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Love Poems

Angel in Your Hands

Hands that Hold with Freedom by Choice

Your hands dressed me this morning They ran the terrain of my body as My shivers created moans of deep pleasure Sighs arose from my vibrating throat Quivers overtook my very soul, breathing heavy, Moisture flowed at the touch of your hands Your hands strong, firm, gentle, wanting to hold The hands of the man who possesses my wings I remain free yet return, always as you desire ...Read On

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Sea Jewel

a caring heart is always in peril

on you I rest like a tiny shell on the tip of a sandy, wet fingertip at the beach..... it is a fearful thing, my dearest heart. this power you have over me is like breath that can blow that shell away and make me a castaway forever in the surf which softly curls up over our feet. I resent and crave that breath-- the tension of knowing how one careless moment ...Read On



I love you sunshine.

So close, Yet far away. I close my eyes, You're here to stay. You're in my arms, I hold you tight, My eyes still closed, You're right in sight. Holding hands, Lust-filled eyes, In my dreams, There's no goodbyes. One day, I will be there, Or you'll be here, Into your eyes I will stare. No technology, Separating two, Forever together, Me plus you. I hold my heart, You're trapped inside,...Read On


Loving a stranger

Personal Story meeting a married woman

I know I can't have you Looking into your eyes shining blue To me this is all new Wish I could tell my crew Sworn to secrecy Felt like sorcercy Sealing my lips With your lips below your hips I hear you gasping for air In the depths of your lair Your body steaming next to mine It's time for me to shine I look into your eyes Thats got me mesmerised In the back of our beautiful minds we...Read On


Friend Zone

I am literally, always Stuck in the friend zone I’m always here To be phoned. I want to see you have the best. I do must confess I have nothing to own But all the love that is unknown. All the guys you are dating They are all asinine. Why don’t you stop baiting, And turn to me for a sign. I love you My dearest friend The friend zone is irksome I want it to end. ...Read On


The Cyber Cavalier

Thoughts of a Cyber Cavalier

I’m the Cyber Cavalier leaping in the atmosphere lusting after all the lasses and as many piece of asses as I flit from there to here-- a Cyber Cavalier. Sometimes I like to linger as I tease one with my finger. Others, I give fits As I lick their luscious tits, but I’m not one who hovers when I search for on line lovers or care about a tear-- I’m a Cyber Cavalier. I show my...Read On


The Night Of Silent Seduction And Passion

In the night, my lover comes to me.

Tonight’s the night! How long have I waited to have you in my reach? Endless days spent empty and alone. Now you come to me, nudging the door open, Into my room you creep, indicating your need, and I Greet you gladly, gazing upon you, nearly speaking. However, you silence me, hovering like a wraith, Touching your lips to bid me be quiet. Only for one night. Oh, such a brief time! So,...Read On


Deep Inside

Empty inside, I need to hide; What I thought I loved was only a dream. Made up in my mind, never unkind; But the reality wasn’t what it seemed. Harsh and cold, that wasn’t what I was told; It was my mistake to believe. That it could be real, or my heart he could steal; An illusion was all I could perceive. Back to that dream, I wish it could seem; Like everything I wanted before. I...Read On



How I fell for a married man

I tap on the window Hoping someone will hear me, Hear my pleas that is I need to get word to her So that she'll understand That I never meant to hurt her because That was not apart of my plan See I didn't know about you Until after we did it, Did the unthinkable and unforgettable act That I surely can't and won't take back He caressed my heart and soul In a way that no...Read On


What I will do

Do you know what type of guy that I am?

Do you know what type of guy that I am? I do not, but I do know what I will do. I try not to be a sham. I might be a jerk to you. I might mess with your mind. I will do my best to be sweet. And at times I like to be kind. I will give you a seat. I might be old fashioned. I will walk on the side with the street. So I can try and prevent any crash action. That might knock you off...Read On


The Lust I Hold For Thee

Into one body, together, our fire will roar...

I lust to see you at your purest, To penetrate you, and indulge in you, as I find you porous, To witness your walls become undone, Then to enter your being that we may be one. I lust to see you as you were wrought, As the figure you were brought, To combine our molded shapes, To be sultry under a silky drape. I lust to see you in nature's clothes, Defying the normed nature of robes,...Read On


Fever Dreams

i understand what is real but i still can wish........

In my fever dreams there is sorcery and I am free to ask for what I really want. I want you to want me. I want you to find my buxom pixie self irresistible. irresistible as any slim young woman with her long dark hair flowing around your body...... I do not want to be a secret or to cast a sparkly lure that attracts you to my hidden heart but only...Read On


Thinking of You

a little doggerel for a special friend

I was thinking of you today In words I prob’ly shouldn’t say. Or, if said, just in a hush Because they’d make most people blush. Or maybe Yiddish; what the heckie Say I was playing with my schmeckie. And though you’re really far away, I still want to jump your bones today. And now I’m growing such a stalk If I stand up, I can not walk. I'll keep poking into things: The backs...Read On


Raging Serpent Of Love

Come, taste my raging serpent; Arising to feel your touch! Come forth to dive in a sea of passion; Uniting our heated bodies in sweated bliss, Releasing love scented pheromones of desires. Stroking your delicious body with my licks, While my serpent slithers in between your thighs, As I pump into your petaled centerfold, You arch back to get filled up with my sticky venom. ...Read On



Reality overcomes infatuation

There was a time When it was new My heart missed a beat When I saw you There online Charming, different Teasing and laughing Beguiled by you Your rough edges  Made sparks rubbing against me I paid no attention To what happened When I was absent Time zones saw to that You wanted me all for you But would not give the same Demanding ownership Taking more than...Read On


The Night

A poem I wrote four years ago

As I look up into the night sky I see the moon shining bright There are no stars No clouds covering the moon I breathe in the fresh air and look at the moon My mind wanders and I start to dream I see myself running wild and naked with the wolves Feeling the cold moist earth underneath my feet Feeling the frosty air on my naked flesh I wish to be one of them To be careless and free No stress...Read On


Simplest Love

If the simplest love were a spice, My love for you would be a sumptuous buffet Leading you to forget that you were ever hungry. If the simplest love were a color, My love for you would be a vast rainbow Which would illuminate your path to joy. If the simplest love were a tone, My love for you would be an orchestra That would play the soundtrack of your heart. If the simplest love were...Read On


The Dominoes Effect

The dominoes fall one by one in search for one true love....

