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Love Poems

As One

Vision of Merging Souls

Breathless, eager, wanting, craving, lusting Lips that meet, tongues twirling, dancing You, me, us, we as one Soaring the sky as we look beyond Taste, yearn, touch, inhale, needing You, me, us, we as one as one Living for one another, longing the moment When we merge, thoughts run wild, flames high You, me, us, we as one as one Electric currents tense, body becomes ridged ...Read On


My Best Friend's Daughter

What happened when my best friend's daughter needed comforting.

When my best friends’ youngest daughter, Did something she shouldn’t have oughter, Nine months later, she’s in labour, Now they’ve got a new granddaughter. I’m so glad they never caught her, In flagrante , with her lover, I’d be persona non grata , For you see, t’was me what fucked her. She came round all in a temper, When her boyfriend went and dumped her, For a girl whose tits were...Read On


You Give Me Wood

I simply must tell you, And I hate to be crude, But each time I see you, You give me wood. You needn't be in A state of undress; All I need is a smile And a tender caress. Just a shake of your ass And I'm in the mood. With a lingering kiss, You give me wood. When you're looking sexy, I need a blood donor 'Cause all of it's gone To my raging boner. I tell you...Read On


Beyond the Edges

I am known for my sweetness and perhaps some conventionality but you push me beyond the edges of my safe and sexy world. Your kisses are wet and wandering and wonderful. Your tongue in my mouth brings a rush of wetness and a swelling flow to my lower lips. But my dearest one, you make me want to bite your lip and taste your blood as I run my tongue across your lip....Read On


Take You In My Mind

You torment my heart and twist my mind; With you around, peace I will never find. Unfulfilled desires, what I haven’t got, as that flame grows red hot. Wanting something that doesn’t exist; Words fall on deaf ears even if I insist. Screaming at the top of my lungs, there is no sound, everything’s quiet no one is around. Let my mind wander off into fantasyland; That is where he...Read On


She Had Gold Feet

A poem of first love and how precious she was

She had gold feet and wore no shoes except of course when the ground was wet. She was the first girl I had ever met who had gold feet and wore no shoes and so I asked her to dance. She had gold feet and wore no shoes except of course when the ground was wet. She was the first girl I had ever danced with who had gold feet and wore no shoes and I was careful not to step...Read On


She Dines In Early Afternoon

Each lunch she hopes she will meet the man of her dreams

She dines in early afternoon— stirs coffee with a monotonous hand and stares about the room. She watches as she sits alone— a decimal point among the moving figures knowing she’s unknown. She looks into the faces with a stare— hoping one might hold a glance that asks: who are you sitting there? She often wonders should she nod and be alluring, or should look away as if...Read On


Until Morning

And little gusts of erotic air

Hush, Don't say a word. Let my breath Be the only thing That is heard As my body Slowly connects With yours. Serene, Is the moment between us; When our bodies Become one And little gusts Of erotic air Escape our lips From sweet surrender. Whispers, Now exit in waves As a tender rhythm Forms equally To match cravings Of sexual appetites Hungry for each other. Calmly, Passions build, As...Read On



Sometimes our primal and animalistic desires take over.

I want to be taken control of. I want to be slammed onto the bed. I want to be forced to put my ass in the air for a lick. I want to be pushed on my knees. I want to be called a whore, a slut, your bitch. I want to be nibbled at. I want to be degraded and dominated. I want to be tied up and chained. I want to be fucked hard....Read On


Orally Yours

Whether it's your first, or whether it's been long ago, the mouth still does the best job.

Is it just friendship that draws us, Or the lust of us causes, That stirring I felt years gone by? For so many years without it, By someone else? “I doubt it.” Yet awakening is surely nearby. I see you kneeling before me, Trembling hands reaching toward me, I moan as you undo my fly. Like a juicy orange you unpeel, “What is that I now feel?” Your hand caressing my thigh! ...Read On


Though Dreams are Dim and Distant

Remembering the place where young lovers met

(Note: This poem was written many years ago and recently found) Though dreams are dim and distant I remember: Across the field the swallows swept the grain, And Autumn on the hillside lay to slumber, While shadows browsed like cattle ‘til evening came. And when the sun set low behind the grove, And the early evening air was still and somber, My mind to other days began to rove. I...Read On



Words describing two people connected having sex!

