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Love Poems


Morning Wood

Enjoying a morning pleasure of male masturbation

You are there, each time the sun awakens upon our world Rising from your deep sleep of unconsciousness, unto a new day that unfolds Blood pumping through your veins, spreading life into the engorged head Pulling back the blanket that surrounds you, that kept you comfort through the cold, dark night Swelling with excitement of that touch, that feel upon your thick, hard body Oozing the...Read On


Beautiful prize

The way you dance The way you sway your hips It’s a beautiful prize, For my eyes. The way you walk on the beach The way your hair waves in the wind The way the waves hit your feet as you walk It’s a beautiful prize, For my eyes. The way you sit The way you stand The way you lay The way you talk It’s a beautiful prize, For my eyes. The way your beautiful eyes look at me The...Read On


The Way I feel

If anyone has been wondering why I haven't been on here writing, here is a hint =)

A million butterflies, My heart exploding. In the dead of night, My voice a whisper. The soothing sound of your voice, My breathing erratic. Only your words matter. My heart listens. My arms empty, Longing to hold you. My mouth curved upwards, Involuntary reactions. The way I feel, Is perfect. This time it's real, Not merely illusion. This is something rare. It's called...Read On


Lost To Me...

Love found... and lost

Although our lives were separated, by distance of two continents You awoke my desires, my hopes and the beat of my heart with just your smile For the first time, I discovered the truth and understanding of the word love You showed me your beauty, as I looked upon a woman for the first time with eyes of wonder Every waking moment, and every night of darkness your face was captured into my...Read On

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Je ne regrette rien

I regret nothing - with apologies to Edith Piaf for stealing the title of her iconic song.

We all have a past A bank of memories  Both happy and sad Of love and passion Excitement and delight Loss and heartbreak. Je ne regrette rien. Fleeting encounters Where impetuosity overcame reason Fuelled by intense desire Being mutual objects of lust  Like a flash of lightning  Incandescent, hot, ephemeral And soon gone.  Je ne regrette rien. Having been...Read On


Frogs and Princes

I've kissed a lot of frogs in my search for a prince...

Frogs and Princes Think I've kissed a lot of frogs in my search for a prince each time thinking I've found the key to happiness each time being shot down in flames my heart has learnt to be resilient but my arms are still empty and my skin still untouched but for brief moments in time when yet another ...Read On

Once It's Over

An anthem for the broken-hearted.

I was a nothing For you, Perhaps a stone. Slate for you to tread upon Through your journey to places unknown. Your feet scuffed at my surface, And your weight pushed me further into mud In the rolling river you were crossing As you arrogantly assumed my love. ... but I still gave it. I was a something A face not yet nearly worn, Now something you will easily discard As...Read On


The Rain, the Sun

I am the rain, So gloomy, dreary, and so lonely, And without you the sun, my sun, I am nothing but a wet and cloudy day. Without you, The flowers will drown, And upon every face, There will be a frown. If you sneak though the clouds, And shine upon me, We make a rainbow, For all to see. ___________________________ I am the sun, So hot, dry and so bright, And...Read On


Sweet Water

dedication to praise the temple of womenhood

To drink from your sweet body would be my pleasure Just you and I alone in the dark As I drink you up Like sweet water Nothing more than your satisfaction As I lick your sweet tender spot The whole night through I don't expect anything from you  Except your sweet water As you twitch and moan, climax after climax Squeezing me tight with your legs Allowing me the honor to drink you...Read On



When friends or lovers are absent, memories fill the void

When you are not here, When you are not there, When you are absent, Where do I turn? My voice calls out, But you are not there to hear me. My words? You are not there to read them. My heart? It sits alone, Unable to call out, Unable to find words. My hands reach down And relieve me of my clothes, My hands reach down And find my hardness, Standing naked alone, My hands become The conduit...Read On


in love

I’m in love! You might not see, My heart above, It’s for you and me. I’m only half And you can make me whole I’m down a long shaft You can pull me up full. When I’m not humble You can help me out With a big bubble There’s no doubt. When I’m in trouble All I think of is you, my wife It makes it double Because you’re my life. All I heard From...Read On

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My Bad Boy

Remembering someone special

Always the good girl  But like most good girls With a weakness for bad boys, Dangerous boys making me a bad girl. An intelligent and elegant woman With a simmering sexuality beneath Never fully expressed with lovers Though still surprising them With my sensuality - until you. Until you. You charmed me as bad boys do.  You knew what was there Inside of me, even if I...Read On

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Better...Because of You

May everyone have someone who is an inspiration, be that person for someone else, or both.

Because of you, in so many ways — I am stronger... I am better. No longer am I weak and tethered; Your acquaintance released my fetter. ~ Your quick wit makes me laugh; ...I am happier. Your unfailing support bolsters me; ...I am more confident. Your gentle advice nudges me; ...I am more productive. Your unerring perception enlightens me; ...I am healthier. Your...Read On



A poem about the aftermath of being hurt

TORN Your voice echoes, still softly around the room The smell of your essence, and fragrant perfume Lingers silently, within these four walls with no escape As I lay upon my bed, closing my eyes, and remembering your face The way you whispered sweet words, embraced me in your arms And the moment you departed, taking with it my beating heart Stomping it into pieces, unable to glue it back...Read On


Will You Marry Me?

