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Love Poems


A Biting Desire

So Bite Me

We shared something, you and I... The love of the feel of teeth on skin, That and our love of each other, A burning fire, A sting, A mark. The bite, such a pure pain, So filled with my desire for you and you for I, The mark, a symbol of it, There for sometimes the world, Sometimes just us, Secret things. But you've gone, You've taken your teeth with you, Taken your passion, Your love,...Read On


Love Once More Forever

Desire came for me last night Her hands feverish Hot against my skin (God, I loved her) With a whispered touch a spark ignites And I awoke to find my bed in flames How I writhed to be consumed with her Inhaled just to feel her sear upon my lungs For she had come for me! This fire that shares my pyre and my life. And a part of me wanted to die there... There in this wondrous gift...Read On


Burning with Passion

Giving into the fire that overtakes me

Igniting the flames that burn within, a fire rages in my soul Burning with a carnal lust, a blaze of desire from a mere spark Engulfing my body like an inferno, a fervor encapsulating my inner core Embers radiate, growing stronger devouring this need with a ferocious hunger Heightened emotions begin to rise, tantalizing thoughts, seeping into the depths of my mind Stimulating...Read On


Adopt Me?

Like a small fragile kitten, I search for that one gentle soul to take me into their heart and lives

Adopt Me? Like a small, gentle kitten, new to the world around it I hide within myself, behind objects and view from afar The scariness of the world, people, and voices that speak Trembling, afraid to be trodden on by those above Searching for that right one, owner, who would take me into their hands Hold me, caress me, touch me to bring me out of my forbidden territory Teasing me when I...Read On



I don't often write poems but I this is one of my better written pieces. It was written awhile back and has never been shared before. Sitting I wonder what happened to us. From friends to lovers and back again, Ever repeating the cycle. Shared conversations on every topic. The one I trusted with everything, Opened myself never considering the pain to come. Feelings of love...Read On


Lonely Heart

My lonely heart lay heavy Upon the breast of my existence As the sickle moon rests softly In an orange Harvest sky. The black top of my life Roams like a coiling snake Searching, seeking Across the barren Landscape of my mind Where is my lonely heart? Adrift and forgotten Under a darkened star, Or hidden away in the depths of Long ago? Lost to what is...Read On

Soulful Kiss

A Captivating Invite

Riverside hills, warm summer night Your hand extended, a simple invite To where you lead, I will follow Many lights, loud noise, laughter This place is alive with music Colors blaze across the sky Animals adorn the corners Of the makefast booths Two tickets in hand, a line we join Waiting to our turn to sit and ride Within a metal cart, to take us Far up many miles high We...Read On


Nothing More

I got it, you need it; but you just refuse to see it. Always talking a good game; but in the end it’s just the same. A series of one night stands; when are you going to understand? You’ll be back some day I’m sure; on your knees, on the floor. It is the same with them all; I know what they want and then they call. Time and time again; no getting what you need if you’re not my...Read On

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This Path

This is the road I am destined to wander until the day I die.

This poem only available on Lush Stories. If you are reading it elsewhere, it has been stolen. The golden glory of the sun is just a distant memory now. I traverse this waking nightmare Under the celestial gaze of a billion starry watchers, They who glitter in my tears with icy blue-white sanction As I lift my face for hostile acknowledgement of my failings. The path I’ve trodden through...Read On

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Familiar Territory

The change in your breathing is barely perceptible as I begin to survey familiar territory. My thumbs massage the arch of your foot. I take your toes in my mouth and suck them one by one... A faint moan floats from the distance as my lips nibble at the crisp hair of your calf. Your knees form mountains under the sheets and I wriggle there in exploration. My fingers lightly skim...Read On


Biting Marks

When I open my eyes, you will be gone...

Waking up at midnight, I feel you Warm body curls up against me Soft arms wrap around my chest Firm thighs mingling closely at my knee Opening my eyes, I see you Long hair spread on the pillow Biting lips in your dreams Sound sleep like a naïve angel Tender smile on my face, I stare at you So hard to believe such a sweet innocent girl Was the same wild vixen just a few hours ago...Read On


to my lover, all the ways you make me cum

I have an amazing, skilled lover who gives me multiple, glorious orgasms!

How do I cum for thee? Let me count the ways. anticipation . when you kiss me slide your perfect hands all over my body the anticipation builds. I feel desire pool in my belly as my breasts swell my nipples tighten. I feel my panties (or thighs, if I'm not wearing any!) get damp as my pussy lips and little clit swell. every time I move every brush of your body or hands, ...Read On


With Regrets....

A poem about regretting the one that slipped away

With Regrets.... I wish I could go back, to those days way back when I saw you for the first time, as I hid back out of sight That petrified little kitten, peeking out to watch you pass by Too terrified to talk, to catch your attention I still think of that day, when you spoke and I did listen But those words, I so desperately wanted to speak Caught, by the butterflies in my stomach...Read On



Trying to survive, one day at a time

Once again I wake feeling numb Already hating the day that has come I plaster on a convincing smile A seemingly endless, torturous trial Desperate to be back at home To shut the door and to be alone There the facade can finally crumble And the tears, once again, down my cheek, they tumble Hugging my arms around myself tightly A comfort, a habit, I resort to it nightly ...Read On

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Eloquent Silence

kissing matters

Our eyes meet and welcome one another. You come close, one strong finger tenderly tracing the corner of my mouth. Your warm breath caresses my face as your body crowds mine and my skin flushes. I breathe a soft sigh into your mouth. Ahhhh, the gentle anticipation, the perfect joy, the eloquent silence, of that moment before a kiss....Read On

Versus Verses 2 - Tea Bagging and Other Poems

The following poems were all written for, and published in, the Versus Verses thread on the Poets Corner of the forums. They are hopefully light and mildy humourous affairs. I hope you enjoy. Cum Girl xxx Tea Bagging "Dunkin Donuts" I do declare "You want to put your scrotum there?" "Oh please, dear dinkums, my sweetpea If you would only suckle me; Just as I enjoyed in far off...Read On

Simple Words

Exchange of Emotion between two Souls

Give it to me Your kiss Your touch Your words Your trust I give to you My words My hands My lips My trust We give Our secret thoughts Our written words Our unseen bodies This is all we have Just Simple Words These carry intense emotion You say these words As I listen And repeat the same I Love You...Read On


Escapism of your Mind

Closing my eyes, and escaping to wonders that await.....

