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Love Poems


Finally -- and you Cum with me

A building of desire and lust is finally consummated...

FINALLY… … holding you close and feeling your body’s heat … once again staring into your emerald green eyes … hands and fingers rake through your hair and hold your face … thumbs caressing your cheeks … kissing your forehead, kissing your eyes … kissing the bridge of your nose, kissing the tip … kissing your lips (softly), just kissing you softly, gently, slowly … kissing your neck...Read On

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You and I alone

A pair of lovers meet

You and I alone After months of deliberate solitude Wanton waves of desire below a calm surface of politeness Red Wine is shared and sipped gracefully as I grow under my outer layer The silence of a thousand words resonates between us You unwrap your skin for my viewing pleasure Taking control of the dance and the tempo I follow suit, struggling over sought...Read On


Forgotten Dreams

Through wild flower meadows we run Through golden rays we pass Through life's adventure we wander To lie here in the grass For all this time I've loved you For all this time alone For all this time without you For chance to never have known Here I found true peace Here my heart knows one Here time stands still Here the forgotten...Read On



Can we ever be happy?

There is a beauty in the incomplete Because we look for more The cliché is that it is the journey Not the destination that matters And sometimes clichés are true There is a complacency that happens When we no longer have to try To find happiness or give it And assume it to be there Just tumescent sex organs And dessicated hearts Contentment has no constancy ...Read On


The Heart I Broke


There was a time so long ago when I had a love; but didn't know . I saw her there with words unspoken and laughed about the heart I'd broken. Now with time I plainly see that the heart I broke belonged to me....Read On


Vanessa Has Nothing to Hide

If you've got it, flaunt it.. if you don't got it, fake it.

Vanessa could only say 'I'd Nothing whatsoever to hide.' Her B-cup was half empty But, as anyone could see, Her smile and ass were quite wide. About her bosom she did mull For her bra cup was only half-full. But that sixteen year old lass Had a great heart-shaped ass, So at boys’ heartstrings she did pull. But Vanessa thought she knew best. So she put an odd theory to the test. To...Read On


Just Another Cock

Games we play..

You are the best is what she said. The best that ever was in her bed. We walked some paths never tread. But now she fucks someone else instead. I get the tricks and I get the game. But the fucking rules are never the same. Some want rough and some want tame. It’s enough to drive a man insane. So once again I have no clue. What the fuck is a guy to do? Do I Skype so they...Read On


Addicted To Your Love

You're The One For Me Jessica

Addicted To Y our Love I do not know when , I do not know how , I do not know why , You came into my life like a thief , Taking you , my heart and my soul . I love you! I miss you ! I need you! My life has no sense without you , I'm addicted to you and your love . You are my light , You are my passion , You are my destiny , Your fire consumes my mind and my body , ...Read On



Words have become of great value, In my life without intimacy. Words that make me beautiful, Worthy to see and admire. Words that set me on fire, Whispered in my ear, or cried out in passion. Words that stimulate my imagination, A shiver running down my spine. Words that excite me, And make me yearn for fulfillment. Words that echo in my head, Hours after they are spoken. Words that make...Read On


An Ode to J.A.W.

A poem to laud the sexual prowess of my lost love.

I truly miss your touch. The way your fingers danced across my tingling body, and your teeth gently pressed upon my nipples. I long to feel the warmth from your beautiful form, as it so delicately embraced with mine. Your sweet, soft kisses blazing a trail of lust, meandering down my chest and toward my waist. I yearn to feel you again. The manner in which your silky smooth palms...Read On


Goodnight Kisses

Waking to the sound of the shower running. Running my hand over your side of the bed. Feeling that it is still warm. Making me smile contentedly. Thinking about the love we made last night. Starting innocently with a few soft goodnight kisses. Embers smoldered as the kisses became more intense. You knew that each kiss would only make me want you more. Pulling you on top of me. Looking into...Read On


Long to touch

an opposite perspective challenge.

Pussy throbs Tightening Twitching Surging lips tickle each other Attempting to reach out for pleasure Soft as rose petals Smelling of musky sex Awakening a burning A yearning Yearning for the tip That delicious soft tip of his rock hard cock tap, tap, tap Gently striking tender moist folds Big thick cock sliding up and down Nudging Probing  Swelling with precum ...Read On


I Lost My Penis

Just a bit of whimsy on a dull day. My mind is wandering again.

I lost my penis. I don’t know where it is. I held it in my hand, When I took my morning whiz. My ardent lover Had it in her mouth Just before We moved it south. I pushed and pulled And felt so right As I put it in Her pussy so tight. Her legs wrapped round me Felt like I would explode. Her pussy hugged me As I blew my load. We lay together Hugging and kissing I felt it...Read On


And Do We?

This poem only available on Lush Stories . If you are reading it elsewhere, it has been stolen.  And do we wonder what the other is thinking? Who sits at the window into this glaring world Of flirtations and cyber smooching And pictures of fucking couples? Does it mean more If the images are black and white, Subtle hints of intimate moments Snatched across the seas of pixels With a lens...Read On

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my mouth is pouty today..... an invitation to your mouth to kiss me gently right at its corner, to whisper wicked and shocking things as you smile your teasing smile, to make love to my heart. will you come close to me and know the texture of my lips as you breathe me into your soul? your hand slides up my arm tracing its length as lightly as a butterfly's wings. your...Read On


The Love She Feels Inside

She rolls across the bed her soft smooth skin sliding around the silk sheet His hand finds her round soft breast and squeezes firmly. A soft moan escapes from her red lips. Please take me. She moans. His answering chuckle is gruff and low. In due time pet. The wind blows across her skin forming goose bumps. He kisses her shoulder and sinks his teeth in her flesh The cold metal of the...Read On


On All Hallows Eve

This poem only available on Lush Stories . If you are reading it elsewhere, it has been stolen. He lay in the rainy moonlight on All Hallows Eve Awaiting his lover's kiss. Shafts of watery pearly blue glowed upon his skin As the scudding clouds laid shadows Upon the face of the moon. And he waited for her. Midnight loomed, The clock ticking, As the witching hour approached And the...Read On


Starr Crossed Lovers Whose Mood Turns to Doom

My poetic tribute to fatuous fate and infatuation.

