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Love Poems



your hands flow across my body resting as they reach my ribs. your breath kisses my collarbone then my neck.... I feel your face form a smile and I know you are here to worship. small, wet tattoos are drawn by the tip of your tongue as you make your way down down down. your cheeks brush my breasts softly, tenderly, and my heart moans. your fingers...Read On


The Softness of Goodnight

This poem only available on Lush Stories . If you are reading it elsewhere, it has been stolen. "Goodnight," she whispered. "Goodnight," he said softly, His voice drifting beyond The silence of the closed line, And hanging like soft smoke in the air Above her sleepy head. Sadly, She snuggled down into the duvet, The fragrant sweetness of his spoken incense Lulling her to sleep With...Read On



Another sleepless night with you on my mind.

I can't find my rhythm tonight, Sleep for an hour, then up again, Tired as all hell, But my body and brain Won't play nice with each other, One tugging me one way, The other... Maybe that is my rhythm. Up. Down. Up. Down. Fuck the rhythm! I'm hard too. Too early for morning wood, not at 1:30 a.m., And I just got up to take a leak, So it should be down. But it's up. Damn! Too damn tired...Read On


Nightmare Butt-Fuck Song

I loan the naughty version of the Nightmare song below to WIlliam S. Gilbert

When you're lying awake as your butt starts to ache And your sphincter's so sore that it makes you whine, You deserve a rebuke for shoving that cuke Way up there, where the sun can’t ever shine. If you'd used a small carrot your anus could bear it And that, I am sure, you now realize. But up your hole narrow you inserted a marrow Ora vegetable of some similar size. ...Read On


Frozen Dreams

This poem only available on Lush Stories . If you are reading it elsewhere, it has been stolen. This morning winter air sings with dreams of ice, The Snow Queen's discarded raiments festooned Upon the bulrushes that reach to the weak sun From the solid, leaden depths of Glassed-over water. The burrs are jewelled with frozen tears Of long-forgotten dreams once crushed, Still in deathly...Read On


For she is a pure cum slut

For she is an Englishmen's dream

Despite all of the evidence Like cream inside her underpants She remains technically pure She remains technically pure Of the sex act she is wary Though she’d long since lost her cherry And she does experiment. Yes, she does experiment. She may put naughty stuff up her twat Massive, phallic and often very hot. But never a man’s penis No, never a man’s penis She...Read On


Giving Thanks

I want to taste your piss To me, it’s as sweet as a kiss I want to taste your ass Though I know that others might pass I want to taste your cum I find it more intoxicating than rum But mostly I want to be your kitty You always make me feel so pretty When I’m running naked through the house Chasing after a pink fuzzy mouse My collar tags going jingle-jangle A ball of yarn...Read On


Fairy Lady Symphony

For my friend Rowena who inspired me

The wind whistled a mellow tune as red-gold hair danced in the spring air, a symphony of waves played into the winds bitter sweet melody. Fabric twisted and cracked in the air, as ghostly patterns of golden sunshine appeared. Her heart longed for her light, as the sky turned into swirls of orange and pink under a blue velvet blanket of stars. Pale stone pressing against soft pink flesh. ...Read On


Three little sluts who drool‏

Maiden Japan and laid in every port these three girls know how to cavort

Each girl described below is over the age of 16 TRIO – Cum-Cum , Peep-Hole , and Titties-Sing , with Chorus of Girls . The Three . Three little sluts who drool are we, Hungry for any cock we see To be full of cum, our fantasy, Three little sluts who drool! Cum-Cum . Every kink is a source of fun. ( Chuckle. ) Peep-Hole Naughty undies we’ll try on! ( Chuckle .) Titties-Sing...Read On



Time heals all wounds and opens up the door for new opportunities.

Oftentimes, I'm the most confident woman in the world, and I do not want more than what has already been gifted to me, you... Other times, I feel it must be too good to be true, I'm foolish to think it could be anything more than fantasy... Sometimes, you are so open with your feelings, I don't have to guess, no games, just you being you, its refreshing, yet scary. You've never given...Read On


Letterbox Moments

This poem only available on Lush Stories . If you are reading it elsewhere, it has been stolen. On the other side of the door, Just a letterbox away, I'm waiting for your smile to greet me warmly. This one, small space is all we have, A gap in reality Where our dreams can be planted, Where they grow and change, Where they flourish under the sun and the stars, Where our hearts can waltz...Read On


Opposites attractively

mood changes everything that's meant to be or not to be

  Sex has a nasty way Of getting in the way Of getting close To the one you love. Love has a gentle way Of having sex In many ways To the one you love. Put these two together Sex and Love, I mean. Souls bound by tether In love, not obscene. What is beautiful is why No matter who or whom Blending and unending Are Circles of...Read On


To you, from me

You came to me as a dream, Becoming my daydreams My every thought consumed by you, Bringing on explicit wet dreams  My heart overwhelmed by you, It burns with every longing love soaked beat Flooding my being with a fiery desire, Like a ring around my soul Your devoted passion holding me captive, Like an intoxicating drug An addiction that has ravaged me, One I need...Read On


Longing For You

A dreamer…

Special thanks to Navin who helped me to proof read this poem... I love you baby! I long to meet you… Will it be ecstasy? I long to see your smile… Will it melt my heart? I long to look into your eyes… Will they reveal the secrets your heart conceals? I long to kiss you… Will I feel a shiver and close my eyes and wish for more? I long to feel your arms around me… Will it...Read On


