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Love Poems


A Sensual Vessel

She's a one of a kind vessel - sleek,sexy, sensual, divine, and oh so sublime!

If your body is a vessel from which your spirit  will live on, then I will love that vessel until its spirit's gone.   I will worship it and treat it with the deepest of respect never taking it for granted taking care it's never wrecked.   As its captain I won't ground it on a wild and rocky shore or steer through stormy seas where it may fall apart and more.   I won't maroon...Read On

...And Stillness Near

It was a thread of silence that echoed in my ear Of quietness at a distance and stillness near  With a chorus of the blues ringing in my ale As I felt a runaway tear abandoning my fear As the valiance of dawn gave rise to the sun  On a new mown lawn of God's given tongue  Your spirit awoke my weeping mellow With a wisp of your lips smiling kiss Of quietness at a distance and...Read On


United we stand

For you…

    Although all our real lives are separate and so very different We are drawn together online Sharing stories about our day Our hopes and dreams for the future and insecurities from the past through listening and encouragement we make each other better people But lately, it is like a fog has appeared And you’ve grown distant quiet and guarded And it is obvious you are struggling...Read On

Recommended Read

Unrequited Love

Oh lady fair, so haughty, and so coldly proud, Entreat though I may, naught it seems, can ever pierce The adamantine shell that guards your cruel soul, And even my most honeyed words are all in vain. However hard I strive to rise above the crowd Of those that press about your feet, whose cries so fierce Each clamour to be heard; and were I to enrol The gods above, my suit would surely...Read On

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I'll never say it's all about you, I've waited here for too long to just give that away... I watch the sky suddenly awaken, radiant rainbows burst in every direction  as if this new violent light will  forever wrap around the earth. The night is chilled for the first time in weeks and all I can long for now are my arms around you, the secret sweet torrents of hands and lips searching. ...Read On


I Surrender All

Surrendering all to trust

I surrender My will to let him guide me on this journey I surrender My desires to let him take control I surrender My comfort zone to learn new things I surrender My heart to let him love me unconditionally I surrender My wall of defense around my heart to trust him I surrender all Because I trust him completely  ...Read On


Real Or Not

This old girl is so in love with you, whether you like it or not! ~ Cinnamon Girl

Written words, a whisper to the wind Reaches my heart, like a spoken word Touches my soul and my heart melts. Written in the sands, etched in my mind, That made the hair on my hot skin rose. Message flows freely like tears in my eyes. Words that touches my wondering mind, Paradise that can only be found in dreams Of love and ecstasy, our fantasy as lovers. Thunder and lightening, the...Read On



Again, NOT about Verbal

This hurts Again I wish it were gone It hurts Again No matter how long I thought it was better But it’s bested me Unable to hide It tracks when I flee Focus on something Seal off the pain Wrap around and around Idle thoughts in my brain Distract with white noise Numbing gray hum Strike inward eye blind Shielding glare from the sun For full light can obstruct As well as the dark ...Read On


True Love Found

Every minute I think of you my love Light of my life and sweet joy of my days, In you I have found my true heart’s desire, Zenith of my ambition and my goal, All my life has led me to this moment. Before I found you my life was empty Even the glories of nature seemed dull, Then you came along and everything changed, Heaven smiled on me and the world lit up, Bringing undreamed of...Read On


My Love

I look on you as a distant ember A flicker of light spiralling in the air Untouchable and unreachable I let my fingers reach out to grasp you Yet when I touch, you are no longer there. To touch you, would be to extinguish you Yet I want you to know how I feel To accept your love and hold it up high Lighting the way through the darkest of storms Until we reach our peace, in togetherness. You...Read On



I walk along the beach Alone. The sand, the waves, all around me Beauty. I am content, so why don’t I  Smile? I am whole, so why don’t I feel Complete? Along the horizon, I see the sun Setting. The warmth of its rays turning Cold. People are all about, are they Happy? When I look inside I see Pain. It hurts, but I don’t want it  To leave. I hold open the void in my heart, Hoping....Read On


Hometown Girl

Keep chasing your dreams

She grew up in the Heart of the South  A sweet little Georgia peach  The man of dreams  said she tasted  Just like a peach the first time  He tasted her  He knew she was his hometown Girl  He wanted forever with her  She knew he was her forever  love  They were the perfect couple  Cheerleader and Football star  Then they grew up and realized  They wanted the perfect little  Southern...Read On


The Sweetest Thing

Off the tops of me head I may be able to think up one or two things sweeter.

    The feel of your touch would be the sweetest thing with the exception of the kiss that would crown a poet king.   I'd be The King of Love filled with happiness and bliss from your tender loving touch and the taste of your sweet kiss.     Ringing bells would ring. Singing birds would sing. and you'd be my Queen, if I could be your King.   Trumpeters would blow and...Read On



What could we have been? We lay together, side by side in the cool grass of autumn, leaves crunching against our skin with every small movement as the sun and clouds pass above us. Time and its passage has no relative meaning here; we are two separate people, and yet... We see each other for what we really are, but in these times we cannot see who we were meant to be. My eyes...Read On


Darkest Hour

For you my love

You came to me in my darkest hour,  Holding out a hand to pull me from the black abyss.  The way your eyes gaze into mine makes my heart flutter,  Those damn butterflies I thought I would never feel again start to take flight. You came to me in my darkest hour, Wrapping me up in your warm embrace as your hands roam my body. Light touches have me shivering.  Goose bumps are your guide. ...Read On


