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Love Poems


What I Tell You In The Darkness

Sometimes pillow talk is just pillow talk, and sometimes it's not.

What I tell you in the darkness…  That which starts in syllables  Whispers and cries  A combination of agony and ecstasy  Dream and reality When my body is wrapped around yours  Every inch of me sensitive to the feel of you  Skin on skin  The inner me open and bare  My nectar escaping  With an ever flow of satisfaction you have erupted  When the source of my glow is you  And the hum of our...Read On


I met You

The lips I can't resist

I met you when I didn't care anymore I spent many days alone And one day you came along I liked you so much I made a mess of things I couldn't say words I could only stare into space Your eyes were different Than others that had seen my face And I wanted to hold you and kiss your face I didn't want to let you go I met you and I just want you to know I wish you...Read On


Falling In Love

Falling in love is so beautiful Especially with a wonderful soul Indeed, love makes the world go round And even heal the deepest wound. Our love is not bound by age, race or gender And distance does not really matter It’s how we feel for each other That makes it become a wonder. Love is not to be suppressed It has to be sincerely expressed Trepidations and reluctance Will...Read On


The First Time!

A long poem about a first time sexual and sensual experience with a woman

The First Time.... It was an extra step in my heartbeat, the moment I first saw you And when we found ourselves, alone, in that bedroom for the first time You took control of me, allowing my hands to roam across your skin so soft Caressing that shapely figure, as our lips touched upon one another Inside, desires built of me wanting to rip off your clothes and fuck you deep and hard But,...Read On


Elevate Her

Deviator In the elevator Instigate, aggravate Frustrate her Blue eyed Strapping delegator Waist band, white bits Manipulate her Take her, infiltrate Illuminate her Elevate, copulate, Stimulate her Down two floors Lubricator She's on all fours Accelerate her Take her wrists Penetrator Spank her ass Dominate her Restrain her Fucking captivate her ...Read On


An Aussie Kiss

A French one down there

Aussie can you hear me down there Dream of your pussy devoid of hair My message mentioned reverse numbers Better than using cheap cucumbers A Sixty nine you'll know is fun For you and me, for everyone An Aussie kiss Id love to try My tongue I know will make you cry While licking sucking your hardening clit My tongue my teeth licking biting it Your juices running I intend to cum My nose...Read On

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Have You Ever 2

this was based on a suggestion from a friend

HaveYou Ever... Have you ever wanted to hold my hand? Have you ever Wanted to hold me tight? Have you ever wanted to hold me and never let me go? Have you ever looked at the stars and thought of me? Have you ever wanted to make love to me in the rain? Have you ever wanted to run your hands through my hair? Have you ever wanted to kiss me deeply? ...Read On


Making her Cum

I’m going to help You whisper in my ear I’ll help you cum Just be open to the idea I gulp loudly Take a deep breath and nod Open your legs Spread that pussy wide A cool liquid pours over my aching clit My breath shudders out At your look of intent That’s it my Diva You say with a smile Rub that clit How does it feel now I groan out loud With...Read On


Chasing The Starlight

I was like chasing the starlight Looking for the love that is right I’ve fallen in love not once but thrice Somehow it brought tears to my eyes Scarred and scared to open up the door But falling in love is what I am looking for I cherish the feel of being loved Make my heart soar like a dove Simple acts of thoughtfulness Words laced with sweetness Coupled with sensuality...Read On


He Wants Me?

Can this be real? Are the feeling true?

We meet and chatted I was looking to score You turned the tables In a quest for more Confused and unhinged I followed along Wanting to redirect Longing for my comfort zone The conversation continued With fantasies of hope We talk about futures The thought to elope I always wanted to wait To make sure it’ll last. But the thought of Your penis Of...Read On

Mystifying Rhythm

A Sensual Tempo

Lips reaching, seeking, finding truly touching Fingers entwined, legs wrapped tight pulling closer Breasts firm full of want, of need to have those Hands trace his name, his scent, his desire Stamping his print deeply on her skin Finding that special spot that makes her scream Running the length of her smooth untainted canvas With hot lust pouring from the sound Of his voice as she...Read On


Words in Time

Today I giggle as we lean against the pillows reading a story from that ancient book we found. Such funny language. Such silly sentiments. Your arm is wrapped around me, one hand resting at my waist, the other holding the book. I turn the pages of this well-loved, ragged tome. In every moment our hearts call to one another through words in time. The letters...Read On

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Have You Ever

Have You Ever... Have you ever sat and wondered why your life turned out the way it did? Have you ever sat and wondered what youi could have done differently? Have you ever sat and wondered if you would ever find mr/mrs right as opposed to Mr/Mrs right now? Have you ever sat and wondered how to change the outcome even when the odds are stacked against you? Have...Read On

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This Sweet Wreck

together.... but not.....

You think I do not know you have entered the room. Telltale sounds roused your curiosity. My eyes are closed and my wetness is filled with two thrusting fingers. A thumb caresses my swollen bud. I am drowning in the sweet depths of total delight. I hear your ragged breath and know that you have joined me as I knead my breasts, pull hard nipples taut, ...Read On



Devour this ecstasy Penetrate me Feel me on the inside Thrust into me Trust in me I shall never tell I will show you a girl You have never seen before The innocent whore I'll scream and moan away my fears Don't worry baby, they can not hear So hold me close And fuck me hard Whatever you please Sometimes I hate it But I crave this kind of love Pull my hair Work your fingers through Cause I'm...Read On


Lusting for you

A poem about a former lover.

