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Love Poems


Words Can't Describe

My feelings defy description...but I'll try...

I tried to tell you how I feel, But the words just didn’t work. How can I express what you mean to me? If I were an artist, I’d paint you, With fine lines and bold color and great movement To illustrate your physical grandeur. If I were a musician, I’d sing you, With swelling crescendos and intricate chords and complicated harmonies To communicate your creative spirit. If I were...Read On



I've come to this place.... To say goodbye to another place. You were in my heart for so long Now its time for me to say so long. You kept me together, when I was falling apart. You were there to hold me, while you were falling apart. Now that its over, and you have moved on. I am trying to figure out how I am suppose to move on. Mother and daughter, that is what we were. Now, I have...Read On



Why? Do you hide in that shroud of darkness…? Do you linger in such discontent? Why? Do you deny that, which is being offered…? Do you not surrender that which you want give? Why? Do you fear the hand reaching toward you…? Do your excuses help dodge certain pain? Why? Do you dream of happy endings…? When each step taken leads further away! C.M.P '05' (C.M.P ‘11’)...Read On


She has a date

When I learned Ruby had a date.

It starts with an idea; sublime torture... the bluntest of instruments. Think of apricot marmalade, with a touch of crimson cayenne, spread slowly about a nipple and over the folds of an areola. Think of the sun making it melt and wafting its scent to the bees. Think of the sweat that bleeds salt and distills the pepper to pucker. A bee hovers and buzzes seeking...Read On


What Is Passion?

So how do you define passion...

So, what is passion? Is it in part an intellectual connection? Is it wanting to get to know you at the deepest level So that I know what makes you tick How you will react What will make your side split with laughter Or cause your anger to burn? Is it a focused attempt To continually peel back the proverbial onion Until our masks disappear When all I can see is you And...Read On


2 a.m. Woman

Getting laid, the best cure for Insomnia

Insomnia blamed for logging-on White tank top… And your sexy thong The ear-bud kiss inside your ear Recollection of a song… You crave to hear Sexy thoughts dance in your head Shifting satin sheets… Your own solitude bed Clicks and strokes of fingertips Teeth biting, nipping… Your lush red lips Video stream caught, locked in your eyes Arms, abs, and cock… ...Read On


Chasing the Moon

Shimmering light rises in the dark sky Awakened, My eyes slowly focus on the woman at my side. Confused about the night and what got me here Remembered, The intense passion and desires we earlier shared. Her naked body slowly losing its veil of night Dared, Fingers slowly chase silver moonlight. Highlights of the rising moon expose more of her silhouette ...Read On


Simply Yours

Inspired by the Girl with Curls

Curls and compassion Beauty and passion Inspiring me to want more Sensuality galore Tenderness you inspire Stoking me like a fire More than just a picture In my heart you're the fixture Never imaging wanting more Desire oozing from my every pore All that I have is yours All that I can give and more Because I am...Read On


Perfect Correlation

I love you so much, It's overwhelming, In fact right now, My hands are trembling. I'm going insane, A hopeless romantic, Chasing destiny, Flailing, frantic. So close, Yet afar, Shining bright, A lonely star. Please put my heart, At rest, You and I as one, Is best. Is it positive one, Perfect correlation? Or a negative one, That leads to frustration? Never was I good at math, But I follow...Read On


Sweet Dreams

Sometimes, just being together is enough

And so, another day draws to a close. Standing side by side, we brush our teeth. I watch your breasts jiggle as you bend over to rinse your mouth. I almost touch them, but know I am too tired to follow through. So I keep my hands to myself. I wait in the hallway, behind a closed door, while you pee. You come out, and go into the bedroom to put on a tee shirt. Then it is...Read On


PS: I Love You

He doesn't understand...

So I'm awake sitting in the bathroom while you sleep and my heart is hurting over the changes and distance between us. I don't know what to think, but all I know is that I do not want to continue going this way. What way? The way we are now, with me being an after thought at the end of the day. With me being the last thing or person you think of everyday. With it being ok not to see me...Read On


Do You Ever Wonder?

Do you ever fantasize about me or am I in this alone?

Do you ever think of me as you’re heading out on the town, just you and your hubby, for one of your extremely rare date nights? When he puts your hand inside his, completely encasing your tiny digits, are you curious as to what my hand would feel like? What about when he’s behind you and pulling your chair out for you in the fancy restaurant? Do I cross your mind then? Do you think of...Read On


The Power of Your Love

DEDICATED TO LOVERS is powerful, passionate, and pure ecstasy!!!

My pain went deep, breaking my spirit and made me feel useless and lonely. Was I doomed to life without love never to trust or love another man again? Oh how I miss that feeling of closeness and that rush of passion and ecstasy. Yet you lifted my spirit, won my heart and made me believe in love again. When I looked into your face, your smile lit up every corner of the room. I could not...Read On


Our First Time in the Nursing Home

The first time is always the most memorable.

I was four score, you a touch younger. Both of us still had the hunger to release our passions and taste each other’s sweat. Neither of us was much of a talker but you looked so hot on your walker. I wanted to be as close as I could get. My heart sings remembering that very first day the two of us began to play and strove to reach the heights of senior bliss. You were my...Read On


Rebirth - Do We Dare?

a broken heart can love again, but it is scarey

Snowy leaves decayed And long the soul unmended. Then, tentative steps.  Crocus flowers passed Yet still our hearts lamented. Now minds touch; laughter. Blooms and leafy lusts We recognized as fickle. But this?...Read On



I'm a strong woman...but I want you to take me.

