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Love Poems

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The Truth of Truth or Dare

What happens in Truth or Dare, STAYS in Truth or Dare

Everyone knows how to play Truth or Dare in real life, The guys dare the girls to kiss one another, The truths they can tell are lies by your eyes, But compared to my room, That's tame. If you should enter here tonight, I suggest you wear something bright, Maybe yellow, maybe green, Just make sure you can be seen. Truths delve deep, A secret you said you'd keep, Dares intense, Do a lapdance...Read On



you make me feel...

Passion: Any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling, as love or hate, Strong sexual desire, lust. The definition is clear, It is passion that I feel. The emotion is overwhelming, It's compelling within me. Powerfull beyond measure, Is the pleasure That you give me. Our souls are igniting Between us. The music we're creating Running through us. Our bodies collide, Rhythmicly...Read On



first time together,

The sunlight came crashing through the room, warming my body in places he had already consumed. With ripe anticipation, practiced eye, and deadly aim, he penetrated me, laying his claim. Heated flesh rose against heated flesh, in a whirlwind of smoldering desire. A thrashing wave of damp breathless wild abandonment. Passion’s slave. We ride the crest of ecstasy's...Read On


Spring Snuggle

Gazing skyward. Billowy clouds floating lazily by. Our blanket resting in a field of wildflowers. Purples, blues, yellows surround us in a blur. Bumble bees murmuring. Gossiping about our spring snuggle. The meadow breeze is just enough To cool the first warm April sunshine. You on your back. Eyes closed. Grinning. Nearly giggling with delight. Me on my side. Next to you always. Caressing...Read On


To Pretend?

To pretend? Don't think I can, The fallacies of a broken mind, Forbidden fruit, seen with hidden eyes, Courtesies behind the lies, It was not love, it wasn't kind. This marriage: it was all a sham. No mystery; nothing to find, Splinters of a broken life, Sinful thoughts from yesterday, Bear the facts, come what may. A bitter taste, I am his wife. The record book,...Read On


Pretty Lil Flower

Pretty little flower all swollen with desire Sweet nectar glistening upon your petals Stamen poised for penetration Stigma receptively awaits Pollination complete  Sublimation...Read On


Lost and Found

To be lost and looking for Him hurts like no other Longing to feel His leather around my wrists To be lost and praying for Him everyday Needing to feel His shackles around my ankles His strong hands molding the clay Someday hoping to find my way Will I feel His strength, His love? Like a lost lamb in the woods My love cold like the morning frost Waiting to feel the heat...Read On


A Limerick of Love

Open air sex with a toy, To indulge is a veritable joy. Rubbing and sucking together, Hidden amongst the thick heather, Something me and the missus enjoy!!...Read On


Let Me

A man wonders if he has found the One

Let me love you my darling, for I have to see, Whether these feelings are real or just fantasy. Whether, you are the one my body has craved, Or just another soul that needs to be saved. Are you the one? That elusive grail, or another cheap lover, who's destined to fail? Are you the one who will lead my heart on, To places where, the sun never shone? If you are not false,...Read On


Billy the Butcher

The World's Largest Sausage

From early on Billy knew he was different, He struggled to find pants that would fit. His cock was so huge, it was like a third leg, It dangled around his ankles a bit. College had been a nightmare, all the girls he had boinked! He'd not passed a single exam. So the family business he joined, donning an apron, Slicing pork chops, rump steaks and ham. A secret like that though stays a secret...Read On



final ending,

In my sorrow I do know, that today she will tell me no with her heart in tow,her love she will let go for reasons only she will know My head hung in woe, as her words deliver blows no shield could hold In my misery, my heart felt its shame as her truths rang I finally understood the depths of my pain for in her silent deceit I wept for me...Read On



A short look at the whole good guys vs bad boys debate.

Now gather ye round, All you men, young and old, For mine is a tale, You’ll seldom be told. Oh darling, I love you. Please promise you’re true, And I will spend all my life, Loving no-one but you. You have been told women, With their puppy dog eyes, Want treating like royals, But it’s all fucking lies. I’m a lady, who needs love, Needs intellect...Read On



My first poem on here, not very long but from my heart comments are appreciated

Whenever you get lonely, I want you to know that I'm right here,  thinking about you, caring about you,  in my arms you're safe,  all your fears,  all your yesterday's will wash away,  only hope will remain in the promise of my embrace,  you make me thank god for every mistake I ever made,  because each one led me down the path that brought me to you,  and when we come...Read On


Love Actually

Some thoughts about love.

After a great deal of thought I have come to a conclusion Love is sometimes reality And it is sometimes illusion. You have no idea As you share every thought That it is all confusion And can come to naught. Your heart is full Your soul is bared With every emotion And insecurity shared. You tremble at his mere approach You hold your lover near You melt into his arms He...Read On


Guardian Of The Gate

Positioned for maiden-head hearth...

Thunder Rocks immortal guards Standing sturdy/strong Stalwart seminal legacy Testudines guardian throngs Posing hard on seeds from stone Positioned for maiden head hearth Moltenous reservoir fountainheads Arterial spawning bed prongs Gratuitous sentinel sensing your need Spewing forth sea salt spray cures Copious legions "chiseled" and "cut" Pumping stalagmite type lures Reef-rock...Read On


What Should I Do

Why is it all so confusing? Can't some one please explain? My peace has turned to chaos, My life so turned around. My heart is aching and I don't know why. What shall I do with all my questions? Who would I even have to ask? Should I stay, or shall I leave? Please tell me what to do. Who could I ask, who can I believe? Why am I consumed with all these doubts? Am I cared for, I am...Read On


King Cobra

Going down on King Cobra rising...

