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Love Poems



A poem I wrote long ago, about lust and longing

What would it be like to touch you? To pull you close and hold you? The desire makes my heart burn. Yet, I can not. What would it be like to feel your breath upon my cheek? To hear you breathe, the whisper of your sighs? The thought of this excites me. Yet, I can not. What would it be like to undress you? To expose your breasts to the light? To feel the soft skin,...Read On


Sonnnets to the Vast Unknown

acceptance of life's mystery and the vast unknown

1 Even in this bright and silent sunlight giving me another day to breath and see another dawn, another noon and night, another chance to wonder what will be and question all that comes into my mind and ponder what I’m doing here today, looking at the sky as if up there I’ll find some meaning, some answer, something I can say with any certainty what lies around the bend. And then...Read On


Growing Younger

thoughts on getting younger and not older

How can I be my age when in my heart I’m forty and not the man in the mirror with wrinkled skin, white hair growing thin, eyes not as blue as I remember them. How can this be? Why this alarm to realize there’s two of me— the man out there that people see and inside, where it counts, the man who looks at pretty women and wants one on his arm, still wants romance...Read On


Tell Me

Would me you?

Tell me what it would be like To have my hair flow through your fingers To have my tongue stroke along your ear To have my lips upon your lips To have my tongue meet yours for the first time Tell me how it would feel If I rubbed my hands along your chest If I raked my nails down your back If I wrapped my hands around your cock If I stoked you till you screamed for me...Read On


My Birthday

the best gift a boy can get

"Surprise Happy Birthday" That's what I heard everyone say Yours is a face that I do know The effect in my pants had to show As I mix and mingle Your smile makes my dick tingle I couldn't let this moment pass I just want a piece of that ass You greet me with that youthful glow In my dick I can feel the blood flow You take my hand and ask me to dance I nearly jumped at the chance As we...Read On


The Pearl To Which I Bowed

And will never bow to again.

Into a foreign land I fell, Where eyes were cold and few could tell, That I was scared and lonely there, That I knew not what land thought fair. I was ready I was brave, So I thought til I was made, To understand my place in hell, Though it be one I learned too well. My fellows there they did demise, A plan of hate and great despise, To fall on me so very hard, ...Read On


His Ass Is Calling

A little true jocularity of a poem for a laugh!

I hear footsteps but no one is saying hello to me; Then I listen very carefully and what could it be? The sound of his ass cheeks rubbing up against his pants; Holy crap it’s turning me on, putting me into a trace! He’s done it once before and I can hear he’s not alone; His horny ass is thinking of me and has called me on his phone. I must be on his speed dial maybe even number one; ...Read On


The bachelor party

A couple that plays together

The stage is set Turning you into my pet I lay out your new outfit I know that you're going to be a big hit I can't wait to see you soon The clock is somewhere around noon People will show up before long Moans and screams will be our song You walk thru the door Your clothes hit the floor You put on your outfit with a smile With leash in hand I'm in style Just on time I hear the door...Read On


The Smallest Sadness

The smallest sign of sadness is enough...

Sometimes I take you for granted, Our relationship is slanted, You’re absolutely devoted, Your faith and love denoted. Sometimes I’m mean and rude, You always put up with my mood, I’m angered thrice as fast as you, I’m a little hard to subdue. Yet there you are never angered, Attentive to my every word, And so I’ve learned to always know To expect a hug and not a blow. ...Read On


Won't You Please Touch Me

Longing for that touch ... the things I miss.

I miss your ... Fingertip across my lips shushing me for a kiss... Kiss so gentle it can barely be felt ... Hands, fingers cradling my face, turning it towards you for a kiss... Soft squeeze on my arms, fingertip under my chin... Wet kiss on my neck, soft breath teasing my sex... Cradling, fondling my sexual center, my sexual being... Finger nails lightly raking down my back,...Read On


Still 'When'

Something changed, It stopped working. Summer was hard and We couldn't go back. I tried to deny it But I knew it was coming. It didn't make it easier When we finally parted. It's going to take time For me to be okay. I will be okay, though; Maybe even good. You'll never lose me From your life. We're intertwined now, Forever. You're my 'forever girl' And I, your 'forever...Read On


The Trip

A trip of pleasure

It all started slow You was feeling low I took you in hand Then laid you in the sand Slowly I wrapped you in rope You struggle with no hope Your heart begins to race As the whip touches your face The waves in the surf crash Tears of pleasure with the first lash Chill bumps on your body appear Moans I start to hear The sunrise now shines bright My finger feels you tight I gently rub the...Read On


First Kiss

A description of a perfect first kiss

My eyes will not give way, stead fast I look onward past what I see, your eyes, the gateway to your soul. Your hands rest in mine, cupped gently, fingers connecting at my hip. They take hold firmly; yet, pull away as I tremble in anticipation. Though a quickened pulse my breathing does not waver, yet, when you move closer to me, my breath cannot hold its ground. My...Read On


Waking Wanting You

waking up for wild morning sex

I wake with my desire for you, an urge I can’t ignore, a need that smolders like an ember at my core to kiss your neck and shoulders, to grind against your ass and wake you, lick and whisper in your ear how much I want to take you, my tongue forcing you to hear the hunger in my voice to screw you hard and fast and deep, to bring you from your slumber, arouse you...Read On



Staring out over the lake Mist rising off of the rippling water Sitting on the deck Coffee in hand Wondering Are you on the other side? Are you looking my way? Are you hoping I'll be looking for you? I take my coffee here every morning I won't stop coming here I need to believe you are looking back Hoping for just a glimpse of your angelface Not minding the coolness of the morning...Read On


It's Hard to be Your Dirty Little Secret

Written for a friend that is dealing with regret after a failed love affair. Hang in there, H.

