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Love Poems


Our First Time

At eighteen we were ready to have sex together.

I’ve got a secret. I’m embarrassed to say. I’m still a virgin, But that will end today. My girlfriend and I over coffee and pie, Decided it was time To give sex the old college try. My girlfriend and I were going steady. We had thought it over At eighteen we decided we were ready. We sat together full of fear and fright. We were making big plans, To lose it together on this...Read On


Sweet Lustful Desire

He tastes like candy and he looks like sex; He’s become totally attached to my hip by text. My toy, my vice, always on my mind; To not notice him, I’d have to be blind. His big strong body makes me feel so small; Such a cute boyish face, my stud muffin is a doll. I love showing him all the things he’s never done; Push him over the edge and leave him totally stunned. His smell and...Read On


One Hundred

What I crave in one hundred words.

I have this need To help others To please Some say I’m too eager But if I don’t I’ll bleed Out Onto the carpet Love spills over And over again pleading Let me out Let me be This eager whore To please Giving only to you Don’t you see? How anxious it makes me? I crave your direction Gain desire and want from you Why can’t you give it to me? Be the guiding hand on My quickly confused head...Read On


The one and only you

Self awareness leading to love.

I have spent all these years, Full of nothing but tears, Devoid of emotion, Intimacy,commotion. An island in time but the fault is all mine. My heart truly believed, but was always deceived, that there could be a one, my light and my sun. As the years fast did roll, I relinquished this goal. I had sex for its sake, but no ties would I make. Devoid of feeling. ...Read On


Like a Wind Screen

This just came to me, I dont know why or how.

Throughout my life I've never seen, A smile with pure curiosity, A might that played so willingly, A face of pure ingenuity, Hands of true generosity, Taste of raw animosity, Eyes that speak lustily, Faith and pure loyalty, Yes, I see, I'm only in a dream, A dream of integrity, Hopefully, One day you'll see, Maybe you'll love me, As I've loved thee. But oh, I...Read On

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I Wonder

Written By Poppet: For Lush Stories ONLY! When I’m with you, there is a smile on my face. When I’m with you, I know I’m safe. When I’m with you, I know I can simply be me. When I’m with you, nothing can touch me. When I’m with you, memories are made. I live, I breathe, I trust, I take, I give, I do, All that is you. I often wonder what my life would have been...Read On


For Dallas


Everyday I dream you're in my arms and dream you sample all my charms Then I wake and you're not there and I realize that life's not fair I want you, I need you that's all I know to sample your wonderful afterglow To know there are problems you'll have to choose But Dallas darling you really can't lose you do what you have to do even if are moments are far and few one thing...Read On


The Twelve Days of Sexmas

I think this is in F major?

On the first day of Christmas, my true love sent to me A sex swing for the pear tree. On the second day of Christmas, my true love sent to me Two dove gray blindfolds, And a sex swing for the pear tree. On the third day of Christmas, my true love sent to me Three French maid outfits, Two dove gray blindfolds, And a sex swing for the pear tree. On the fourth day...Read On


Regards to the Sincerity of the Nameless

For a time, there was nothing but joy with her.

Well, I've been waiting so long. For someone just like you to come along. I've been through so much wrong, trying futilely to remain so strong. I've been through so much wrong, waiting for someone like you to come along. As the Darkness, it comes over me Swept away, where No-one can see Dwelt in here, for I cannot breathe So I strived, so hard to get out As the Darkness, it entangles me...Read On


Licking One’s Handicaps---A Love Story in Rhyme

A man overcomes an inability to perform oral sex.

I knew a chap who was quite pissed about his bad cunnilingus when with his lovely blond-haired lass named Beth. For no matter how he tried when he was done poor Beth just sighed, “That didn’t do it, Horace!” in one breath. It mattered not his true comport or whether tongue went long or short the hoped for results simply never came. And as the years went drifting by the sighs did stop but...Read On


Me Marlowe, you Jane.

... and then she sashayed into my life

I want to be your ‘Bogey’ man Wry wisecracks and chiseled chin I want to be your ‘Bogey’ man Rye whiskey and boyish grin. I could be your private eye And you, Bacall in satin gown I could be your rugged guy From down the seedy end of town. Call me up in dead of night Say you can’t sleep, we have to talk You heard a noise, gave you a fright ...Read On

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The Way You Always

Missing You

The way I always felt your touch even before you touched me. The way I always felt your breath on my skin when you spoke to me. The way I craved your attention when you were busy. The way I longed for you when you were away. The way I felt safe when you touched me. The way I felt when you held me. The way I felt when you gave me your attention. The way I felt when you were all mine. You...Read On


When I ....

when I see a sunrise, many things go through my head a miracle, a moment, a snapshot it reminds me of my love blooming each day it also reminds me of the beauty God granted you and me when I see a sun set I realize like that moment in time I want to remember your face, your touch, your voice when I climb into bed I reach for you cause being held and loved by you ...Read On

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I'll Miss You

I thought I had to do it on my own But you showed me I wasn’t alone Day in and day out I could count on you without a doubt For months it was just you and me I always thought that we would be When times were tough You came through sure enough When every day seemed a trial Only you could make me smile You helped me greet the day And got me on my way Before I...Read On

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I Miss

I Miss You

I Miss I miss the way you touch me. I miss the way you look at me. I miss the way you speak to me. When I had you, the days floated by. Without a care in the world. I could be myself without fear. You kept me safe, like no one before. The way we made love all night. The way you felt deep inside me. You always had your way with me. I miss our time that we had. I miss our laughs. I miss...Read On

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the night is dark, the bed is warm but lonely. my fingers slide inside my panties to softly stroke. my thoughts are all of you... that quirky, solemn mouth, your words flowing over me like warmth and laughter, little touches of time and tenderness. what I want is to feel YOUR fingers serving my body in the same way mine slide up and down to tease my slit... whorls and ridges...Read On


On Losing a Lover

I was not expecting my first submission to be reaction to a recent experience.