Left-Handed Compliment

My compliments, my lady

Sipping a cool soda on a hot summer day Reaching out to touch her left hand Paying her a left handed compliment With grace she pays it back My beauty My proud beauty Touching with the left hand of love Perfection Holding hands My right hand in her left hand Perfectly right for me And for her My little leftie of love Walking and talking  In grace and joy And tickling the palm of her left...Read On

My Shop's Compendium

  From my shop's compendium of tomes and curiosities  Of magpies and curds in my mind's decanter   As a scrawler of poetry and wayfaring sins And I a scroll howler of tonic and gin Shedding my ambiguity and foolish chanter While taking stock of my asinine behavior Dog-earing a page setting a new stage As a windsock in the meadow led my way  To nature's sprawling divine and...Read On

Recommended Read

I Do Not Belong

I do not belong to you  in the way you belong to me. I saw this in an amber sunset, the slow burning against a shimmering summer horizon. We were waiting for the stars, for your hand to slip into mine and softly squeeze as you took  in your favorite constellations, speaking of each one as if they were a friend,  a loved one or lover you never had  the chance of say goodbye to. And I...Read On



Internal battle for answers...

  Not realizing how late it was she starts walking, Heading anywhere Just needing time to think And maybe, make a decision. The winter sun dips behind the trees And the darkness sets in Her footsteps echoing against the ground Silence… She shivers, nervous Not just about her surroundings But at the self-doubt, she’s feeling She’s scared and no one’s there All caught up in their...Read On


After All

He was never coming back She could accept that now The fights, the love The joy, despair Had seen their final round She let the calm flow over her Unable yet, to miss No mental checks of what he’d do Her thoughts began to drift Who was she, before him? She never really knew What was she, without him? She could learn that too So much she never noticed Living as she had She vowed...Read On



For my beloved . . .

Sit beside me at the play Your fingers laced with mine Kiss me as the lights go down Willing captives for a time Join me in this curtained world Created and made real Scenes portrayed and taking form Like stars at dark revealed Tendrils reach and wrap around Enveloping our thoughts Lifting us into their realm Fantasy with tickets bought   The love we share Feels deepened Plush seats, the...Read On



Your heart pounds against my ear  in the suddenly still aftermath, an oceanic rhythm in skin, rising to a quiet warm crest. I could be listening to music from another life, I can't tell if it's mine or yours, it could be the soft waves reaching the shore of some unknown old country. It tells of all that's unseen now. The marks that will live on this flesh, I only sense their new fire in...Read On


A Poisonous Thorn

He's now a poisonous thorn....

The days go by They turn to weeks The weeks to months With tear stained cheeks Most days are good I get by just fine Even though... You're still on my mind Then suddenly It hits me again Takes me back To the anguish within The pain I feel I cannot explain So deep within It just will not wane I struggle still With how this could be How you could do this  So deliberately destroy me ...Read On


Perhaps - II

Can we really heal?

"Time heals all wounds", you said to me. "Perhaps", I replied, doubtful. You were right, of course. Even after the years together, Even after all the sharing, Even after all the intimacy, Even after all the laughter, Even after all the tears, Even after the sudden ending. Even after the ebbing, hollow conversation which followed. You were right, of course. Time does heal all wounds. ...Read On



What makes your pulse quicken? Could it be that unspoken bond, unfurling between us like a soft coil invisible and yet tangible in these tender moments? As I look into your eyes, you are all that exists to me in this moment. All other senses muted imperceptibly as my pupils take still frames of you to keep with me when we’re apart. The lights dimmed low hands grasping for each other...Read On

Shadows In My Gin

In conversations with mutual acquaintances And dust mites taking flight in spite Casting but a shadow in a pantomime sort of way Scripting in long-hand words poetically concave At a sensual hour in residence of a spire As bells chime a chorus of zephyrs' choir In communion with castaway poets As a spirit within the tower touch my soul And as her tongue unfurls and lips kiss my fold ...Read On



NOT about Verbal

It's probably better I heard myself say It's probably better To leave it this way   I'm good at ignoring Like nothing is there I'm good at pretending That nothing is there   Farewell to whatever I've archived our chats I can't quite delete them I'm still a pack rat   Bon voyage, bye-bye The wind waves my scarf As I stand still watching The ship leaves the dock....Read On


The Extra Mile

For you I will walk the extra mile

Love sometimes requires us to Walk the extra mile Sometimes stepping out of Your comfort zone To explore new things New passions and new ways to share You sometimes go the the extra mile To show that special love How much they mean to you The extra mile Might be hard at times But the feelings and rewards are worth The journey...Read On

Love Is Never Forgotten

Once the vow is made Your love blossoms Your love lasts for decades Love is never forgotten Memories made each day A journey you go on together Love is shown in many ways You take steps on your adventure Love just grows and grows Feelings are shared Your life goes very slow You're protected and not scared You both build a life Children may come You're man and wife The children add some fun...Read On



Have I seen this tree before? Or have I circled back? I wish I’d thought to mark the spot To keep myself on track   I saw a bird That looked like moss Grayish mossy green Hopping on a lichen stone The pattern stayed with me   What can I leave And save myself Thus still remain intact? To make me shine in memory To polish up my lacks   What way to guarantee that I Can be...Read On