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Love Poems


While I Steal A kiss

Oh! What mortals you and I  With poetic elocution  Before the fat lady sings As she warbles off key  On a symphony's love song Breathing scent of flowers And wild weeds at lusty hours  Feeling warmth of your breasts While dancing on panes of grass  Like a weathering spring Beneath showers of a mist  On paths of new mown While I steal a kiss Before the fat lady sings As she warbles off...Read On


'Neath Our Wings

With God's shadow 'neath our wings In oceans of new moan grass Raining down a gilded glow  Sharing wedding bells quell While caroling a marigold sing Whispering songs and compose In waves of caressing meadows  On a carpet of romantic clover As the morning tides swell  On this day our bands of gold  And gilded vows of prose As bobbin of life's thread begins  With God's shadow 'neath...Read On


Lust often begins with a bust

Lust Often begins with a bust And lust Often ends with a thrust And inbetween Lust is a means To keep us in focus. Lust may begin with the flash of a thigh And other times with the wink of an eye. Your chest heaves and your breath leaves Your body and you wonder why. Lust often begins with a naked breast And stakes claims to what happens next. I am in love with feeling of lust As my body...Read On



We all have wishes.

I wish I was perfect. I wish I was the one. I wish I could lie in your arms under the setting sun. I wish you were mine, that would be sublime. I wish you where here to pull me near. I wish it was your voice I could hear. I wish it was forever. I wish I felt joy. I wish I could hold your hand. I wish I could hold you tight. I wish it was you, I wish it was me. I wish I...Read On

Recommended Read

Our Secret Garden

The beauty and passion of the garden

The evening breeze, wafting over orange blossom Mixed with the aroma of blackcurrant leaves The birds and the bees, in midst of garden’s bosom A gift for you, a spray of freshly-cut sweet peas The thyme and the rosemary, oregano and tarragon A herbarium of love, a sweetly scented verse Words crafted for you, my lovely paragon Written ere the day ends, and sealed in a purse Give me...Read On


Cyber Love or Cyber Games

Is it love or just a game.

Words that you write To your keyboard lover Could it be a tad trite When you're together Love found on a screen Best to keep as a fantasy Keep it to a particular scene You must keep your sanity Do you share your life To make it seem real Life of a real wife Maybe best to conceal If in pain should you share Should you just stay in the moment Do you think the other really cares Do you...Read On


She Loved Undersized Men

Praise for the tradesmen

She loved under-sized men, For her it was a yen. To find a small man Was always the plan She did it again and again.   The smaller the better, Without a French letter, She rode them til dawn, Their manliness gone, She felt ever the better.   She loved the smaller size And often closed her eyes As she took them all in (Balls to her chin), And delivered an oral surprise.   What was it...Read On


Poetic Fancy

With a will of my quill I spun  A dream from the dusk just past As your breasts soothe my flesh I dreamt a lyrical tune... Antebellum Lea Of poetic fancy and delightful tea As she smiled with blushing cheeks Kissing my chest on the plains of my heart As her fingers caressed my penis... Antebellum Lea Beneath a wash of the morning dawn With golden rings we will wed As...Read On


She doesn't know how to save me

She doesn’t know how to save me And I am so afraid That my delusional iniquity Has wages that can’t be paid. The wages of sin are death I’m told But I fear that I won’t die. For my sin as I grow old Is wrapping my truth around a lie. I said that I was faithful , When in truth I was not. I was faithful to myself; It was my wife that I forgot. Now it’s a dilemma Surpassing all decent bounds....Read On


Unwanted love

Realization Strikes Hard

Poems written and hopefully sent, Never get a reply. Invitations for romantic events Are almost always denied. When invitations are not denied They are oft put off…deferred. “I’m not ready” is what I hear “Too soon” are oft your words. With patience I wait and wonder why My advances are not accepted. Is there something about my approach Or am I being tested? Are you repulsed and find...Read On


