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Love Poems


Because of You

I miss him because of what you did

Because of the shooting rampage in Texas, someone I love and care about has to leave to go back into combat.  This is a poem about the murderer who's actions are making that so. ------------------------------------------ Because of You   Because of you He has to go. Because of you I cannot hold him. He has to leave The safety of my arms Because of you. Because of...Read On




To pleasure my man's cock is to know his undying love. To pleasure my man's cock is to feel his hardness as it cascades down my body to fine my dripping wet hole eager with desire. To pleasure my man's cock is to feel his hardness on my lips and tongue, as I slowly take him deeper and deeper down my lustful throat. To pleassure my man's cock is to feel him enter me at full force, to...Read On


Passion lost and gained

As the flames burn out the fire starts again

In a flash he appeared and kept at me Not letting up always chasing Hesitant at first then I quickly dropped my guard Letting him in was my mistake Knew from the start it was to hot Thought he could handle the flame Too much mystery instead of honesty But the heat persisted and passion was surmounted by none The mutual craving was intense Reality crept into the fantasy...Read On


Are They Happier Without Me?

Yet another romantic poem...sorry...

Thinking about the loves of the past, All the loves that didn't last. All my loves of yesterday, I wonder where they are today, The close moments that we shared, The loving words that said we cared. I think about the ones that slipped on by, I sit by myself and I wonder why, One day they're here and next they're gone, I understand that life goes on, But still I wonder if it was meant to be,...Read On


Pleasures Stream

About sex

As I Bed, You, my Dear. Nothing so Sweet, That tastes as Good. Biting to Taste, Craving your Blood. Salivating as I think, Of what Becomes. The rhythm of Two, Beating as One. Moving so Slow, And yet so Fast. Riding a stream of Pleasure , Only to merge with...Read On


I Wish I Knew

Another poem because I didn't know what else to write.

Where did you come from, who are you? Where do you live, what do you do? Did we share a bottle, did we share a drink? Did we discuss what each of us think? But you're lying next to me all the same, I just wish I could remember your name. How did you get here, did you drive your car? Or did we meet in that corner bar? Did I walk you home, did I hold the door? Did you find me interesting...Read On


Last Night

About remembering a night of sex

I lay Beside, You, my Beautiful. Thinking of, The Love, we Made. Passion so enraged, Filled our Souls. As we became One, Last Night. Exploring each other. Feeling a new Realm, One after Another. Bringing Climax after Climax. Biting and Clawing, Like Animals. We did Mate, Until Collapsing....Read On



About oral

Sweet Juices, Flow Out, Enticing Me, With your Scent. Going Down, Showing Pleasure. Greedily Drinking, Of your Bounty. Your face Shows, The Passion, And Pleasure. My turn...Read On


Pain Excites

About how pain can be exciting

Pain slowly seeps, Threw my veins. Waiting for Pleasure, To drain the Pain. As you bite me, I writhe with bliss. As we kiss, Our passion explodes. An explosion of Passion, As we bed, Our passion is fed, By our joining. Joining only to Climb, Climb higher til we fold. Fold to keep from the cold. Warming each other....Read On


Hearts Beat As One

A Poem

When people ask me how we met, I never tell them on the net, Cause people just don't understand, What happens in this cyber land, But it's love for me and you, A love that is oh so true, Although I long to hold you tight, Hold you near with all my might, I pray for you upon a star, Even though you are so far, And though I long for your touch, I dream about you very much, In another time...Read On


Dark Love

About a dark side of Love

Bite Me, Suck Me, Make me Bleed. Pain, takes no Heed. Sensual, It is. Making me Fizz With Pain, And Pleasure. Taking me In. Making me Feel, Feel the ride. No place...Read On


Love, A Question

About questioning Love

Worth the Time? Worth the Crime? To give it a Chance. To let it Bloom. Will it bring Doom? And Gloom? Will it make me Happy? Or Sad? Maybe even Mad? For something I thought I Had. Had once in my Life? Bit it was Fake. Like life, Give and Take. Not always as good as Cake. Love, Should I let it in? Or close my Heart, Forever?...Read On


Loose Caring

the Hearts Betrayal

Caring Lost, Who cares about the Cost. Why Bother anymore , When things get lost. The Heart brings Pain, Holding cares within. Lose the Feeling, Then you'll start healing. Why does the Heart feel Pain, Not even Healed by the Rain. Why should it be there, When without, Is...Read On


Painful Heart

About the pain the heart and love can bring

Loss of Heart, Heals the Pain. The Heart Controls, Hurting the Soul. The Heart creates Pain. Feels Emotions. Lost Inside, To torment One. Love, creator of Pain, Helping the Heart, Bring on to its' Knees, Making...Read On



A poem about my first Ex Girlfriend

Fallen from heaven, Angelic you were. You found me, Crouched in a corner, cowering. Cowering like a dog. You thought you could help me, But you never wanted to. You tried to change my Aura. Take it away and sell it. Affection shown to you, Did you accept it? Or reject it? No one knows ! Wandering through time, On a deserted path, Waiting to meet you, again, Will it happen? Does true...Read On


Moments Like This

A very stirring erotic poem

Moments Like This Don Abdul ©2005 As we lie here by the fire place In quiet repose, from passionate love making Tracing the edges of your sexy lingerie’ s lace Up your silken thighs, feeling you, wet and ready for another taking Savouring your deep sensual kiss Sensual touch and other little things I’d never want to miss It’s moments like this that open my eyes Making me see past the...Read On


