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Love Poems


In The Mist

A vapor dissipating quickly; A wisp of smoke vanishes in the air. The wind has a change in direction; All the sudden you are there. An illusion is on the horizon; An Oasis peeking through the haze. I squint and I can barely see it; If I turn my head it fades away. In the mist I can almost see you; In the fog are you really there? Why did you make your presence known? Did you know I would...Read On



Sometimes I wake up, I cry, Then smile, As I remember the sound of your voice. Sometimes I look up, To the sky, And smile, As I remember you're somewhere out there. Sometimes I lay in my bed, Staring at the wall, Then smile, As I close my eyes and imagine that you're here. Sometimes I forget, That you're so far, Then smile, As I put my hand on my heart remembering you're there. Sometimes...Read On



Broken - Repair I wasn’t always miserable as you can probably see, there once was a boy in my life that was very important to me. We started out as friends and slowly began to fall,  but as it turns out our love was fairly small.   I finally got enough courage to tell him how I felt, He responded to my feelings and with that I surely melt.   I felt like the luckiest girl in the...Read On


Study Hard

How to reconcile school and relationships

I wipe the smug from my chin and fish for the key. I’m late again. I need the hall to myself a moment Before we meet. It’s like a hum in the air, A rumble in the boards, this new thing between. At my side, your nose squinches, a parakeet in rain, Scratching the breeze for wafts of unsanctified prayers, The ones the gods scatter, by ill winds cleft. But I keep baby wipes in the car, you...Read On


The Hallway Greet

How every man should be greeted by their girl after a hard day's work...

I greet you at the door after a hard day’s work, plant a deep, warm, wet kiss on your mouth and press my body up against yours, Can you feel how much I want you, hun?  Our hands explore each other’s bodies as I gently slip off your coat and let it drop to the floor. I feel your body tighten and muscles contract, my pelvis pushing hard against you now, I can feel you, babe, I...Read On


Our First Time

Our first time was like: Haggling with a dealer, For our honor, It was smooth, Awkward, Useless, Like breaking bones. Under the table, Lies the box, The boxof pride. To find your way our way out of the box, Was like walking through the forest of Resentment, Wrath Jealousy And romance. Finding no end. We had to go through the passage way of mystery, It...Read On


Waves of Passion

Waves of passion causing crinkles in the sheets; Fists taking hold of them in reaction as our bodies meet; A flood of emotions slowly fill my hot core, As you rise above me making me want you even more. Your heavy body as it slowly falls upon mine, Sends a piercing jolt, as your hardness crosses my vertical line. The pressure of you filling me, instantly makes me moan, Through the love we...Read On


Hot Tamale

If food be the food of love, love on

My fantastic ideal would be To be your Mexican housepoetess: Aztec princess, ceremonial heart-swiper, Gymnastically bilingual just as I am bisexual, A hot tamale in bedazzled headgear, pink plumage, Bronzed arms stained with the sex juice of my victims: see them laid Out upon the stairway to my bedroom at each dawn of another exhaustless day. Ay, caramba! But reality ‘tis, I’m much more...Read On


Singing Old Love Songs

Singing to and dancing with your lover

Singing Old Love Songs Sisyphus If I could I’d sing to you, and even though my voice might crack, or stray off key or I’d forget the words and have to hum those bars, still, I’d look into your eyes and hold my hands in front of me, palms up and croon those words Sinatra sang, “ Oh night and day, you are the one ” and “ All of me— why not take all of me ”-- and...Read On


The Thought Of You...

...has an effect on me and the thought of you....

...stays with me all day and nights too. At first glance of a mornings dew - in the moment when breaths are few. My lips smile at the thought of you. ...being with me, alone please too. You are much more than just a screw, Our friendship means something, its true. My juices flow at the thought of you. ...drives me insanely crazy too. Maybe I'm just crazy for you. Just like when I smell too...Read On


New revalations

to a friend who has opened a door for me....

My control your desire Your pain My pleasure Our trust in each other Punnishment for pleasure Tears of pain becomes Tears of pleasure Bound and gagged Lust for more Temptation to become sore My thrill your wish My climax your goal Chained together our souls My command you must obey I am the Master as you are the slave you feel controlled but safe.......Read On



Letting go and giving into ones sexual freedom, wants and needs

Wanting the rush from a sudden flirtation, the kind that leaves you breathless with anticipation. Wanting to share all my secrets with you, Divulge my passions and fantasies too. Wanting to break the good girl mode, Unleash to you my dirty soul. Wanting to feel your skin against mine, Your touch, your lips, caresses so fine. Wanting the passion from a desperate kiss, The one that...Read On


Ode to Young Men

all youth is not callow.... ;-)

Young men freely speak their desires, their tenderness, their arousal. Unlike more “mature” men they have not that wariness of the expectations of women, that fear of committing themselves by momentary sentiments. They fearlessly walk out on the ice expect it to hold their weight. They hold out their hands and invite even more “mature” women, who are wary and...Read On



fantasies of a lover

Fantasies Sisyphus Fantasies come at the oddest moments-- and suddenly we meet in a dark forest, my gypsy. You smile and your eyes call me to your lips with omens of your wildness. Our tongues caress and tantalize, The wetness of your mouth is warm as we fall to the forest floor and the fire. Other times, we’re in a bar, my whore, sitting in a corner, dizzy...Read On


Yes, always...

some moments are perfect

Today we sat in the sun together. You took my hand and twined your fingers in mine. Suddenly your hand was the center of my universe. I lifted it to my face, kissed your palm, touched my tongue to your life line leaving a line of my moisture there. Your fingers moved to my mouth as if by magic. I sucked each one. The taste of our life together made me smile. ...Read On



