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Love Poems


Tied up in Ecstasy

You stand there, dripping, all tied up, leaving me with so many places to go. Blindfolded, your senses heightened. You squirm in your restraints, not wanting to be free. My mouth begins to water as I drop to my knees, I can smell your moistness, but I want to taste. My breath on your snatch makes you quiver and you moan, wanting me to want more. I kiss your clit gently, then let...Read On



Crushed by beauty of a female creation

From the moment I saw you, I was captured by your beauty An Angelic form, created by the Gods to enslave male's hunger for a beating heart Every curve drove around a dangerous corner, that sent goosebumps upon my skin Your eyes that offered sincerity and honesty, but hid behind them the truth of coldness Your touch, that caused my body to turn to jelly within your grasp And form a mould...Read On


Sonnets for the New Year

Sonnets written on New Year's Day about the disintergration of love

Tenderly, I think of you, lovelier than I have ever known. Your eyes sing, your voice dances, your hair, fluffier and wilder than when gypsies laugh and fling their hearts like tambourines and a fiddle plays. You dazzle me, but like a rainbow I can’t reach, a star I can’t touch, a riddle I can’t penetrate--someone I don’t know. Our words, when we speak, ricochet. Gestures I...Read On


That Other Thing

Always left unsaid

That other thing, You know it, I know it That thing left unsaid That thing between us That thing that scrapes out our souls Like a flicker of light inside us A glowing pearl of thought A windswept cliff on a distant shore A mountain peak capped with snow A beauty of such painful sorrow As we leave that thing unsaid Though we both know it’s there And we...Read On

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i love being from the south

Pining is such an old fashioned word and yet, it is truly my experience. I rock on my front porch, fan myself languidly, and sigh. My desire is that you come sit beside me on my porch swing and hold my hand as we talk quietly about the events of the day. I thirst for sweet tea and the sight of lightning bugs and your kiss at the corner of my mouth. My...Read On


There is Only Now

Thoughts about an internet relationship

There is Only Now We can only live in the moment No past or future, only the present Time stolen from others Out of the dimensions of time and space. Moments seem endless And hours seem short  Because of the intensity between us And the knowledge that our time is not infinite. How does this happen? This understanding, this connection? Distance makes us remote  ...Read On



Echoes of a loved one lost....

ECHOES The echoes of you, linger within the bedroom The once lively surroundings, of your voice and smell of your perfume The smoothing shapely perfection, of your arched spine Our legs crossed as lovers, our bodies intertwined Your touch, your smell, the way you awoke my inner desires My heart performing a double beat, faster than it requires The succulent lips so soft to kiss, as I...Read On


Expectations Dissipated

 I feel the urge urge to feel you urge to talk to you urge to kiss you urge to take care urge to love urge to feel passion urge to desire you desire to hold you desire to tickle you desire to lick you desire to pinch you desire to spank you desire to suck you desire to enter you desire to fill you desire to make you cum desire to feel you squeezing desire...Read On



An expression of loss

  I sit here wanting words when what I really want is you-- not the sound of syllables, or the right ring of rhymes, or the cleverness of making metaphors that bounce off the imagination. Poetry is what cannot be stuffed into words. It’s buried underneath like a muffled cry hardly heard, a silent hand reaching up into the sky from under mud. Do you hear my cry? Do...Read On


Mulli's love

Dedicated to my wonderful Mulli

The hardships and trials; all that defiles The one that I love I want to shove Down to hell While I hear the bells Ringing my love for you I don't need a bloody coup To gain your heart Mine has fallen apart But you gave me yours In exchange for the chore Of piecing mine back together No matter the weather And now, Now I can say Every single day I love you...Read On



They say, Perception becomes reality. Perhaps they (whover they are), are right.

“Sing me a song,” she said. I so wanted to please; To be worthy of this strong, frail person Whom I held in such high regard. So I opened my mouth to sing And made myself vulnerable to her. There came forth a horrid, cacophonous sound As of a hundred violins out of tune (The screaming strings of Mantovani, gone berserk) With bassoons belching, Trumpets blaring, And...Read On


A River We Can't Cross

Lovers who can't reach each other

A river is between us-- too deep and dark and swift to swim and not be swept away. We do not know the river’s source, but there it is-- sometimes calm, sometimes raging from a storm. We see each other on our shores, busy in our lives. We wave and smile but cannot hear across the rushing water and do not speak. Who knows? Perhaps one day we’ll find a bridge that we can cross and...Read On



Sometimes just Sometimes in the night In the hours that lay dormant and still When the darkness creeps Inside my room, Inside my heart I lay awake and wonder If the sunlight strikes your face If you turn your smile into the glow And think of me at the precise Moment I think of you And in that second Do we share a closeness that not Even the world can stop....Read On


Simply ... Us

When I cry, it is your, ... nature that gives me hope. When I laugh, it is your, ... smile that gives me joy. When I think, it is your, ... being that gives me thought. When I breath, it is your, ... essence that replaces air. When you drink, ... it is my spirit that quenches your thirst. When you see, ... it is my beauty that gives you sight. When you listen, ... it is my...Read On


Night and Day

Thoughts of an absent lover

This is a first effort at publication. Please be gentle. It is twilight – that wonderful time between day and night That the French call l’heure bleue – the blue hour. As I look out over the water, the infinite horizon where it meets the sky I wonder if you are looking at the sky now thinking of me As I am thinking of you and remembering Your kisses and caresses, your...Read On


