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Love Poems


I Lose Myself In His Pools Of Blue

Dedicated to PrisonerofLoveandWar

I hope ya'll like this because I wrote this 6 yrs ago for PrisonerofLoveandWar to let him know that I loved him. It had taken us both 4 yrs to tell each other how we felt. So the way it is written is from my point of view before we ever made love. Oh word of warning there are some German words in here so I put a translation at the bottom. Enjoy!  Baby, I love you more now than I did 6 yrs...Read On


Gone is Beauty

**My first published poem. I hope it isn't too terribly bad :)

I was once a beauty. My skin: the finest porcelain. Smooth, like silk. Feel it along the tips of your fingers. Down my neck and across my breast. Watch the goose pebbles rise from my skin. My eyes were bright. Brown and green. Captivating. Expecting. My lips, pink. Moist and ready for yours. To feel them mesh together. The tip of my tongue, exploring. Down your chest. ...Read On

Audio version available


I so miss being constantly strung along by you. All the waiting and wondering, never knowing what was true. I became accustomed to knowing only one thing for sure. That you would always eventually be knocking on my door. All the promises I just knew you would never follow through. Even though the things I asked for were so easy for you to do. Missing something so elusive makes me...Read On


Falling In...Passion?

The inner ramblings of a torn heart.

It wasn't supposed to turn out this way. Guess what, it did. Stop your complains. I thought I had accepted what would come this way. You thought wrong, and now you're in pain. Why did no one tell me it would hurt? They didn't, get over it and lie there with your face in the dirt. I wasn't built to feel ... Get over it, this time it's real. Why does my stomach ache ? So you'll...Read On


I Never Knew

I never knew I could miss someone more than my hero Or that I would want to be held I never knew Anyone could make me believe I'm special Or that I mean anything I never knew Words could mean so much to me Or that they would change how I feel I never knew Talking could make miles melt away Or that I would want them to I never knew Any of this could happen Or that you would be the reason ...Read On


20 Minutes

My first submission to Lush

20 Minutes W/ You 20 Minutes with you mean a lifetime of pleasure with you Spending the first five minutes of foreplay Seducing you with kisses, chocolates, and ecstasy The view of licking your fingers The caressing of my body from you Gives me the sudden urge to grip your tighter Your body gives my mind the permission to bend you over the kitchen table And present you the next...Read On


Life's Hallway of Doors


I watch my hand grasp at the knob of a familiar door In the moment … how I arrived here is unclear I had only turned to look back, to see if I could catch a glimpse, just heartbeats before Sure I had been moving forward, confused that my outreached hand lands here In the moment …how I arrived here is unclear Everything feels like it always did, as if that door was never closed to me Sure...Read On


I Can Feel The Pain

I still see your face in my dreams It hurts and it doesn't help at all I still want you in my life as crazy as that seems I want you to catch me when I fall I still remember the first time we met There was something so different about you Your friendship was something I wanted to get That smile when you said hi to me was so new Out of nowhere you called me on the phone I wanted to sit there...Read On


I'm no poet, but these are my thoughts

Just a glimpse of the thoughts that haunt me

My heart calls out, "Where are you my love?" But sadly, no sound on my ears doth fall. No soft, sweet whisper. Not a cooing dove. There is nothing but the cold silence every day. Living with nobody 'my love', her to call Makes the hopes of a man like me, slowly slip away. Not much, for this life of mine did I ask for. I want not weatlh, fame or degrees behind my name. This thing called love,...Read On

Audio version available

Love Has Been Found

A poem especially for my friends Sam and Zoe.

I found a flower in the snow whose beauty lies so deep below. Across the sea a great divide, but our feelings we can not hide. A discovery so fresh and new, it was fate that led me to you. Now every day is so much brighter, my heart is floating it is so much lighter. From two we have now become one, it was meant to be since we had begun. We satisfy each other, we know it is real,...Read On


Bitten By Lust

Love Bites

My warm breath touches your skin first, Hot, moist. Then my soft full lips press against your neck, Firmly kissing the throbbing vein just under the skin. I lick your skin, Love your taste. Licking you with a flat, broad tongue. Savoring the taste of you. The tip of my stiff tongue, tracing the skin beneath your collar, My collar for you. My nail scraping your nipple....Read On



Wipe the tears from my eyes as I sit here alone, wondering when the day will come when he finally loves me. When he decides that it's alright to accept that he can know that I am his. My heart has belonged to him since the day I met him. But as he beholds my heart, he is crushing me, killing me slowly because without him, I don't exist. I live for him, I breath for him. Whenever my heart...Read On



I walk into the room you don’t look my way. Seems we’ve been together so long there is nothing left to say. How I long for the days when I couldn’t wait to see you. When you were the biggest wish I wanted to come true. Apart we have grown that spark we do lack. No matter what I do I can’t seem to get it back. Satisfaction only comes through other means now. Your disinterest leaves...Read On


Tell Me

When the battle begins, or when it's over, tell me you still.....

When the battle is lost or won And the fighting is in recess And we've done all that can be done When we've gathered all the strength we can possess Tell me that hope is not gone That there is more that I can do That my binds with dawn Are as strong as my ties are with you. When I can finally be with you In the woods, near the waterfall Under the luminous moon Listening to the Crow's call...Read On


Room Eleven Ten

finally we meet in person....