I felt lost without my Master

Sometimes I look back And don't recognize the person I once was before You. And sometimes I look At who I am today And realize who I was No longer exists, And who I am is because of You. I am a person who is stronger Than I could have ever realized. So tell me please, Why is it today I feel so weak and...Read On



His lips bloodied red His fangs sparkling white His skin white as snow His embrace is death Yet he haunts more of me I call to him in the darkest of night To feel his passion for warmth He is cold and yet warm His passion blinds me Even I do not see His sinking hunger For me is more More than my love He wants me My life My love For eternity...Read On


Your place within Me

~Your Place Within Me~ You came to me in the night,  Like a sojourner of mystery  Gently speaktouching as you do.  Through the darkness, you  Permeated my thoughts:  First with alphabytes and  Then, with your spirited resonance.  Perhaps I have been waiting  For you, or  Hoping for your arrival:  Nearly wishing you to find me.  You invite me to "meet" you and then  ...Read On


Sonnet On a Journey

Strange what little things you find at the bottom of old boxes when you tidy up...

Sonnet On a Journey   Be still O rolling waves and hear The happy telling of my love, And you frail craft that homeward steer, Let go the driving winds above! Now all you brethren of the sea, Stay a while and follow me For what I tell is true and wise, It cleaves even stone asunder! Love is the light that tints the skies, Truth is love’s glorious thunder. And though...Read On


Emotional Rollercoaster (Tearing Myself Apart)

This most likely does not make sense to anyone but myself...

Crash. There goes my feelings. Thud. Face down again, in the mud. Rip. There is no longer flesh, only scars. Clank. My stomach sank. Ding. Someone's here but I don't answer. Smash. Face down on the bed. Bang. That's my brain as it implodes. Smack. Across the face for looking back. Crack. The wall breaks through my hand. Drip. Here come more tears. Hum. The low...Read On



does he love me?

The Pledge I pledge my allegiance to you For nights that are far and few To pour myself over you until theres nothing left to see To love and cherish all that is he Through good times and bad But there is only one wish I had For you to love me To let me in your heart, you see You have done that I think I don't want to be another chain link Let it be true and pure Not just another blur...Read On


The New Year

My New Year's Eve social obligations complete I rest. It is 2012 somewhere. Here I recline naked on my clean sheets in my solitary bed eating strawberries and drinking champagne; listening to the fireworks of neighborhood children. A new voice whispers in my brain thoughts of next year when the one I yearn for will lie next to me on my clean sheets and eat strawberries...Read On


Ariel X

The enchantment of life under the sea

(a companion-piece to "Ice Elation"; dedicated to sprite, who knows the life of the nymphs and other princesses, and has been owed an ode) * * * * * * * * These be nymphs I see. What sly wizardry, To rapture me down to the bottom of the sea. Adrift in narcotic waves, I reply To all glad tidings with a supple sway. This way, that! Pliant, I parade, a comely crowd‘s Candy willow....Read On


Pray for you tonight

Dedicate this poem to an old friend in real life

It's another year coming and going,  Before I know it time just flying.  Looking down the street people are celebrating,  And I wonder my friend far away how are you doing? We met ten years ago in this raining city,  When I just landed a good job and busy with party.  You said you were visiting your sister and studying. In fact you were here just for recovering. You hair is dark and...Read On

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Riding the waves

A passionate day at the beach.

I would lay beside you, always touching you, your hand in mine, our shoulders touching. Then you sit between my legs, your back against my chest, sharing the same view, hearts mere inches from each other. I am free to kiss your neck, and nibble your ear, free to stroke your tummy, and to smell your hair. And we savor each moment. So close, you arouse me, and...Read On


In Too Deep

It is between my legs, this sweltering heat; Driving me crazy, throbbing like a heartbeat, Desperation swelling into a heap; Making me sweat I am in too deep. Waves of desire raking over me; Craving the things my eyes can’t see, Keeping me awake I cannot sleep; I want it bad I am in too deep. No good for me but I don’t care; I want to fuck his ass and pull his hair, Even though I...Read On


Eat You Up

I want to consume you, savor you like a piece of fine chocolate; Have you melt upon my tongue and you will never want me to stop it. Feeling the wrinkled skin on that little hard nub of flesh; I lick and suck it gently, first the right and then the left. All you do is moan and my senses come alive; Molesting your hard nipples, what I eat next I must decide. Exploring every curve,...Read On


I miss you

the realisation you've lost the love of someone you hold close

I used to be your prized possession always teaching me a lesson. Always wanting to have me close. To love me with an open heart you chose. A smile, laughter; a normal thing. Sadness would be a clear sin. They were of the most perfect days. Though perfection soon decayed. Now the time has ended fast. How could I not see happiness wouldn’t last? I’m like a stranger in my own home. A...Read On


The Experience

And it continues.....

...It's time Slowly I move to your lips Retracing my steps Tasting your sweat Your breathing still heavy Looking into you deeply Our tongues dance A kiss passionate and sweet Your body now yearns Desire stronger than ever Carnal lust, in glazed eyes You feel for me Finding your mark, squeeze tightly Teasingly I pull away You squeeze tighter Legs belt my waist ...Read On


Drowning in you

~Drowning in you~ My soul lies just beneath My skin and your hands cradle My heart as your breath quickens in My mouth I lose the boundaries of My body your desire leaves bruises on My neck as I drink the curve of your shoulder tasting salty love in your tears falling always deeper into you the tide ebbs and rises I drown in the hope you give Me when I move...Read On