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Love Poems

I kneel on dandelion carpets and weave lilacs between her rose and purple iris

I kneel on dandelion carpets and weave lilacs between her rose and purple iris

I kneel on dandelion carpets and weave lilacs between her rose and purple iris, I assume avuncular circumspect over her horizon. Her sky sucks rain that swallows my smoldering sun. Tasmanian blue gum shadows sit restless in the river’s bend, Ornithes Areioi circles concentric overhead beneath a placid gibbous moon. We sighing lovers who part before Auroras elastic dawn, lay unfeathered the...Read On


Song of Weeping

I stand looking at the soft, breathing sea. The breeze feels like your hands on me, warm and loving. Then you are there. Your body like heaven to my senses. Your lips on the nape of my neck. Your heart flowing over me in waves that match the rhythm of the sea. My body calls to you as you suddenly retreat.... teasing.... tempting..... My heart longs to chase...Read On


With You

Someone told me once, that distance doesn’t matter, That if you love someone, you’re already there with them… There isn’t anything I don’t love about you, Your eyes hold mischief and a sparkle, I’ve fallen into them already innumerable times, Your smile, warm, seductive, loving, Draws me in more every time I see it, The way you grin, it does things to me, Your stance,...Read On

Victrola: A Song In Two Voices

If music be the food of love, play on, give me excess of it.

Victrola: A Song In Two Voices Frank Lee & Cum Girl Author’s Note: “Victrola” is a poetic rendition of an exchange of Online Messages between Frank Lee and me inspired by a picture featuring a record turntable (the Victrola of the title). The exchange was instant and spontaneous, a call and response, each building on the other’s contribution ... improvised freeform...Read On


The Bitter Sweet Impact of Fantasy to Reality

If he only knew how much he affects me...

Did you know that I already looked at your picture last night before I went to sleep? As expected you don't look like the man in my imagination. You looked good and tender as your words in our conversations. And I slept last night with you in my thoughts. I lay in bed with a pillow beside me assuming it was you, Your widely spread arms enclosed me from behind, ...Read On

If You

Just thoughts

If I were to leave, just disappear As swiftly as the Ocean breeze Would the Stars still shine as bright? If my presence was not felt, unseen, A drifting scent that weaves into a mist Would the voices of Nature still be heard? If the prints I make were to be erased, As the sand covers them without remorse Would the birds continue to migrate? If I were suspended, caught between...Read On


What Is Love?

Love Poem

What is Love A handful of promises That can be broken A heart full of Happiness That can turn into loneliness Can I love again Like I loved back then Back when life was much easier Before my heart was broken in to pieces all those years ago I have loved since then But, could not hold onto it I push everyone away If I can love myself Why is it difficult for me to love another.......Read On

Audio version available

No Room

you take everything

You overwhelm me with your need as you pull me too close and steal my breath with your lips. Your hands tear at my body as I moan for your love. That mouth... oh my god. that mouth sucks my breasts as if to drain them of life. The entrance you crave is wet in spite of all efforts because I need you and hate that need at the same time. You slide through the folds ...Read On


Sweet Serenade

Sweet serenade of my heart Like heated lips on the skin of my thigh Those brassy tones all soft and mellow Tender music of my lost soul Reaching out from the past To touch me on the morrow. Sweet notes that cascade and fall, And tumble Across my dreaming flesh like A soft caress That fills the void inside of That loving heart of yesterday. How my spirit...Read On


I Cried Tonight

I love him so...

I cried as I drove home tonight But you didn’t know. I left my heart out in the air And it cracked as it fell. But it’s not the first time My heart has been damaged or contused. Can you not see The pain that seeps out of me? Sometimes I think I love too much, And, while you love, it’s not as deep. Should I stay and be in pain, Or should I end it now while I am still sane? ...Read On


Letting Down My Guard

Tension in the air, I feel his eyes peering through me Is this hate or is this lust, I'm growing weary I don't know what to say, I'm struck with fear My mind is clouded, nothing is clear He scoots closer to me, that look still in his eyes I jump, startled, I want to cry His hand touches my thigh, he leans in Unsure of what to do, I gently place my fingers on his chin Caressing...Read On


He is my Master

Master, You are who I so look up to Master, You are who I melt for every day Master, You are who I kneel in front of eyes downward Seeing in front of me, your greatest gift to me your hardness excites me Sir Your kind eyes looking at me that can turn to steel in a fraction of a second making my tummy excited my red bottom squirm wanting only to please you, my Master ...Read On


And When Reality Strikes

It's ironic and I don't understand how did I end up feelin' this....

I am bewildered because the thought of you makes me weak, but pretending not to care about you makes me seek. When you were here, my eyes can't blink; I poked you thrice before I’d think. In this world we are in, we talked about anything, but in reality, we can only do nothing. For all the good times we shared, there’s really nothing can be compared. As we go back to...Read On


No Comparison

In a lot of peoples lives there is an other...

In a lot of people’s lives there is another. Another man or woman besides your spouse that you have that special connection with… In some cases that other is just one of many men or women that we have in our lives to fill that void… I feel your lips brush my forehead and your words love you. But your words spark no emotion in me, nor do they have any of their own. I know it's not because...Read On


Sweet Memories

How you cared when I needed it was soothing and sweet; There is something in me that only you can complete. I got used to you wanting me it just felt right; We get along so perfectly there was never a fight. I think about you all the time and I miss your voice; I understand why you’re not here you have no choice. I worry about you, wonder how you are doing; In the back of my...Read On


The Heart's Treasure

There’s something a miss In my heart, In my treasure chest I do keep it locked Because I get scared When someone comes to knock It’s hard to see When others get hurt It frightens me What will I say To that one On that beautiful day The one that gets my key To my treasure chest What will she be I hope my best friend, My lover, my spouse, my partner, and my equal For ever...Read On


The Craving

Giving in to desire.

