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Love Poems


I Missed You By One Day

When I returned, you'd been gone for one day

Through a shroud of regret misty eyes see you turn away. You could have been mine but a fool let you get away. My heart cries when remembering how much you wanted me. I walked away for faux love, That’s when you got pulled away. If I could live that day again I would have held your hand and told you I would stay. I wouldn't have missed you by one day. Only a fool does not see what...Read On


Kisses In The Wind

My mom always told me, that dandelions were magic. That they could grant wishes. Or that they could travel over, long distances. The other day sitting in my car, a dandelion puff came blowing in my window. I thought of you and blew it out, into the wind heading your direction. It carries my love with it. If you see the dandelion puff. It is there from me to you, And lets you...Read On


June Morning

Words felt, then spoken

I chose to say "I love you" Uncertain how you felt I chose to tell you, not so I Could keep you for myself I chose to say I love you Cradled in your arms Together, lying in your bed My thoughts securely warm I knew then that I loved you  June breezes swirling through Your shadeless windows open On that morning in your room I felt the words so gently Sunlight streaming in The fragrance...Read On


In A Tender Caress

Laying in your arms, I feel calm,

Longing I cuddle on your lap You flick my thong strap I yelp, but it has me laughing. You kiss my lips And smile It's surely been A while You stroke my face In tenderness Softly stroking my cheeks In a sweet caress Wrapping your arms Around me Your comfort and warmth Surrounds me Laying in your arms I feel calm I can come to no harm You are like a balm ...Read On



You broke my heart and made me cry You promised to stay but then it was a lie All that talk of never going was just a lie to say goodbye You say you will return but will I be here Of course I will as I need you here  I stumble and fall without you near I called you master and you called me sub I wanted that collar to make me yours  I waited a year it did not appear  I should have known it...Read On

Editor's Pick

I Do Not Love You

We love as though a lifetime had been spent just waiting.

I do not love you like a whisper on a breeze, Or softly as the warm summer rain. I am consumed each day by a ruthless hunger, That glows like a burning ember buried deep inside. We exist like a fire in potentia, Waiting for the breath from that first kiss To ignite an unforgiving and unrelenting blaze That will devour us both once it is set free. I do not love you like the...Read On


If I Could

Baby, if I could hold you close forever... if you don't mind, if I might, Then my days will never seem so endless and I will never feel so alone at night, Sweet heart, if I could only tenderly kiss your lips right now, a kiss so soft and sweet, Then my mouth could savour the taste of true love until the next time our lips should meet. Lover, if my fingers could caress your warm skin,...Read On



He hit me before....

He is here somewhere with his arrows and bow he is hovering just out of sight He's watching me as I'm playing the games til the moment is exactly right I am sure he's there always trying to trick but I'm constantly standing on guard My defense is strong but the armor will crack when there's somebody touching my heart Then he lifts his bow and he's aiming his arrow ...Read On


Where You Are

Here I am looking at the sky, Rays of light coming between the tree branches, And I wonder if it's the same thing, Where you are. Do the stars seem reachable? Maybe, you have seen one fall. Maybe, tonight there is no moon, Where you are. I'm comforted and put at ease, Looking at your picture, Sitting in a chair next to me. Wishing I was where you are. Before I know it is...Read On


A Fresh New Start

A short poem for the woman I love

When I first saw you  I knew it was true,  That I would fall  In love with you. For four whole months  You loved me true,  How could I  Be over you? I tore us apart,  With regret in my heart,  But now we’re here  At a fresh new start. You trust me now,  That I see.  Implicitly, explicitly,  Compassionately. It is now my turn  To repay your patience,  To love you forever, ...Read On



What it feels to hurt

Broken pieces on the ground Pieces of what is left of us Memories of all that I gave to you are scattered all about I scream out as I give in to the pain Cry as my heart breaks all over again Craving you as I know it is wrong I need you I need you I need your eyes on me, your smile Your hands on me as I crumble all over again Take away this misery Take away my pain Put...Read On



I was whole,  A whole person  Before you came along. You caressed my smooth skin,  Admired my silky softness.  Kissed and licked  Then declared, I am yours to keep. Everywhere you touched  Left marks.  Marks I knew would never disappear, Yet I loved them all the same. Each day that passed,  You left more marks,  Marks of love, you said.  I embraced them, embraced your love. ...Read On


A Cherished Memory

Remember that night When you pulled me in Wrapped me in your arms Our bodies so close That I could feel your breathe On my back As we lay side by side Enveloped in love Your hand in mine As our toes danced To the music of love Your magical embrace Sweet gentle kisses Across my back The warmth between us Electrifying my soul Tickling and exploring Laughing, smiling, loving Enjoying a...Read On


Earthly Bodies

I can absorb every signal when I'm close to you this way, the breath exhaled now as constant as the wind whispering through our seams. There's a silence between each breath, a stillness I sometimes forget to hold, that used to matter to me the most. Being able to witness the world around us and inside you cease, being able to hold its essence within my every molecule. Just a...Read On


Snake Charmer

When I met you Want and need Had teamed together Blinding me  Though learning that your girls before Were battled-scarred I was so sure The blame did not belong with you I missed the signs Ignored the clues And when the snake uncoiled and struck I was ashamed, yet so in love Your flicking tongue Your piercing eyes Have me feeling mesmerized Your flexing form So smooth and pale Winds around...Read On


