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Love Poems


Beautiful Inside

A poem inspired by the song Born This Way and several wonderful, sexy bi sexual/gay men I care for.

I want to give you the confidence to be yourself just give you a little shove, Give you everything you need so that you can succeed; Happy for you to find your way, who you really are, is who I love. I want you to love yourself as much as I do and feel great in your skin; Take a deep breath you can do it, I know you can win. You know that you have the strength to make your own place, Be...Read On


The Big Bang

to know and be known

tonight I feel your hands touching my face touching my breasts touching my very heart. you have no idea the gift you give me as you show me your true self as you seek to see my true self. the orgasm is something beyond mere physical reaction and the spasm of muscles and the rush of wetness. it is an explosion of life and belonging and forever....Read On


Goodbye my Love

A man reluctantly leaves his lover

Goodbye my love, I'm leaving, I'll be gone when you arise. Your perfect form still sleeping, tears now in my eyes. Your body still breathtaking, as your breasts gently rise and fall. My tongue will no longer be tasting you, my love, my life, my all. We met when you were hurting, I fell quickly, and fell deep. Your intellect and elegance, made me take the leap. I thought that I...Read On


Farewell My Pet

Farewell my lovely pet, welcome my sweet friend

Thanks to my friend LatinSugar helping me editing this piece. With tears filled your eyes You returned the leash on your collar  Telling me things have changed and that you’re sorry  My pet no longer would you be that we must part  For you could not leave him and break his heart From the moment we met I foresaw this fate  I knew it’s against the rules to pursue another master’s pet  ...Read On


Forever Alone

Friend And Lover You’re Like No Other Gentle And Kind You're On My Mind. Sure And Strong Not Afraid To Be Wrong. So Alive And Aware You Always Care. Open And True I Can Count On You....Read On


Not Strong Enough

How I wanted to be there for you. It was all I could do to just hang on waiting. Never knowing when you’d be around. Over a month and I wondered. I’m just not that strong. Fighting between my heart and mind. I am a different person now I know what I need. I thought I could handle it. Even knowing it would likely all be the same. I’m just not that strong. It is deep inside me. I kept...Read On


That Look

Eternal love

How easy it was for you to claim me. Your eyes snaring me. Holding me in your gaze. My will only to be with you. Just you. You gazed at me and my life ended as I knew it, And a new life began. More pain. More agony. More love than I had ever known. How could I hurt so much at the thought of you? And yet, Seek only your attention. Your approval of me. You made me...Read On


Not Too Subtle

Open ears make for open arms

sexy doesn’t have to be subtle it can be so sweet sometimes thoughts frazzle like candy floss webs for forward fingers to flick apart-- inhibitions gone birdbrained, extinct. no offense to the dinos: i’m convinced they were clever, quite. not me so much though. you’re telling me to “go with the flow”? oh--no! i see which way this story leads. you’re a nice person, i know, i‘m sure. i think...Read On


More and Less

Thinking about your words, more or less

Your words are so much more than just mere words, They leave me wanting more, You make me ask questions To find out more About the woman who is more Than just a friend. If I say much more, Will it leave you wanting more? Or will it be more of what I fear, Silence, because more Was simply too much. The more I learn about you, The more I realize that I know Very little about you, And yet what...Read On




The softest words between gentle breaths, Heard not with the ears but with the heart. Unable to fathom the limitless depths, With words barely heard the quivering starts. So close to nothing a whisper flows, Yet millions of thoughts invade you. You feel the urge as the moment grows, And hope your heart hasn’t betrayed you. Such power and grace from whispered desires, Seduced...Read On


You Signed Your Name

Love is a choice you make every day, choose to celebrate it...

You signed your name across my heart And that's where it will stay. Through the sunny days and the rainy ones Through the changing of the seasons, it will endure. We built a love that is greater than any structure, Stronger than any stone and more powerful than the waves. We closed all the doors to the past And welcome a future of love and devotion. You signed your name across...Read On


Heart and Body

my body follows my heart every time

how can I explain how my heart yearns for you? how my body follows my heart? i follow its leading and my hands must touch breasts that ache to feel your mouth.... licking their tight buds biting their full contours breathing yourself out until they are covered in.... you. i follow its leading and my hands must touch my wetness dipping in and out almost feeling your mouth kissing biting...Read On



Becoming the perfect toy

aspire to ruse a techno dream adorn myself fantastic queen augmented lips pillowed plush sculpted abs toned tush yoga hips sight to touch inked bum shaved plum po-mo posh pink and pierced in this flesh I etch experiments this body whose? by bold desire my candy gift, Your gold empire....Read On



So easy to misconstrue

Hello my dear It's been a while Why don’t you make yourself comfortable, sit back, relax. Are you comfortable honey?... Mmm, good, that’s good. Why don’t you take those off for me?  That’s it, you can put them beside you on the chair. Now why don’t you open up for me? Wider...  A little more, mmm yes, just like that. Nice, good girl. Now hold it there. Let me...Read On



You tell me so much without a single word

I like subtlety. Your last email made it clear That you are not a fan of Subtlety. Too soon, too fast, Take things slow, And yet your other words, Made it abundantly clear, That you don't care for my Brand of Subtlety. You've made it clear what you want. I knock on your door, And you answer it, The first time we have seen each other Face to face. Before you were only a series of words On...Read On