My Love

They told us we wouldn't be good together. They told us it was wrong that we Loved each other. They told us we were making a mistake. They told us that it was wrong. They were wrong They had no idea what they were talking about. They judged what they didn't know. They didn't want us to be happy. We made it baby. We are perfect together We could not be happier and more in love with...Read On

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Girlie Juices

you turn on my girlie-juices ;-)

Your touch is the catalyst that makes me wet with arousal and anticipation. The look on your face reveals your purpose. I laugh with joy as you separate my legs, put your open mouth over my puss and drink my girlie-juices. As you cause those juices to flow and drench your face my heart races. My body flushes as your tongue dips in and out tasting...Read On


A Marriage Vow

A sonnet expressing a vow to cherish his lovely treasure

  Today, my heart sings--oh what a gift your are, and I promise, my most precious friend, to hold you gently in my life so not to mar the fragile sweetness of our love, to mold our lives together, our spirits bound yet distinct, to help you grow and flower year after year, to share and keep the ground of our lives rich and open to every hour of the sun. Today, I take...Read On


Laying Here Awake

It has been a long time....

Laying Here Awake I lay here awake Unable to sleep and I have my Master on my mind, As I do every day. Oh I know it’s "as it should be" And “of course", And all those answers You always give me. But please allow me to say How much I miss my Master Without the standard answers and responses You surely must have saved into your phone. And before you get angry at me ...Read On


Before a Marriage Proposal

Thoughts before asking her to be my wife...

It was warm today in our house by the sea, the smell of chili, bread rising by the fire. Outside, the wind was howling. Birds shivered on the wire and a few leaves dangled against the coming storm before falling to the piles of death around us. Beside me, you were slicing broccoli and did not see me take a breath and step away with a carrot in my hand and go to...Read On



Two lovers dream about taking off together

We speak of places we would like to go, looking out at destinations, places far away, towns that held us spellbound-- sharing now this breeze that lets us drift like clouds. It’s good to wander off like that with you, looking off at where we’d like to be. Our voices grow excited as we speak of places we could show each other, spend sometime exploring, not quite realizing...Read On


My Confession

With one man when you need to be with another.

My Confession Tenderly you hold me Just like you told me. You stroke my hair And touch what you dare. I feel your hardness as you deeply thrust A man doing what you must. Between your fingers I learn My rubbery nipples tingle and burn. The waves get bigger As you stoke my trigger I want to cum… Yes baby I badly want to cum!! Thrust harder, release me, Oh...Read On



A Sweet Scent

I don't know why I could smell her sweet scent around me. She wasn’t here. Could it be she had drifted into my mind and enveloped my very being? Possibly. Her voluptuous full lips, Silky pale skin, Those soul penetrating eyes? Definitely . I could search, a thousand years, For something as wondrous as her cheeky smile, As sensually graceful as her, glide across a room, ...Read On


His Lips

sensual passionate kissing

His Lips…. His lips are thick, full, and inviting His lips trace the outline of my face His lips lightly and sensually kiss each eyelid His lips drag ever so slowly down my check His lips open and I feel his hot breath His lips pass over my neck causing me to quiver His lips release his tongue to circle around my breasts His lips pucker and I feel a slow suckle on my nipple ...Read On

No Slumber

He came to me with soft, careful words, And I took him. He brought to me the touch of a blissful lover, And I felt him. He kissed my skin and stirred its desire, And I laid myself down for him. He captured my heart and fed my soul, And I fell for him. And, then…in a flash It was gone. Gone were the gentle whisperings of need and want Into ears that were hungry to hear them. Gone...Read On


A Personal Ad

Placng a personal ad and wondering what you're doing

What was I thinking when I placed that ad, “man seeking woman.” Was I going mad? I never did a thing like that before, but suddenly I opened up the door I’d closed and hung myself out on the line, my heart flapping in the wind like a sign someone might see and wonder who’s this guy reaching out for a woman passing by, someone curious, also reaching out like me, unsure,...Read On



My heart rolls through the day and never leaves a mark. It is too dry and injured to be more than a placeholder of what could be. How do I regain my bearing? How do I recall the sweetness of life that eats the honeycomb and drinks your body in like rain and sunshine. Touch my face. Let those lips brush so lightly that I almost miss the sensation. Draw me...Read On


Whispers waft through a tepid summer air.  A laugh, a splash, the muffled sounds of tongue greeting tongue,  And body yielding to body.  The dark of night defiantly affronted with brash yellow glow,  The illumination of a street lamp threatening to reveal two lovers  As they connect in the cool, clear effervescence of their haven  For now. Shimmering of pool water glowing Over...Read On


The Sex Shop

The Original Sex Shop Song music video are on Youtube with these lyrics from my charity poetry book!

THE ORIGINAL SEX SHOP SONG (Music Video Filmed in a real sex shop On Youtube/ Google search "The original sex shop song") Toys for boys Kamas and sutras Rabbits for girls Videos for adults Motors for any hole Models for all tastes Dry and moist The sex shop Do come in haste! Lip liner and lubricants Stilettos, suspenders and tights Quick flings and rings Long lasting and big things Ticklers...Read On


Tongue stud

A poem about my wonderful tongue piercing

You lay down on the bed, happy, content. I sigh and smile, run my hand up your leg. Your body radiates a natural drug, Don't let me stop, I want you to beg * Clothes messed up, crumpled, torn. My innocent smile, replaced by a frown. Feeling your eyes wide all over me, I lay my head, bury it down. * Your cock is hard, ready and waiting. Eyes wide open, shot with anticipation. ...Read On