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Love Poems


The One

If I were asked to love you any more than I do, There could be only one answer from my heart and so true, I couldn't love you any more, you are my beginning and end, You are my lover, my sweetheart, my seducer, my friend. No secrets no lies, I belong always to you, For you my sweet lover are the one I look to, For guidance, for passion and oh so much more, In you my sweet...Read On



Just a note to somebody I'm having an affair with...

You are so hard to handle... I can't talk and I can't think... I could light a candle Or just have another drink... (Don't give us away...) What more can I say? Don't give  us away... Complicated fairy, Oh god how I love your shine... Life is so contrary... And I know that you're not mine, but (Don't give us away...) What more can I say? Don't give  us away... ...Read On


My Heart Rests

Breaking up is never easy to do.

Confusion Disillusion Misconceptions Delusions Illusions to my eyes Punishment and lies I hold my head and sighed Quite often I do cried Weakness, I can't abide it Strength, I will find it For I cannot Endure Any More My heart aches breaks Shudders Shakes It's like Devastation From my heart Evacuation Running away Coming back How dare I move on So attack I dared and cared When I did so...Read On


What Is This?

As impatient hands tear away the needless clothes, And lust begins to rise A thought begins to grow: What is this? These desperate bodies intertwining, Looking for a fix. A half hour of pleasure, To keep the world at bay. Is that what fucking is? Lips pressed together, Thrusting under sheets, As the bed frame cracks against the wall Keeping time to passion’s release. ...Read On


Silly girl

Silly girl, When will you finally learn? You don’t really matter, You never did. For a moment in time You believed, Again, That someone really cared. Silly girl, Have history taught you nothing? It is never about you, It is about someone, anyone. You have no real value, A mirage in the dessert, A wonderful fantasy for a minute, But fake, not real. Silly girl, Stop giving...Read On


Ferry We

Ferry we to ends of times and into eternity sail on lines of rhymes most evidently  as falls of a rainbow flow over our craft  with scent of orange pekoe tea  and the oarsman of the skiff needing only one lantern light.  Like medallions in your eyes of green with sparking stars my ever seen  the winds sing of caroling brings  sunsets in your tiara  my lasting endearment forever true ...Read On


Somehow I still do

I shouldn't, but I do

The dreams I dream about you  Are never to come true So I should not be dreaming But somehow I still do And sleep no longer finds me Each time I think of you So I should not be thinking But somehow I still do Each time I read your poems My heart still cries for you So I should not be reading But somehow I still do When eyelids shut the light out Your eyes come into view So I should...Read On



There's a storm brewing in my heart tonight. You are the vortex that fills every breath that I take. It is your essence that I love and truly adore, watch out for There's a storm brewing in my heart tonight. I'm missing you harder than the concrete Under my feet and I feel leaden without you. The storm sends tears down my cheeks like warm rain As my emotions intensify with each...Read On

Recommended Read

What's Between Us

There is a distance that can be mapped along skins, the geography between us when parting, when our words unintentionally carve cold spaces that can trace a dark side we just found the existence of. Places left scorched and unattended, I try to remember what burned there, what bound lonely flesh too closely to tell apart. Maybe I need the tension between us, like invisible cables...Read On

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The Queen Of My Heart

Lines of remorse for my shortcomings as a lover, and a pledge to devote my whole life to my love.

My dearest one, I love you more than any words can express, And only when we are together can I be fully whole. My sad heart aches for you in your distress and unhappiness. For anything that casts a shadow over your precious soul, Stealing away all the enjoyment and delight from your life, Makes me unhappy too, for you are the chief source of my joy, And I bless that day when you consented...Read On


A star of hope

The darkness surrounds her, Silence making the voices in her head scream louder, Impossible to ignore as they gnaw at her soul, Tearing and clawing, bringing destruction. Invisible shackles only she can see, feel, Grow heavier in the dark. She can hardly move, hardly breathe, As the weight is pressing on her chest. All she can do is lay still, just be, Search...Read On

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Come Fly With Me

Lines to my lover in her dark distress.

Oh my dearest one, what means this anguish, That clouds in pain everything you say? A dark shadow its baleful wings has spread Over the fair beauty of your pure soul, Driving out all the joy and happiness That I thought we had found, so free from care, Playing like children at the dawn of time. We had something so pristine, far above That granted by fickle fate to so few, A...Read On


Widow's Dew

Until the widow's dew and I lay me down to rest  as shadows cross over my pen, we will be like garden peas  from seed to pod in our infinity together in life's garden of it all with undying ink. And through autumn of our years with rains and snowfalls  beneath the umbrella of love I will kiss your loveliness,  as the dusk closes my eyes  until the widow's dew, and I lay me down...Read On


My Darling, My Vibrator

a new love affair with a toy

My darling, my vibrator How I adore thee You love me and please me Make me weak in the knees I never not come When I RSVP For my orgasm is always Very much... guaranteed See whether it's a Lelo, Jimmy Jane Or Hitachi My lovely lovely toys Never dump me So while my lover has jumped And I am all alone My sweet sweet pussy Will continue to hump So here's to my plug...Read On


A Lovely Thing

It wasn't but a lovely thing on porch swing some time ago, when I first held your hand when we were teens and the fireflies wink. Then we went steady and you wore my class ring,  many springs ago at the prom  listening to Johnny Cash. It wasn't but a lovely thing, then you took my name and with champagne we danced, on porch we kissed. And then in winter's snow  you left me...Read On



