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Love Poems


Finding My Way

Climbing out of the depths of depression.

Looking up from these depths I wonder when I will see the light of day. When will that brightness illuminate this night and once again guide my way. When all is lost it always seems to appear out of nowhere. I never see it coming like it is created out of thin air. Always filling me back up with joy and hope. When I feel completely lost it is how I cope. It is much more than just a...Read On

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In Heat

Smoldering for you.

As the sweat runs down my back I am burning up for you. I want to breathe all of you in and set you on fire too. Veracious is this lust of mine. It will wear us down all in good time. You know it will entirely consume you. There will be nothing left when it is through. Fireworks exploding in your mind. Your biggest secret no one can find. But you always know just exactly where I am....Read On


Scarlet Oxygen

Poem of Love and Desire

Scarlet Oxygen...The Reason I Breathe. Become the desire I seek as my tears fall like rain to wash away your sorrows. Echo the passion that burns like fire within my heart, as my body waits for you to claim it yours. As your touch upon my silken skin calls me clouded in reason, the desire and lust you give. As I kiss you, hold you, the dreams you bring will echo within infinate. Given lusts...Read On


Puzzle Pieces Scattered on the Floor

Puzzle pieces scattered on the floor, A quarter past one, I need you now, Beautiful words, Quivering, shaking in release. Puzzle border complete, Middle pieces in piles and patterns, Pieces light, gray and black, Edges jagged, dark and distorted, Reading it all to make it fit. Staring at the puzzle almost in completion, No longer a desire to know the answers, Puzzle thrown to the...Read On


So Angry

You make me so mad, When you move out, I'd be so glad. What is it about me that made you this way? But whatever it is, you still can't stay. I haven't said a mean word towards you, But for some reason, you like to abuse. You do and say what you THINK is cool, Which puts me right in the line of ridicule. I wish you well, I really do, I hope the best of luck comes to you. ...Read On


Part 1: Meeting you!

Meeting the girl of my dreams. (Inspired by the twinkle in my eye)

On a sunny afternoon, I see myself walking, down a quiet street. When from the opposite side, I see a girl nearing, all beautiful and sweet. Her eyes are bright, her wavy hair wide smile as her eyes catches me. Our eyes they lock, my heart skips a beat the most seductive look I will see She sways her hips from side to side, she's closing slowly in. My brain spins around, I’m thinking...Read On


Are They All For Me

He loves me He loves me not Poems I read Poems filled with love Poems filled with hate Poems filled with waiting Poems filled with goodbyes Unsure why I read them Some bring me peace Most bring me fear I promised not to abandon He promised me nothing He says to stay I need to go Alone in my room I hear sounds Checking the alarms Checking the doors Walking alone I hear footsteps not...Read On

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Subjected To The Extreme

It's not easy being my favorite.

Many men want me or think that they do. But in reality they really don’t have a clue. All they see is big tits and a round ass. They have no idea what may come to pass. Because I am usually totally extreme. They get caught up in my fanciful dreams. I get off on controlling their bodies and minds. Then they get addicted to my good times. You really should be glad I don’t like you the...Read On


Please Tell Me That You Can Stay

First love poem of the month...

I watch you lie so quiet and still, You really are a lovely sight, So many dreams you helped fulfill, As I recall our previous night. As the morning sun begins to rise, I watch you lie silent on the bed, A soft glow dances upon your eyes, The pillow softly cradles your head. The morning sun bathes you in light, As you slowly start to awake, My thoughts soon turn to delight, As I think of...Read On

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I Want To Make You Scream

I love hearing you scream!

There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do. Because when I get my hands on you. There is nothing that is off limits. I’ll use all my experience and all my wits. I think you better hold on tight. You're about to be taken with all my might. To a place from which you may not return. Where your dreams come true you soon will learn. Running my fingers through your hair. I will do things to you no one...Read On



A poem from the inner sanctum of my mind

I have been Noble I have been Base. I've been promiscuous and I have been chaste. I am proud and I am vain but I do shirk not from others pain. I am a flawed and weakened man I am mortal after all. I’ve put myself on a pedestal only to fail, stumble and fall. But each day I rise from bed determined to make a change. Striving in each to better myself and earn...Read On


Hearts Apart

broken heart

I am devoured by my waking moments of her.. and left exhausted by my sleepless nights... As time ebbs slowly by and she is not there... the distance grows and soon she'll be out of my sight... Our words and whispers carried by wire.. our letters sent through tapping keys... They only make my yearning higher... for hopes and dreams that will never be.. The miles between us can only stop...Read On


Just you!

For the girl in my dreams

I open my eyes and look at you, Just you here in my bed. Your eyes are closed, you’re breathing deep I kiss the top of your head. You open your eyes, you bend your head Your eyes looking up from my chest You wrap your leg around my waist You curl yourself up in our nest I kiss your lips, so soft and sweet Your tongue in search of mine My hand pulling you at the back of...Read On

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A Rare Treasure

Submissive men the most special of all.

It’s everything you never knew. It entices and takes over you. A feeling you want to possess. It is your soul it does caress. As rare as a very fine gemstone. You will want to take it home. They make you want them with every word. Say things you can’t believe you’ve heard. It starts with me in control. And that will never ever get old. But then we will turn into hot, passionate lovers. It...Read On


You're Always There

Every breath I breathe, every dream I dream You're always there, you never leave Whenever I'm down, whenever I cry You're always there, by my side Can I do this, can I make it? You're always there, keeping my candle lit Gotta change, change my thoughts You're always there, your love never stops...Read On


My Jamaica

Dreaming of my tropical paradise Jamaica.

