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Love Poems


Ode to Beth

I want her and her Husband as Karren.

Ode to Her Oh my dearest, sweet, Beth Anne baby I just want to make you sexually happy I love the way you swing you ass Every time my room you do slowly pass The clothes you wear are beyond compare I can not help but to sit and stare As I watch you walk my cock does rise I wish my lips were between you thighs I want to pull down your panties and eat you cunt I...Read On


A Synergy of Desire

First meeting of couple with coinciding needs and desires.

You came to me needing, but not sure. And captured me, not with your lovely body and melting smile, but with the feeling you exuded of being the someone I had been needing for a long time. We talked. We connected, and finally, need overcoming reluctance, disclosed that controlled physical pain was an aphrodisiac we had each been indulging in our daydreams. The sharing poured forth;...Read On


She Is

I can't. I don't. I won't. Figure it out. I have no doubt. She is. What words. Can't describe. I try. I want. I need. To finally find. No peace of mind. She is. Still nothing. Words can describe. I search. I wander. I beg. For some phrase. All is a haze. She is. Everything. I can't describe. Higher than heaven. Stronger than expression. More descriptive than writing. I struggle...Read On


Dearest Silky One

Us guys and gals we love you so much, the nicknames we give you just makes us want to touch. Whether it be a nice juicy pussy even if its a little bit bushy. Of course we can simply call you cunt but only if we're feeling blunt Being British and going with fanny makes me think of some old granny. Calling you our squeeze box leaves me feeling like an arctic fox Masking you with the...Read On


Hidden Inside

You are a dichotomy of conflicting desires; Caused by an incident that left your mind mired. It makes me feel so very sorry for you; When it comes to intimacy you don’t have a clue. The two things you want will always oppose each other; You can’t marry that little girl and still have a gay lover. Closed off with a wall that won’t let anyone in; Hiding all of your secrets and...Read On



Now I begin to tell What happened after ringing Alice’s door bell Alice comes to me She said we’d just have some tea, But in her hand There is a whip Where’s the tea? Now, now After your punishment, We might have some tea Pardon me? In the first place We must have the tea! She says to me We met on a sex site, Didn’t we? Sex sites are not for romantic dates with tea I have no reason...Read On


Cam Slut

I give it all away, far too easily; I should make them work, to get a chance at me. When I am in the mood and he is looking so fine; Something snaps inside my head and I want his ass to be mine. A sweet personality quickly gets my attention; An exhibitionist teasing me with views I just can’t mention. That does the trick to throw me into a hot lust; Sexy men giving me what I want...Read On


For Eternity

Simply a love story.

Whenever the chickadee calls chickadee-dee-dee That is when I think of you, and feel the loss Again as I allow myself to understand the cross I bear from loving a woman who can't share My life, and bear my burdens and form a pair As the eternal intended in forming our we The two of us together to share and to be As two together, pressing on to eternally care, Together...Read On


I Long To Be With You

I long to be with you To see your sweet smile The sparkle in your eyes As I slip into your arms; I long to be with you To feel the warmth of your skin As it touches mine  When you enfold me in an embrace; I long to be with you To inhale your sweet breath To feel the softness of your lips  As I delight in your tender kiss; I long to be with you To feel our heartbeats Making...Read On


First Time

Forbidden love

Seasons and reasons long passed, but very special gifts still yearn to be given, passing hidden and private, in secret between you and I. At last, Alone, draped in smoothest satin and softest of silk, yearning to cover your body so beautiful and sexual. A gown so light and so sheer, waiting for that most sensual moment, when it can cascade around you and caress...Read On


This Morning

This Morning he was mine

This Morning he was all mine Hard and throbbing His body against mine This morning we were naked In a bed that shone He was inside me Hid hand holding mine He fucked me and loved me and kissed me he made me come and almost drove me insane This morning I licked him and sucked him and he ate me up This morning he was my very reason to wake up...Read On

Audio version available

Hurt Words

If he were to know what would he say...

I thought of you today. First time in a while, I’m sorry to say But I finally thought today I looked for you And found you had gone No words, nothing. It was silly to expect more. But I still find myself Thinking of our chats And 'that' But also the hurt. I find myself wishing, Praying almost That less words had been said... That I had hidden some things...Read On


Ode to Terry

Working with her was really tough, she was married and so was I.

Terry, Terry, Oh My sweet Terry, In your pussy so warm and furry, It’s my face I’d like to bury, My God I’m in such a hurry, But darling please do not fret, I’ll always get you good and wet, I’ll lick you slow and very gentle, I’d love to put you on my mantel, Your luscious thighs would be my table, Your pussy will be my diet staple, My tongue would softly...Read On


Never Me

Fantasy fail..

If I could change anything, I would. There was always someone else, I understood. It wasn’t that we were so bad, We were good. You just didn’t want me, Never could. The heart has many chambers, Where truth can hide. We laughed and loved and fought, Then cried. Whispers once meant to draw us close, Became silence and died. Until my mere presence near, You...Read On


Love Thy Master

He tells me I'm his...and always will be.

Your kisses are so intoxicating. The way you hold me tightly embracing, chasing away the darkness that is unseen; I wish I could have your light always with me. Laying there in your strong arms, pressing your sex against the small of my back, you begin whispering quietly in my ear. Your Mine and always will be, Give into the control and let it be. His breath is hot and tickles my neck....Read On

And should we dare to take the leap?