I look at you, I feel so strong; how could my lust, be so wrong? I see you move, right close to me; I want to melt, when you dance and swing. you come to me, I stretch my arms; I feel your body, oh so warm. I feel your breasts, press into me; your blue eyes shine, and me they see. I feel your lips, upon my neck; I shudder, but, my passion’s checked. come to me, I pull...Read On


I don't want to feel like this

Stop, in the name of love Before you break my heart I don’t want to feel like this You might just rip me apart. I don’t know what to do Between me and you I don’t want to feel like this I thought that we were true. What happened between us? My heart is in the dust I don’t want to feel like this so what is all the fuss. Can’t we just make it up? I don’t want to lose your love ...Read On



Loved and lost.

I wrote you a poem once It talked of what had gone and what was to come Of all the things I didn't know about you And of all the question I wanted answering That Saturday when I woke up It had gone My window was open I saw my hopes I saw my memories I saw our past I saw all those things that didn't last As they slowly drifted down Riding the wind on that piece of paper ...Read On


Remembering You

I lay here tonight thinking of you And the naughty things you used to say The beautiful things you used to do to me What I would give to feel your hands over my breasts again And your fingers in places I shall not confess Your lips tenderly over mine While your slowly zipping down your pants this whole time You lick me up and down, the moans escape my lips You lower me to my knees, so I can...Read On

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Under the Morning Stars

it is in the morning that i belong to you

Somewhere deep inside I feel your voice cajoling me, drawing me toward wakefulness, singing a soft song of love and passion. The sound fills me with a smile that belongs to you and you alone. Hands touch my body softly and I moan with sleepy pleasure. You turn me to my back and paint my breasts with fiery kisses that speed my heart and take my breath. ...Read On


Wanting of Him

Something about wanting

Lust is that look he gives you that you can't resist. It's how you crave him to pin you at the wrist. Lust is how wild you feel when his hands are on your skin. Lust is the inner voice, begging him to shove you against the wall. The temptation for him to rip off your pants And fuck you in the hall....Read On


Skylark (for Lainey)

Attending to the flight of song

I thought to instruct the birds-- now, wings bowed and bound I'm sinking in the diminishment of a skylark’s looney tune Larking, loose-limbed and giddy turning skycarts in the dappled sun while I, enchanted, shrink To a little pool of bedazzlement--...Read On


A Light Above the Shade

An ode to a significant person.

Her voice calls out to me, it reaches beyond the walls. Her love is a brilliant light, which hangs above the shade. Slowly, the shade leaves from view, the light she wields is too much. Her love is a garden, abundant and plentiful. Her love is a treasure, always too wonderful. Her voice sends a request to me, echoing throughout the halls. Her love, the brilliant light, it seems shall...Read On


My Affair

The essence of him, it quenches my desire. Every sexual word he whispers, fuels the fire The passion in his eyes, sends me over the edge Beneath him, on top, beside, I don't care Just as long as my husband doesn't know of my affair...Read On


Tormented Heart

I totally deleted you from my life; Seeing you around only caused me strife. Made it so I’d have to look to see if you were here; I am trying to protect me, After so long the urge made me look; There you were like I have fucking e.s.p. What are the chances the only time I look you are there? I rack my brains; I have no idea why I should even care. I don’t understand what I see...Read On


The Ghostly Fool

A connection across the net, leads to heartache for one....

I first saw you from afar, across the continent that divided us Images of your beauty, that cast a thousand broken hearts in your wake Little did I realize, that my face was next upon your list Like a small, fragile little mouse, fearful of being crushed from those around me My courage, I summed up, as I added you to speak across the waves Shaking, words fumbling from my fingertips, to...Read On


Last meeting

Something about a man.

The last time we met, Sometime in April I look back at that meeting, Feeling lost inside, Missing you more and more Sitting next to you on the couch, having you hold me close Whispering sweet nothings in my ear Making me blush and and snuggle closer to you You told me your ambitions, you told me your story I told you mine, and you didn't turn away from my dark past You gripped me tighter and...Read On


Lust is not forever

His breath against your lips, hands interwoven, ankles together. Skin burning against skin, You can forget just for a moment. Your past falls away, you are scar free You can ignore the whole world And the life that awaits you after you leave his bed Instead, there is just this gentle kiss His cologne is all you smell, his lips are all you taste His skin is all you feel, brushing against...Read On



When you look at me with those eyes, with that oh so insinuating smirk, and that damn sexy, deep voice. That's when you can take away all my will, all of my reasons to not continue. That's the way you took away my past, showed me how pleasurable your dark and relentless world is. That's why I'm totally in lust with you. ...Read On

Once Again

Souls that seek through space and time until they Reunite

The moment has come for us to reunite Once again One time you and I were much more than lovers Unstoppable passion, desire and power The land was ours, knowledge, kindness, the Love Once again We have it all, the words, silence and the Love Warm kisses veil our bodies, silky sweet Soft light makes shadows on the walls Once again The collision of two souls that seek Through time...Read On