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Love Poems


Rose Petals on a Piano

Rose Petals on a Piano To love you is to play a piano adorned with rose petals, One must be gentle as the keys are depressed, Yet must command them well, The petals, Beautiful to behold, Gentle to brush lightly, Soft to touch. The beautiful music comes, From the touch of the pianist, The tone of the piano, To the ear of the listener, To their consciousness, Evermore. But...Read On


Is it real or is this a Princess’s Fairytale?

is this a Princess’s Fairytale?

Is it real or is this a Princess’s Fairytale? Is it real or is this a Princess’s Fairytale? It is real, I can feel it, Others can see it. Please explain this new thing. How can a love work across a wire? I can’t touch it, I can’t see it. The lines that have been crossed I tried to steer clear. When I got there, There was no line, My glasses were on, ...Read On


My Longing for You

I found my heart.

It is just past 6:00 A.M. I stretch and as you come into my mind, I smile.   Last night was so much more than I ever expected. We talked and shared and loved, Until the wee hours of the morning. Your arm comes around me from behind and nestles between my breasts. Gently, you pull me against you. I lean my head back and sigh. You are everything to me now. I cannot believe how right,...Read On



I need you, want you, crave you Your body, your soul, your control To devour, taste and subjugate you To worship, defile and debase you Ride me, fuck me, and own me Use me, tease me and exploit me Consume my worthlessness Destroy my desolation Annihilate me and raze my humanity Leave me void and empty Your cock flaccid and forlorn ...Read On


Dangerous Dan McGrew

With apologies to Robert W. Service who wrote The Shooting of Dan McGrew”.

A ribald poem -Dangerous Dan McGrew They were whooping it up At Yukon Halls A guy by the juke box Was scratching his rusty balls A man named Pete had his hand On the cunt of a girl named Sue Just inside the back door Sat Dangerous Dan McGrew And there on the floor Lay a flea-bitten whore The lady known as Lou From out of the night as black as a bitch ...Read On


A Pawn No More

“Every pawn is a potential queen.” ~James Mason

I will play the pawn  For others no more. Never again be used  To settle a score. Make a lover jealous Or fill a void. Valued only for how I can be employed. So easily manipulated, Sacrificial and weak. Passive accomplice To the havoc they wreak. Yet, somehow survived To cross the board. The endgame nears, I’ve earned my reward. Promoted to queen, Most powerful piece. ...Read On



Fooling yourself into falling in love

You tell yourself that you won't fall Your heart's been hurt enough. One more break could be the last, and you're not sure if you're that tough. But no matter how you watch your step You somehow manage still to fall. Sure, it starts out slow enough, But soon you're giving it your all. You deny your feelings to everyone, thinking that will make it true. Then you slowly start to...Read On


The true face of love

Once shared a lie becomes a cancer of the soul,  Sadly without truth… gives that cancer fuel to grow,  For the love we have, was formed upon the foundation of deceit,  Without truth… all we really had… was merely just bullshit. For I sense you are not who you say, but just prefer to hide,  Yet to the lass you say you love, you struggle to confide.  The truth is what you wanted,...Read On


Bare-Butt Buttocks Burning Bright

Spanking new version of a William Blake classic

Was her buttocks lewdly shown O'er a knee, her thong pulled down? They saw a gorgeous brace of buns. How smooth her shaven Venus Mons!   Her nether garment was slipped off Past her jeans which she did slough. Naked now from waist to toe Oh how her bare butt soon will glow.   In eagerness her hips do arch Waiting for the stinging touch.  For leather belt or open palm Her raging lust alone...Read On


A Little Love Note for You

There will be a time when The precious words will Not form from my lips But, I will still feel them. There will be a time when You will not see me But only feel me And all the love I have There will always be memories Every touch, the caress in the night And the laughs in the lifts But it will happen no more There will never be a moment I don't wish to be back in your arms You...Read On

Audio version available

Pounding The Pink Velvet Sausage Wallet

Audio by Daisy Shylass

This poem is only available on Lush Stories. If you are reading it elsewhere, it has been stolen. Her apple catchers hit the floor His whanger splitting seams A boff was on the cards tonight  For this box of assorted creams Her kitten noses hard and erect Quickly with one pull Kojak’s roll neck soon retracted On his hardened Kosher dill Fizzing at the bunghole Good god now she was...Read On


Raw reflection

From the taste of his lips…. to her soft sensual touch, Thoughts rush her head… of passion, so much. The spark in her heart and the glint of his eye, On the bed…skin to skin, naked they lie. Pent with desire, their love overflows, Kissing his neck ….his longing so grows, From his neck to his chest…. with her lips she does trace, His hands free to explore...Read On


How Can I Say I Love You

You are my everything

How can I say I love you Side by side Life passing by Lost in the imagination of the day How can I say I love you So wonderful So beautiful Eyes sparkling under the sun's ray You are my one You are my everything Today, tomorrow You make my spirit sing How can I say I love you Hands touching your skin Lips joining Lost in your embrace How can I say I love you Grasping you to me Licking...Read On


Wanty Pet

A conversation between a Mistress and her pet

Pet: I love you I want you I’m crazy about you Mistress: Such a wanty pet you are Pet: I am I want lots of you Want to know how wanty this pet is? Mistress: Yes pet Pet: I want to kiss you I want to run my hands all over you I want to caress you I want to play with your nipples I want to lick you I want to cuddle you I want to hold you I want to make you moan I want to undress you I want...Read On


You Sing To Me

awakening of a dormant heart

You Sing to Me Years have gone by and I lay dormant Dormant in a marriage without passion and desire A marriage made to feel like roommates One has the burning desire for more While the other is content in a dormant state He does not sing to me Time after time I try to awaken the passion that has been lost I wonder was there any passion from the start His touch does not...Read On


