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Love Poems


Let's do this thing

Just something silly that I randomly thought up!

Let's do this thing.. that they call sex, it begins when you get me undressed Then it's time you take the test, how long it'll take to get me wet I aim to please but need to be teased Seduce me, bite me, fuck me please Let's do this thing.. that they call love, but first you gotta bring me to a climax; make me sore If you manage it with a top score then you'll be the one that I adore ...Read On


The Beach

The Beach So let us wander hand in hand Along the barren shore, Be buffeted by sea-swept gusts And dare to dream of more. Beneath the dark forbidding sky, Pale footsteps in the sand; Insignificant you and I For love must make a stand. Do pull me to your damaged heart, Press my face to your chest. Allow tempest to whip our clothes Let our confusion rest. And as the...Read On


Hold On Tight!

A couple's passionate lovemaking

The crash of your body. Smashed hard against the wall. My rough exterior of masculine charms. Pushing you back. Clothes. Torn. Ripped from our naked bodies. Scattered around the room. Our lips. Embracing each other. Passionate. Lustful desires of taste explored. Your hands. Pulling upon my hair. My head SNAPS back. Wet trails left upon my arched neck. My hands. Raising your body high....Read On


Unconditional Love

Missing the little things

I'm missing the little things That make us laugh so much Those silly moments That tender touch My Heart is full of love for life Even when there’s been heartache and strife My Soul yearns to find its mate But keeps missing him, am I too early or late? My Spirit reminds me that I am strong And holds me up when all feels wrong My giving heart still hopes it will see The day...Read On


Chocolate Kisses

Chocolate Kisses In dark chocolate bitter pleasure dwells, Divine temptation smooth beyond compare, Mind gorging itself on addictive smells, Mewling lips lost in erotic prayer. Athletic flesh in soft cocoa wrapped, Sublime enticement in presentation, Pulsating peach desiring to be lapped, Your bee stung mouth pleading in elation. Alabaster cheek against welted thighs, ...Read On


Another Sonnet for my Cyber Lover

Thoughts while looking at the moon

Some nights when looking at the lovely moon and I am here so far away from you, I close my eyes and shove aside all gloom and wonder if, like me, you’re looking too. I think about your eyes and what you see and how at times like this we seem to touch. And though I wish that you were touching me, and how I want you in my arms so much. Who knows if we will ever meet each other? ...Read On


From Morning Songs: Waiting for You, Dear Muse.

Each morning, waiting and craving for my dear muse to come and be taken

Again, I close my eyes and wait for you, Dear Muse, never knowing if you will come and enter me today, and if you do, I have no notion what you will bring. I glance out at the eastern sky, at the orange glow then close my eyes again and sit here in my darkness, waiting with delicious coffee-- the warm brown brew I crave like I crave you. I take that first warm sip-- the sound...Read On


tease me

not really a poem, but too short for the story guidelines...

Tease me My clit isn’t the be all and end all of my being… A kiss and squeeze of my breast and a bee line for my clitoris doesn’t turn me on or make me all hot… and orgasm isn’t necessarily my only goal… Talk to me, say something dirty, tell me how you couldn’t stop imagining me all day… Touch me… everywhere… I love your hands and how they feel on my skin… all of my skin all over...Read On


You are my muse.

You are my muse The tears to mine eye; The only path to fortitude The wind upon the sky. For the firmament is so pleased With all you do to me; That her azure tears Fill each obliged sea. So to the man who gives me all That a soul could give; To you I owe my very voice Without which, I can’t live....Read On


A Sonnet to My Young Lover

An older man speaks to his young lover

I won’t compare you to a summer’s day like Shakespeare did when wooing his true love, nor say impediments won’t mar the way our two minds meet or obstacles won’t shove our hearts apart and what we share won’t alter. And though I’m old enough to be your father, and you’re my lover, not my daughter, I hope that age will never be a bother, but know it’s natural to have these...Read On


Make Me Whole

Dedicated to Dwarf63 May my love, make you whole.

Honey, do you really know what you do to me. How I yearn to feel your body next to me. Our kiss lingers, your fingers caressing me. Our souls unite as love engulfs you and me. When I make love to you for the first time. Breathing in your essence envelops my senses. We kiss, taste, and touch for the first time. The waves of ecstasy ignite our sensations. You roll my nipples and then knead...Read On


I have no regret

I love you Do not forget I have nothing to rue For the day we met. This is what I claim I have nothing to blame. I’m glad we are together And I hope its forever. You are the best half of me I have no reason to flee. You blew my mind When we first met What I had lost, I did find I have no regret. ...Read On


Sonnet To My Lovely Cyber Friend

A poem about the wonderful strangeness of our circumstance...

You are a lovely, sweet and funny friend and being with you in these hours late at night is like a dream I wish would never end and so I savor every minute with delight. I do not know if we will ever meet, or if these times will fade and disappear. I only know that kissing you is sweet and so I whisper softly in your ear, “My dear, there’s nothing I can say or do to change...Read On


Avatar Magic

Avatar impressions..

Her screen name says she’s CameltoeFlo, And she loves to give a man fellatio. She lives somewhere in Idaho, Is she lying? We’ll never know. Then there’s SheilaSucksAlot, Willing to give all she’s got. Says right here she’s very hot, Until you chat.. then she’s not. Let’s not forget CDBill, Wears lace panties for a thrill. Men are good but loves women still, If pussy...Read On


will you help me?