Connection. Words. Written. Texted. Voices. Soft. Whisper. Heard. Hands. Caressed. Touched. Exploring. Hearts. Beating. Together. Clothes. Torn. Scattered. Flesh. Naked. Free. Tongues. Licked. Flicker. Wet. Lips. Parted. Kiss. Breasts. Bounce. Perky. Squeeze. Nipples. Erect. Cold. Cock. Thick. Hard. Big. Clit. Shock. Sensitive. Gentle. Fingers. Rub. Enter. Cunt. Wet. Dripping. Lick....Read On



Describing loving a messed up guy

His name was Link and he was from the neighbourhood He promised me a terrible lie I stole a kiss but I paid for it dearly He had issues like a sink hole He had a way of clinging that hurt my heart Wish I had a needle and thread for the tears But my bucket is almost empty anyway I have to clutch these last pebbles to my breast Your heart is greedy like a drowning girl ...Read On


How do i get this love?

How does it feel to get hit by Cupids Arrows? How does it feel to have someone to love? How does it feel to be the Greek God, Eros? How does it feel to be beloved? How does it feel to cuddle? To have someone to spend time together Someone to laugh with Someone to be there forever When I don’t have a smile on my face When times are down How does it feel to have someone there To...Read On



Thinking about the world outside while being in bed with his love.

Outside, people sweat and cannot sleep; and far away, bones grow thin and weak and gums bleed; and, always, somewhere, men are fighting just to keep the dirt they live on, their friends, and the chance to smile; and everywhere, at night, men and women cry and curse the day and ask in darkness; is it better to live like this or die? But when I look into your face, a smile swells in...Read On


Dirty Girl

Pulling me against him my body shakes His fingers lightly caressing my sides Pulling at my shirt he breaths in my ear My body stands on end gasping for air Removing my shirt he rubs at my back His fingers lightly digging against my skin I shudder, my lips finding the nape of his neck I bite lightly and tug at the sensitive skin He moans, running his fingers through...Read On

Versus Verses - Vaginal Crossfire and Other Poems

The following poems were all written for, and published in, the Versus Verses thread on the Poets Corner of the forums. They are hopefully light and mildy humourous affairs. I hope you enjoy. Cum Girl xxx Vaginal Crossfire When You have the fortunate opportunity to nail more than one snatch at a time but you don’t know where to start. Example: John was sat in a bar with his girlfriend...Read On


Versus Verses: A Titillation Creation

A collection of my poems from the Poet’s Corner “Versus Verses” Forum

What are Lush Men are made of? Skin Hair Muscle Cock Brains and ideas Some solid stock Humour Wit Giggles Shakes Big strong hands Worth all the stakes Chest Shoulders Biceps Hips Tasting and teasing Exciting my lips Fingers Nails Grip Now shove This is what Lush men are made of. ---- Kisses Gentle, firm Moist soft lips Intimate...Read On


Mixed Signals

You say one thing, then always do another; I’m not going to keep track of you like I’m your mother. Always the hottest ones are so damn annoying; My trust is what they are always destroying. Why waste their time if they don’t follow though; You never know if their words are a lie or the truth. Beating my head up against a wall; For their sexy ways, seems I always fall. I’ve had...Read On

Recommended Read

A Cyber Lover's Tale

A bawdy tale modelled after Chaucer's Canterbury Tales

Here’s a tale that Chaucer might have heard. A bawdy one, you’ll find, and quite absurd. Though in his day there was no internet, This tale is one no pilgrim would forget, But one I think would make the old guy grin. So listen friends and let my tale begin. I am a man who doesn’t like to rush, But then one night I found this site called Lush With lots of sexy stories I could read...Read On


Let's do this thing

Just something silly that I randomly thought up!

