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Love Poems


A Kindred Spirit

They meet by happy chance, as life confers, And promptly comprehend deep certainty.  Fate's singular congruency occurs,  And both are gladdened by sweet destiny. Time passes as they open up their hearts, Send interlocking dreams and hopes to share. It matters not how separate their parts, All words and actions prove how much they care. It's understood that life is but a quest, Creating hope...Read On


The Valley Note Revisited

A continuation of a recent one

Someone asked me to tell the rest of this story, I can only give away the segments that remain. Some were scribbled over too many times with bleeding ink, some may have been burned without me one autumn evening. I know that some of them flew off into the night as I drove away, away to my small apartment while you stayed in the same house, hidden among the valley and pines. You're the...Read On


Forever In My Heart

Wherever I go you are there with me. Love notes tied with a ribbon and Old Spice cologne in the air, Songs like Embraceable You We would dance to all the time. Me making breakfast and You telling me you loved me. Holding each other tight as We watched old movies together. I lie in bed trying to sleep and still Hearing you whisper to me it’s alright. Your clothes are still in...Read On


The Fury Under My Skin

The chasm in her heart

A river of wretchedness will eternally choke the haunting chasm you chiselled in my heart. You wore me down then, tore me down to the thinnest layer of my flesh. The fury under my skin can never be unleashed by anyone but you.  You made it.  You earned it. Why did you torment me? Tempt me with  your sweet love.  Your faux love.  You mistook need for love. I loved you too much and I...Read On


Eternal is Love

It is wonderful to hear both melodies in sync.

It is madness. Feelings of passion, longing in your absence Dreams of you while still awake. The clouds may cover the sun forever; the sea may be drained instantly; the earths axis may un-align; yes all of that can happen. Death can cover me with its funeral robes, and even then the flames of this passion will go on. Yes it can happen! It is unwavering and real and with this...Read On



the bonfire within...

surfacing at random times are these intense flames of mine fleeting engulfing churning keeping me guessing, or perhaps learning. this spark often glows bright like a single star at night shining flickering beaming guiding me to my higher being. sometimes it can be dull a gloomy sensation that lulls daunting smouldering nagging magnifying all that is taxing. harnessing the power of an...Read On

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Trembling Bellows

...tears and rending vellum

Conceived by unwed winds And seducing eyes, The lantern hides your clever disguise. Bow silently my cello With mournful mellow trembling bellows And kiss my knobbing. Raising your thighs At dusk tides pendulum, Wending through tears and rending vellum For in webs behind my station My fantasies are rationed, Obsession with a ghost I fair. Like a tempest with a feather, Her...Read On



You don't really listen to the things I say. When I try to talk you seem so far away. And the clouds outside are dark and grey... I'll be better on Wednesday. I know you are troubled and I know it hurts, But sat here wearing one of your old shirts... I stupidly dream of our yesterday. But I'll be better on Wednesday. And I know things turn to shit! And it will...Read On



The days are getting shorter, Darkness slowly taking over. The chill of the air a reminder Winter is nearing. Curling up small She remembers the sensation Of his warm skin Pressed against hers. How his fingertips feel Tracing across her body, Caressing and slowly exploring Every part of her. She aches, Longing to be with him, But tonight she is alone, No protective arms...Read On


Closed Door

What remains when things are unsaid.

Words that are spoken when nothing is said The sounds that we hear, we should have listened instead A deafening silence has become our cocoon On this road that we’ve traveled we arrived way too soon A need ever-present now certainly lost In life’s forward motion had we measured the cost So we go day to day passing each other by Never taking a moment to even ask why In this time of...Read On



Hidden from others view Secrets sweetly sublime Visions shining brightly Glowing within his heart No one knew about her Filling a yearning ache Tinging his lacking life Subtly filling his needs  Still recalling her voice Never forgetting the tone Joyous ways they enmeshed Thinking thoughts so alike Smiling as they grew close With every passing day Finding more to be loved Sharing all that...Read On


It Was Always You

So I hid my love away Like mail that arrives in far flung lands No return address....Neither lost not found I felt more love for you than was ever shown And you held on with hope, waiting, Only one day to let go. As you walked away I waited for you to look back Then I worried that I'd blown my only chance. You moved along to that bleach blonde girl Simple, not so complicated...Read On



There is no where she would rather be Than in His arms, His warmth not just heating her body, But her heart, her very being, As it sinks into her, Creating a place she feels safe, Somewhere she can just be, Putting aside everything else. Curled up in His embrace, Her mind goes still, Stress and worry drift away. He is her shelter, All those things seeming too hard to handle ...Read On


Puzzle Girl

She's a puzzle girl with short grey hair, soft as a feather Don't try to understand her, she'll just quote you the weather Play with her mind and you might get a glimpse of her long legs Play with her heart and she'll throw you away like yesterday's rotten eggs Her pieces are mismatched and some have sharp edges and sides She looks for that missing piece to smooth out things and slow down...Read On



Apart but not separate

I see you across the canyon, Unable to hold you tight. I can't help with your distress, Try as though I might. Feeling your hurt inside me, I reach out with my mind. Trying to make you hear me. Thoughts of ours in kind. I love you more than words, And how I hold you dear. It's only the distance between us. Soon I will be near. I know today's a rough one, Your struggle obvious, I yearn to...Read On