Why did you forsake me? What did I do wrong? Did I not treat you right? Will you help me? I don’t want to do this again Just to meet the same end. Why did you forsake me? Did I not love you enough? What did you see, That I could not see myself? What did I do wrong? For now I have a heartache Now you are gone What was my mistake? Did I not treat you right? Did you not love me?...Read On

When You are Away

Some questions are better left unanswered

My Love, when will you come back to me? Please say tonight and hold me in your arms, Keeping me safe from harm. Shield my fears as before, love my world as I do yours. Have you forgotten me so soon? My touch, my heat, my passion and desire that is solely yours, For you I have left it all behind now only misery remains near. Intense wild fire smothered, unconditional joy...Read On

Recommended Read

Fuck You

Fuck You Fuck you with your glinting eyes That hold me e’er spellbound. Fuck you with your cool disdain On which I run aground. Fuck you for your curling lips That sneer each phrase they spit. Fuck you for the words you say And those you do omit. Fuck you and your roaming hands That stroke the air, not me. Fuck you and that world we shared Now naught but old debris. Fuck your...Read On


Time Out

A poem for you.

Walking down the jetway A million emotions churning Anticipating our first face to face As I step into the terminal Scanning the crowd I see a silly cardboard sign “Hiya Wes” I laugh out loud My eyes lock onto your angelface Both of us smiling widely Only we know the inside joke I nearly trip over my carry-on Rushing into your arms We embrace like...Read On


Angels Come Down

We're falling into place . . .

You can start without me You can finish too I can come later I can start you over again If I need you to I like to lick it I like to watch I like to think About it, how it happens How I’ll go down Or how it all comes out I’m a fantasist Like that, I’m fickle I’m well-behaved I’m growing on you I’m growing wet I’m going to stay here And watch what you do I’m waiting for your move I...Read On


The Kiss

The Kiss As crushed pearl does lustre Before the candle’s glow, So you appear unto me A perfectly arranged tableau. Should I reach out a finger? Do I dare touch your arm? Allow myself to be smitten By your endearing charm? Might I enjoy the trembling Of our timorous selves? My flaming skin a tangled mess Of ever-responsive nerves. Should I allow my eyes to droop My...Read On


I want....?

What I want, is so difficult to find

I want... to awaken and find someone at my side I want... to be kissed from lips so tender and fine I want... a touch, a hand, to caress my tough exterior I want... my heart to beat faster, as I look upon her I want... the butterflies to flutter, making me quiver in excitement I want... to be accepted as I touch her soft skin with my hands I want... to see her naked and free I want... to...Read On

Morning Kiss

A Kiss that heals the Soul mending the Heart

Once I thought the Sun never again would shine upon my skin. Those warm rays that made me thrive with steady beat. For my days were dark, so cold and sad. No smiles adored my lips. The Moon would cradle my tears as they endlessly flowed. Tears that I kept hidden, only the beautiful Moon knew of my pain. This morning I see the Sun, I feel it's warmth within my heart. This day is mine...Read On


My Latin Princess

To my muse who inspired me to once again dip my pen into the well

My lovely Latin Princess,  from my dreams you visit me.  With grace and flowing eloquence   your verse has set me free.   My soul was filled with emptiness   deep as space could ever be.  Until I heard your whispered words   come from across the Sea.   Your classic poise and beauty   were a balm to my cold eyes.  Such perfect breasts, slender hips   and inviting golden thighs.  ...Read On


Was It a Dream?

A lucid dream of magical loving

Last night you came to me from the shadows, appeared in your dark veil and gave me what I’ve never known-- your spirit in my arms, the warmth of your wetness taking me with you to a place-- I don’t know where-- and there--suspended in the air, my arms around you as you straddled me, feeling your caress, your breasts, your legs, the motion of you rising, ...Read On


Broken Heart

It’s achin’ It’s breakin’ You said you were though I didn’t know what to do It’s achin’ It’s breakin’ Watching you walk out the door My heart fell to the floor It’s achin’ It’s breakin’ When your car pulled away My heart was not okay It’s achin’ It’s breakin’ Then you were gone And I don’t know what I’ve done wrong It’s achin’ It’s breakin’ They say time heals a...Read On


You took it

I open up with all that I am. I give you every ounce of me. You give me your hands Your passion Your touch You strangle me with emotions With lies with untruths. Pushing deeper Thrusting into my soul you take something from me I want it back It’s gone. You took it. ...Read On


How perfect you are when so displayed

How perfect you are when so displayed How perfect you are when so displayed Dull leather capturing that soft flesh An innocent, helpless, panting maid That aching need prettily conveyed Demanding the next awful caress. Is this not a rare heavenly sin? Watching flesh quiver in those bonds Saliva glistening on that chin Droplets of sweat coating quaking skin Admiring how that...Read On

Audio version available

Dance with Me

you know what i want.... dance with me, dearest....

You tell me, "Come close," and I cannot resist. The music and my desire are all for you. My hands touch your waist and slide under your shirt...... your skin like fire under my seeking hands. Mouth kissing.... tongue tasting the corner of your mouth, your chin, your neck. My clothes have fallen away except for the black stilettos that drive you crazy and...Read On


Can you feel that?

Can you feel that? When I look into your eyes Can you feel that? When I’m up in the skies Can you feel that? Over the seas Can you feel that? Where I want to be Can you feel that? It should be a crime Can you feel that? You’re a dime Can you feel that? When we dine Can you feel that? We will be fine Can you feel that? That’s my heart Can...Read On


The Rocking Chair

My Master rocks!

The Rocking Chair You sit in your rocking chair  Smoking a cigar As you watch me From afar Rocking and swaying Eyes full of desire State your wish And all that you require I sit on the bed Awaiting your command My body trembles with anticipation As you tell me to stand Play with your pussy Suck his cock I quickly oblige As you sit there and rock Twist your nipples Ride his member...Read On