And should we dare to take the leap? Shall we go then you and I Beneath the dark embittered sky, Embracing dear the tempest cruel; Proud upright Lear and timid Fool; Mere stardust flung to shiver here Captured on this celestial sphere; Destiny but a weighted die, Sanded time; grains slow trickling by? Eyes twinkling at delicious sin Mischievous mouth a wetted grin. There...Read On


Your Eyes

When I look into your eyes Which I have done a thousand times My heart starts to beat faster Just like a roaring thunder in my ear. The eyes that seems to be beguiling The smiles which are very charming Seems to draw me ever closer Like nothing else seems to matter. As I slip into your welcoming arms A prisoner of your tender charms Strong emotions surged with pure bliss When...Read On


Scent-ual Desires

I look at you All glowing and beautiful And thank God you are my lover.

Scents of her linger In the air Long after she leaves. The sweet smell Of her presence Fades in the breeze, Like the sunset Floating over the ocean Giving way to the night, She silently drifts away Slowly until There’s nothing but moonlight. But when the door opens And my head turns, She’s standing there, With open arms To hold me close In our love affair. Our bodies suddenly...Read On


What I Tell You In The Darkness

Sometimes pillow talk is just pillow talk, and sometimes it's not.

What I tell you in the darkness…  That which starts in syllables  Whispers and cries  A combination of agony and ecstasy  Dream and reality When my body is wrapped around yours  Every inch of me sensitive to the feel of you  Skin on skin  The inner me open and bare  My nectar escaping  With an ever flow of satisfaction you have erupted  When the source of my glow is you  And the hum of our...Read On


I met You

The lips I can't resist

I met you when I didn't care anymore I spent many days alone And one day you came along I liked you so much I made a mess of things I couldn't say words I could only stare into space Your eyes were different Than others that had seen my face And I wanted to hold you and kiss your face I didn't want to let you go I met you and I just want you to know I wish you...Read On


Falling In Love

Falling in love is so beautiful Especially with a wonderful soul Indeed, love makes the world go round And even heal the deepest wound. Our love is not bound by age, race or gender And distance does not really matter It’s how we feel for each other That makes it become a wonder. Love is not to be suppressed It has to be sincerely expressed Trepidations and reluctance Will...Read On


The First Time!

A long poem about a first time sexual and sensual experience with a woman

The First Time.... It was an extra step in my heartbeat, the moment I first saw you And when we found ourselves, alone, in that bedroom for the first time You took control of me, allowing my hands to roam across your skin so soft Caressing that shapely figure, as our lips touched upon one another Inside, desires built of me wanting to rip off your clothes and fuck you deep and hard But,...Read On


Elevate Her

Deviator In the elevator Instigate, aggravate Frustrate her Blue eyed Strapping delegator Waist band, white bits Manipulate her Take her, infiltrate Illuminate her Elevate, copulate, Stimulate her Down two floors Lubricator She's on all fours Accelerate her Take her wrists Penetrator Spank her ass Dominate her Restrain her Fucking captivate her ...Read On


An Aussie Kiss

A French one down there

Aussie can you hear me down there Dream of your pussy devoid of hair My message mentioned reverse numbers Better than using cheap cucumbers A Sixty nine you'll know is fun For you and me, for everyone An Aussie kiss Id love to try My tongue I know will make you cry While licking sucking your hardening clit My tongue my teeth licking biting it Your juices running I intend to cum My nose...Read On

Audio version available

Have You Ever 2

this was based on a suggestion from a friend

HaveYou Ever... Have you ever wanted to hold my hand? Have you ever Wanted to hold me tight? Have you ever wanted to hold me and never let me go? Have you ever looked at the stars and thought of me? Have you ever wanted to make love to me in the rain? Have you ever wanted to run your hands through my hair? Have you ever wanted to kiss me deeply? ...Read On


Making her Cum

I’m going to help You whisper in my ear I’ll help you cum Just be open to the idea I gulp loudly Take a deep breath and nod Open your legs Spread that pussy wide A cool liquid pours over my aching clit My breath shudders out At your look of intent That’s it my Diva You say with a smile Rub that clit How does it feel now I groan out loud With...Read On


Chasing The Starlight

I was like chasing the starlight Looking for the love that is right I’ve fallen in love not once but thrice Somehow it brought tears to my eyes Scarred and scared to open up the door But falling in love is what I am looking for I cherish the feel of being loved Make my heart soar like a dove Simple acts of thoughtfulness Words laced with sweetness Coupled with sensuality...Read On


He Wants Me?

Can this be real? Are the feeling true?

We meet and chatted I was looking to score You turned the tables In a quest for more Confused and unhinged I followed along Wanting to redirect Longing for my comfort zone The conversation continued With fantasies of hope We talk about futures The thought to elope I always wanted to wait To make sure it’ll last. But the thought of Your penis Of...Read On

Mystifying Rhythm

A Sensual Tempo

Lips reaching, seeking, finding truly touching Fingers entwined, legs wrapped tight pulling closer Breasts firm full of want, of need to have those Hands trace his name, his scent, his desire Stamping his print deeply on her skin Finding that special spot that makes her scream Running the length of her smooth untainted canvas With hot lust pouring from the sound Of his voice as she...Read On


Words in Time

Today I giggle as we lean against the pillows reading a story from that ancient book we found. Such funny language. Such silly sentiments. Your arm is wrapped around me, one hand resting at my waist, the other holding the book. I turn the pages of this well-loved, ragged tome. In every moment our hearts call to one another through words in time. The letters...Read On