"Liking" Mathilda

I “like” this profiled you, Matilda Bright, and so Your cat, your hat, hairdo; I “like” your “XOO,” Although not meant for me. Your snapshots at Loch Ness, Your grin and perky breasts: I “like” your happiness. I “like” McMurray’s bar, Where three babes with you smile. I “like” the who you are Off Facebook for a while. I “like” you make a stew, And click “That mother made.” I...Read On


I Just Want To Kiss Your Pussy Every Saturday Night

It is all I ever wanted. Please don’t make it complicated. It is all I ever wanted. No reason to be so irritated. It is not a good enough reason for you to start a fight I just want to kiss your pussy every Saturday night. It’s true we have a sexless marriage going on forty years, You don’t want me sexually and I have cried all my tears, You say that penetration no longer brings delight But...Read On


Petals In The Wind

As the pendulum of the metronome 'tocked At my humble writing desk Devilishly aroused, with an instigator's brush With the rhythm of the ticking clock Bewitched by a musing's kiss With a serpentine's wish And sensuality well defined You caress the evergreens of my mind Like potpourri and a wafting aria  Your touch, warming my blush As a shadow in the dark Melting my tallow As the ink...Read On


I Love Norah O'Donnell

Confession is good for the soul

My breath was conquered by her beauty; my mind was numbed by her face, My heart stolen by the blue of her eyes, my soul manacled by her grace. If the Irish saved civilization, St Patrick is responsible for her birth, She is heir to all that is good since the Irish arrived on Earth. Her laughter is like crystal; her eyes the bluest I’ve seen. She reigns as a goddess, a deity within my dreams....Read On


You, at Evening

A beauty comes to me at evening. A partial sun bestows anew Its purple salve of shadowing. Determined birds now dart to do Last things. A softer light is ebbing Along the corn’s last upright row To dusk, where gravest crows are winging. We see that this day, too, must go. It’s now I wish that you were coming, Feet bare upon the still-warm grass, Hips swaying with our long day’s wanting, So...Read On


Shake My Willows

The effervescence of you In the quiver of my mind Beneath a copse of trees, Down a path, a distance dream And a scent of love,  As you dance pantomime Like lilacs on satin sheets, Your smile adorns my memory Of drifting forest leaves, And the whispering night breeze  Shaking the willows  As my muse sleeps  On the midnight clover Next to my chest Embracing my telltale heart...Read On


Looking For Love

Looking for your soul mate

Everybody searches for love But it's not so easily found A soul mate is arranged up above You just need to look all around Is it somebody you haven't met Or is it somebody that you know Maybe it's somebody you'd rather forget Is it that person on the photo Will you meet on a website Or just at maybe a bar The connection needs to feel right Maybe you'll meet at a seminar One things for...Read On


Helene of Troy

In praise of Helen of Troy

Helen of Troy  Spartan Queen Hair of Spun Gold I will always love you Your sensual beauty will never grow old Skin the colour of warm honey Soft and velvet touch I cry for you Wish I had been able to have given you love Woman to woman They say your face launched a Thousand ships Is that true? I only know my heart bleeds for you Queen of Sparta ...Read On

Recommended Read

A Tempest Of Lust

I proffered my body, and gave you my heart

Your love was warm, like deep summer time, Passion personified, could your body be mine? You stood there and watched, beckoning me, To make love to you, to set my cravings free. You saw my thirst, and offered the ocean blue, Took all I could give, the moon, the stars, even the sunset too, You measured my lust, by how deep I would fall, And judged my need, by how low I was willing...Read On


As long as my heart beats

You don’t know how much I love you and I think about you and me I would give up anything but you baby You don’t know how much I’ve been waiting for you but I met you and do you know? I don’t regret it, I never did, never will You have me all now And the time will never delete you I wouldn’t change you, you’re my world As long as my heart beats I gave you my soul And I still want...Read On


Still Reaching for You

(To C.A.P.)