Escapism of My Mind Time ticks away, as another year passes by That yearning for comforting, sensual companionship, That escapes, still out of reach, To be touched, caressed, that make a heartbeat twice as fast, Closing my eyes, taking me far away, To a world free of pain, full of love and joy Looked upon without pity, to never feel shame To be welcomed, open arms wide apart Laying...Read On


My Love Song

I’m in love, And it feels so right. I just wanna reach up, And touch the sky. I’m burning with the, Fire with in my heart. I feel like a, Work of art. When I’m with you, I can never lose. Good or bad, I’ll be there for any news. I wanna be there, When you’re down. I will come and, Turn up that frown. I love you, With all my heart. I love you, With every single part. ...Read On


Kate Harken, ears content, to mine siren song As tender waves do lap about your soul. Embrace temptation sweet; submit, belong Submerged beneath my torrid seas; made whole. Dutifully scurry about my feet Seeking divine morsels to rend your heart, Devour every beguiling treat Abased beneath all I sternly impart. Yet Petruchio is naught less his Kate; Solar and lunar, unchanging,...Read On


An unexpected visit

A cup of chai, would you like? It has such a special taste Many flavors combined Cinnamon, spices and ginger Passion, desire and warmth Relax, sit back and enjoy Sugar, honey or sweet cream? Straight you said, quite a surprise For this brew is rather strong Some feel the sting upon the lips As the infusion touches, flowing Smoothly from the cup Others feel the fire once ...Read On

I kneel on dandelion carpets and weave lilacs between her rose and purple iris

I kneel on dandelion carpets and weave lilacs between her rose and purple iris

I kneel on dandelion carpets and weave lilacs between her rose and purple iris, I assume avuncular circumspect over her horizon. Her sky sucks rain that swallows my smoldering sun. Tasmanian blue gum shadows sit restless in the river’s bend, Ornithes Areioi circles concentric overhead beneath a placid gibbous moon. We sighing lovers who part before Auroras elastic dawn, lay unfeathered the...Read On


Song of Weeping

I stand looking at the soft, breathing sea. The breeze feels like your hands on me, warm and loving. Then you are there. Your body like heaven to my senses. Your lips on the nape of my neck. Your heart flowing over me in waves that match the rhythm of the sea. My body calls to you as you suddenly retreat.... teasing.... tempting..... My heart longs to chase...Read On


With You

Someone told me once, that distance doesn’t matter, That if you love someone, you’re already there with them… There isn’t anything I don’t love about you, Your eyes hold mischief and a sparkle, I’ve fallen into them already innumerable times, Your smile, warm, seductive, loving, Draws me in more every time I see it, The way you grin, it does things to me, Your stance,...Read On

Victrola: A Song In Two Voices

If music be the food of love, play on, give me excess of it.

Victrola: A Song In Two Voices Frank Lee & Cum Girl Author’s Note: “Victrola” is a poetic rendition of an exchange of Online Messages between Frank Lee and me inspired by a picture featuring a record turntable (the Victrola of the title). The exchange was instant and spontaneous, a call and response, each building on the other’s contribution ... improvised freeform...Read On


The Bitter Sweet Impact of Fantasy to Reality

If he only knew how much he affects me...

Did you know that I already looked at your picture last night before I went to sleep? As expected you don't look like the man in my imagination. You looked good and tender as your words in our conversations. And I slept last night with you in my thoughts. I lay in bed with a pillow beside me assuming it was you, Your widely spread arms enclosed me from behind, ...Read On

If You

Just thoughts

If I were to leave, just disappear As swiftly as the Ocean breeze Would the Stars still shine as bright? If my presence was not felt, unseen, A drifting scent that weaves into a mist Would the voices of Nature still be heard? If the prints I make were to be erased, As the sand covers them without remorse Would the birds continue to migrate? If I were suspended, caught between...Read On


What Is Love?

Love Poem

What is Love A handful of promises That can be broken A heart full of Happiness That can turn into loneliness Can I love again Like I loved back then Back when life was much easier Before my heart was broken in to pieces all those years ago I have loved since then But, could not hold onto it I push everyone away If I can love myself Why is it difficult for me to love another.......Read On

Audio version available

No Room

you take everything

You overwhelm me with your need as you pull me too close and steal my breath with your lips. Your hands tear at my body as I moan for your love. That mouth... oh my god. that mouth sucks my breasts as if to drain them of life. The entrance you crave is wet in spite of all efforts because I need you and hate that need at the same time. You slide through the folds ...Read On


Sweet Serenade

Sweet serenade of my heart Like heated lips on the skin of my thigh Those brassy tones all soft and mellow Tender music of my lost soul Reaching out from the past To touch me on the morrow. Sweet notes that cascade and fall, And tumble Across my dreaming flesh like A soft caress That fills the void inside of That loving heart of yesterday. How my spirit...Read On