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Love Poems


Fallen Hard

This is one of the many love songs I have written... It's the first one I'm really sharing, I have only shared certain lines to 1 other song, but this is the first whole song I am sharing with anyone besides me... You came along, Walked right into my life, You sat down, Made yourself at home, In my heart. My weaknesses my flaws, You seem to love it all, You laugh with me, You...Read On


Where have we gone?

Empty House despite our presence

Where have we gone? Alone in my car and parked outside our home. Our home. You are already inside. I am about to come inside. And still our home will be empty. It was once so full of love. Where have we gone that we can both be inside and still our home is empty? I'm tired of being alone. ...Read On


The Hands That Blew My Mind

My fantasy comes true after many late night on-line chats

I turned the key and as I opened the door, my jaw dropped as you stood there before me. A vision of sheer beauty, standing there wearing just heels and some very sexy black lingerie. Your legs are covered in the sheer black nylon of your stockings, a vision straight from my fantasy. Your sexy body is covered in a pure black satin corset, finished with matching satin panties. God, you...Read On


Pussy (A Woman Whole)

A pussy is much more than something sexual between a woman’s legs.

A pussy is much more than something sexual between a woman’s legs. So why do we always make it out to be? It’s soft and tender, Delicate and sublime. It can hold you together, Keep you safe and warm For long periods of time. It’s loving and affectionate And will know when you ache, Then console you Sweetly and gently Taking the pain away. Most times it’s funny and laughing A real joy...Read On


Have and Lost

This is a short poem I wrote tonight.

Lips locked with heavy breathing She pulls away with a sigh Head thrown back in ecstasy His fingers are slowly stroking Moving slowly up her thigh Living out his fantasy Warm moist mouth suckles On a harden nipple She grasps his hair There is white in her knuckles He is almost too much to handle Hips buck as she moans on the chair The loveseat is now a bed As they start to make love...Read On



I guess I am in my writing mood again. Another poem writing rampage might occur...

I look to the universe for answers. Answers that do not exist. Answers hiding behind clouds, Beyond the rainbows, Jumping into the sun. Answers hidden, By the black curtain, With tiny glimmers of hope. I stare searching every night, Plotting ways to tell you. Questions are repeated. Who am I? Will I be with you? When? How? Why have I fallen so hard? So many unanswered things. Time...Read On


The Siren

A temptress waits and sings . . .

A crossroads am I, where three hungry holes kneel And if here, Traveller, you drag your worn heel By wave or by wing, bring along a friend, Feast to my famine, my chasms to mend With cocks, fingers, or fists, and cunts to kiss, So bring your toys, and don’t forget the Miss; I’ll teach the lot of you some of my games, Three players required (plus lube), dirty names You’ve heard but won’t...Read On


Will You Be There Tonight?

This is purely fictional

Will You Be There Tonight? --------------------- Will you watch silently as I sit by my dresser, Or will you just smile Like the 'ole professor? Will you want to touch my luxurious curls, Or will your eyes only see my lustrous pearls? Will your dark eyes fill with lust, Or will your heart feel That passive trust? Will your loins shudder with needs unfulfilled, Or will your passion for me,...Read On


After Sixty

mature sex has its own foibles - my first try at humor - whatdaya think?

AFTER SIXTY I touch her clit ever so gently With my tongue. Her legs clamp shut on my head as she moans But I don’t hear it. All I hear is the screaming feedback in my hearing aids. I can’t think, and my tongue stops moving. She opens her legs as the pleasure stops. I raise my head, and remove my hearing aids. She laughs as I dive down again. Life is good even after sixty....Read On


Prairie Passion

Prairie Passion Lightening washes sky full bright Streaking white across the night Steaming sweat on glistening bodies Prairie passion feeds their fires The cowboy and his red haired lady Have found their passion swiftly soaring To the sound of natures music Keeping pace with heavens fury Through the moaning heated night Fingers glide and lips make merry Fingers slide...Read On



Finding the right words

Twenty thousand feet above the ground. Sitting in my window seat, seat belts fastened. Lovely scenery whizzing by, but all of my thoughts are of you. The last time, we talked we had a misunderstanding. Not a fight or overly harsh words, just some bent feelings. Now I can't contact you until we land, and the wait is killing me. Wanting to tell you I'm sorry that I wasn't clearer. Wanting to...Read On


Erotic Desire-First Kiss

'Erotic Desire-First kiss' --------------------------------- The burning desire within Mia escalates. Flames of passion penetrates. That which is just beyond her reach, Here on this beautiful, exotic, tropical beach. For Manuel, her sensual, soft body craves, As her thoughts flow upon the waves. She knows she must trust what's in her heart, And let her mind and body become her...Read On



Finding the right person to give your heart

Fiend That. One. Thing.  I need it, Everyday.  I need to be filled, Overflow.  Taken over by a feeling that makes me fly, Addictive.  The taste on the tip of my tongue, Lingers. Give me more, I know I am so greedy. But you made me crave it, Desire,  Hunger for it. I never had it so good, Wanted it so bad.  You are all I ever need,  The BEST I ever had.  ...Read On


Shattered Hearts and Broken Wings

Many things can go wrong in a marraige and when it does two hearts are broken.......

