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Love Poems


Can I Just Make Love To You In My Mind

He amazes me in such a good way.

Two hours. Too fast. From the first embrace “hello” to the last kiss “goodbye” There is just not enough time. Still an eternity with you would not be long enough. You were born 20 years too soon Or I too late. I can pretend that I’m younger But I’m not. I can’t give you what I wish Or what you deserve. But I’ve already given you my heart I am honored by your presence As I shine...Read On


Helen of Troy: Her New Millennium

The beauty's adventures never end . . .

I. Here stands that same famous Helen of Troy Who lately fired men and ships, her towers Forsaken like her promise to prince or king, For other loves deserted, different desires. Goddess-crowned, immortal, her beauty beams Gold on white beaches and fires the waves. Many seasons have fled, nations have waked And borne down in flames their extinguished fate, Yet this same Mediterranean...Read On

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Song of Magic

there are all kinds of magic

Lying naked in the leaves outside the garden wall I hear strings and horns in the sound of the limbs blowing, the meandering creek and wind in hollow trees. Your voice sings the melody in a minor key speaking feelings and thoughts and I long to sing that song back to you. But my voice joins in counterpoint and I smile at myself, laid bare, singing sweetly, ...Read On


My Love

Last night you held me,   Oh so very close!  Our arms were straight above our heads - fingers entwined. Our legs were stretched out together - toes touching.  Our bodies were as one – skin to skin, heartbeat to heartbeat, and oh, so deep inside! You looked into my eyes and saw my soul! We kissed with a hunger and passion unknown before. We became one!!!!  And yet, we haven’t met. Yet!...Read On


A New Life...

A new life? Doors of a new life opening for me? I step into a haze wonder and ponder what’s new for me If I were to leave old to start anew what lies beyond? Many a times I wait till sunset aimlessly looking for no one the door’s ajar sitting silent and still I dare not move certain not to go far as death and destruction looming everywhere ...Read On


Chicken Tonight

A simple meal isn't always so simple

I called ahead today, Rather than just show up, And she said she was making Chicken tonight. She works as hard As I do, And we have nothing To bind us, No ring, no vows, No obligations. She doesn't need to make it, but... But chicken, The way she does it, Is a project. No shortcuts, No cheating, Just good, old fashioned Chicken. Are there special words Of love That we say when we are...Read On


Flesh of the Distant Storm

the storm is far away but still affects life and love

The rhythm of stormy surf meeting shore matches the beat of my heart as your hand seeks out all my secrets. Your tongue paints a starry night over wet, shivering flesh as my legs spread in welcome. My body begs for the release you offer. Gauzy curtains blowing in the heated breeze cannot disguise my cries of love and pain as your hard length sheaths itself in my very soul....Read On


Eye to Eye

You’re so sexy you drive me crazy; Why do you have to be so lazy? You just don’t appreciate me; I’m always waiting around to see. Pretty lies roll so easily off your lips; You never follow through, you give me a fit! There has never really been an “Us”; You act all distant, I put up a fuss. It is always the same old crap; Wake up bitch, I have what you lack! It could have been so...Read On


Lily, I'm

Spring is in bloom

A blush--my simple treasure given over to whomever catches--my artless eye in springtime swimming blithe cross the streets with lovers full this fluent heat wakes buds anew I’m pink now with desire for you I’ll gift this tingled fire if you catch me I'll unfurl for softest kiss this secret pearl...Read On


The Flame of Desire

A shot in the dark, a message received; How you want to give me exactly what I need. Never forgetting what I want from you; Complications are many that we must see through. Time creeping by, has it been so long? A need intense, as it grows so strong. Just the thought takes my breath away; Following that need, leads me astray. The taboo, the forbidden, a secret held dear; Craving...Read On


I Have Many Faces

Do you see a woman filled with passion desire

Close your eyes and picture me. What do you see? It is only me with one mind, one soul, and one heart and yet I have many faces. Can you tell them apart? Many say I have the face of an angel, kind and sweet. Come, look a little closer look in my eyes, can you see the devil, bold and seductive? Mornings come, and I look in the mirror and ask myself, which face shall I wear...Read On


Never Enough Breath

Sleepy body and brain float somewhere in that twilight world where my heart is free and love is simple. I pursue you through the deep water, darting in and out like a mermaid as you watch me warily and hide in the murky depths. My lungs suddenly empty and I struggle to surface. You take my mouth and become breath for me, filling me with yourself. Holding me ...Read On


Tender Tenure

I want to close my eyes and sleep forever In my dreams where you live Melancholy heart Reaching out for love Reaching out for the Precious partner Whose heart beats match my own The staccato drum The rumbling cadence In tune, in time Beat, beat, beat My breathing to still An empty sigh A last gasp As I sink into your memory Lose myself in your tenor ...Read On



One boy Two boys Three boys Four The ones I choose , My candy store They make me laugh They make me cry And promise NEVER To cum in my eye You are felt intensely in different ways I can't help but seek you Out to play So Sexy, So clever So funny and smart Christ! One of you Could break my heart! One boy Two boys Three boys Four Always pushing to find out more I slowly open up and...Read On



I waken to a hazy world Rub sleep from my eyes And peer into the mist I stand within a small bubble of existence Alone save for the rest of the world that lives Hidden behind this blanket of suspended water And I catch the momentary glimpse A sneaking movement of air that billows Around the phantom of my heart My ghost, my love My fantasy I feel you there ...Read On




