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Love Poems



the way you feel inside me is perfection

I watch your beloved and intense face and touch the edge of your mouth as you slowly slide your erect length into my longing. Breath ceases as a moan is pressed from my throat. All is perfect. , Of course, the earlier kisses, desperate and wild, were perfect. The laughing chase as we ran to the bed leaving a trail of clothes behind us was perfect, too....Read On


Lament of a Man in Pain

A poem I wrote when I was between relationships, trying to decide how to handle the transition

Whatever I do, Wherever I go, Someone I love, or someone I know, Gets hurt, by me, so what can I say? When my every move, and my every way Is painful to Someone. I wish that I could be the good man, That people around me keep saying I am. I don't see how it could be that they see, What I can't see, a way that I can be. It's not who I am. Why should I try, to love anyone, When there is...Read On



Shakespeare based Romeo and Juliet on Ovid’s Pyramus and Thisbe

My wacky Thisbe’s built a wall to shield her fragile heart laid up dreamy purple stones and murky chunks of amber from the shores of her past she never looks when we make love I know  in the pale glow from the hall  I watch her eyes  the soft grey irises fade inward  becoming blank moons to ponder what phantom lover moves  in the secret space behind them I come, she goes, we...Read On


Baby it's cold inside

Baby, it's cold inside. I am in great need in a cold land Where bedded warmth covers me In my dreams like desert sand Buried, wholly safe and free.   Before screens, which to the world show Only glass echoes of my heart's beat, I come naked and alone to know How I may give off my inner heat.   Phantoms summoned rise in my mind, ...Read On


Tiny poems-2 (for cell phone)

Was it mistaken that we met?

Leaves shade, flowers shade Was it mistaken that we met? Time flies, river flows Fate put me around which strings! Think now, think then, think forever What If I lose!! ...Read On


Learning To Trust

This is hard to tell myself I need to trust in myself again To trust the people around me again To Trust the ones I loved For the ones to come after Until I can I will be alone... They tell me it takes a lot of Courage Faith and Love I believe I have Faith and the Courage Love will come later If and when it does I will be ready ...Read On


I Just Need A Cuddle

This poem only available on Lush Stories . If you are reading it elsewhere, it has been stolen. A long day at work, Running after other people, Up and down ladders, moving bolts of cloth, Tailoring my wares to whiney whingers' whims. I stagger to the shower And wash the fibres away, The ache of my soul rising to the surface As I let the suds scent my skin with soft vanilla. But who cares...Read On


Ode to an Ex

Is your pussy busy, Baby? Do you use it every day? Is it taking on all comers Or turning some away? Is your pussy ready, Baby? I know you never keep it locked, You like it fully loaded, And always keep it cocked. So I hope it’s keeping busy, Getting action every day. I'm recalling your sweet pussy, How it throbbed and how it seized, How it spat out gobs of jism, Every time you sneezed....Read On



The things my heart sings.

I miss you, my love, butthere is so much more in that, I miss you not your hair your teeth your breasts your feet In truth none of those things do it for me. It is your soul Your most inner person I love you no matter the casing When I think about being with you for the rest of my life a tear of joy comes to my eye There is no greater love than the one I hold for you. No matter...Read On




Walls of stone turn to glass with your heat shatter to a thousand bright shards disappear into the void a metal cage melts with your heat turns to molten lava Rolls away light breezes nurture your flame Bending your flame coaxing, nurturing a gentle hand feeds your fire fanning the passion Holding the warmth not caged or bound but held and caressed the fire controlled...Read On



She'll know if she reads this...

I L Y Because you strum my heart strings I L Y Because you taught me more about myself I L Y Because you did not let me make a fool of myself I L Y Because of your smile so warmly given I L Y Because you provide inspiration I L Y Because you provoke my imagination I L Y Because you let my fantasy blend with yours I L Y Because you cast so much ‘glitter’ in my life I L Y ...Read On



A verse for you

The chain around your neck confirms the bond As much a lock for me as you The reins will tie us two as one And hold us in this dance of joy I slacken the grip and watch you fly In the knowledge that you will return The ultimate test of our hold And pass the test of our binding The hope and longing for the restraint The return and submission, freely given Your heart and mine chained...Read On


Tiny Poems (for a cell phone)

Dreaming happens to be a sin

The moon bloomed, removing gloom- Weeping tears, hopes arise. Hoped to keep dreams in sleepy eyes; May all pain be washed by waves of moonlight!! Dreaming happens to be a sin; Grievous Crime!! ...Read On

Audio version available

Can You Take Me Higher

Give me what I need, take me over the edge

A special shout out to Mazza, thanks for helping me get my wicked thoughts out there, you saucy fucking minx! And to the one who fuels my wicked thoughts and feeds my desires, this is for you. xoxo Can you take me higher? Take off my panties and bend me over, spread my legs until they go no further. Explore my body with eager hands and hear my sighs, as you finger the dampness between...Read On


Grace Unbecoming

Romantic longing of a tortured mind.

She is my lovely apparition. My nameless wraith which haunts me still. I would tear the night from the very sky, should its promised darkness not bring her to me. And lo I lay here in silent prayer, that she make me suffer with her memory. Trace my flesh, make it burn and quiver. That she may take me, my very being into her embrace. I see her now as I saw her then. In pallets of grey,...Read On


An Office Affair

Finally, we crossed that thin line...