When I was all laid

Satirical take on HMS Pinafore's When I was a Lad

I was just sixteen when I began to learn How acting bad would make my bum burn. My mother and father never spared the rod. They thought beating me was ordained by God. But such punishment did not deliver me, And I became a slut, as anyone can see. From dirty words to naughty pranks My adventures earned me lots of spanks. But lying bare-bottom over daddy's knee ...Read On


a pale desperation

here I am, a pale desperation, when your passion prefers the dark and exotic, the scent of campfires and the sound of music that stirs your blood with whispers of more to come. here I am, a sweet longing... loved and cosseted but never quite enough to satisfy at any moment... all magnolias and jasmine and everyday china... no one truly special. here I am, a heartfelt murmur ...Read On



She's my religion

The rickety racket of crickets Scrapes against my head On a single-sheet summer night. A sheen of sweat on your shoulder. Tentative fingers draw an awed sigh As they reverently ride The sensuous scoop of your hips. A murmured stirring. Hush now, don’t wake. Don’t defile this holy moment....Read On


Naked New Moon

an ode to darkness' delight

I had a dream and took a dare To race 'neath moonless sky. I had to run one mile bare, With both hands held up high. New moon magic welled within But only dark light shed Upon my road or my bare skin My hands clasped 'oer my head T'was just a silly little game, A childish whim, that's all. Yet something raged I could not tame. I felt the dark moon's call. Madness came. I shed...Read On



Celine. Stare at the screen, Eyes are so green. Only a screen, Can they be seen. She'll always be, A mystery. If we ever met, Would it be to regret? Finger tip, holds down a key. A digital dream that's my Celine. Verse: Electro machine, Can it still mean, Something real, Though virtual. Verse: Willing to go, With this cyber falling. I can't...Read On



Hope you enjoy, short and sweet

I push you against the wall I feel your hands through my hair. All the things you bear. My heart, my soul, my demons and all. And here you stand Against my wall. I crave you I need you, through and through My body begs for you. I stand and look at you. Your eyes glaze over me like a snake You lean in and kiss me It feels like my legs will break. You glide your hands against my chest I bite...Read On


Sweetly, Tenderly Love Me!

A poem of longing.

 Sweetly, tenderly love me!  Throw thy strong arms around me,   Hug me in thy warm embrace,   Let me be your hidden key.  Softly, gently please love me!   Press your lips against my own,   Like spring seeds our love be sown,   Bud and grow delicately.  Desperately do love me!   Pull me roughly to a kiss,   Let your craving hands insist,   Roam my body eagerly.  Strongly, longingly love...Read On


The Fabric of Your Skin

This poem only available on Lush Stories . If you are reading it elsewhere, it has been stolen. Those tears stream down, Unseen in the the pouring rain. Salty, scalding rivulets That trace channels in Your lined face. Is it pain, Sadness, And suffering, Or bitterness, Fear, And anger That crumple the fabric of your skin In creases that surround your eyes? Do temptation and betrayal...Read On



It's the sad reality of many in this world

LOVE   What is love ? Love is just a meaningless word, Love is something people say without feeling, Love is the flagellation of the soul, Love is a knife that hurts the heart, Love is control over someone, Love is a feeling, worthless and empty, Love ...Read On


A polite man's wife is not a happy one

Second in a Gilbert Sullivan sexy, satirical, lewdly, lyrical farago. Ref> Pirates

When dealing with sexual frustration (frustration) Because wifely duties are not done. (are notdone) When the better half blames menstruation, (menstruation) A polite man knows what is to be done. (to be done.) A discrete man need not grow agitated (agitated) That his good wife is not a nasty one. (nasty one) Instead his cock should be insinuated ...Read On



Feelings leave little choice

Litomerice On the streets of ancient stone we wandered in the snow. Made love every day, our bodies seemed to know. The only choice to hold on tight. Not caring what's wrong or right. It's good to know and feel the pain. Expose yourself to love's domain. Orene is the one I love she's my Prague fantasy, An absinthe dream come true, a new reality. Its not a love...Read On


L'important c'est la rose

Men know what they want. Women know what 's important.

Soulmate got under my skin, Come now upon my flesh. For I would take you deep within Where lust and love enmesh. Soft, hot touch of skin on skin, The drum beats of my heart Speak of hotter life within I would to you impart. Petals' touch so velvet soft With stem stiff as a stick. Let my loins mount you aloft My sex engorge your prick. When the sweat begins to pour And waters...Read On


I See

When I felt invisible you saw

I see you every day, I see you every night. I see you when I feel joy, I see you when I feel fright. I see the way you look at me. I see the way you sigh. I see the way you look deep down, I let you see me cry. I see how much I care for you. I see how much I love. I see how much you make me shine, Like the wings of a dove. You saw me when you said hello You never said goodbye You saw me when...Read On


Not a Lie

My love for him is not a lie

There are so many things I could tell you If I were brave, Such as I’m not jealous Of all your friend girls, But then I would lie. I could tell you I’m Strong and brave And self-confident And you traveling to see Other friend girls (Or them traveling to see you) Doesn’t bother me, But then I would lie. I could tell you that The age difference Between us...Read On


Opera with a nice ring to it

Der Ring des Nibelungen What really happened in that final scene

Blessed bare on the enchanted summit. What lies there? Puss-puss or somewhat. How delightful is this glimmering sight! Breasts heaving in that armour tight. Siegfried is taken by amorous fits. The armour’s off; My God! What tits! “Mommy, Mommy. Looky, looky! Brünnhilde’s boobs and naked nookie!” ‘Das ist kein Mann’, Siegfried surmises As more than just the curtain rises. His hand trembles...Read On


My First Love

This is the story of my first love.

This is about my first love. She was a goddess, Sent from Heaven above. We were still in school. I was 18 she was 17 I loved her. Was I a fool. I was motivated by lust. She was short, But had a big bust. I was blind as was the case. We were together every day. All I wanted was to get to second base. She let me touch her breast each day. It kept my interest, I wasn’t going to...Read On