Only You

Poem about my Girl

Looking at you , Never am I blue. Making me Smile. Enticing Me. Your Eyes, Easily lost in. Your smile, Always warm. You are amazing And sexy. I want you Bad. With you, I'm never...Read On


My slave, my lover, my friend

Our journy together

You are special beyond images or words. A chameleon changing at will to suit my every need. Yearning to serve and always please. Depth of passion and urgency of need in balance. Our alter egos in harmony creating an orchestra of lust. Two enigmas finding their complement. Exploring our darkest secrets freely. Complex facets of self revealed. Bound by a common past. ...Read On


Through These Broken Eyes

This is my first story. Comments advice are very welcome. Please enjoy! X

I gaze at you as you sleep soundly beside me, bathed in the soft light. I watch you take gentle breaths and lean closer just to hear the soft sigh of air leave your lips and I look at you properly.   I focus on your eyes. Those green eyes that can wordlessly tell me a million things with just a glance, they can tell me your mad at me or that you need me. They...Read On


Overcuming Loves Pain

about sex healing loves pain

Fleeing Pain, Seeping Wound. Caused by Love. Hell Above. Make me scream Now, Make me Bow. Heal the wound. Complete me. Embrace Me. With your grip. Please me with your body, Make me scream, you're a Hottie. Entwining bodies, Healing. Giving so much Feeling. Sex heals the heart, Pleasure replaces...Read On


Passions Bliss

Poem about sex and passion

Passion Enfolds, Exploding within. Believing  in Sin, Little as a Pin. Rippling with Desire, Taking you higher. As we Collapse, And become One. Climaxing with Intent, Riding the wave of Pleasure, Only we can Measure. Begging for More. Laying with delight, Next to You. Grinning, Savoring , What we...Read On


Senses 5

just my thoughts

m an erotica writer. And as some of you know, a chef. As far as Im concerned, cooking and sex are the only two passions that combine all five of our senses. Taste: We taste fresh fruit in the stands, but we also taste our partner in love-making. The sweetness of a crisp fuji apple being chewed in our mouths, almost like when we are really turned on when you kiss a woman or a On


Only me

Exploring myself

They only want me when I remain aloof and don’t want them. Then when I do want them and give them everything I can they retreat. I am left restless and wondering why. Too many possibilities to ponder. And the craving will not go away. Who shall be next to test my turbulent waters. I remain edgy and uneasy. Seems I only get satisfaction from the ones who are the...Read On


Love's Destruction and Question.

a poem about loves aftermath and questioning it.

A Pit of despair, Is it worth to repair? Mend it, Make it whole. Is it worth more, Broken or fixed? Shattered into Pieces, Waiting til it ceases. Ceases it beating, With pain Fleeting. Love bring Pain. Which the heart Causes. Is love worth the Pain? Can it be healed by the Rain? What can heal the Heart, Surely it can't be Love. Which is a pain from the Start....Read On



A willing submissive describes sensation while blindfolded.

  Shivers course through me As I try to gaze through the blindness I can feel a caress, a tease I try not to call out for nearness.   A block of frozen delight Guided by a mouth and hand And on my shoulders, love bites. My mind adjusts and I understand.   Fingers tangled in my hair And fingers massaging a tingling clit My body thrashes eagerly, but only grasps air ...Read On


Seven Whole Days

Make love to all your five senses, all at once; Every second of every minute of every hour of every

Don Abdul ©2006 There is something wrong with my eyes I cannot take them off you It didn’t take me a moment to realise How my soul yearns for you From your little actions to the complex The beauty of your soul reflects The twinkle in your eyes Soft feminine strength in disguise If I had a week to live and dream with you To act out my passion so deep so true I would spend 2 days licking...Read On


At First Sight

At first sight, I become intoxicated by you.

  At the first sight I beg you for the sweet release That drives me at my core I fall desperately to my knees To be initiated as your little whore.   At the first sight I slide my hand around for all my worth In motions, along with my tongue's heat Around your magnificent girth, Devouring every inch desperately.   At first sight I feel the wetness between my thighs ...Read On


Scent of A Woman

I crave the feeling, the tasting, the eating, and the doing.....

SCENT OF A WOMAN Don Abdul ©2005 Laying out here by the pool Soaking up the sun Drink by my side so sweaty cool From deep within my mind From that collage of smells Perception of smell to the blind It is the one The scent that stirs me to arousal Venting erotic memories of times long gone Heightening my thirst for raw she-juice My hunger for wet swollen lips Letting my desire loose...Read On


Can't Leave Him Alone

Will I Ever Leave?

Sometimes you only love a person when your fucking them... .So you stay just because the sex is good... I've been loving him for years. And it feels like I can't stop loving him, even though I know he's bad for me. I'm addicted to him like a crack head addicted to crack. He's oh so wrong for me & I know this but some days I push the thought to the back of my brain, especially when...Read On


In The Mirror

  She sits in the darkness trying to be free how can she ever tell anyone what she's done to herself? She feels like she has no worth, no value to her name. All because of a little girth, her heart is filled with shame at that girl in the mirror. She's trying to cope with low esteem and doesn't realize that she's loved. She feels like she needs to scream but like no one will hear, it's a...Read On