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Love Poems



It's always going to be you.

I see a pretty doll with a broken smile.  Sad 'cause she's been missing you for too long a while.  I respect your decision, and your reasons why.  Doesn't make this any easier to accept, though I try.  How can you just push me away? You too, must be hurting, a little more each day.  I know why you did it, although I think you're wrong.  I'm feeling so angry, how can you be so strong? ...Read On



Leave me breathless, getting all off my chest. Listening to your voice, gives me a choice. Wanting you more, right down to the core. Your words keep me going, for the love is truly showing. So simple and sweet, you're my special treat. Eating up your words, as long as you feed me. Don't stop listening, to the my heart's desire. Leave me breathless, because you're my fire. Burning...Read On


Warrior Angel

A classic struggle of love and belief

For every fallen angel Every one that is weak For every angel darkened There are a thousand or more That are tasked with mercy Each brimming with hope You are the enemy A trafficker of hate You are toxic evil Causing angels to weep A demon in disguise That seduces the weak You are not their love Nor are you their fate And you do not know me We have not yet met I am the fool that Treads...Read On



Or forgetting....

I stood outside your door Under the trickling rain Wondering if you'd remember me And if you would look the same I whispered your name Before I rang that bell I held my breath for an eternity As though I was under some spell I could not walk away I was too afraid to move Waiting for you to answer As if I had something to prove Something more than love More than hope and devotion Something...Read On


Our Special Ride

Going to take a ride and ask her to marry me.

I love my gal, I really do. Today, she told me we were through. I don't believe her, 'cause she's wrong for I have loved her all along. She's mad because I stay out late, she thinks I'm on a secret date. How could she think the worst of me? I love her so, why can't she see? I give her gifts and chocolate fare; I buy her combs for in her hair; I take her where she wants to go. She is my gal,...Read On


A New Years to Remember.

Nothing much better than ringing the New Year in with the one you love, adore, and so much more.

It was a New Years to remember, The best we ever had, I guess It’s because I love you so, and We are more than just a fad. We will always be together, That’s my hope with all my heart, That we’ll be together always, Even when we are apart. It was a New Years to remember, They’ll be many more to come, For as long as we’re together, Our hearts will beat as one. And our love will shine...Read On

Angel Found

Around her head adorn' an arc of golden hue. A crown nobly worn so promising, so true.   She's the angel fated for you to guide, nurture, and protect. A spirit through and through, your welfare she shall not neglect.   As soon as you come to know she's a gift of great worth, you can feel the warm glow of an emotional rebirth.   From the heavens above she descended framed within...Read On

New Horizons

I know you think I'm crazy. Maybe that's because I am. About life, about this moment, about you.

Letting go of dreams unexpecting, never searching, cautious but welcoming new and beautiful destinations. Long time of self discovery, of new adventures, of new beginnings, of new horizons. Storms, darkness, tears sadness and loneliness. Under the stars, hidden are the scars. The moonlight over my skin, high, lonely soft clouds. My mind adrift, lost broken into a million things. In...Read On


When quietness echoes a poetic still With pussy that sighs sounder Deep down to the piggy-wiggly of my toes As your warm breath touches my chest And I, nothing but an erotic hounder With and eye for nimble thighs As you caress my throb with scarlet tongue With lips of drool spinning my spool Atop the helmet of my jousting head On a mattress of soft pillow down With pussy that sighs sounder...Read On


Cold As Ice

She's as cold as ice, There's no blood in her veins.  The world is closed off to her.  She feels nothing every day.    She hides her tears and fears, Her cheeks sore from fake smiling. No one is special to her,  She just going through the motions.   She sees love as a weakness and a weapon,  It scares her to her core.  Lonely girl, I see your pain you mask. You're dying...Read On



Difficult times should embrace hope instead of fostering hopelessness

Lying By myself To myself Alone in our bed Lying Dying Deep in my head Dreams By you Of us Unspoken word Cherished Perished Only silence heard Addicted By you To you Fuck without touch Addicted Conflicted Love you too much Wasted By you For me Pray for relapse Lusting Thrusting Someday perhaps...Read On


One Note

Is there any sound sweeter than the sensual song of love sweet love?

  I'm getting close to you. You're getting close to me. We're two melodic notes in loves' sweet melody.   Take away one note, and the song is not the same. There's no need to plant a seed, in a sad world without rain.   Nothing can be gained, without opening your heart. for it's the only way, for each to do our part.   We'll know when we start, to do the dance of love, ...Read On


Holiday Stay

A little Adi jingle

It wasn't suppose to happen Quite like this at all I didn't know you were waiting Or that I'd ever love you at all You pretend it's just me And that you don't love me too I know that isn't reality I can feel your hiding love true What are we to do You said you'd stay with me Until the holidays were over and gone But now I want you to stay longer Please look at me and tell me I'm wrong ...Read On


The mask

Broken and unsure is how you found me  shattered pieces of who once was there  each filled with pain for none to see hidden behind this mask I share The mask was my refuge to wear It disguised who I wanted you to see Hidden safe waiting to feel without fear  unconvinced you could truly love me We've found in each other something rare Soulmates forever that is so true Pet to her Master...Read On


You've Hurt Me

You've Hurt Me You've hurt me one too many times, I don't know how to handle it. How many have there been? One, two or more tell me for I need to know the truth. I find each day something new, What will I find out tomorrow? Were you ever really true to me? Tell me for I need to know the truth. The truth this time, not lies, I can handle it. I'm a big girl. I need to know for...Read On