I am you know. This power given only to me. Blending and darting from shadow to shadow. All of those places where light doesn’t reach. No one sees me. I go where I want. I walk through walls. Locks won’t help. Turning the lights out just makes it easier. You can’t hide. You can’t escape. I see everything. Those moments in the car when your skirt rides up...Read On



the one who held me captive has been dead for some time, though he had time enough to teach the prisoner that she was there to serve. when he made his exit he left the cage locked and over time others came to give advice or give reasons why the cage was necessary. but then you came by carrying your magic mirror telling me to look closely and notice that the door...Read On

Forever Your Guide

The Night Sky Speaks after the Storm

As lightning blazes bright Across the barren sky tonight I cannot hear your hypnotic words Of clever seduction My single barrel pen is empty, No spicy ink inside to write the verses You craved so many times And blew your mind, Yet the burning desire rekindles My passion lurking in shadows For a restless soul like mine Cannot remain sulking deep in gloom Contained within the walls ...Read On


A Premonition

Beautiful, Let’s sit, and watch, And listen… To the wind whispering across the water. And feel our flesh, desperate, On each other, With no one but the earth to bear witness. Avenging angel, With her hazel gaze, She smells of the sea, and the sun's blaze. Immortal prince, With his blood red eyes. Entombed in earth, She awaits his rise. Bound by crimson, ...Read On


Breaking Down The Door

Her mind takes over - it's not her orgasm any more!

Breaking Down The Door  Fuck I'm wet, I'm in a sweat My heart is racing Pounding at the door that I know Is about to open wide My breath is harsh as I grunt and groan I sometimes hold it as I pause... Then release it in tiny gasps of raw pleasure That spills into the quiet air My mind is fighting my body I want it to last but lust has taken over My mind is now in control of these...Read On


Something Sweet

Thinking of something sweet today

I listened to your voice. It wasn't what I had imagined You would sound like, But then again, I really did not know What to expect. If I said your voice was sweet, What would that mean? Memories of something sweet, Beginning when I was a boy, Buying candy bars for twelve cents And savoring the chocolate, The caramel, the little crispy somethings That went "crunch" As I slowly chewed....Read On


Lost all of me

The intensity of the moment brings my body to a test.

The intensity of the moment brings my body to a test. I couldn’t handle the situation and yet I sit still, waiting. I know that if I just sit there long enough in front of you that I would be fine. But then again the moment my hand touches yours skin. It’s all over. How do I go on? So you strike a conversation to make the situation bearable. Was it enough or was I still nervous...Read On


Hopelessly in Love

Saturate me in your resonance and Render me speechless. Fill me with longing and Render me motionless. Take away my ability to sigh and Render me breathless. Capture my heart and Render me helpless. Do all this and let the flood tide roll The dam burst open The emotion like a tidal wave Pouring out to drown me in its intensity At the intensity you possess ...Read On

Audio version available

It is Written

I can wait....

I enter the room, sheets changed on the bed where you quietly won my heart and body one more time last night. You stare out the window, computer showing a clean page. A fountain pen and pencil sit on a yellow pad covered with hieroglyphic scribbles. And I know you are thinking of her. I am, too. She has captured your imagination as so many have before. And she...Read On



I am too tired for sex, but...

Wiped. It's only 4:00 p.m., And my body is saying Midnight. Who am I to argue with my body? The faxes didn't stop, they are still Coming, And heaven help me if the phone Rings again, And "she" wants to know if I am Available. Is there something unclear about "I am not in this afternoon"? E-mails, letters, files, binders, The onslaught of paper Has numbed me, Exhausted me, And now all that...Read On


Sex in the mundane

This short poem is designed to make you think of how sexy the mundane can be. Hope you enjoy it.

Blood rushing. Senses on alert. Body rigid and ready to act. The music is playing, making you go faster. The faster you go, the harder you push it.  The harder you push it, the more she reacts. You already have her top off, and she is purring with every twist and turn you throw at her. She is freshly waxed, and her aroma is as sweet as any you have ever smelled before. ...Read On


What is Love?


What is Love? To some it means never having to say you're sorry, But I don't subscribe to Catch phrases. Not from books or movies, at least. Is it a great romance, A journey of two people Through life, As partners? Is it the depth of obligation Felt between friends, The "I am always there for you," That is reciprocated And which goes without saying. Why am I asking myself This question? ...Read On



You needed so much more than I could ever be.

You stole my thoughts and turned them into words. My pain was so real, your voice went unheard. You needed so much more than I could ever be. My damaged heart longed to remain free. You held me too tightly and like sand in your fist I gently blew away. My cocoon was stopping my growth, my metamorphosis was incomplete.  You were a beautiful pollenating flower withering in Spring's...Read On


Life Gets in the Way

Apologies for all the times when other things occupy time

I've been thinking of you all day. Really, I have. I get all the beautiful images of you, The friendship and the things that Aren't always within the usual four walls Of friendship. I get the memories of late night chats, And of early morning e-mails, And surprises along with them. The attachments in my Inbox, A photo of a nipple, A hand and fingers on your pussy. And all you get is silence....Read On



Daydreaming about dessert time

My most foolish fantasy Is to eat come On cream cheesecake Maybe with sprinkled Strawberry goo And then the jism too I had thought almost To have one of my heroines Eat some up like this But that’s a disgusting fate To serve up for them Even though they’d be up For it. As for me I can see the dessert plate Ringed round with neat strands Of the stuff. Maybe a few Neat globules on top...Read On