Did you do something different today?  Was it the new perfume  Or was it the magic you casted on me  Turning this ordinary day into extraordinary It all started just another day in the office  Chatting, laughing, flirting  A warm hug, a gentle peck on your cheeks  And a borderline dirty joke made you giggling But there was something different about you today  Your scent, fresh...Read On


The way you make me feel

For my love

The way you make me feel? My God, it gives me chills Makes me really want you here But so far are you, my dear The way you make me feel? Make me blush, giggle, squeel Your words give me such comfort So kind, so loving, so heartfelt The way you make me feel? So beautiful and so real My troubles seem to disappear When I see you on here The way you make me feel? Like I have been healed...Read On


Tension In The Mellowing

Though lovers reach their autumn, their tale will still be told.

There's a tension in the mellowing; A striving in the firelight; A beauty in the darkening air; A gentleness in the autumn fury. Aging love, steadfastly kept, Is still a thriving, broad-shouldered youth. Well-worn hearts are entwined in ivy, Bursting with berried, passionate joys. These ancient days of soft caresses Are forceful in the dying day, And aching limbs still spring with happy...Read On


Everlasting Laboring Love

In the darkness of the night...

In the darkness of the night, Under the full moon and stars above, I lay watching her breathe as she sleeps, And thank God for her everlasting love. The rise and fall of her mounded chest, Inhaling and exhaling softly its perfect peaks, Shows the beauty of the life laying still That has often left me momentarily weak. The silky paleness of her soft skin Illuminated gently by the hue of...Read On



Just a message for him while he's all alone... Sunrise I think the sun's setting, It's long past nine o' clock. Are you good at betting? Time is going tick tock. They say it's like a rock, Just a ball of matter But did I see it knock On the door or scatter, I think it's the latter, Time is passing us by, It doesn't even matter, If it...Read On


Eclipsed Moon

Fantasy love

Each night she rises in my sky, This moon who lights my screen. For hours each night she and I Explore the world of dreams. She makes the keyboard a magic place, Where all things become so real. I lose track of all time and space As I get lost in how she makes me feel. The hours apart are far too great, As the rising moon fills my mind. My urges and fantasies all must wait, ...Read On


When the Lightning God Smiled

Lovers witness a dramatic lightning storm up close

We stood naked behind taller-than-life windows high in the old apartment building, entranced by the dark dramatic play of wind and cloud. The stage was set for your performance. Discarding mundane convention – brief blinding bolts thrown randomly – you choreographed an encompassing dance of shimmering growling colors thrown at our startled eyes in sinuous slowed motion, ...Read On


All I Want Is Sex

Being a friend

" All I want is sex," she said. To get her naked body in bed; I only think with my little head. There are other things to talk of instead. It started out with passion and lust On an adult sex site; that’s normal, I trust. But treating each other with respect is a must Or else this relationship is for sure a bust. She lives east and I live west, Balancing families and jobs,...Read On



It meant nothing....

He said it meant nothing. He would never do it again. He didn't want to hurt her, And she wanted to believe in him. He begged her to forgive him, Which she had done from the start. He wanted the chance to prove to her, What mattered was in his heart. "Trust me, I will show you, Just give me the chance ... If it takes forever, I will take that stance" Once he says he wants to show you,...Read On



My heart aches for something that didn’t exist; It was not enough to even consider it a tryst. A longing for a single moment in time; When I thought what I wanted was actually mine. Just a lie I foolishly chose to believe; From my anguish a chance to get some relief. Little did I know my anguish would double; Feeling unappreciated for all of my trouble. I found another who...Read On


May Sorrow Take Wing

I would wait a thousand nights for you, if you just gave me one day of your heart.

The lamplight glows across the face of my dreams As reality hides from these ragged, ripped seams. A kiss in the shadows and the touch of your hand Is all that I crave in this dreaming wasteland. These fears flee your smile as I think of your face, And I know I abide without shame and disgrace As I lie in your arms and I hear your heart beat; In my endless desires rest your passionate heat. ...Read On


Southern Heat

I just needed some air...

"It's hot in here, baby!" I pull my hair up, off my neck. A quick glance in the mirror: flushed cheeks, tiny beads of sweat. You are propped up in bed, reading, but you pause to look at me and grin. "'s just me." And I must are scorching. But the temps are soaring, and I need some relief. "I'm opening the window," I announce, flipping the latches,...Read On


365 Days

Reflecting on an emotional year and coming to terms with the loss.

I would like to thank Stephanie for his insight and words of wisdom. Thank you. Days pass; months go by, a year now I can't define. Time passed so slowly, so swiftly, 365 days filled with self-imposed misery. A heavy heart, a clouded mind, trying to move on from the passion that's left me behind. I wake up lonely, there's an air of silence all around, I hear your voice and it takes me...Read On


In The Beginning

You are my soul mate.

In the beginning was the word, and the word was love. We shadowed each other and joined our hearts above. The least bit of loss was forgotten in the formulation Of our great and withstanding emulation Of the famous lovers in their adulation Of the first and final simulation That would be the final solution For the mortals in their simple equation. This alone was the...Read On

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do you ever think of me?

surf sounds fill my heart as I lean on the balcony rail breathing in the sea, feeling your touch, laughing at myself for dreams and imaginings. you are not here... will not be here... but still I dream. your warmth on my back. your erect length against me. your arms around me. your hands cupping my full breasts. do you ever imagine me? what those moments...Read On