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Love Poems



Words can hurts your feelings... but a silence can kill your heart, The silence which suddenly seems so loud and it blows your world apart. When you are given no choice or chance to explain, Then left with this screaming silence and never ending pain. So what are you supposed to do now with this hurt and betrayal that you feel? Pray they will come back to you and help this wounded...Read On


Self worth

What I am worth.

"What kind of man are you looking for?" he asked. Sitting on the porch swing, sipping on my ice cold lemonade, I lift my eyes and look at him. "Do you really want to know?" With a sigh, he said, "Yes." Pulling my legs up and get comfortable, "I am a woman of today's world, I have my home to take care of, I have no time for games." He sips on his drink, and nods. "I have taken care...Read On


Encompassing Shapes

There are times when you cannot look to my words for assurance, they tangle together after a while, unfold as codes and numbers when we've lost the ways we use to communicate. If it was as simple as inking letters, I would have revived you countless times, you would know that touching your face is like filling my hands with stars, with celestial warmth glittering along my every...Read On


Patient Fingers

A brief love affair that happened only in my mind...

The last time you wore that blouse, there were eight buttons done up. I remember, because my fingers trembled with nervous energy. They were fixated on them. No, mesmerized by them. Begging to undo them, button by delicious button. Eight buttons. Eight. I see you're wearing it again today. Oh, miracle of miracles! Today there are seven.  Only seven. The eighth button...Read On



I love how we all come to this place.

We live and play in Lushville reside on fantasy lane, cross street of the lonely and forgotten. We stroll through the chatrooms of this chaotic virtual world, many hoping to reach a balcony of love. There are torrid and murky streams, a lake in the middle where crossed lovers meet. Sliding a little north to the Forums, where a glance plants a seed of illusions, fed by a sweet virtual kiss....Read On


Verily, A Lady

So, verily your Lady might cry out To test your chivalry with saline tears. And honor will demand, there is no doubt, That you must stay steadfast and quell her fears. She gifted you her hand and earnest trust, To be forever there, her guiding star. You shall do all her tasking, as you must; Whatever burdens borne, you cross the bar. A pleasure, this is true, to fill her need, Your code must...Read On


Gray Clouds

Sometime dreams so long ago an opus of romance we shared, in haze of my narrowing days now all that's left is   melancholia.   It wasn't but a fortnight hence and sometimes past I gasped,  of times together we spent  before the calling of last tense. And the shadow of the falling hovering above my closing eyes, love cries on my balling sighs lost breath in disguise. Now times...Read On

Wild Beavers

Not all beavers have teeth.

Canadian boys know of this myth Beavers are such fun to play with Coming in many sizes and shapes Some have zones with landscapes Some all covered with hair Some of them totally bare Some have but a bit of fuzz Most give real men a buzz They all need to be treated right Every one filled with pure delight Loving fingers can investigate Where honey and scent emanate Some smell...Read On


Mending words.

Thank you for not letting go...

I am told distance is an oblivion, But then, I remember YOU. A sailor, and a civilian, Whom never said Adieu. Storms, unsure destination, ill winds, All part of our daily life. Letters, chats, meetings of our minds. all between us was never a strife. I come stressed, and battered, holding on to your kindness. Your words, and nothing else mattered, you made me see my blindness. For all...Read On



I'll believe every story that your touch implies, your skin is like something I read long ago, the specifics long since forgotten but the message is a familiar vapor carried wherever I will go. Make me remember you again. Make my blood surge until I'm all sensation and instinct submitting to where you lead, my back against a damp tree. The sky's thunder identical to the pulse that...Read On



Sometimes, getting away is the only answer

Holed up in this town With a one-track mind    I’m thinking only of you I’ve got to get out I can’t stay a day more    I’m thinking only of you The places, the streets In this town  Drive me wild    They all have me thinking of you So I’m leaving, I’ll go If I stay, then you’ll know I’m thinking only of you And I’ll let you say That I’m running away   But...Read On


Coming Of Dew

Thee of silence the winds whisper Without a symphony Or methadone ticking Kiss me now, kiss me do Only with a sigh Remember me true And coming of the dew Lay thee rest 'morrows dawn Gathering leaves down of nest Kiss me still kiss me blue Remember me with melancholia tears...Read On


My Queen, My Love

Rejoice my life, this day we shall be free; The battle for our land will soon be here. So smile my Queen, my soul of destiny; Your loyal Knight of Love is ever near. The war is fought with honor into night, And you have led us onward to our fate. Fear not dear one, my soul, my purest light, Our future will be found beyond the gate. We struggle to defeat the evil threat, All fear that you...Read On



With barely a breath she waits in anticipation. Waits for the touch, promised and spoken of with intensity and fervour in long hours of separation. Waits for the sound of murmured endearments, whispered with intent, and uttered with care. Waits for the taste of the kisses yearned for as if they carried the breath of life itself. Waits for the warmth of skin against skin, and the...Read On



Where the real me resides...