It’s hard to be your dirty little secret, a skeleton in your closet that you hope to never be found. It’s hard to think that she gets to sleep with you, to roll over and touch you, hear you, kiss you, and make love with you, whenever she desires. . To hear you talk about her, about what’s lacking in your life, in your bedroom, what you want, and what you’ve turned...Read On


Taking You

the taking of a lover

When I touch you with my lonely fingers, will you know what words can’t say? When I taste your lips with a kiss that lingers, and my hungry tongue begins to play, and you feel my roaming hand caress your breasts, will you know that I am hunting? Will know that I’m a man who never rests until both of us are grunting? When you feel my starving mouth sucking your nipples ...Read On


Three Sexy Haiku

Mini Japanese-style poems in 3 lines with 5, 7, and 5 syllables.

7/4 PICNIC POPS Lovers on blankets, fire art above, Tchaikov- sky all around. Wow! SHOWER PLAY Laughing together, all suds and skin and teasing. Sexy playfulness. UNABASHED JOINING  Naked innocence:  touching, soothing, exciting, coming together....Read On


Ode to Beth

I want her and her Husband as Karren.

Ode to Her Oh my dearest, sweet, Beth Anne baby I just want to make you sexually happy I love the way you swing you ass Every time my room you do slowly pass The clothes you wear are beyond compare I can not help but to sit and stare As I watch you walk my cock does rise I wish my lips were between you thighs I want to pull down your panties and eat you cunt I...Read On


A Synergy of Desire

First meeting of couple with coinciding needs and desires.

You came to me needing, but not sure. And captured me, not with your lovely body and melting smile, but with the feeling you exuded of being the someone I had been needing for a long time. We talked. We connected, and finally, need overcoming reluctance, disclosed that controlled physical pain was an aphrodisiac we had each been indulging in our daydreams. The sharing poured forth;...Read On


She Is

I can't. I don't. I won't. Figure it out. I have no doubt. She is. What words. Can't describe. I try. I want. I need. To finally find. No peace of mind. She is. Still nothing. Words can describe. I search. I wander. I beg. For some phrase. All is a haze. She is. Everything. I can't describe. Higher than heaven. Stronger than expression. More descriptive than writing. I struggle...Read On


Dearest Silky One

Us guys and gals we love you so much, the nicknames we give you just makes us want to touch. Whether it be a nice juicy pussy even if its a little bit bushy. Of course we can simply call you cunt but only if we're feeling blunt Being British and going with fanny makes me think of some old granny. Calling you our squeeze box leaves me feeling like an arctic fox Masking you with the...Read On


Hidden Inside

You are a dichotomy of conflicting desires; Caused by an incident that left your mind mired. It makes me feel so very sorry for you; When it comes to intimacy you don’t have a clue. The two things you want will always oppose each other; You can’t marry that little girl and still have a gay lover. Closed off with a wall that won’t let anyone in; Hiding all of your secrets and...Read On



Now I begin to tell What happened after ringing Alice’s door bell Alice comes to me She said we’d just have some tea, But in her hand There is a whip Where’s the tea? Now, now After your punishment, We might have some tea Pardon me? In the first place We must have the tea! She says to me We met on a sex site, Didn’t we? Sex sites are not for romantic dates with tea I have no reason...Read On


Cam Slut

I give it all away, far too easily; I should make them work, to get a chance at me. When I am in the mood and he is looking so fine; Something snaps inside my head and I want his ass to be mine. A sweet personality quickly gets my attention; An exhibitionist teasing me with views I just can’t mention. That does the trick to throw me into a hot lust; Sexy men giving me what I want...Read On


For Eternity

Simply a love story.

Whenever the chickadee calls chickadee-dee-dee That is when I think of you, and feel the loss Again as I allow myself to understand the cross I bear from loving a woman who can't share My life, and bear my burdens and form a pair As the eternal intended in forming our we The two of us together to share and to be As two together, pressing on to eternally care, Together...Read On


I Long To Be With You

I long to be with you To see your sweet smile The sparkle in your eyes As I slip into your arms; I long to be with you To feel the warmth of your skin As it touches mine  When you enfold me in an embrace; I long to be with you To inhale your sweet breath To feel the softness of your lips  As I delight in your tender kiss; I long to be with you To feel our heartbeats Making...Read On


First Time

Forbidden love

Seasons and reasons long passed, but very special gifts still yearn to be given, passing hidden and private, in secret between you and I. At last, Alone, draped in smoothest satin and softest of silk, yearning to cover your body so beautiful and sexual. A gown so light and so sheer, waiting for that most sensual moment, when it can cascade around you and caress...Read On


This Morning

This Morning he was mine

This Morning he was all mine Hard and throbbing His body against mine This morning we were naked In a bed that shone He was inside me Hid hand holding mine He fucked me and loved me and kissed me he made me come and almost drove me insane This morning I licked him and sucked him and he ate me up This morning he was my very reason to wake up...Read On

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Hurt Words

If he were to know what would he say...

I thought of you today. First time in a while, I’m sorry to say But I finally thought today I looked for you And found you had gone No words, nothing. It was silly to expect more. But I still find myself Thinking of our chats And 'that' But also the hurt. I find myself wishing, Praying almost That less words had been said... That I had hidden some things...Read On