Invisible 2

Invisible, when did I become invisible to you? Your eyes stopped seeing me, you became blind to me. You became blind to my needs and tossed me aside, With much care as a piece of paper, tossed through a car window. You vanished from me without a trace, without a goodbye. I still search for you wherever I go, Hoping that I will find you so I can anchor myself to you. Can you feel the love...Read On


The Ride

When love knocks answer it. It might be rough. It might be wild. Can be sweet and sensual. Whatever it is ,  It is sure to be a beautiful ride. Yes, it can be painful at times. But that pain can turn to enjoyment in a second. Don't give up on true love. It doesn't happen often, It is definitely something to fight for. I am glad that I held on to love. It's the best thing I...Read On


The Secret

I know a secret. At least I think I do. How much you love her And she worships you. I watch you together. As you work the crowd. Her aloof and foreboding You warm, friendly, and loud. So deftly she circles Her motives unclear. With cunning and charm She gathers me near. For reasons unknown Except to her dark mind. I am her target A toy, a puppet, a find. She gets what she wants Is so...Read On

Recommended Read

Desert Dreaming

Soft Desert Sands shifting As the wind blows The grains into dunes Drifting across the land.  Sighing xerophytic dreams Creating quartzite pyramids And robust succulent greenery  Singing adagios as chaste yuccas. Faint visions of fading vistas renew Ancient empathies one final time  Seeking to eclipse the aching, The feeling that remembers The loss of joyous faith Engendered in youth But...Read On


The Kiss

He hardly knew her But the moment felt right He reached down to kiss her And felt the first taste of delight Her lips were so soft They were full, welcoming and bright Their tongues danced and pranced And the lust rose to new heights The first kiss, then a deeper intimate one to follow Their bodies now intertwined, pressing, wanting Then a look into her eyes And he knew it would...Read On



Sometimes a song can take your breath away

Words Notes follow You My heart Torn wide You Still No breath You Chill  Inside You Blush Of heat You Heat  Does rise You Gasp  Of wonder You Sweet  Surprise You Turns To knowledge You Then believing You....Read On

Recommended Read

American Cinderella aka Route 66 Heartbreak

You're not a true cowboy until your heart gets tossed into the desert.

Cinderella, oh Cinderella, I heard you went to the ball. You pranced and danced, twisted and shook your booty. In grand fashion, my Cinderella, you tripped the light fantastic. Dolled up, long legs and juicy red lips, you went grinding on the prince, twirling and parading in the spotlight. I saw you driving down Route 66 in an old Chevy, top down, wind in your hair, with...Read On


Won't you tell me?

Won't you tell me that of which, crosses your mind? I keep wondering, Why your eyes glaze over, That crooked smile, I love so much, Appears on your face. You have said before, You think of me often. Is this one of those times? Won't you tell me, that of which, occupies your dreams? I keep wondering, Why you always smile, A sweet, endearing smile On your face. ...Read On


A moment of peace

Hold me in your arms And don’t let go. Engulf me in your warmth As I curl up close, Listening to your breath, Your steady heart beat, Feeling myself calm As I lose myself in you. Naked skin against skin, I want to nuzzle your neck, Drink in the scent of you, So familiar, Like coming home. Let me just be for a while, Exist inside the cocoon Of your embrace. No stress,...Read On


Gentle Submission

Do not kneel down to me unless you care,  And wish to guide my path to gentler lust, For I will know what hopes that you lay bare. Seek only that which leads to tempered trust. Caress my strings of love with tender hands, And play my heart with prodigal extremes, Thus, I will know that loving you withstands The foolish lashings in my fearful dreams. Your features, with their auburn...Read On


A Special Love

You wrap your arms around me,  Make me feel safe and warm. I am safe and protected. Your words are sweet and sensual. I count the minutes Until we speak again. We may be worlds apart, But it often feels like you are right here. We have a bond that is hard to explain. When you're not around, things aren't the same. To hear your voice can always bring a smile. Even in the bad...Read On


A Lady's Date with the Gentleman

part deux the lady's point of view

It was a lovely date And an amazing dance I am ever so glad I took the chance A blind date Isn’t usually my thing Especially after A horrid, ugly fling But my friend said Go, you will see This man is a gentleman Nice as can be So off I went Hoping it was true And lucky me That gentleman was you!...Read On


Internet Lover

Darling do you know how much I love you, do you realise how much I care? Do you know how my heart plummets when I sign in and see you're not there? How my day is suddenly cold and lonely as I have no warmth from the heat of your love, As I miss my sweet internet lover...the man I can only dream of. But when you're here my whole world takes new meaning, your sweet love lightens my day. With...Read On



I wrote this some time ago, for the one who saved me, and who still is important to me

The sky is bright'ning as the night retreats The meadows and the fields still hide in mist The dewy grass is waiting to be kissed By sun's first ray that orange heaven bleeds The sunlight strengthens until it defeats The darkness with its never yielding fist Reveals the things my eyes thusfar had missed And creating all the shades its palette needs Its painting a new day in pastel blue...Read On


Things That I Wish

There are things that I wish for, Every day that I am with you but yet not, Across the miles, Across the vast ocean. I wish that I could hold you in my arms, my love, Wipe away your tears and kiss you better, Give you shelter when you need it, And feel your breath against my ear as we talk. I wish I could pull you up when you are down, Laugh at the silly little things, Draw faces...Read On