Behold six pairs of doomed lovers, Slain by their own hands or by another. With poison, knife, serpent and lust. Ah! But whose marriage really went bust? Heloise and Abelard. Both were brilliant. He was unmanned but still proved resilient. Paris and Helen launched ships and war The greatestthe Bronze Age ever saw. Antony and Cleopatra: Westwed East. They had grand aspirations, to say...Read On

Pussy Nonsense

A silly rhyme about pussies and fucking and whatnot...

I I leared at her pussy and decided it was Time to gorge on her beautiful flower. I nuzzled her cunny, licking her honey She was ready and sweet to devour. Her pussy was glistening, it fit like a glove And I stuck out my middle finger 'O beautiful pussy, this pussy I love, What a gorgeous, slick pussy you are, You are, You are! What a gorgeous, slick pussy you are...Read On


E is for Eating Out

Pussy is a dish best served hot

The most amorous epicurean pleasure, Up to which none others can measure, Is that rarest meat treat by far. I mean, of course, pussy tartar. It’s a sexual gastronomic treasure. This girly gastronomic delight Is delicious when it’s served right. The meat should be pink, not red, Served up lustily on a 'let us' bed. It’s inviting, so please take a bite. The pussy...Read On


Collared and Caged

I feel it tighten around my neck as I look up into his eyes that pierce right through mine I can smell the fresh leather, I can feel the metal studs pushing into my flesh I moan as I hear the clasp shut, He steps back to admire his new pet “You belong to me and only me now” He attaches the leash, and smiles down at me, He kisses my head and leads me to my cage. He shuts the door and...Read On


The Very Model of a Modern Maiden Genital

Smart looking is good, but smart thinking is better

Tina Newton was a student But, alas she wasn't prudent. Tina wanted so much to be As smart a girl as she could be. But Tina wasn't all that bright And seldom did she get things right. She thought a 'model of discretion' Was a woman who was undressin' So Tina studied so she could be A nude model for photography Or in some school's life class Modelling bare boobs and ass....Read On


If You Had Me Tonight

Letting my mind wander, wondering what if...

If you had me tonight, Would your desire look like mine? Would you take me? Would you slowly walk across the room, Keeping your eyes fixed on me, Studying me as if I was your protégé? Would you look at me, Make deliberate eye contact, Looking me up and down, Head to toe, giving me a sly smile? Would you slowly move forward, Leaning into my ear to whisper, "I want to take you tonight"? ...Read On


My Green-Eyed Temptress

...has eyes that mean so much to me.

My Green-Eyed Temptress Has eyes that are Bright Shining Alluring Inviting Mysterious Playful Vexing My green-eyed temptress has eyes that are Pools of love laced with golden glitter Pin pricks of desire boring into me Hints of passion yet to come Beacons of hope on a dark stormy night within my soul Transforming me Helping create a revival of passion within my soul A window...Read On


Another Side of Lady BIC

I don't know why I'm confessing this urge I have. Baring my soul, I guess.

Will naughty Lady BIC be icy Or hot when she's feeling feisty? Will she choose to be seen While she's being obscene ? Because she's not a prude She may walk about nude To the local corner store Where the clerk will adore Her every naked skin pore. Confidence she will exude As she walks back home nude Not caring if she has been By either man or woman seen. Her naked...Read On


The Sailor and the Siren

A sailor makes his choice.

This poem only available on Lush Stories The darkening seas of jaded greens Peaked and troughed under gloaming skies; The whispers of the unknown dead Laced the waters with their sighs. He stood upon the deck, astern, And watched the sinking gold, Another age of life and death To add to dooms untold. The sailor stood, and gazed into The beckoning, vengeful seas As celestial maps...Read On

The Sunshine of Your Love

Thank you for your love

The glow of bright rays on my closed eyelids, Gently caresses my face and the tears evaporate. Your love lights up my face and brings a smile Turning up lips and eliminating the pout. ~o~ As the warmth of your love touches every part of me, Caressing my naked skin, stroking my hair, I feel lighter, safer, loved and protected Safe in the knowledge that I am in your thoughts. ~o~ ...Read On


Spanking Pros and Cons

Spanking is good for the soul

It probably slips your mind how painful Spanking can be, because you gain full Pleasure while your bare ass lies over a knee Each slap giving great pain but also much glee. Submission is more than mere obsession. It's a feeling of self, much like confession. For flagellation and full-naked exposure Gives the submissive disclosure and closure. If that seems a bit contradictory, Image how...Read On

Audio version available

a safe distance

I feel you draw near as I watch the stars move across the sky and travel with them in light years of space and empty dreams. your warmth, your aura, your breath envelops me drawing me back into the earthly realm. music plays in a room of smoke and mirrors and fills me with you. we move to a rhythm that belongs to us and your hands play my body. fingers caress my breasts ...Read On

Let's Dance

I will not say your name My lips are yours Yet I hesitate to say it Your presence is known Your thunder rumbles   Loud in the darkened sky Words that bring comfort At a distance,a symbol One that only you And I share,ours Soothing kisses Warm touch Wet desire Heated passion Look up into the night See those shooting stars Feel them burn your soul ...Read On