She looked at the pieces of her broken heart,  scattered across the ground. To her, love would always be forever, until the end of time and beyond.   Oh, what did he do when she surrendered, all and gave him her heart? He took all and left her with nothing, and now she felt unable to carry on. She was his angel, until he mistreated her, and broke her wings this time. Oh, how could he rip...Read On


Kitty Longs for a Collar

She slowed as they passed the brazen store display the window flaunting all its wares He saw her looking gingerly touching with her eyes the leather, slippery seal belly black, the rings that hung, eager (her imagination heard their silver tinkle) and the stars that twinkled an abundance of rhinestones studding matching the stars in a kitty's eyes She looked and prayed some day those stars...Read On


A Leprechauns dream

Spied a sweet young vixen, Down at the local Shamrock’s, Shakin’ her 36 D diddies, And teasin’ all the cocks. Wearin a tight green t-shirt Shakin’ her flamin’ red hair, Her perky hard nipples Pointing the way to her lair. O’er a pint we sit and flirt, And discuss the jewel beneath her skirt. As we kiss and head for her bed, I wonder if tonight She’ll give me good head. Fingers...Read On


For yesterday

Maybe wishes do come true.

For yesterday by Cheltenham ***** Arrive and fleet Butterfly wings A haze of movement When we interact Kiss me tenderly In your bedroom Whisper secrets I crave your splendor Weep in silence Cry tearfully I hold you closer The moment passes I wipe your cheek with My fingertip and I kiss your mouth my Hands travel south, we Sample each other To you I've been true How sweet your...Read On


The Cowboy and the Lady

Will the rugged, but tender hearted cowboy, make love to the lady?

The lady dressed in lace and linen spotted the cowboy. He had just ridden up to a hitching post that was near her. Eying his tall, lanky frame, she wondered about the cowboy. Was he as rough and calloused like the people often told her? She didn’t realize that she was staring until his eye met hers. Their piercing blue color made her quiver from head to toe. Blushing, quickly looking away,...Read On



I miss my Master...

My body feels cold without your warmth, My heart pains in its yearning, And my soul cries out in emptiness. I am simply not whole in...Read On


Just so you know

Getting rid of it all

You were perfect, The beginning of a journey I desired. You awakened the part of Me I kept locked away, For fear of feeling too much. With no words of why, or a sorry ass goodbye, you left. you promised yourself and said 'yes Mistress, I'm yours.', Did you not get what you wanted? Keep searching, keep looking, keep promising others, Never ever going to find what you had...Read On



"Pleasure-zone" The day started, as it routinely did. Deadlines to meet. Projects to complete. I took a break from my busy day, To say "Hello" to friends far away. Lo and behold, the 'message' light blinks. I opened the page, Reaching for my drink. 'What, another boring message from someone afar?' Maybe just another 'wanna-be rock-star' I say to myself. "Should I open, or just delete?...Read On


A Kiss

You sleep, my angel, next to me Your beauty and love is all I can see My heart aches to hold you close and tight As we slept embraced throughout the night I look at your face and love it so When you leave I don't want you to go Your love for me is love unbound You said I was your soulmate, the one you found I told you what I was as I hoped to dare You said that you did not care You love me...Read On



I really overthink things sometimes =/

Sometimes, I don't know what to feel. Is this a fantasy? Or could it be real? Sometimes, I feel loved, But like a baby bird, I need to be shoved. Sometimes, I feel hurt, And completely alone, Nothing more than dirt. Sometimes, The cloud has silver lining, A glimmer of hope, Forever shining. Sometimes, I mess thing up, Make it wrong, Maybe I should just shut up. Sometimes, I am stupid,...Read On


Head To Toe

The waves of your silky hair flows down over your back and shoulders. Your mahogany locks shine in the daylight and bounce with your movement. A cute fringe completes the perfect framing of your face. First the deep, hazel eyes that penetrate deep into my soul. They have such a warmth to them and hold me captivated for a moment. Your long, full lashes are so natural and so beautiful. ...Read On


Eddie's Secret

Eddie loved to take her hand, like the gentlemen of yore, and with a flourish that was grand, kiss each silver ring she wore. Friends often wondered why it was her hand alone for which he bowed, but he would only say "it does not fit for you to delve, dear crowd." And she! She knew the reason why and only smiled when watching how on fragrant cream he came to dine, his face as solemn as a vow....Read On



He tore down my defenses...

Fences I build fences. I wall myself in And protect. I build fences. And with each day, week, or month That you are gone, My barrier grows stronger, impregnable. I build fences. You show up and try to enter, And find a fortress. I build fences. You knock, pound, and ram, And are told to move on, Yet you do not. I build fences. You slowly make your way through ...Read On

Audio version available

Georgia Peach

That sweet Georgia peach is my lover down south; I am going to make him do obscene things with his mouth. Like lick my pussy that is so very sweet; Then I will feed him my cock while he kneels at my feet. His love is so delicious and dripping with juice; I will fuck his tight ass until it is nice and loose. He is passionate and sexy I love being his Mistress; Everything that he gives me...Read On



Instead of a love poem about some ONE I love, I switched it up to a someTHING I love.

Click. Another object, Or a person, Frozen. Click. A sound of love, Not a hobby, Passion. Click. It's more than that, It's awesome, Art. Click. Something simple, Completely changed, New. Click. Black and white, Maybe color, Film. Click. Develop. Admire....Read On


The Wings of an Eagle

How can I tell you that all I want and need in my life right now is you, when I just met you! Baby, I can still taste you on my lips, feel your sexy touch and caress you with my heart. I feel like I am lying right there beside you snuggling with my arms tightly holding you. My head upon your chest and I hear the loneliness in the rhythmic beating of your heart. I wipe the tears from...Read On


Loving You

Loving You *********** By: ArtAngel Loving you Darling, Makes me feel more powerful everyday. The sound of your voice...calms me. The touch of your hands...leaves me breathless. You inspire me...just are you. The endless days spent without you...has all been worthwhile. The sleepless nights...are now just a dream. Loving you...fills the void that memories can't erase. ...Read On