We moved our fantasies to reality, Fulfilled our wildest dreams. Loved, laughed and loved again. A time filled with joy and delight. It was always just sex we said, We lived a life less ordinary. But too soon the phone call came, You decided to once again Become the man you were. I said all the right things But choked on the word goodbye. The tears flowed silently...Read On


Sigma Sorority Sisters Suck!

Ah, college days! Missed among the haze! A pledge her dues pay! It's only a teenage phase!

Anita followed a pledge plan Despite a sorority ban. Sigma sisters she thanked For getting her spanked Then leaving her nude in the can. But mischief was to befall To her in a toilet stall. On her next washroom trip Where she had to strip There were urinals on the wall. Her sisters made off with her clothes And quite the commotion arose When boys came in to piss They found...Read On


Dream Dare To Be Bare

nudity runs in my family

( an alternate version under a different moon madness ) Some years have now passed Since I first dreamt that scene: A little maiden running fast Clothing nowhere seen. Running naked in the dark Down an unknown road, In what started as a lark To pay dare-debts she owed. I dreamed I boldly took that dare To race 'neath night sky black. I must run two miles bare, My hands...Read On


My Secret

The words I dare not say ever hover on my lips longing to be set free. Simple words yet profound change everything once uttered never to be the same again. Do you know how I feel the words I fear to tell you the way they linger on my lips? Gathering courage and strength I open my mouth to speak take a breath and close my lips. Always faltering last minute never brave enough...Read On


Just Hold My Hand

Just Hold My Hand

Just hold my hand as we walk along Hand in hand as I sing our song I see your eyes and they see mine Oh how I love those special times Let’s walk along till time stands still And then we’ll climb the highest hill And tell the world of the Love and Joy that we share Just hold my hand as we walk along Hand in hand as I sing my song I see you smile and my sprits arise But...Read On


Jack(ing) and Jill(ing) up the Hill

The real story behjind that nursery rhyme

Jack and Jill each took a pill To make their sex lives better. Jack's pill was blue to help him screw Which made Jill's pussy wetter. The little pink pill taken by Jill Adjusted her bodily rhythm. She'd spread her legs but save no eggs, So she wouldn't have babies with him. Jack told Jill to get off the pill Because he wanted to sire. But a bun in the oven would mess up lovin', ...Read On



To be loved the way I love you - my first submission to Lush

Some days I wonder what it would be like. To feel mutual love, the way I feel for you. To have you want to love me and pleasure me, the way I pleasure you. To show me, through your touch, what I mean to you. To have hands travel through my hair, over my chest. To teasingly circle lower and lower, with the lightest of touch, causing the tiny hairs on my skin to stand on end... and waves...Read On



Written by StillUndecided - For display by Lushstories ONLY Things started quickly, We jumped in real fast, People thought me thick-ly, Said it wouldn't last... I refused to listen, Didn't want to let them in, Couldn't make their mission, To make me give in and sin... I thought if I tried my best, And obeyed Your every rule, I passed Your every test, We would make it through the Yule... ...Read On



i know the boundaries...

i must be very careful as we speak of daily things to hide myself in the contents of my words. I can never seek any deeper connection or ask for more than today. the boundaries are clear. as you bring passion to my wanton body and stroke my heart with your erect weapon, I must not need you. there is only desire here, heat for the moment, a most excellent fuck. ...Read On


Sneak Attack

Making my submissive lovers dream come true...

Turn the key, unlock the lock, quiet as a mouse; You in bed, sound asleep, as I sneak into your house. You gave me a key because you want it to be a total surprise; To wake you up from your deep sleep, climbing in between your thighs. Planting little sweet wet kisses from your knees up to your balls; You groan and rustle, then open your eyes to the prettiest sight of all. In the...Read On


For This I Was Meant

We shall never be apart

Once in a lifetime you find that you may Have entered the realm of beauty's caress Where dreams of tomorrow have happened today. The losing of one place won't be amiss, She offers a sharing, a path and a way, An entree, a welcoming hug and a kiss. This will be your future, your joy, your day Accepting what's given, with smiles, a wish That this will always be your...Read On


I Wish I Saw What You See

Not really a love poem... it's about a friend.

You tell me these things I don't understand They boggle my mind and make my soul smile To think that someone like you Would see someone like me And see what you say you see. You tell me I'm Cute... I see my own chubby cheeks My typically pale complexion... You say I'm Funny... I hear only my old desire to be truly accepted My own trepidation at letting others in You call me Kind... I only...Read On


Coffee Tremors

This poem only available on Lush Stories . If you are reading it elsewhere, it has been stolen. She waited by the doorway, Desperately afraid to look up In case he didn't come, Desperately afraid, in case he did. Every time men's shoes came walking close, Her heart leapt in her chest And a thrill of fear peppered through her stomach. Too scared to look at her watch, In case he arrived...Read On


Sometimes things are not as they seem...

There was something amiss. Her left hand was tingling. Oh no! Suddenly she began to panic, Her mind was racing. ~o~ Her heart! It must be her heart, Damn but it had been under a lot of stress lately. She had taken on too much. ~o~ She had opened it up and She had allowed herself to be vulnerable, To love, unconditionally, Good and bad. ~o~ As it turned out, the bad...Read On