Let's do this thing.. that they call sex, it begins when you get me undressed Then it's time you take the test, how long it'll take to get me wet I aim to please but need to be teased Seduce me, bite me, fuck me please Let's do this thing.. that they call love, but first you gotta bring me to a climax; make me sore If you manage it with a top score then you'll be the one that I adore ...Read On

The Beach

The Beach So let us wander hand in hand Along the barren shore, Be buffeted by sea-swept gusts And dare to dream of more. Beneath the dark forbidding sky, Pale footsteps in the sand; Insignificant you and I For love must make a stand. Do pull me to your damaged heart, Press my face to your chest. Allow tempest to whip our clothes Let our confusion rest. And as the...Read On


Hold On Tight!

A couple's passionate lovemaking

The crash of your body. Smashed hard against the wall. My rough exterior of masculine charms. Pushing you back. Clothes. Torn. Ripped from our naked bodies. Scattered around the room. Our lips. Embracing each other. Passionate. Lustful desires of taste explored. Your hands. Pulling upon my hair. My head SNAPS back. Wet trails left upon my arched neck. My hands. Raising your body high....Read On


Unconditional Love

Missing the little things

I'm missing the little things That make us laugh so much Those silly moments That tender touch My Heart is full of love for life Even when there’s been heartache and strife My Soul yearns to find its mate But keeps missing him, am I too early or late? My Spirit reminds me that I am strong And holds me up when all feels wrong My giving heart still hopes it will see The day...Read On

Chocolate Kisses

Chocolate Kisses In dark chocolate bitter pleasure dwells, Divine temptation smooth beyond compare, Mind gorging itself on addictive smells, Mewling lips lost in erotic prayer. Athletic flesh in soft cocoa wrapped, Sublime enticement in presentation, Pulsating peach desiring to be lapped, Your bee stung mouth pleading in elation. Alabaster cheek against welted thighs, ...Read On


Another Sonnet for my Cyber Lover

Thoughts while looking at the moon

Some nights when looking at the lovely moon and I am here so far away from you, I close my eyes and shove aside all gloom and wonder if, like me, you’re looking too. I think about your eyes and what you see and how at times like this we seem to touch. And though I wish that you were touching me, and how I want you in my arms so much. Who knows if we will ever meet each other? ...Read On


From Morning Songs: Waiting for You, Dear Muse.

Each morning, waiting and craving for my dear muse to come and be taken

Again, I close my eyes and wait for you, Dear Muse, never knowing if you will come and enter me today, and if you do, I have no notion what you will bring. I glance out at the eastern sky, at the orange glow then close my eyes again and sit here in my darkness, waiting with delicious coffee-- the warm brown brew I crave like I crave you. I take that first warm sip-- the sound...Read On


tease me

not really a poem, but too short for the story guidelines...

Tease me My clit isn’t the be all and end all of my being… A kiss and squeeze of my breast and a bee line for my clitoris doesn’t turn me on or make me all hot… and orgasm isn’t necessarily my only goal… Talk to me, say something dirty, tell me how you couldn’t stop imagining me all day… Touch me… everywhere… I love your hands and how they feel on my skin… all of my skin all over...Read On


You are my muse.

You are my muse The tears to mine eye; The only path to fortitude The wind upon the sky. For the firmament is so pleased With all you do to me; That her azure tears Fill each obliged sea. So to the man who gives me all That a soul could give; To you I owe my very voice Without which, I can’t live....Read On


A Sonnet to My Young Lover

An older man speaks to his young lover

I won’t compare you to a summer’s day like Shakespeare did when wooing his true love, nor say impediments won’t mar the way our two minds meet or obstacles won’t shove our hearts apart and what we share won’t alter. And though I’m old enough to be your father, and you’re my lover, not my daughter, I hope that age will never be a bother, but know it’s natural to have these...Read On