Room Eleven Ten In my fantasy the room number is always the same…eleven ten I see the door to me swing open, the second before were alone Every encounter we had shared both real and invented rushed through us then You are not a stranger, I've made love to you so many times, to each other… our true hearts are known I see the door to me swing open, the second before were alone In the...Read On


Fate's gift to me

Everything happens for a reason

Fate’s gift to me Fate gave a handsome gift to me One path that was traveled only a short while In its splendor I can finally see That which would forever make me smile One path that was traveled only a short while His happiness meant more to me than mine That which would forever make me smiles In the pieces of a shattered heart, I found strength to shine His happiness meant more to...Read On

Audio version available

All Tied Up

A little true story about a hobby I have.

I want to lick the salty sweat off of your firm abs. Run my tongue everywhere that will drive you mad. Watch your body as it moves, take all of you in. Lock you away, tie you up and explore every sin. Wrap that cord made of soft foam around your package so very tight. Circle your hard cock, separate your balls and make you squeal to my delight. Tease you with my hot tongue swirling...Read On


The game we play

Online relationships are still between people....

The game we play Behind a veil of harmless distraction, lurks a dark potential Here reality and fantasy walk together hand in hand Remember that behind all that's said and done, sits a mind, body and's essential In quality not quantity will your passions and desires expand Here reality and fantasy walk together hand in hand Each encounter an adventure, it's complete journey...Read On


Till there was you

A short poem I wrote.

I almost forgot how love felt Till you came into my life, I had lost what was true, What made Till there was you I never smiled I didn't laugh. Now that you're here I smile a smile that reaches to my eyes, I laugh at how I used to be. Without you I was nothing, Now I feel free, Ready to take on the world, Climb mountains, and swim the ocean, Love overpowering all other emotions,...Read On



What I find in you

You In your eyes the rest of the world falls away In your eyes there's a flash of heat unlike anything I have ever felt In your eyes scenes of our bodies joining make me melt In your eyes visions of us entwined linger into the day In your bed I know I always have a safe place to land In your bed is where I belong In your bed I writhe at the expert touch of your hand In your bed our...Read On

Audio version available


I don’t want to need him but I don’t know how to stop. I’ve fallen for a delusion, a man that was so hot. A dream that was never all the things I wanted him to be. Though he was always consistently my biggest fantasy. I just kept on waiting and hoping things would change. I never figured on the fact we would become estranged. My insides are so empty and I’m feeling rather lost. I...Read On


Urequited Love

I watched him as he walked up near

Unrequited love I watched him as he walked up near Hoping my heartbeats he would not hear I longed to have him close to me But noticing me would never be I dreamt that that he would strip me bare And run his fingers through my hair To kiss my neck would make me weak And make my nipples rise to peak To feel his body next to mine Would be a feeling so divine To feel...Read On


Visions of Mutual Pleasure

Love to watch you......

Visions of Mutual Pleasure I find nothing more erotic than the vision of mutual pleasure To share the passionate experience of our self seductions observed Exactly what we desire, by our own expert hand, we demonstrate to each other I'm captivated by the sensual choices, that for yourself are reserved To share the passionate experience of our self seductions observed I revel in the sight as...Read On


My favorite Position

the one I like best...

My Favorite Position Lying on my back, legs open, ready to receive I watch the dark look of want roll across your eyes Anticipating the pressure of your hips pressing into me Biting my lip, holding my breath as you slide between my thighs I watch the dark look of want roll across your eyes You sink deeper, I arch, my body begging for more Biting my lip, holding my breath as you slide between...Read On


I Remember These

Faded snatches of memory jarred free.

I remember the strangest things A patchwork of images that don't make much sense. Sitting cross-legged on a threadbare rug tiny faded lavender petals and green vines interwoven snakelike upon a sandy background I remember watching a pool of milk translucent as it slowly spread across the smooth surface of a stainless steel counter eagerly awaiting the moment when it would reach the edge ...Read On


Tired girl

Tired girl, you give me a weary smile, speak my name with a husky voice All pretense is beyond you, but about your loveliness you have no choice Worker, student, mother - there are so many things to be But it requires no effort to be what you are to me Tired girl, slide into my arms, let me carry you to your warm and tender bed I’ll undress you with a reign of healing kisses,...Read On



Can't get you off my mind

Your name appears in my mind, My pussy heats. Your words play over and over, My pussy lips swell. The visuals, the details, the complete saturation of mind, My clit hardens, pulses. For hours we play, you discover hot spots I never knew I had, My pussy squeezes tight, clenches hard. Touching me with words, the way I want to be touched. Here. Waiting. Ready. Soaking wet. ...Read On


A Heart of Rage

We fight for our lives, And stay because we love, We place ourselves in dangerous situations, And for some reason they get upset. They hit and punch, You kick and scream. You make up, and laugh. But then something happens, You see it in their eyes, And it starts again. You can't seem to leave, Because you have a heart...Read On


Your Invisible Lover

The ultimate state of intimacy...

I am with you when you masturbate When your fingers tease your stiff nipples They become my fingers When your slick fingers slide over your stiff clit That is the pre-cum-slippery head of my cock The soft sheets of your bed that caress your back as you writhe They are my arms and my hands sliding down your sweaty back to caress your bottom I am your invisible lover I am with...Read On


A drink from her cup.

This poem was inspired by someone who has always been sweet to me. I hope she recognizes herself.

I drink red wine before the fire; She shares my cup with grace. Cold winds howl, the fire’s blaze Chases chill away. I lay her down and drink my wine From the hollow of her throat; Spilling out across her breast, My hungry lips then race. Her navel is a tankard full Of wine, ripe for the taking. Below, out spills her own sweet wine; A far more heady vintage. Rosé cheeks. ...Read On