A Bagel's Q

And as faith and happenstance we dance Until we get our two-step back In lieu of the canvas on skies baby blue Beneath an umbrella of morning's dew    With white clouds of a bagel's Q In meadows of goldenrod and Queen Anne's lace  As soft autumn breeze sweeps your hair   With kisses to hold us over Until we get our two-step back                    ...Read On



friendship is forever

Friends come into our lives when we least expect them  Sometimes you find that person that completes you among them  Friendship can lead to a bond that can outlast time That bond is so strong that it can grow into love that is unconditional  They love you with a love you have never experienced before The passion is unlike anything else you have experienced  You may never meet in...Read On

Waters Of The Fall

Built of earthen stones and red clay Where the Barley house stood And the old mill crackled In fields of pine cones  We met on an autumn's night   And now it's ashes and dust   Now but a shadow where we kissed Taking our wedding vows Stands a stone of granite In the woods near the cascade And mountain memories I recall Of ribbons in your hair And now that I'm gray and old With cataracts in...Read On


Until My Last Breathe

Forever, until my last breathe, my Love...

I have finally found the one,  Who makes my heartbeat, Who makes me feel whole, Cherished and truly loved. As I kneel before my beloved, Eager to serve, Eager to please, I am humbled in his presence and  Crave his ownership Which brings me to my knees In solemn, loving, servitude. My love is endless and enduring, Pulling at my heartstrings, Creating a melody so sweet that My emotions...Read On



Together forever

Where do I start?  What's it all about? A tale of love? A story of two souls? A meeting of minds? A love affair, no doubt! We met, we argued The youngster so brash She knew it all, or so she thought Her comment of course was slightly skewed. A mutual friend, mutual respect is found The flirting begins, both guarded of course But the friendship is grown A surprise for both, slowly comes round....Read On

Close Proximity

With articulation at times I stumble In close proximity of sensual words  And love prongs But when the sins of yore Arouse my chore benearh the cypress My mind chants of poetic glee And wedding vows Of tomorrow's calling noon As I lift your veil of virginal white And while in the clergy I repent As with angels you were sent In close proximity of sensual words                ...Read On


Prettier Then Christmas

Love comes at the best time of the year filled with joy and cheer.

I don't know if it was Santa, who sent her love to me, in a red and silver bow, beneath my Christmas tree. Perhaps it was an angel, Mary, Jesus, or a saint, who colored my gray world, in gold and silver paint. Could it be a friend or loved one, who resides high in the sky, who knew what I was missing, when they heard me cry? In the end it doesn't matter, for love is all we need, and she's...Read On

Dipping My Stick

Like wails of a banshee the tides crashed As fog settled in like bouillon soup In dark of an occurring dusk As sensual words forsake my pen Of gloom and doom in my spins  But with your beautiful being Bring thoughts of sleighbells and snow   As on this eve of twenty and five Your stockings hung on the bed post And with a kiss of moist dew   I in my flannels whisper my love   As...Read On



You've always been a believer, I stayed attuned to something that seemed to cut much deeper. I didn't run and hide when the lightning struck, when it pulsated through veins to light up where you were in the dark. I didn't flinch when tasting how a final kiss can come in the shape of a bullet. Close enough to touch, close enough to never  want to see inside of again. I once swayed...Read On


Why I Want To Love Him

Why i will love him.

You better be on guard today, I'm lookin' for a man. He doesn't have to be the best; just one that understands. I want to give him all my love that I expect returned. I'm sick of being all alone... so tired of getting burned. I won't love him for attributes that he says are so long; I won't love him because he's smart or 'cause he's big and strong. I won't love him 'cause he's so sweet...Read On

Calling Winds

With the chilling air and the coming of winter Lay a frost on the heather and calling winds   As the rum in my pewter warms the spirits And youe love tenders my heart Lay a frost on the heather and challenging sins As kisses rain down from your lips aglow   And when the ice is upon the pond We will respond in humankind   Making love on a quilt of life Until the tapers dim in our eyes ...Read On


Dance Me Around

Dance me around life.

My life is full circle, my love is profound, so please hold me close as you dance me around. Remember the time that you first held me tight my heart skipped a beat cause it just felt so right. You asked me to dance as I stood to the side, not knowing my thoughts as I silently cried. Accepting your arm as I moved to the floor, you couldn't have known how you made my heart soar. You saw I...Read On

They Met At The Coffee Shop

At the coffee shop waiting Two souls glance at each other Each ordered a coffee with bacon They wonder if the other has a lover Both try to find the courage To say something to the other one Each of them get discouraged They both could use the fun A song plays they both smile She asks him if it's a favorite Each like the other's style He comments on her bracelet They exit the shop...Read On


My Soul Mate

I want to spend eternity with my soul mate.

My love is mine, I give to you to do with as you want to do. Please love me hard and love me long, but never let our love go wrong. For if it's lost in hurt and pain, it won't be whole ever again. I want your word, I trust you now, we'll work as one, you'll show me how. Just hold me close as over years you ease my thoughts and soothe my fears. We plan our lives, we work as one until our...Read On


With a forever walk Upon life's shores  Feeling the moments of silence As echoes of emotions whisper And your spirt takes my hand On promontory's isle of beach Wading in low tide On God's everlasting sand We kiss-a-way life's blues And caress the noonday sun Upon life's shore As the lamphouse winks          ...Read On