Medusa charmer, snake merchant mistress  Of the infamous coiled trouser snake King Cobra,  Mystic high priestess of reptilian rapture,  Ye who experiences King Cobra lightning strikes, His searing syrup spit, seducer's labyrinth Mt. Hall pit,  Writhing, entangled, intertwined in heated passion,  Mesmerized trance dancing, tongue flicking snake licking,  Flesh slicking fang sinking, venom...Read On



pain of a past love.

Years roll by,and tears slide from your eyes for the past it revels always looking over your shoulder always doubting believing in the best of you you share joys and sorrows you share your heart tell your secrets too but never enough can you do every move the wrong one then you find the hidden truths and finely you understand what a fool you can become afraid to tell...Read On


Playing By Your Command

No matter how far apart two lovers may be, they can still enjoy one another.

Toys by my side Awaiting your command A ding lets me know you’re near I read your words instead of feeling your hand-- “Show me… The implements that will touch you Instead of me” “Show me… The delicious spread The offering of your arousal” “Show me… How you play alone Drift your fingers to the moist mound Spread the moisture to the domes Of peaked nipples abound” “Think of me…...Read On


A Lush Romance

A digital love affair.

I first met you, on a site called Lush, Your avatar catching my eye. I laughed when I saw your profile bio, And when I read your stories, exclaiming, "Oh my!" You seemed so funny, and sexy as well, I was so nervous, I almost bottled out. But I clicked on the friend request, waiting for you, Wondering if you were about. My heart jumped for joy, when I read your reply, You'd accepted and...Read On


The Lollipop Princesses

The Lollipop Princesses Lucy65, Cinner, Hornsnhalo, and TxPrincess bored on Lush. A box of Lollipops in the center of the Playroom. Princess sneaks one, Strawberries N Cream. What to do? Light bulb goes off!! Runs to Cinner, shoves it in and swirls it around. Pops it out and into Lucy’s mouth. A startled Lucy gets excited…….. Lucy casually walks to Horns. ...Read On



Dancing all night Sleeping all day All of the guys are a'looking my way swaying my hips a swerve and a dip I'll blow you kiss you dont wanna miss Baby I thrive in the night and dont wanna fight a twirl and a spin loving me's a win win Baby So follow me now I'm the best in the show I'll show you how I'm the best you'll ever know Baby Its morning now baby Im the best there's no maybe So...Read On


The Player

A player opens up.

Alone in the dark, I get to reminisce, About the girls that I used and the ones I just kissed, The notches too high, the hearts that I have torn, Without a care in the world I gave them my scorn. There should be a special pit of hell, for the man I have been, The way I treated them all was obscene. I fucked them, screwed them and broke all their hearts, Without a bit of...Read On


The One I Chose

Who does the Princess Want? The Prince or The Knight?

Prince Charming is not my lover, Not my Happily Ever After, Not my True Love, Not my Rescuer, Not my Everything, Not my Heir Producer, Not the one I choose. This Princess does not need a Prince. She wants to be rescued, A Hero to take me away, A Lover to unleash my passion, Arms to hold me safe, A Protector of my heart, A Rider to whisk me away, ...Read On



love is a cage

Affair brief his love like a thief my soul he stole my love he kept my heart he caged his love a prison the key he keeps like needle to a vein cold water to a hot day his love I await my heart he caged his hold complete my love he took my heart he stole the cage he made the bond he holds no escape my heart he caged...Read On


Only Words

I love how only words can transform the mind and emotions

Only Words II People say they are only words, nothing more, Author, Poet Yet, you capture my heart and transport my mind with those verbs and nouns you spew so freely, your adjectives painting the grandiose or sublime. To love-drenched beaches and torture-dungeons alike I readily go with you without fear, stranger. You lift my spirit one day and drown my soul the next, fill me...Read On

Audio version available

Hot What?

This poem only available on Lush Stories. If you are reading it elsewhere, it has been stolen. Once upon a time, There was a very shy lass. She wasn't very pretty, And she had a massive ass. "Ah me, oh my," the shy lass said, "I cannot talk to men! Perhaps an online dating site Will help me chat to them." And so, the shy lass sat right down, And she fired up her computer. "Let's see,"...Read On



Falling I am about to crash, and no one wants to catch me. They say they do, but then they go. They ask what wrong, but don’t listen. The path was together, now it’s apart. They asked “What do you want?” I told them. I asked “did you understand?” I was ignored. I want to play, they do not. I changed to be wanted, I was not. I listen, but don’t understand. ...Read On


One night with an angel

When morning comes, light breaks through the darkness, I feel you breathing against my chest, Wrapped tightly in my arms, I take in your scent, exhaling your sin, Every inhale brings forth a new memory, Flesh against flesh, your warm smooth skin sustains me, My fingers draw on your shoulder while you sleep, Etching passionate memories of the night past, My lips press to...Read On



Another quick love poem I've written up from some inspiration

I looked into your eyes for the first time and knew that this was fate. How could anybody love me despite my past?  How could any one person accept who I was?  You have truly inspired me to become who I must.  How could I ever pay you back for what you've done for me?  I'll start by kissing you every chance I get.  I'll offer a hug whenever you need it and even when you don't.  ...Read On