A craving that won’t go away. It totally consumes me every day. A paradise that calls to me. It contains everything that I need. The people are proud and so very nice. They welcome you home to their paradise. Treat you like family that’s what they do. Making sure you have everything you need too. Flora and fauna beyond compare. Beauty so rich my eyes must stare. Cuisine that is so...Read On


More Beautiful Every Day

Another love poem originally posted under 67Goat...inspired by a Lush forum post...

They say that time is the great thief, Robber of beauty and of looks, I have heard it spoken times before, Have read of it in books, But as the years go by with you, I realize more and more, You just get that much better, So much better than before. For what may have caught my eye, Was surely your pretty face, But over the years I have come to know, Your true beauty and inner grace, ...Read On


What Might Have Been

A poem from last year I never posted...maybe because I'm not sure I like it...

I see you alone at the end of the bar, I give you a glance, a signal from afar. Our glances linger as you give me the eye, The excitement is building, for one middle age guy, The tension is growing from your seductive glance, My arousal is increasing, I feel it in my pants. Your beauty is awesome, for a taste some would die, But I know it is wrong, to go over and say 'hi'. I sit there and...Read On


The Best You Ever Had

Yet another poem of lost love...originally posted under 67Goat...

All the trust we've built together, Bonds developed from the start, Have somehow been ripped in two, Like you ripped apart my heart. Funny how you think you know someone, Because you lie beside them in bed, But it's only their words you'll ever hear, Not what goes on inside their head. Now you tell me you want to leave, With barely a spoken goodbye, Taking your things and walking out, And...Read On



Just a poem about a girl I met recently...that's my story and I'm sticking to it...

How did you know I needed you? That I really needed someone new, How did you know I was alone? When suddenly you came along. Did you know you'd brighten up my day? That I really needed a friend today, Did you really know it's been a while? That I have seen so bright a smile, It's been so long since I could share, Time with someone for whom I care, I think we can both shed our past, And make...Read On


My Slutty Ways

Keeping my men happy with my slutty ways.

They want my time but it’s all mine and I’m not giving it up. Only to two who are both true they are the ones that fill my cup. Sexy and hot these two men that I’ve got, who could ask for anything more? Both are so different in every way, I can’t wait to see what they have in store. One is so sweet and devoted, he will do anything for me. I love his awry Aussie ways, his loyalty he...Read On


Between the Raindrops

Realizing the world around me.

I stroll between the raindrops and I feel nothing, for no wetness of emotion will touch me. I journey between the raindrops of life and I am dry, I will not allow it in to attack my body, my brain or my senses. I travel between the raindrops of time unscathed by it all, impermeable, unchangeable and inviolable. I roam aimlessly between the raindrops and there is no sense of loss,...Read On

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Just As You Are

You are perfect just as you are.

Don’t you go changing for anyone not even me. Because you are a unique treasure even if you can not see it. For some unknown reason you think all you do is take. But I am telling you that idea is a big mistake. You give far more than you will ever know. That is why I will never want you to go. I bet you don’t know I feel very honored all due to you. Because you show me all the parts...Read On


No Chance in Hell

You could have claimed me, too bad you've lost the chance to.

I thought you were more Than what others pretended to be You weren't there when I had to pour My emotions out for the world to see. What was so important that you Could not spare a call? Tell me the truth, I mean nothing to you at all. Your inaction results in losing me Should have marked me when you could I may have low esteem But I know I was a damn good person to you And I would never...Read On


C'est fini?

Nothing left to say

I live in a land of 10 million souls It seethes and churns with 10 million woes and every heart breaks from the load of the weight of sorrow that none else knows O how can I be so dreadfully alone with so many others within a throw of a stone I hear their voices in an unending drone With ears gone deaf from apathies grown. I thought myself a clever jewell With witty words with which...Read On


The Thousand Faced

Of love found, of love lost, of love found again.

I see you in the aethereal light And in the deep solemnity of night, Goddess of a thousand names and faces, Ruling over many times and places. I often pass you on the streets by day But only seldom do you glance my way. You hide behind unblinking, glacial eyes, Out on those city streets when in disguise. Yet I know your smile and your tender kiss, I have watched your...Read On

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A Constant Struggle

Giving up the war.

I’m trying to win this battle not even thinking about the war. Fighting in a combat where there’s no telling what is in store. Shells are falling all around me creating damage beyond repair. Explosions shattering feelings making it hard to show you care. Underneath it runs a current always swift and deep. Invading my subconscious depriving me of sleep. Directing all my dreams each and...Read On

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My Baby

Affectionate feelings for someone special.

My baby is so very sweet. He is delicious enough to eat. His sexy ass is so very fine. I want to fuck it all of the time. He gives me passion oh so rich. Scratches my every kinky itch. My feelings for him are so sublime. A lust so deep it is a crime. I feel so sorry for all the lonely others. Who have never known such a wonderful lover. Who have never experienced feelings so deep. It...Read On


How do I speak what I know

How do I speak what I know deep within me? There are things I wish to say But the words just fall apart Maybe they don’t matter As many things haven’t for so long now Or not until recently There’s a feeling lodged between my ribs And I can’t help but smile As a tremble runs through my body And I try to hold my tongue. And question rather it be best to tell you How bad I...Read On


If I Were To Fall In Love

Written long ago when I still dreamed.

If I Were To Fall In Love   If I were to fall in love, It would have to be with you. Your eyes, your smile, the way you laugh The things you say and do. Your tender touch, your gentle words A love that self renews So, if I were to fall in love It would have to be with you. If I were to give my heart, It would have to be to you, For you bring things into my life ...Read On