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Love Poems


Q is for Quarterback Pass

Win or lose, it's how you play the game and screw your opponents

Football is a rough contact sport. Whether you’re tall or you’re short, For when on offense Or playing defense, Your muscles and bones can contort. So it shouldn’t surprise you to hear The rules of the game are quite clear. When you play with the pros, They say anything goes Including filling your foe with great fear. This gridiron culture has bred Men who...Read On


An Ode to Love and Lust

Just for fun, a poem about choosing the right man

I loved you from the very start I’ll love you ‘til the end You’ll always have a hold of my heart You’ll always be my friend I don’t want you throw it all away Unless you feel you must But I know you feel that come what may You’ll never be able to trust I know you think you’re not a man ‘Cause you think I’ve been untrue But you cannot give me what he can It’s the same for him and you ...Read On


It Hurts

I Wrote It In Three Minutes And Was Drunk

It Hurts Agony, Anguish , Disappointment , Devastation, Frustration , Humiliation, Fear, Anger , Sadness , Pain, Destruction, Only that you left in my soul. My soul is broken into a thousand pieces. Love, Goodness, Compassion , Hope, Passion , Happiness , Life, Sensitivity, Sanity, That erased off the face of my heart. ...Read On


Make Him My Pet

I want you that I cannot deny; you bring a sparkle to my weary eyes. You give me something I’ve been longing for; I can’t wait for you to be knocking on my door. It is more than mutual chemistry that sets us on fire; of your teasing ways I will never grow tired. Good friends that’s how we started and why it feels right; now I am dreaming of your sexy ass each night. My hubby even gave...Read On

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The Vacuum Cleaner of Love

For my sweet darling lover, whom I shall love forever. Even Frank_Lee could not express such desire.

This poem only available on Lush Stories . If you are reading it elsewhere, it has been stolen. You are the sunshine that lights up my soul. I need your light and warmth to grow. I crave your arms around me like A sexy poor servant girl needs a strong cloak in winter. I am poor without you making me rich like a queen. Please make my thrupenny bits golden with your heat. My two...Read On


Southern Rose

Blood red beauty In the breeze Dipping, swaying, dancing Flower of dawn And child of eve Bending, blowing, whispering Newborn bud And blooming glory Sighing, crying, wanting The petals fall The thorns remain Wilting, dying, falling...Read On


D is for Double-Dare

The devil in me made me do it

D is for Double-Dare There are always two parts to a double dare. The first, the hardest, involves being aware. Before one can consider taking dare pledges, One must conceive of life with sharp edges. Crossing a cutting edge, trying something new In ones mind presents an unimaginable you. This is nothing less than an act of creation, It is spirit more than...Read On


K is for Kinky Kissing

When you say 'cock', you've said a mouthful!

Lips, tongues, teeth Follow opening lines We give each other. Bawdy lines tempt Body lines crossed Into taboo territory. His stiff upper On her wet lower Licking lips kiss. Above, tongue thrust Into ear licking lobe Quieting sounds hush. Wanton whispering Lips sink words Into her hearing Him lying with abandon Promising offers Sealed with a kiss. ...Read On



I take a deep breath. My world starts to shake. I look in your eyes, Give you my soul to take. A sweet kiss lingers, Slowly getting stronger. I don't know if I can take this, If I can take this any longer. My heart starts racing. This is the world I'm facing. But I let you in. My heart's for the taking. I can't stop these feelings. What is the meaning? I'm opening up slowly, Wearing my...Read On


Can you?

