Open your eyes … To catch the morning’s rays of love. Open your eyes … To see who reaches for you. Open your eyes … To let your soul’s light shine through. Open your eyes … That were sealed gently with a kiss. Open your eyes … To let me behold your dreams within. Open your eyes … To the passion you’ve created within me. Open...Read On



...Let yourself slip inside...

Hands reach for each others chest, fingers gently entwined. Hearts by gentle beats defined, soft palms, come together, to form a nest. Rise and fall with each and every breath, shallow and of peace bereft. In a heave of calmness, let yourself go, let comfort assume control. Feel my pulse within yours, feel my breath fill you, head to toe,. Converge in me and I converge in you. Linked...Read On


Just a Dream

The sun kisses the earth like you kiss me awake the surf covers the beach like you wrap me in a blanket the rose grows towards the sun as my love blooms more each day the night was dark for so long then you came and set the stars to shine down and light my path so I wouldn't stumble any more you placed the moon in the sky to bathe me in its soft light you...Read On



For publication on Lushstories ONLY You knew I was a switch, You switched my mind right on, On to the possibility that I could be your Domme. You asked me in sincerity, Sincere is not your style, Your style is to just play around and tofool with my mind. I gave consideration, Consideration to your query, Your query that was meant for me just like everybody. So when you then ignored me, As...Read On


Naughty Pet

Your knees are aching, your ass is raw, I could stop, but you're begging for more. You sweating, you're shaking and you want to cum, Yet you know full well that your wishes are numb. I am your Master, as you are My slave, Discipline is what's needed when you misbehave. A paddle, a crop or my open hand, It depends on the hourglass and, in it, the sand. I know what you like and...Read On


To Dream Again

A lover yearns and dreams of his girlfriend.

My darling... Distance separates us. Vast mass of land stands between you and I- But it seems the world forgets the raging desires only a man can feel. I mourn your absence With dedicated silence. I have no choice... You are not here. Only the reassurance of my right hand reminds me I am still human... And once spent... I drift. Mind and soul into you... I wake. Turn over and my...Read On


The Women I See

Everywhere I look Women all around Each perfect in their own way, They barely touch the ground. Sexy waitresses in black Ask "What can I do for you?" Now if I answered that I'd wind up black-and-blue. The cutie at the store Likes my jokes and hair Oh, the things I'd do to her And her perky derriere . Two Goth girls at Wal-Mart With green in one's short hair Oh, be still my beating heart...Read On


One Moment of Magic

Baby stars hang in garlands above our heads, Smudges of rainbow amongst the fir boughs That twinkle in dozy merriment. Like the passersby in the icy streets, They are oblivious to all but their own mirth. But we, we two, Beneath this scented tree, Cloying pine spliced with Spiky-cloved orange, Cinnamon sticks dancing with candy canes, Swathes of burnt sugar vapours From toasted marshmallows,...Read On

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Written By Poppet:For LushStories ONLY! Alone I’m alone and I yearn for you, I’m alone and I burn for you, I’m alone and I cry for you, I’m alone and I scream for you, I’m alone and I crave for you. When I’m alone I feel out of control, When I’m alone I feel lost in my own world, When I’m alone I can hear the screams, When I’m alone I can feel the pain, When I’m alone...Read On


Touch me, Take me...

Show me what it's like to live what I've only dreamed...

I loved you once, In the grassy fields of my dreams -  There, we touched, we tasted - we teased.  Flesh was against flesh, There were no inhibitions. That place was magical, Where the only words were moans, Where the only need was to love, to be loved.  Where the only desire was for more.  I can't go back there alone - I need you. I need your hands on my skin,  I need...Read On


The One in my Heart

It's you who I see, When I wake, When I cry, When I laugh. It's you who I love, When you cook, When you give, When you fight. It's you who I cherish, When you smile, When you sing, When you dance. I cherish you. I love you. I see you....Read On


Santa's Running Late

Santa's got more than one sack he wants to empty on Christmas Eve

I heard a noise on Christmas Eve, and wondered at the cause. I opened-up my bedroom door, but then I had to pause. My sister creeping silently, silently along. I followed her discreetly, knowing it was wrong. I followed close behind her, in case she needed help. But what I saw below me, made me want to yelp. Santa Claus was in our hall, drinking from our brandy. To make it worse –...Read On


only a shadow

anyone else will only be a shadow

just when I think I am finished, that I can move on, I hear you speak. once again I become a part of that pulsing river flowing warm and dark into itself. my heart longs for a rhythm that will never be again . and perhaps never was. . but dreams still call as I seek that kiss that will equally satisfy... that heart that knows mine and thinks it is full of...Read On