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Love Poems


Gone but not forgotten

Remembering a very special Lush friend

You were not the first to friend me but you were the first to friend me in your own special way Like a searchlight in the night You led me to safe harbor We laughed and shared some fun You asked that I be gentle For you I did comply I told you I would not judge We shared things that bared our souls Together we did connect As short a time as we had together I can tell you...Read On


Music of Words

Playing with words, Like the strings of an instrument, What fine melody will you weave in my heart When that music wafts softly Across forever And touches a soul That yearns for release. Do you ever think, That you create such wicked wonder With your words of hunger and fire Deep in the dense heat of my lusting body That aches to feel worthy Of such...Read On


I Love You

I love you darling and my whole being wants to be in your arms.

Your love encountered a wall that I had built around my heart. You slowly took one brick at a time down until your love fill me. I saw your love was true and love blossomed inside my heart. I trusted you and realized I love you just as much as you do me. Even though the miles separate us what is in our hearts is real. For me it is the first time that the love is unconditional and pure....Read On


Do you think of me?

So many things remind me of you

I thought of you today, when I passed by where you gave me my first kiss I remember the butterflies when you looked into my eyes, leaning in. I remember the excitement when our lips touched, how your arms enveloped me and how everything felt right. Nothing could touch us in that moment. Do you ever think of me? I thought of you today, when I saw a yellow tulip while driving down the road...Read On



How do we bridge the gap between desire and reality?

How can I want more when I already have everything? Greed and desire, Can I tell the difference? You, who have been my friend, My everything, Can I really ask for more? When I have cried, You have cried with me, When I have laughed, You have laughed with me, When I say I love you, You say it to me too. When I am alone, You remind that I am not. When I am near my end, You remind that there...Read On


Thinking, walking, running in circles Hungry hands searching, reaching out On a cool morning, still dark Nothing, blank, stunned, gone Found a crayon as I ran against the wind Picked it up and began to scribble Making images of the future Visions of rivers drowning into the ocean My hand became enraged Overpowered my will I tried to stop but could not Pulse...Read On


Made Us One

A velvet playground/Intimately heightened

The smooth and silky Line of perfection Normally hidden between Two perfect long tanned stems, Puffs prominently Its outer lips In arousal To my hands, Massaging lightly Over her naked body Sensually pressing Into the lush bed. Erotic sounds Escape her lips In waves of Hot syllables That form no words, Only tones, Of wondrous bliss Deep inside her. Her hot skin Under my palms, A...Read On


I can never go back

I felt it break with burning tears of something I expected. The stinging sensation ran through every opening my body held. Filled to the brim with a new experience in life, I’m ruined. No longer is there a purity about me that no one can touch. No longer am I safe from the dangers of the world. No longer can I live absent-minded in childish games of life. You awakened me....Read On



A man reminisces.

In my darkest hour, when all hope had died, And nothing was left to feel inside. No love, no soul, no heart, no light, I was as barren as the Gobi’s night. I felt myself drawn to a place, By the tendrils of your reaching grace. It started with just a ten minute chat, By the end I was hooked, it's as simple as that. Your intelligence nurtured, your love gave me breath, ...Read On


I want to...

I miss you, I need you, I crave you...

I want to… All of sudden I miss you I need you I crave you I want to pull you into my arms  To kiss you  To feel you  To taste you I want to push you against the wall  To enter you  To take you  To have you I want to hear your voice  Moaning for me  Begging for me  Screaming for me I want to feel your body  Quivering for me  Shuddering for me  Trembling for me I...Read On


My Left Hand

For all the times it felt like a brand, Laying there across my hand. Shouting don’t ask, don’t try, This woman is not free to buy. Not that this was always planned, But it still lays there on my left hand. Stopping me from running by, And losing my tough guy. For this reason I abide, But refuse to become a Stepford bride. Standing at the altar like a frump, Hiding my almighty bump....Read On


Blown Away

A poem about receiving a blowjob from a beautiful girl!

It all began with a kiss, two sensual lips that touch Soft, wet, and gentle upon first meet Your face I hold, my hands caress Brushing your hair away, to reveal those eyes so blue Your vision upon me, not looking with disgust That smile upon your face, assurance of trust Lead to the bedroom, my hand pulled by yours As we lay upon the sheets, our hands exploring each other's bodies Your...Read On

Gypsy Music

How many times have I wanted to do it well And sinned by talking too much? Not knowing where, how or when To be silent, shhhh, not a word All those steps walking side by side Don't seem to be so many now, The shadows know all the love we've vowed That night you said I was yours and you Were mine, no matter the day or time But now it's not the same anymore, This was not a game...Read On



A Poem that came to mind while sitting at work

The sexual energy tingles the air Sending vibrations threw my entire body Looking at you sends me into overdrive Knowing what your hands can do Your lips Your tongue To my entire body I crave and want more Sitting next to you I cannot sit still Lust builds within me Until I cannot stand it anymore Straddling your lap I seal the deal With an...Read On


A Biting Desire

So Bite Me

We shared something, you and I... The love of the feel of teeth on skin, That and our love of each other, A burning fire, A sting, A mark. The bite, such a pure pain, So filled with my desire for you and you for I, The mark, a symbol of it, There for sometimes the world, Sometimes just us, Secret things. But you've gone, You've taken your teeth with you, Taken your passion, Your love,...Read On


Love Once More Forever

Desire came for me last night Her hands feverish Hot against my skin (God, I loved her) With a whispered touch a spark ignites And I awoke to find my bed in flames How I writhed to be consumed with her Inhaled just to feel her sear upon my lungs For she had come for me! This fire that shares my pyre and my life. And a part of me wanted to die there... There in this wondrous gift...Read On


Burning with Passion

Giving into the fire that overtakes me

Igniting the flames that burn within, a fire rages in my soul Burning with a carnal lust, a blaze of desire from a mere spark Engulfing my body like an inferno, a fervor encapsulating my inner core Embers radiate, growing stronger devouring this need with a ferocious hunger Heightened emotions begin to rise, tantalizing thoughts, seeping into the depths of my mind Stimulating...Read On


Adopt Me?