A short poem

Can you feel it inside, this heat and this flame? Can you tell what it is? Can you speak its name? Will you put up your guard to keep it at bay? Endlessly fighting the inevitable away? Does my intensity frighten? Is my ardour too much? Can you feel the sparks fizzle each time that we touch? Will you let them caress you, and feed on their power? Or will you shun them and let their vibrancy sour?...Read On


Cyranose too much for his own good

Lines on lines invite more than lines

Would you dare play Cyrano To a cyberotic Roxanne? As words alone between us flow, Stir lust like love letters can.   Your faults are hid behind a bush. You're false but still command My heart to beat, my cheek to flush; Folly's fervent fire you've fanned.   I sent messages, goodness knows, I'd better sense, you'd think. My lusty scents from them arose Like perfumed pages’ ink.   Can...Read On



Take a breath. Look at me. See my heart. It beats for thee. It took a while For me to find Someone like you, Someone to call mine. I've had it rough. Can't you see I've been crushed? But that's not what you see in me. You're the girl I've been awaiting. So, palms sweaty, My whole body shaking, I will fall. These times are hard, But baby, just maybe, We can conquer all And prove...Read On


Anatomy less on

Let your ( or his or another hers ) fingers do the walking But come back slow

Walking fingers took a tour On bare land but not barren. A ticklish trek, that's for sure. For no clothing was she wearin'.   Light steps across two robust mounds These fingers reached their peaks Ascent so smooth, rapture abounds At the summit with gentle tweaks.   They travelled taut tummy terrain Taking care not to tickle, But flashed fast past that flesh plane And impressed not a mickle....Read On


Love With In

In Stead of Loving the Man I was with  I pushed him away I didnt know how to Love him He was very good to me for a long time Then our Love turned South I have searched my soul for reasons why All I found I did not know how to Love Him I am learning to love through my soul and heart Not just my head Through Music and writing too Im learning to love for my future self For the one...Read On


T is for Tickle Teasing

ticklish subject this ealy foreplay

Girls who say they like to tickle Barefoot boys can be so fickle. For first they stimulate boys' toes, But after that, it's anything goes. Usually, the very first things to go Are his shirt and pants, you know. Then she'll pull off his underpants. The nude boy won't have a chance. Because then that gal will surely tickle That bare boy's balls and prick-pickle, So stiff, hard...Read On


Further Down The Rabbit Hole

Sweat glistens in pale light, blood boils to the surface turning to steam. Tears fall from pleasure tickling and teasing, twinging on pain. Vision blurs, chocking on air while desperate eyes roll back like heads in a child's story. White hot screams as blood fly's from the sky a whisper of what once was. Pale mirrors glisten in the moon light twisting into fragile smiles.  ...Read On


X is for Xenia

Xenia: in ancient lore, the ancient Greek custom of hospitality, including the giving of presents

A buxom maiden of nineteen years was Xenia Xerxes Whose step-dad told her, his guests she must please. Xenia most happily obeyed As her body she displayed Naked for all newcomers to see, squeeze and seize. Now, her step-dad, Pimpopulous, owned an inn Where many travelers from afar would drop in To enjoy their host’s treats Like his step-daughter’s teats As their...Read On



Body straining Spine arching Raking fingers Down my body. A probing tongue Hot and wet Seeking my centre My pleasure. Trembling thighs And clenching hands Gripping hair Soft moans and gasps. Steal my breath And push me higher Thrust and suck Lick and flick Hard then soft Fast then slow. I close my eyes, Sink in sensation. Aching...Read On



This poem only available on Lush Stories . If you are reading it elsewhere, it has been stolen. Soft rains of kisses, The freshness of mellowed summer alights on my skin With each breath that you take And exhale over me. In this drowsy candlelight, My body moves, Gently writhing, Searching through this Sliding on these sheets, Desperately wanting your touch, Craving a kiss Here and...Read On


Q is for Quickie

There once was a girl named Nicky Who was known for giving a quickie. This eighteen year old lass Very often missed class Because she’d been sucking some dickie. Now our Nicky was no common slut. You might say she was anything but. She just wanted to know How boys’ penises grow When into a girl’s mouth they are put. She took sex education quite seriously, ...Read On


U is for Underwear

A guy pants at a girl's underpants, he rants when given a chance. Rhyme scheme changes at times