I yearn for that experience, of finding someone who likes me Through heartache and pain, of watching people come and go in my life From the sincerity at the start, to the discovery of what I look like From the chitter chatter between us, to the silence in the end Like a domino effect, you all fall one by one Disappearing into the darkness, of nightfall that surrounds you Leaving behind...Read On


Road to knowing you

ABC Poem

A brazo as we first met. B eautiful as you look. C aused a stir in my pants. D ebating to talk to you or not. E ventually we do talk. F eelings start to grow. G em, you’re one in a million. H ugging as we part. I ask for your number. J ogging over to you. K indly you put your number in my phone. L eaving as you...Read On


My Love

Do you feel my heart, touching yours, entangling it with a bond, stronger than steel?

Hold me close when I am sad, and dry my tears. Wrap your arms around me, and comfort my fears Kiss me softly when I need love, your heart share. If I am sick, be there for me, and show me you care. When I am lonely, hold me with your loving heart? Show me things will never change even when apart. When I am worried, baby will you give me some hope? When I am bewildered, will you help me...Read On



Reflections of what you have left behind

I await your return, like a puppy left alone in the dead of night The eyes that shed teary waterfalls, of abandonment The beating heart, that once leapt into bundles of joy Now resolved to curling up, to provide warmth in this harsh of winter's night You walked away without words, leaving me without warning of no return The thundery crashes of noises around me, that offer shaking instability...Read On



Was a story at first but it sounds better as a poem

The moonlight shining bright threw the window Cold air caressing our skin As his lips caress my neck nibbling on my ears as his breath teases me Sending shivers throughout my body His hands touch my breasts twirling my nipples between his fingers rolling them Around and around Tugging ever so lightly Rolling over I face him and capture his lips with mine As his hands pin my hands by my head ...Read On



I’m sitting in your chairs. Wearing my Sunday best. Here you come down your stairs. In your beautiful dress. I stand, Holding roses in my hand. Which you took, As I tell you how beautiful you look. Putting the roses in a vase, You say you’re ready. We leave the house. For you I open the car door. Now heading for the shore. At the restaurant. We ate our dinner and talked. ...Read On

Notes From the Frontline

It was a moment of weakness You caught me in; It was nothing but a frenzy of emotion, Taking me down. Yet you think so much of yourself now, Don’t you? You see it as a coup, When it was nothing more Than good timing for you (And the worst of it for me). Trying to deflect Your acrimonious scoldings; Hoping to escape the Sanctimonious speeches. What could you do When I just stopped listening...Read On


Ode To Passion

An ode in praise of passion

Oh passion let us grab what time is ours and leave our senses to the world below. Let us leap and run through fields of flowers and soar where lusty lovers need to go. Let us hold each other tightly in our arms and kiss until we’re dizzy with desire. Let us go beyond the call of life’s alarms and feel the heat and leap into the fire. Oh passion, let our lusty wildness swell until...Read On


That is what i say

Loneliness? Darkness? Emptiness? Does anyone want to be? Nay For thy, That is what I say. What is life to thee? That you might want to die. Every night before you sleep you cry. Every morning you wake up in nigh, Wanting to fly. Always taking a big sigh. Wanting to soar up high. Wanting? Waiting? Do you get anything done? Nay For thy, That is what I say. What is life to thee?...Read On

Be Good You Say

Verses for a True Friend

Be good you say While you are away These words I know Come true from the heart Within the darkness Of my days, a beacon Bright shined with hope As a shoulder you gave Our talks are special We laugh, cry and hug Share our dreams, rage Our passions unseen The days will be long As you are away from me Nights much too cold My words you will not see Yet if you sit...Read On

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Concerning Your Penis (Now That You Dumped Me)

Words written to her ex-lover by his mistress on learning that he is leaving her

Well you said your wife's a liar when she said your prick's no use. But on the subject of your penis she was tellin' you the truth. I don't need seven inches or an eleven inch surprise. But man oh man, your dick's just small, it's hardly any size. I like a cock that's meaty, a cock that's thick, a cock thats round. But when you dropped your trousers, a joke is what I found ...Read On

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I knew that day that this was it, That we would end up together. A simple vocabulary change was all that it was, But it's a moment I'll cherish forever. We've talked of our future before; The future that seemed so far away. Too early for the commitment I was sure I wanted, Left only to dream of 'One Day'. It changed as soon as I used that word; You smiled and told me you liked it....Read On



Juices of a watermelon can be an aphrodisiac

As watermelon drips between my breasts His tantalizing tongue draws a picture Twirling around my nipples Sucking all the juices Nibbling my nipples Making me moan His smile captivating His fingers teasing me Placing them inside Bringing them to my mouth I taste myself His head glistening As my mouth captures his Tasting salty sweetness As I drag my nails down his body Covering him...Read On