I’m strong. I’m a teacher, a coach, a mother. I run a classroom, a team, a household. I’m an athlete. I run marathons. So when I read stories about submissive women, Downcast eyes, murmuring agreement in response to their lovers’ demands, I’m angered by their weakness. That’s not me. But you… With your sexy tenderness and solid character, Your warm, intelligent eyes...Read On


I Can’t Stop Thinking About You

She's captivated my thoughts and I'm left helpless to be free...

I kept thinking of you, holding you close in my arms, hands wrapped around your waist, pulling your body ever closer to mine I kept thinking of you, caressing your beautiful lips, finding the gap and then you follow by playing sensuously with my tongue I kept thinking of you, the look in your eyes, your intoxicating aroma, the velvety touch of your skin as you hold me, just petting my body...Read On


The stars will speak your name

Read it; close your eyes and feel it

In passion's sweet embrace,   we light the night,   the stars will speak your name   before the sun's breath   blows them into the oblivion of day  a desire slowly fulfilled is born anew   as love and lust together light the flame  butterflies drift around the morning sky  and we have no need to ever wonder why...Read On


Tight Fittin' Jeans

for a Lushie friend - she knows who she is

  With the radio tuned to the local country station, I log onto Lush to begin a little work. “Beedle-DEEP!” The message beeps go off and a little window says, “Hi” For the next three hours I don’t get much work done but we have another wonderful conversation. We talk about everything and anything; we share our hopes, our fears, our happinesses, and our disappointments. We talk...Read On


My thoughts of you

Do you ever ask yourself, what if...?

To imagine you there As you are As I see you In my mind's eye I knew it could never be ***** The clouds whispered their rain A drenching onslaught Of feelings for you ***** I never could have imagined I'd be able to talk to you As a friend and Maybe more In time Who knows? I dare not guess What it feels like to know Your most intimate caress, at best ...Read On


The Rose

One beautiful Summer Morning. I woke up to a single rose beside my bed. With a Simple note attached. "I'm still with you"  Without knowing who sent it, or where it came from, I automatically thought of you.  I knew it was you, who sent me this rose, but I don't know how it got to me... You have been gone for quite some time, but I knew it was from you.  I asked a couple of days ago, to send me...Read On


Shine down on me...

When it seem dark and blue.... I look up to you... I know I can not see you. I'd give anything to see you. I know you are watching over me. And keeping a close eye on me. When it seems like I can't go on I learn to use your strength to keep going on. When it seem too dark to go on.... I feel your strength shine down on me... and I feel like I go on, because I feel your love and...Read On

Audio version available

Dream Eternal

A special moment shared between lovers.

Dream Eternal Copyright Don Abdul ©2005 Shh!! Say not a word Leave outside, worries of the world Sit back and relax Let me spoil you to the max Candle light Soft music, what a delight Chocolate, strawberries, whipped cream Tonight is the night, baby let’s make a dream Close your eyes Let your imagination soar Your anxieties, your inhibitions lower Part your lips,...Read On



She sees what she has known all along

There's rain on the window  It's morning  As she stares through the glass  at the ground There's a tear on her cheek  She's turning  And the light just catches  her frown The footprints of yesterday's loving  Are washed by the rain as it falls  And the heartache of yesterday's caring  Has her imprisoned between these four walls The walls close in   on her thinking  She can't see...Read On


Salvation of a Demoness

She was a strange vision that stood before me; How she came to be, I do not know; But her presence drew me to my knee; I knew when I looked up at her I could not leave until she bid me to go. Her long, shoulder length hair was a deep flaming red; the sent of her perfume was of fire and brimstone; Two ivory white horns sat upon the middle of her forehead; When she smiled her...Read On



For a dirty old guy who means a lot to me

Not asked for Not looked for But found none the less Unique new joy No gap in my life to fill But now I know there will Be a gap without you I know you feel it too Faith given Trust given Always understood How far to go Eyes open in the morning Already I’m yearning To greet the day and share Whatever I find there Heartbeats race Thoughts race So warm deep inside Drunk on you sir ...Read On


How do I say thank you...

Just because I love you

For your love For what you do to me You make me feel like I am the only one That feels this way. You touch my neck Slowly everything below ignites Every nerve Every inch of skin that gets wet and hot. Bursts into flames that burn me up I fall deeper  Crash harder Into you. I might not say much but my heart speaks I do want much more than just to hear  I love you ...Read On


Passion in cyberspace

You know you have felt this, you totally know it

Love and passion's sweet embrace untwined, A heart waits, longing For love to take passion holding strong The body and the soul enjoined Electrons rushing through glass and wire Carry words whose images in the minds eye Hold meanings new and bold Yet no substitute for the soul's desire But passion by herself can discover Sweet release apart from the tired ache of unrequited love...Read On



When will the dream come true.

Tonight, when you lay down to sleep I hope you dream about me. Now, close your eyes my darling, relax your body, mind and soul. Go to a place where lovers meet, then look around, can you see me. I always dream of you, going to that place where only two can go. I’m there darling, looking for you, longing for this dream to be real. I reach out to you, as our fingers touch, I can...Read On


The Brightest Star

The Brightest Star during a moonless night Is a flame that flickers bright The flame burns deep Deep within the skin and soul A flame that burns with great heat Emotions are the fuel for this Fire Anger, hate, loneliness, and mistrust Mixed with passion, love, and lust Deep within they simmer And they wait For the spark That will ignite them forever The flames of...Read On