To meet you once again on streets we knew, Where I would wait for you, And smile to watch you come, how you’d run, too… But never reach my arms. To hear, again, your step on every stair, Know you knew I’d be there, The only place our bodies could be bare… But never reach my arms. To stand within the doorway as you came, To see you, say your name, Believe our love must always be...Read On


I Will Always Love You

Better later than never...

We became instant friends I guess way back in Elementary School You were my protector and knight and I thought you were so cool Then High School came and we both joined the dating scene You were supportive of my choices and never said anything mean You were my go-to-guy, my confidant and real pal Never once though did you ever ask me to be your gal You were with me through break-ups and...Read On



Holding mysef erect while her ghostly effect becomes my mirage.

She comes and goes like some vaporous waves, Some shimmering ghostly apparitions, Undulating on the horizon, Lilting in and out of my life's journey. Is she real or just some blurry banshee mirage, Kissing my senses for but a moment in time, Here then gone, a budding perfumed scent On the air, filling me with a promise to ease My ache and want for sweetness only. Where does she hide,...Read On

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Riders In The Sky

Its either do or die When all is said, And poetically spoken  About tokens of halos. Threading the needle of life  Into the storm of the eye,  On the plains of yens, Only angels can fly. Stirring desires of fires,  On flatlands of sins, Like cyclonic winds Grabbing reins to my heart. As if riders in the sky, Thunder saddles up, When all is said, Only angels can fly....Read On


Come Back To Me

Just a silly love song

When you are tired Or just feeling empty When you've had enough Come back to me. When the disco's over And your eyes can see You are all alone Come back to me. When nothing makes sense And the world becomes mean I am here with open arms Come back to me. If ever you're afraid That there is no such we Wait just a minute longer Come back to me Quiet the noises Slow your heartbeat Move a...Read On


Lost Forever

What if your soulmate was never born? Not a political statement, but in the dead of night, I wonder.

I miss you in the dead of night the soulmate that I'll never know I miss you in the morning light the love that I can never show I've waited and I've stopped to look a secret, an unfinished book a whisper in somebody's ear the thought, the overwhelming fear what could have happened,  why did you go? someday I would have loved you so If I could, I'd make you warm, and simply hold your hand...Read On


At Van Wickle Gates: Class of 1966 Brown Reunion

At Van Wickle Gate 50 years later...

I see through wrinkles, wrinkly smile, and eyes Changed without changing their steady beauty— As changing changes beauty of the skies— A girl, books pressed to breasts, who walks with me, Her glance a brief, shy invitation, brave, Inviting some small courage to agree My hope had quickened for pleasure she gave; But fear as ever had its way with me. Tell me if fifty years ago, plus one,...Read On


Merely to Cherish

Is one allowed merely to cherish, Or must one also offer their love. Do the two walk hand in hand As we did once in better times. So simple yet complex When we plumb the depths Of definite devotion. And there was a deep devotion For me. At least, for me. I still cherish the thoughts, The memories Of time spent Touching  Together and across The void. Still cherish. Would it ever...Read On


...of Marigolds

The woods unfold with meadows, and brooks, bound by gardens of marigolds. With a basket of sonnets, and a faraway moon, we play amongst the shadows. In copse of trees, needles dance, on the rind of a knotty pine,  as rust turns to dusk. As a halo of light,  and a banner of rays swoon down,  a glowing night of soon be. On a whisk of wisp, sensual bliss, with a smile, we kiss,...Read On

Shattered Truth

Broken hearts heal slowly...

Deliver me This package broken shattered by false illusion a sledgehammer of deception. Mistrust leaving scars created on loves jagged edges. Emotional cuts so deep can't be medicated or,  covered with your tepid bandage of false covenants. Living in fear of yesterday's choice's, mind blocked in a  mental prison sentence. No trust without forgiveness no pardon without purge. We do our...Read On