You are so very righteous And so to good for me You are so very gorgeous Will you be with me all life and eternity? With our love so strong In the world of us Whatever is wrong There will be no dust. With our love So bright and tender All heaven above Can see that Christ is our mender. Oh, would you marry me? With nothing as strong as our love Will...Read On


Good Night, My Sweet Love

Good night my sweet love, Good night Rest And let your worries go Close your eyes, ever will I watch over you Good night my sweet love, Good night Dream And let your heart wonder free Always will I protect you Good night my sweet love, Good night Drift And I will dance through the mists of your mind I will move through space I will sway and twirl My...Read On


Love in Cyber Space

Cyber love in the ethereal world

I come to you through time and space and somehow I can touch your face and hold you close and kiss your lips and suddenly I feel your hips move with mine as if you’re here and in my mind the atmosphere of where I am is charged with heat and I can feel our bodies meet in ways my passion can’t ignore and know that soon our lust will soar and take us to another place, a realm...Read On


Love in Time

To dust to dawn, Dawn to dust, With the time, We will know about us. From the heavens above, And below, It will be our love, That will glow. ...Read On


The End

And then she was set free...

Thank you for everything I never thought possible. Thank you for instilling great strengths in me That I didn’t think existed. Thank you for making me feel valued When I felt I had no worth. Thank you for caring for me When I never thought anyone ever would again. But most of all, thank you for allowing me to love you, Because I truly do, and always will....Read On


Delicious Ambiguity

More thoughts about internet love

We cannot see each other but  In your eyes I am beautiful. We cannot feel each other but I live in your heart. We are so far away but You are always close to me. We cannot know each other but  You make me smile. We cannot hear each other but You make me laugh. We cannot touch each other but I sense you holding me. All of our senses so acutely stimulated By each other...Read On


Blind Vision

How she got here is not as important as her being here

She is all blind vision How she got here is not as important as her being here He thought she would smash the fine china Instead she had known They always know  Had she known herself? Tried to tame the uncontrollable Afraid of her own carnal shadow She dug in The sweetly fragrant citrus peel unraveled Neon and sticky against her skin Under her manicured, glossy nails How they met is not...Read On


Restless Hunger

My frustration level is at maximum; I need to get laid, just cum and cum. Nothing has turned out as I planned; Slipping through my fingers like grains of sand. I need a new beginning, a fresh new start; Something to ease my restless heart. What I need is right underneath my nose; But it is never enough to cure my woes. Only fills this emptiness for a little while; I need to be...Read On


I Want to Fuck You like a Slut

A playful fantasy with my lover...

I want to fuck you like a slut— take you from behind, thrusting like a wild man. I want to make you mine. I want to pull your hair, spank you ‘til you scream, make you beg for more and more thrusting ‘til you cream. I want to hear you sobbing then wipe away each tear and hold you in my arms and say, “I love you, dear.”...Read On


Please beg me

My fingers touch your hair As you kneel down In front of me Obedient, tamed, fragile Like a lamb Waiting for me For inspection For discipline I wonder tomorrow If people in your office Will notice The bruise on your wrist Left by the rope Your swollen lips Caused by my Sucking, biting, thrusting And your hoarse voice From all the Moaning, screaming, whimpering Tonight Am I too harsh? Is...Read On


You're Words

Your words and my imagination.........

As I woke this morning I had you on my mind. I lifted my head; I pictured your face, so handsome and so kind. I looked on through the rays of sun, out to the world outside. In doing this I start to think of all the words you’ve shared. I rest my head for comfort, as this relaxes me. I think of you, and all your words, and what they mean to me. Your words, they paint a picture of...Read On


Tied up in Ecstasy

You stand there, dripping, all tied up, leaving me with so many places to go. Blindfolded, your senses heightened. You squirm in your restraints, not wanting to be free. My mouth begins to water as I drop to my knees, I can smell your moistness, but I want to taste. My breath on your snatch makes you quiver and you moan, wanting me to want more. I kiss your clit gently, then let...Read On



Crushed by beauty of a female creation

From the moment I saw you, I was captured by your beauty An Angelic form, created by the Gods to enslave male's hunger for a beating heart Every curve drove around a dangerous corner, that sent goosebumps upon my skin Your eyes that offered sincerity and honesty, but hid behind them the truth of coldness Your touch, that caused my body to turn to jelly within your grasp And form a mould...Read On


Sonnets for the New Year

Sonnets written on New Year's Day about the disintergration of love

Tenderly, I think of you, lovelier than I have ever known. Your eyes sing, your voice dances, your hair, fluffier and wilder than when gypsies laugh and fling their hearts like tambourines and a fiddle plays. You dazzle me, but like a rainbow I can’t reach, a star I can’t touch, a riddle I can’t penetrate--someone I don’t know. Our words, when we speak, ricochet. Gestures I...Read On


That Other Thing

Always left unsaid

That other thing, You know it, I know it That thing left unsaid That thing between us That thing that scrapes out our souls Like a flicker of light inside us A glowing pearl of thought A windswept cliff on a distant shore A mountain peak capped with snow A beauty of such painful sorrow As we leave that thing unsaid Though we both know it’s there And we...Read On

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i love being from the south

Pining is such an old fashioned word and yet, it is truly my experience. I rock on my front porch, fan myself languidly, and sigh. My desire is that you come sit beside me on my porch swing and hold my hand as we talk quietly about the events of the day. I thirst for sweet tea and the sight of lightning bugs and your kiss at the corner of my mouth. My...Read On