Winter Heart

This poem only available on Lush Stories . If you are reading it elsewhere, it has been stolen. The wild geese fly through the pearl grey skies, Winging their way on Winter's breath. Gulls cry and squawk in the mud Of the estuary's banks, Pecking and picking for decaying morsels they may find. The leaden tide rises, slow and heavy, Silent until fingering waves slide their fronds up the...Read On



I feel myself give in

I was never sure of what I thought of doing this. I was unsure, but at the same time I was taken by your words. We had away with one another that I hadn't felt in so long. You got to know me, Like me And even love me. I couldn't explain why you did the things you did. I was wrapped up in the thought of it. I tried to keep arms length but the more I thought I was fighting it the more...Read On


no more

sometimes there is an end

your hands caress and pull, showing me the power  of my feral desire for you. I beg you to fuck me,  to burn me alive, to melt my boundary walls,  to make me the thing you would choose. as your body enters mine and your mouth takes  all there is of me, I feel my life drain away to be replaced  by some unknown numbness. oh, the pump will continue to beat  and a...Read On


If I Lost You

If I should lose you, I don't know what I'd do, I'd cry for a while, Lose all my style. Those insecurities you have, I live to make you feel secure. Hop on a random plane, Go a little insane. I don't want to lose you, I think I'd feel quite blue. The things you hope and dream for, I live to make them come true for you. I'd miss your smile, Miss your voice, Miss the way you know me. ...Read On


Not Green Eggs or Ham

A naughty re-write of a well-known children's novel.

I am Pam. I am Pam, Pam I am. That Pam-I-am, That Pam-I-am! I really like  that Pam-I-am. Do you like, the taste of cum? I do not like the taste of cum, For me the taste, it is no fun. Would you like it in your mouth? I would not like it in my mouth, I would not like it further south. I do not like the taste of cum, For me the taste, it is no fun. Would you like it on...Read On


Finding the words

This is my first attempt at writing a poem, all feedback welcome.

I sit at a blank screen, my head full of dreams. Searching my mind, for the words I can’t find. How do I express this love that I feel? This passion, this urge, a temptation so real. You stir my emotions, making me feel so alive. This distance between us, our only divide.  Through time and through space, your words appear, lifting my spirits and making things clear. This view that I had,...Read On


Don't Tell Me You Love Me

Keeping things real.

Don’t tell me you love me. Don’t toy with my head. None of this is real. It’s all just pretend. We’ll never meet. We’ll never touch. We’ll never have more Than this long-distance lust. We’ll talk on the phone. I’ll giggle, you’ll laugh. But this kind of fun Is not meant to last. Let’s have our good time And enjoy what we do. Your needs will be met And mine will be too. You...Read On


My Peeping Tom Neighbour

He watches me in the bathroom, and I love it

I know that you furtively watch me as I bath That's why I never close the curtain, You like to see the warm water roll down the cheeks of my arth Of that I'm fairly certain, And as I lather my pert prime jobblers I know that you're pulling on your tiny nobbler, And I guess you think as I sponge down my sweet beaver "If I had a girl like that I'd surely never leave 'er". Keep pullin' it...Read On

A Song For Him

The song she sings belongs to him The voice she listens to as he writes The light that shines her darkest night One verse, a few words of his pen Sets her fire ablaze, without shame She lifts her dress, fingers roam, slide within Reading his thoughts, his desire for her She trembles, whimpers, letting go Back arched, legs open, fingers busy ...Read On


Invisible Lover

So close and yet so far...

Invisible lover, wow, fantastic, amazing again! Your words they excite, yet just type is to blame. Unknown, to weekly, now daily it seems, your messages all that's keeping me sane. I yearn for your touch, it's almost like pain. A kiss from those lips, my body please stain. You arouse as no other, over and over like rain. My romantic, passionate, ideal mate, desire for you never will wane!...Read On



This poem only available on Lush Stories. If you are reading it elsewhere, it has been stolen. You are in the hiss of the white glowing foam That quickly crawls its way Up the moonlit sand, Where tiny pinpricks of Neptune's stars Twinkle their way up the beach. You are in the roar of the waterfalls, Dancing and sparkling in the noonday sun, Cascading down from a silent beginning, Majestic...Read On


Your Love Nest of Desire

My desires can be found here in....

Your love nest of desire Is where I long to meet you With my heart My soul And where our spirits are combined. Your love nest of desire Is where I yearn To feel at home Communing with you in nature’s own natural way While literally being soaked with you. Your love nest of desire Is where I linger On its vestibule Awaiting your bid to enter And be welcomed with open arms. In...Read On


Vagina Sauce

Vagina sauce, vagina sauce, how I love vagina sauce It’s tangy and tasty and it looks oh so pretty When it is trickling from my happy pink kitty Vagina sauce, vagina sauce, how I adore vagina sauce I want vagina sauce, not your stinky old cocks Filling up my sweet and juicy little box Vagina sauce, vagina sauce, beautiful vagina sauce Fill up my bathtub and let me soak in it ...Read On


Dashing Dominic

My first love

He was my first love, his name was Dominic And he was blessed with a perfectly ginormous pulsating prick, But it remained one of this life's great pities That he never rubbed it off between my eager titties, Nor did he ever explore my warm interior Preferring instead that gentlemen entered his posterior, But for all my disappointment one thing must surely be said And that is that Dom...Read On


Saturday Night

Immaculate beauty, she stands before me. Her devilish smile strikingly contradicts the angelic, divine gorgeous skin it lies upon. Shining, almost emerald green eyes, which pierce through my turbulent heart, coaxing it calmly into utter tranquility. Entranced by her delightful design, lost in her elegant cheeks and graceful brow, every last inch of her enthralls me wholly. Wearing the...Read On