See beyond the surface To that place where I reside Past the false me that shows To the real me I often hide You see what others don't To the hurt that is buried deep And the pain that lingers still Bringing nightmares to my sleep You see in me a strength That not everyone can Because you know me As you are my man I realize now that because of you I am stronger than...Read On

Recommended Read

Zone d'ombre

You felt it  So did I We both know what it was A sound that isn’t heard  Signals the end of love A mating call reversed Coupling undone A sound that isn’t heard That says we’re not in love A note that speaks of emptiness Like an abandoned home Not of an open spaciousness But something there, then gone With each two, it is different Never twice the same But clearly recognizable When...Read On


Cling To You

lnfinity in an inkwell the words forever read, on letterhead of my thoughts and sensualities life bread. With petals of dew  and memories of you,  now here in my alone  no tears to shed. And like a climbing rose I cling to you still,  'neath my epitaph  in my big chill. As prose is to a rose  coming of ever 'morrow's,  the thorn my last breath  in shadows...Read On


Give Into You

Let's give into love...

I know this may sound insane But I have never felt this way Uncontrollable feelings I can’t explain I hope that you will stay You took my world of black and white And showed me the shades of gray I want to give into you, and you alone When I can’t feel you near My heart will wonder where you are I want to feel you in the atmosphere Don’t want to stray afar Just lead...Read On



Tangled Twisted Wrapped up in your gaze Your blue eyes lock with mine and I move closer with a step I have been fighting this need for too long I want you Everything that held me back up until now falls into pieces around me The fear that made me wonder if you were worth the risk Built up from the pain of before Another cruel heart that threw me out I step close enough...Read On



The only price to pay for breathing you in was knowing I may never be able to let you go, that my lungs would fold around this essence and never care to know another. If I exhale, I want to come with you, float through the air and touch your face, warm your palms like flesh can record echoes and keep replaying intertwined fingers. If all we know can be documented this way, ink...Read On


1-4-3 (I love you)

How and why I love him so...

I love it when you look at me,  Out the corner of your eye,  You think that I don't notice,  But I always catch your smile. I love it when you compliment me,  The little things you say,  You build me up and make me feel,  Like I should never change. I love the way you hold me,  In your arms I feel so safe,  I breathe you in and smile so wide,  Knowing this will always be my place. ...Read On



Remember when

Can you remember when we met That feeling of absolute joy Nervous feelings that made you sweat Hoping you were that special boy Simple talks that were so amazing Spending time with each other The joys of first time dating When we become special lovers All the special and amazing dates Sharing all those special kisses Knowing you'd be my soul mate Eventually being Mr. and Misses ...Read On


Empty Space

Nothing but empty spaces without you...

As I woke up this morning and stared into the sun The first thought that comes to mind is you The day has barely begun, I’m already feeling blue Wishing I was in your arms, wrapped in your warm embrace Yet here I am, with nothing but empty space. Staring into my phone, waiting for your call, Longing to hear your voice, leaning against this cold wall Missing your sweet laughter and smile...Read On

Recommended Read

Dreams Take Me Away

The wind whistles Against the window  Of my soul  Closing my eyes  Dreams take me away  Where beaches rest A light breeze stirring  Its warmth so gentle  The moonlight winks  On the crest of a wave  Waves kissing the shore  With soft slow kisses The pulse of my dream  Like wings  Beneath my heart  Carrying me away  Through time and eternity  Clouds dancing  Swirling around  The midnight...Read On


My Escape

Create my escape As I stand here Without even moving an inch As soon as you see me, I’m traveling Away from the world I live in The brief time that we spend together  An evening A coffee A night Whisks me away A mere look at your face And I’ve touched down in some parallel time You light up for me when you see me It makes all the risk so worthwhile Perhaps such encounters won’t heal me...Read On


The Shadows Woo

In moonlight falling upon your breasts like silk the shadows woo,  words of dark from my tureen  little words unspoken,  I whisper to you. As the moisture lays between your thighs  words of dark from my tureen,  stirring my erotic thrall  on flesh with my ladling dew. My lips touch your swooning tips  in moonlight falling upon your breasts as the tides of my cock rise,  words of...Read On


My Teasing Lover

She awaits me every night, teasing me for hours, Some nights she only teases, keeping just out of my power. My Mistress and my lover; I love her like there's no other. The power she holds over me Is both my peace and my insanity. I feel her now, her sweet caress, I hurry into bed, undressed. Without a word comes her embrace, She is my only saving grace. She pulls me in and takes...Read On


I Thought of You

I thought of you again today. You appeared unbidden like a thief in the dark; Entering my mind to twist the stake in my heart. I thought of you again today. Words uttered by a stranger unknown Still cause pain that I thought I'd outgrown. I thought of you again today. If they say that it takes time to heal, Why is it only pain I feel? I thought of you again today, Of all the good times...Read On


Stark raving mad

My heart speeds up when I log on hoping  you are here Only to find  an empty place it's cold, without you near I play the forum just to be where you may come  to meet because my heart is yours to have you've knocked me of my feet I want to see my screen light up with words  you send across I want to tell you that without those words I'm at a loss ...Read On


The Delusion Of Love

Are you even real Something I can feel Those hands that hold my throat Are they hands of a ghost Your kisses so sweet I swear I feel your tongue's heat The strong fingers in my hair Please don’t tell me they’re not there When you’re thrusting inside me I can sense you beside me Whispers in my ear - love, trust, devotion Are we just going through the motions? ...Read On