Enveloped in the heated darkness, tossing in the thin fabric covering. Mind repeating the same words over and over. Captivating smile dancing in weary head, twinkling eyes imprinting open soul. Wicked thoughts start to persuade unsuspecting body, heart begins to race against lungs . Soft nipples become pebbled, hot stream running between parting legs. Graceful hands...Read On


The Naughty ABCs

Another take on the ABCs with a more Lushie flavor

A is for always, how often you want to fuck B is for my balls, the ones you love to suck C is for your cookie, that needs so much to be filled D is for the deep, the way you need to be drilled E is for the ecstasy, you gave to me last night F is for that thing I did to both your orifices so tight G is for your G-spot, where my fingers make you squirt H is for your silky...Read On


Walking On Egg Shells

Step very lightly and watch your back; Keep it a secret and avoid all the flack. You can pretend it is not really you; But when you least expect it, your true desires show through. It has to be greatly stressful, being so secretive; Never being true to yourself is no way I’d want to live. Keep it together and don’t look back; If you are not very careful it will start to crack. ...Read On

Audio version available

The Grey Skies of the Morning

Summer will never come for some of us...

This poem only available on Lush Stories The grey skies of the morning howl the dawn’s awakening screams; The lacklustre pearl scuds across the moors of my dead hope As the wind claws my hair from the band that holds it back. I hide between the rocks that can’t shelter me from the cold; I shiver with the memories of ancient days of loneliness. The barren rolling hills stretch for...Read On


Your Everything

Aching I need it Lust I want to feel it Sliding deep inside Hot and hard Pulsing thick and virile Fuck Take me Push me over that edge Make me scream Moan Gasp Whisper those words in my ear Nasty, dirty, filthy words Like slut and whore and horny little bitch Make me curse And cry And Beg Take me to the limits of my need Take me to the heights of my...Read On


A love of the sea

Waves dip, fingers slip, Stars shine upon a kiss. Like the waves crashing on the shore, Intense, bold, soothing. Like the wind tracing our bodies, You're wild and free. The light house chases the wavy sea, Your mind races your pounding heart for me. Perfumed bodies fill the salty air, Wine transformed to lust. Like the waves crashing the shore, You envelope me, Your energy runs...Read On

Do You?

Do You? Mine eyelashes flutter, caressing thou Fair intimate strands pampered skin regale Shimmering pleasure to you I endow As your glowing cheek I tenderly assail. Cooling breath meanders through thread fine hair Sensually drifts; kindled skin ablaze Struggling for sense amongst the liquid air Mind misplaced amongst that enchanting haze. Vanilla pods, citrus and cinnamon...Read On

Hunger of Our Beating Hearts

Passion burns within the Darkness

The darkness of this room hides our faces The scent of jasmine blooms awakens our senses We come together in reckless passion While our bodies summon desire that shouts Our names in silence muffled by our need Need of one another, need only we can see Listening to the hunger of our beating hearts Intense heat that scalds the soul as you fill My core making me yours Arms...Read On


Cum Enthusiast

Cum Enthusiast is my name I'm sure you can guess why I'll guarantee you one thing The name is no lie I'll rock your cock Like no one else can And when I'm done You'll be my biggest fan Hearing your moans As you slide all the way in Fucking my face Will definitely be a win-win You can have me on my back Or even on my knees It makes no difference to me Since I aim to please My lips...Read On



Her. . .

Her eyes, her smile, Highlighted sensually in the hue of the moon. The stars up in the sky Hover over us, As we walk along, hand in hand, Along the shore. Her face, her body, Wondrous musings of rhythmical tune Strolling along with me Under the sparkling dots so high, Makes me glad that I'm a man And fills my empty core. Her feelings, her emotions, Blend with mine and tenderly unite,...Read On


After the cabaret

Meeting after the show

"I watch her dance around, Some sultry jazz plays, She throws a look into my direction, the rest of the cabaret melts away." "A sea of people intently watch me, but I only feel hers on me, Her eyes are penetrating my soul, building an aching desire within me." "The theater is loud and alive, but one audience member falls deaf, I can only hear my heavy breathing, and feel...Read On


It has never been easy

It has never been easy Never so possible Speaking in words Those were lifeless, inaudible. Walking with confidence Smiling so wide Filled with emotions Those eyes could never hide. Hiding in mask Disguising the pout No longer could it last Damp eyes ripped it out. At times backing oneself Turning to stone Displayed vulnerably on shelf Stinging flesh on the bones. ...Read On


Time Machine

If I had a time machine I know just what I’d do; I’d go back to the point in time right before I met you. I’d fiddle with the dials, I’d get the setting right; To erase you from my life, so I can sleep through the night. Just a few small changes, to my history; So the sight of you, I’d never have to see. Erase the broken pieces, of my longing heart; And never know the pain, of...Read On


To Be

Angel inside

To Be To be Or just to find Not the glossy package But the angel inside Trying to shine her gentle light Out Into the world “Look this is me” she says "The real me I’m here Accept me Love me And I’ll be Forever Happy" ......Read On