Lover's Voyeur

I always feel like I’m watching you with someone else. Circling the bed, high and low, my eyes never leaving you. The slow motion of your bodies twined and twisted in desire. Bronzed flesh covered in sweat and oils. But it’s your eyes that draw me. The way they look up at him as you arch your body and moan. Your hands pulling and demanding touch. Your legs parting and...Read On


Bok Choy

An affair we dare not have, and our desires fueled by an all you can eat buffet

Sitting across from you Last night at the buffet My wife on one side of me, And you across, another man beside you, As I looked up from my food, All I saw was the one meal I can never eat. We first crossed the line Of exchanging words that Spoke of hunger As I sat at this same buffet, But the first time you were not sitting across from me. You sat in another restaurant With another man,...Read On


near exams

near my exams exams coming up in a week not nauseated but a bit sick feeling the anxiety and imbalance when it comes to sense that 500 pages of my text are left unturned for my test developing relations, drawing up sleeves rubbing all over body, counting her ribs like a naked girl, pages are exposed ready to be pulled near but I have a hidden fear i may not be able to make love to them, may...Read On


Stalker's Moon

Beware the hunt

Her night begins in light of day, As she builds her fantasy; When evening comes she will hunt her prey, Her plans made out so carefully. No bra or panties shall she wear, Her dress she wants on her body tight; The bounce and sway of her breasts so bare, She walks into a room such a stunning sight. No one knows how attraction rules, It happens without any thought; The...Read On



my breath is ragged as you pound into me one hand on my back the other slapping my butt. your voice reminding me with every thrust that I belong to you that no one else can own me. my face burns with shame because I know that you are right. you own me heart and soul but have no care for the gift I offer you or the beauty that you truly own. you drink negligently from my deep cool well....Read On


Strippers Booth Part 4: The club has got me hooked

The club has got me hooked.

Strippers Booth Part 4.....The club has got me hooked!  Please read parts 1, 2, and 3  to link the story together . Down at the bank I'd drew a tidy sum  To pay for a stripper, pussy or bum  A wad of notes to enable me to plan  Another private dance and a fuck if I can Especially Chloe or her friend who I rate good A new girl in private? And may be I should Ask Chloe to dance with...Read On



Naked, You lie on your back, legs in the air spread wide, Raising yourself up to meet my face, Raising yourself up as my kisses caress your sex, Raising yourself up as my kisses explore you and arouse you. Naked, I lean forward to taste you, to inhale you, Lowering my face to be closer to you, Lowering my face to be beside and upon you, Lowering my face to become one with you and to arouse you....Read On


The Problem With Lovers


It has never ever occurred to me, that you have feelings for me, you see. This thing that we do so damned well, will surely cast us straight to hell.  Although, I thought that surely you, should have considered that prior to. A precurser to the actual event, and not on departure or decent. A decision needs to be made, is it clear I just want to get laid? Yes, I hold you when its done......Read On


My Lush fantasy lover

Lesbian love gone wild

I love the way you talk to me, teasing me with your wild desires, Our lesbian lust on fire, as we rip our clothes off, I'm hot inside I want you to talk dirty to me as my wet pussy grinds on yours, My nipples responding, I bite my lip, it's so good, I want more Feeling my juices running, you lick my finger sexily, tasting me, Then our lips meet, breathlessly we roll onto the bed...Read On


Neverending Kiss

Standing with you at the water's edge Face to face. Your hands are in mine Squeezing gently. The waves are gently lapping at our ankles. Looking into your angel eyes Both of us smiling. Like we know a secret that no one else knows. The warm breeze is a rhythmic and welcome change It only took a few hours to get here by plane But this place seems like a million miles from where we have...Read On



That ache just won't quit, the one that says there is no one else the one that calls to you at night the one that wakes up every day curled up next to you. But I am planning my escape, to places unknown to breathe the air of exotic young men who desire me beyond measure. And then there will be no more ache, just numbness, and the broken hearts I have left behind because...Read On


To Whom It May Concern

Tacked to the cyber-refrigerator door

This is just to say, dear, I’ve been searching up some porn! The day is drawn up grey and dim And I’ve been at it since the morn. Lord, the smutty images: The mind, it quite unhinges And that naughty monster Cupid’s Left me feeling rather stupid And the hours, they’ve gone flying All the while, I’ve been trying To find some shot, limbs a-tangle Or bare twat, at just the angle To say: all...Read On


Love Like No Other

For my love, D

Love Like No Other The smell of your skin, The gentleness of your touch, The passion of your kisses, All filled with so much love. A love that surpasses the stars, Higher than the heavens above, Transcending the here and now, It's a love like no other. We give each other this love, So freely, so easily. Dancing and flowing, It surrounds us and grows within us. This love is...Read On


I Waited

Dedicated to finally meeting after a long wait

Laying on the disarrayed bed, gazing out at the unfamiliar city. Hands shaky yet experienced, being placed upon the blushed face. Mouth gasping for air, but the ends are curved greatly. Body is radiating a sweaty glow. Clothes hurricaned around the moon lit room. Skin moments ago tan and cool, now crimson and feverish. Fingers slip away, uncovering twinkling eyes. A whisper...Read On

knock knock

a lover trying to connect with her lover

knock knock knock knock I tapped on your heart I heard the sound, did not your heart knock knock I tapped on your heart I hate it when we are apart knock knock I tapped on your heart why do you not answer my lonely knock upon your heart knock knock I tapped on your heart it feels that you have locked out my heart knock knock no more can my heart knock please let...Read On