The Duet

A song written by two

The keys and strings beckon Sit beside me and play We’ll compose a melodic embrace That will convince you to stay Hands on black and white keys Fingers wandering strings A haunting melody ensues That our hearts softly sing Soon notes become breath Rise in measure and time In a rhythm that builds And ties your heart to mine Pitching, bending and reaching Ever climbing the scale ...Read On


King For A Day

A royal conquest fuels a desire for battlefield survival

Secreted elixir, Chamberlains’ lust, Primal rhythms pilot his thrust, Masculine Eros, royal driblet, Measured commander, penning couplet. Leaving the fields of the slain uncollected, Gaining on she, this ripe queen unprotected, Scheming for days, his desire effected, She waits in her chamber for love intersected. She of patrician, he of high state, Her ravenous beauty she uses as bait,...Read On

Recommended Read


I see you now most days. I watch you from afar... I don't mean to sound like a stalker 'cos I'm not. There's a baby-seat in the back of the car you drive, Though I really only noticed that by chance... I'm guessin' you're not really up for romance. Coffee with milk, no sugar. I drink it that way myself. You keep your dark hair up in a clip, Today it had a blue enameled flower on it....Read On


Gift Of Om

The fissures of my prose not last, Like cracks of glass my darken past And when dusk lay dust at my pillow, I scribe of my ebony-green eyes. With musing wick of my quill stick As the tallow drips, Surrounded by the lit halo As a shadow to a mime's kiss. Shedding light of my romance, My verses trumpet seduction As the moth's wings flutter, Upon my chest bearing crystal. ...Read On


My Body

My skin is soft and smells of lavender and vanilla, My eyes are the color of the deep blue sea, My lips taste of sun-ripe peaches directly from the tree. My smile curves with the blink of an eye, My breasts are plump and no longer defy gravity, My pale pink nipples loved to be touched. My tummy longs for the feel of a calloused hand, My hips are curvy, and you need both hands to hold me....Read On


Heart song

In tender hands He holds her heart, Knowing how fragile it is, How easily he could crush it, Destroy her. Stitched together, Scarred, It still beats a steady rhythm, Put back together After being badly broken. She guarded it for a long time, Protecting it with walls, But a heart can’t sing When hidden away, Not being allowed to feel. Brick by brick, He tore down the walls,...Read On


Messy Love

Love is a word that defies definition. It is more beautiful than even the most vivid imagination can envision, it is spontaneous, combustible and messy, very messy. Love is not limited by an elementary arrangement of four simple letters. The limitations only arise from our ability to feel the billions of elements that combine together to become one. The definition would have to...Read On


Holding On

I will never let go.

Holding onto you, holding on to me. Holding onto my heart, for it might break apart. Holding onto my dreams of you and me. Holding onto us ,even when you're letting go. Holding onto the smiles you gave, for they always made me happy. Holding onto your words of wisdom, for you taught me so much. Holding onto your kisses and your touch. Holding onto you, letting go of me. Holding onto my...Read On


Making Love

To make love would be...

It seems I have waited a life time for us, And I can breath us entangled together in passion. Time will lapse before I am with you, But it is no match for the feeling within me. I cannot stop thinking about you, about us, It is a beautiful wondrous intoxicating feeling. Being with you daily goes far beyond The distance and time, eternally ours. This is more than a moment in...Read On


True To A Cornice

So being so kind and loving you, a little bit of cement, we sealed with a kiss. When the cornices started graying and the darkening words bloomed,  my simpatico eased and erotica gelled. Becoming an eccentric to rhymes and words, occasionally sipping from the cunt-loom but passed are the rites giving me blight. To be anything but mortar between the lines, as mockery is to crockery...Read On


My Star

She shines like a star, high above me. A new constellation that only I see. She dazzles the heavens, filling them with light, Yet how I wish I may and wish I might, I cannot touch my star tonight. Through my scope I gaze, transfixed below, Marveling at her celestial glow. I keep her secret, Safe and sound. Not telling of the jewel I've found. For if I share my glowing star, Others...Read On


I Am Me

Love thy self.

I am elegance, I am grace. I am leather, I am lace. I am fire , I am ice. I am a rock song, I am a love song. I will always stand strong. I am truth, I am lies. I am someone's alibi. I am joy, I am rage. I am an open page. I am sunshine, I am rain. I am never vain. I am a woman, I am lover. I am above no other. You may bend me, but you will never break me. I give, I take. I love, I hate. I am...Read On

Recommended Read

Prefer to Love And Suffer

for one day it will be....

I love, because love is life, because if I love, I may receive love. I prefer to love and suffer, than to suffer never having loved... Just kiss me! A kiss with a maddening passion, a kiss which seduces me, with all your moisture, bite me with passion... I prefer to love and suffer, than to suffer never having loved... Just kiss me! I am yours, surrender me with your lips,...Read On



oceanic definition of feelings

RELATIONSHIP: Standing between the swelling ocean And the blazing flame. Tell me, which path should I take. DESIRE: Crawling slowly, Like a caterpillar crawls, Towards the sky. If someday I also would experience The unbelievable metamorphosis like her. EXPECTATION: He is coming. Fragile beauty snatches my breath. Stretches my arms, eyes closed. Waiting... Crashing wave...Read On



We are all just a story.

I am a story, a tale of love, lust, desire, friendship, happiness and loss. My pages are battered, torn and some are missing. Ripped from my bindings for the udder sadness that they held. I am a story, some of my pages are tear stained, some have smiley faces in the margins. My story is long and fraught with many wonders, tales of despair and tragedy. Tales of love, shear bliss, happiness...Read On