A young girl’s panties say so much About self-esteem and confidence As well that she doth often touch Her sex-self under her underpants. Girls’ finger-fun is no great secret, The Victorian Age aside. For on-line's Victoria’s Secret Means naughtiness need not hide. Our outer gear is made to deal With cold and raging storms. But panties meet needs more real ...Read On


Seeking Release

Within me does a tempest roar Which leaves me calling out for more. I treat myself with lust so raw, It leaves me tender, tight and sore. Tenfold have I, in climax, cried Yet each time ended unsatisfied. Again, I spread my long legs wide And seek, once more, the gushing tide. My swollen clit, I start to tease And thrust my fingers in-and-out with ease. Tightly together do I...Read On


Words from My Heart

Introduction, I started this with the intention of writing a cute text to my girlfriend at the time,

Introduction, I started this with the intention of writing a cute text to my girlfriend at the time, while she was sitting on the bed wondering what I was doing with my phone, but it kept going till it turned into this. Its too bad that fairy tales aren't real and that true love isn't a guarantee that a relationship can work, because this was true love, and we really did fight hard for...Read On


Ode To A Real Woman

She isn’t petite and bouncy Like a Bugeye Sprite Or a cheerleader Darting around corners   But bouncing with every bump in the road. And she isn’t long and lean Like an XK 120 Or a marathon runner Eating up curves and distance As if they were made just for her. And she isn’t high maintenance Like a Masaerati Or a starlet wannabe Needing attention even if...Read On


O is for Orifice

The hole truth and nothing butt the truth

O is for Orifice A woman’s bodily orifice while pleasant on the surface is also inviting deep within. Whether it is her mouth or an orifice farther south, openings tend to lure gentlemen. When such invites are open, not a word need be spoken. Even dull men will get it. It’s near silent and alluring, just like a pussy purring, and most men just love to pet it. A tongue will...Read On


Karren Loves Bobbie

My Ode to another CD.

As we lie here together in our panties and slips  Our tongues darting in and out of each other's lips As we lovingly gaze into each other's eyes Our hands are exploring each other’s thighs The nylon is smooth and soft to the touch The feeling of our love is ever so much Our fingers slid over each other’s love mound Our passionate moans are the only sounds As our love...Read On


The Lady of Shallot

Onion a bird in a gilded cage

The Lady of Shallot Like an onion, you'd have me peel Knowing full well how I'd feel. Swooning, my head it would reel As naughty glances you would steal. Layer after layer must fall off Until at last all clothes I doff. But for you is that enough? What more is there left to slough? I'd stand naked from toes to chin Before you, Sir, in my bare skin. With my...Read On


A Cross Dressers Lament

Just a cute poem I wrote for fun

I like panties, A Cross dresser’s Lament I like panties, I like slips, I love nylon on my dick. It feels good and is great fun, wearing my panties helps me cum. I wear a slip, a bra, and nylons too; add a pretty dress and I’ll cum for you. Don’t judge, just give it a whirl, because I have fun as a CD girl. CD girls are really great, invite one out on a serious date. We make...Read On


A Journey from I to US: (the sweethearts version)

The feeling love can give us

Cold and dark Alone and scared Just wishing For someone that cared Blinded from hurt Scared from mistrust Can’t tell the difference Between love and lust Suddenly I see a light Very dim at first Then gets bright Warm and luminous Together and secure Never have I felt, Felt so sure We were meant to be You wouldn’t leave, never I could feel it in my soul Never meant forever No more hurt...Read On


F is for Fellatio

There is nothing that says 'I am yours' like a blow-job lovingly, enthusiastically given

F is for Fellatio Tongue, teeth and lips I use As along his upright shaft I cruise. Bound to excite and to amuse All sense of self I now must lose. For cock is all there is to me. This mighty root of hard wood tree Fills my mouth and mind with glee. And I must worship on bended knee. My tongue beds this stalwart shaft Which may enter me fore or aft. It’s free to...Read On