Like a small fragile kitten, I search for that one gentle soul to take me into their heart and lives

Adopt Me? Like a small, gentle kitten, new to the world around it I hide within myself, behind objects and view from afar The scariness of the world, people, and voices that speak Trembling, afraid to be trodden on by those above Searching for that right one, owner, who would take me into their hands Hold me, caress me, touch me to bring me out of my forbidden territory Teasing me when I...Read On



I don't often write poems but I this is one of my better written pieces. It was written awhile back and has never been shared before. Sitting I wonder what happened to us. From friends to lovers and back again, Ever repeating the cycle. Shared conversations on every topic. The one I trusted with everything, Opened myself never considering the pain to come. Feelings of love...Read On


Lonely Heart

My lonely heart lay heavy Upon the breast of my existence As the sickle moon rests softly In an orange Harvest sky. The black top of my life Roams like a coiling snake Searching, seeking Across the barren Landscape of my mind Where is my lonely heart? Adrift and forgotten Under a darkened star, Or hidden away in the depths of Long ago? Lost to what is...Read On

Soulful Kiss

A Captivating Invite

Riverside hills, warm summer night Your hand extended, a simple invite To where you lead, I will follow Many lights, loud noise, laughter This place is alive with music Colors blaze across the sky Animals adorn the corners Of the makefast booths Two tickets in hand, a line we join Waiting to our turn to sit and ride Within a metal cart, to take us Far up many miles high We...Read On


Nothing More

I got it, you need it; but you just refuse to see it. Always talking a good game; but in the end it’s just the same. A series of one night stands; when are you going to understand? You’ll be back some day I’m sure; on your knees, on the floor. It is the same with them all; I know what they want and then they call. Time and time again; no getting what you need if you’re not my...Read On

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This Path

This is the road I am destined to wander until the day I die.

This poem only available on Lush Stories. If you are reading it elsewhere, it has been stolen. The golden glory of the sun is just a distant memory now. I traverse this waking nightmare Under the celestial gaze of a billion starry watchers, They who glitter in my tears with icy blue-white sanction As I lift my face for hostile acknowledgement of my failings. The path I’ve trodden through...Read On

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Familiar Territory

The change in your breathing is barely perceptible as I begin to survey familiar territory. My thumbs massage the arch of your foot. I take your toes in my mouth and suck them one by one... A faint moan floats from the distance as my lips nibble at the crisp hair of your calf. Your knees form mountains under the sheets and I wriggle there in exploration. My fingers lightly skim...Read On


Biting Marks

When I open my eyes, you will be gone...

Waking up at midnight, I feel you Warm body curls up against me Soft arms wrap around my chest Firm thighs mingling closely at my knee Opening my eyes, I see you Long hair spread on the pillow Biting lips in your dreams Sound sleep like a naïve angel Tender smile on my face, I stare at you So hard to believe such a sweet innocent girl Was the same wild vixen just a few hours ago...Read On


to my lover, all the ways you make me cum

I have an amazing, skilled lover who gives me multiple, glorious orgasms!

How do I cum for thee? Let me count the ways. anticipation . when you kiss me slide your perfect hands all over my body the anticipation builds. I feel desire pool in my belly as my breasts swell my nipples tighten. I feel my panties (or thighs, if I'm not wearing any!) get damp as my pussy lips and little clit swell. every time I move every brush of your body or hands, ...Read On


With Regrets....

A poem about regretting the one that slipped away

With Regrets.... I wish I could go back, to those days way back when I saw you for the first time, as I hid back out of sight That petrified little kitten, peeking out to watch you pass by Too terrified to talk, to catch your attention I still think of that day, when you spoke and I did listen But those words, I so desperately wanted to speak Caught, by the butterflies in my stomach...Read On



Trying to survive, one day at a time

Once again I wake feeling numb Already hating the day that has come I plaster on a convincing smile A seemingly endless, torturous trial Desperate to be back at home To shut the door and to be alone There the facade can finally crumble And the tears, once again, down my cheek, they tumble Hugging my arms around myself tightly A comfort, a habit, I resort to it nightly ...Read On

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Eloquent Silence

kissing matters

Our eyes meet and welcome one another. You come close, one strong finger tenderly tracing the corner of my mouth. Your warm breath caresses my face as your body crowds mine and my skin flushes. I breathe a soft sigh into your mouth. Ahhhh, the gentle anticipation, the perfect joy, the eloquent silence, of that moment before a kiss....Read On

Versus Verses 2 - Tea Bagging and Other Poems

The following poems were all written for, and published in, the Versus Verses thread on the Poets Corner of the forums. They are hopefully light and mildy humourous affairs. I hope you enjoy. Cum Girl xxx Tea Bagging "Dunkin Donuts" I do declare "You want to put your scrotum there?" "Oh please, dear dinkums, my sweetpea If you would only suckle me; Just as I enjoyed in far off...Read On