Darkness Loneliness Abandoned and wrecked, Lost in my own mind. Scars lace my skin like bracelets, Tears have stained my cheeks countless times Bitter and cold, That's what I was becoming. You were lost too, Like a lamb finding its way to God Only you couldn't find your way And you became disoriented. Just as I hit the abyssal emptiness, I thought it was the end I thought I could no longer...Read On


Calliope Tree

Like a carousel turning counter clockwise on an axis of fond memories,  the effervescence of you  beneath wind chimes that sing and calliope tree. In silence your kisses blow enchanting my sins, like sherry stirring my emotions  of soft breath from a decanter and scent of yesterday's wine. Now in caress of carousel rhymes  and sing-a-long times of sugaring kisses, we slide upon...Read On


The Sun Dies Away

Setting in the west, the sun dies away. It rose once upon a time, once when we were young. It rose and our faces turned toward it, seeking the soothing rays of satisfaction. Grasping, clinging together, we sought the ways of light, the ways of edification and sweet adoration. We sought each other, two hands bound into one,  founding a friendship and a simple centering  of understanding,...Read On

Recommended Read


Uncoupled from expectation, I believe I can be everything that you deserve, be the shapes in your eyes where the light strikes to illuminate them as vibrant and potent as the torches that hang in our night sky. Just slow this down, I'm only winded from the chase, not from when our hands join and our steps are harmonious taps along the road. The sound is like concentrated rainfall,...Read On

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Girl, Darling, My dear friend. Please don't do this. This, whatever you are doing, Just stop. You don't need a man to define you, Much less, a man to make you strong. You don't need a man to tell you, Just how beautiful, you really are. And you especially, Don't need a man, to tell you how sexy you are. Fuck that. Instead, walk to your mirror, And say "I am...Read On


Places Near

As Chopin is to nocturnes your melodies are to me,  with ringing chandeliers and whisperings in my ear of candles and lark  and far off places near. Under spell of romantic interludes  and angels gliding in mid air, wearing tiaras of love and ambrosia kisses.  you my Hosanna beneath moonlight  as Chopin tickles the keys....Read On


I Was Always Strong

No. Nothing is wrong. Go away. Go away. Please...don't stay. Is it time to get up. Is it that time again. To get up. It's dark inside. Is it time to get up. It's time for me to think. I need to think. I need to let my memories bathe me, and rush over me, until I feel nothing. Nothing is wrong,  and I feel nothing, because it's not my time to care anymore. It doesn't matter. It isn't...Read On

Life’s Highway

True friendships will surely transcend.

Roughened pathways and trails we travel. Trials and tribulations, we try to unravel. Souls touched, hearts associated. Paths crossed, memories dictated. Connections made along life's trail. Sometimes continue, sometimes fail. Hearts touching, sometimes at high cost. True friendships made, are never lost. Highways traveled, be they short or long. Leave...Read On


Did You?

Did you my love, ever really feel the need? The pull of me... Across your aching belief That love, pure love is not what we make But the depth, the hunger, that everlasting ache Promises you made never meant to fulfil The taste of the end so bitter so still So I ask you today this hour this night Did you ever see a future when you held me so tight? You whispered my name as you came...Read On



Hearing tick of tocks on winter's snow like a blanket of silk the sins blow,  as my whispering pen scribes  green eyes and rising tides of my thirst. More ticks of tock my words sow on thin ice of my darkening scrolls,  reaching out with a kiss I behold  words of spiritual thine. Laying my tongue upon swooned flesh as the scythe shears the winds,  on the toll of my farewell jesters...Read On


Out of Place

The insecurities in me make me feel...

Confused, unknowing what to do. where do I go? Chocolate box, drown in it? It too can kill you. Breath... Scream... Yes I am alive, but why? The situation before me, my heart uncannily vulnerable, wounded, bleeding... Feeling alienated, a weirdo on my own, on my knees crying. Breath... Scream.. Yes I am alive, but why? Efforts, accomplishments, lost loves. Do I even matter?...Read On


I'm a believer

You only find that person who can love the real you once and it has nothing to do with age

Wake up, blink sleep out of your eyes, look around and see, it is a whole new day and I am here to stay. The sun is up, blazing burning bright, It fades the darkness if only for today. You only get one chance, one moment to make a dream last, So take it, grasp it between your hands, take a breath, close your eyes, take a leap. What does it hurt to say okay, give love a fair chance, we...Read On


Other Side Of Good-Night

It is not my alone that sings melancholia  on the other side of good-night in the parley on my own get-togethers, for in words I verse silently discerning  of my angel lost in nirvana.   On wings of dust and puffed candles  they alit and kiss me in darkening grotto,  as my obelisk quills my sins  the yens of thirsting quests. Oh! what praise I shrill composing ambiguous  betwixt the...Read On



The king, his harem Riding into the desert Forever searching. Looking high and low Searching for more gold, foolish Women to behold. They, in hungry greed, Can never be satisfied Riding all night, hard. Hoofbeats pounding sand, Lotus scent filling the air Draped in rarest silks. Lovers kiss and tell, Madness barks at the moon and Their gold gleams brightly. My...Read On


Screen love

Internet love is real, and as such, can become painful

Modern day, Electronics, full days. Love, who has time? We all do. Distance becomes no obstacle, as a soft click of the board, and you are within reach of anyone that you connect with. It is an era in which you fall through a screen and your heart becomes addicted to spend hours waiting for them to connect... a smile as you see the name flash on. You suffer because you know you cannot...Read On