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Love Poems


The Art Of Making Music

Let your digits slide across my black keys Hear my highest octave at your fingers’ speed Scales, concerto, and don’t forget the arpeggio Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, Ti, Do Breathe wind into all of my shyest spaces And you can hear me whistle in the loudest of places Hold me tight; don’t let me slip Let my reed rest on the tip of your lip Feel my smooth skin vibrating as we meet ...Read On


Ice Elation

It's time to break the thaw

I awake and find you-- same hard-knuckled rapping Of deadened boughs wind-stormed against the pane-- Perched, insolent and knowing, on my mind’s sill, Preoccupied with your thumb, some crumpet-crumb Or, heaven help us, the pungent remains Of an amorous trophy. How’d you sneak past All those cobwebs, I wonder? I’ll make coffee, Wipe the snot from my eyes and try and find Some semblance...Read On


For your eyes only

This is my very first poem. Constructive comments are welcome.

Saturday morning I wake up with a spinning head, System failures and urgent meetings in office until 2am last night. Family, work, mortgage payment, laptop bag, My typical middle class mainstream life. One click on the mouse I get into lush site, A fantasy land where I can escape and don’t need to hide. A new email brings me a wonderful surprise, All of sudden I feel like in paradise. Like...Read On


Love and Hate

The feel of Tasha, a friend

You claim you love As you emerge from years of dust you spent just a night making me drunk kissed, proclaiming love I know now, was mere lust you poked me drunk took my cherished virginity I hardly felt you in You left me bleeding miserable, weak and alone you smiled and walked to another girl you left me lonely, crying to another girl and...Read On


The Art

Legs opens Revealing a heavenly sight Juices flowing with no end A glistening pearl Scents that give me a high Roses, lavender, vanilla, you  Oh so sweet Inhaling as I bring me closer Breathing heavily on you My hairs are on end As I behold and admire Beauty only God can create A gentle kiss I hear you moan Tenderly I work Precise, methodical, lustful With one...Read On


March 2005

I wake And reach out For you. The empty sheets are cold Under my outstretched hand. I roll over And bury my face in the wet pillow. The dog licks my exposed back And it helps ease the pain. I pet her head. She misses you too. If it weren’t for her I’d take the easy way out But instead, I get up And fill her feed bowl. Another empty day begins. ...Read On


The Twelve Kinks Of Christmas

On the first day of Christmas My true love gave to me: A handjob under the tree. On the second day of Christmas My true love gave to me: Two tickled balls, And a handjob under the tree. On the third day of Christmas My true love gave to me: Three wet holes, Two tickled balls, And a handjob under the tree. On the fourth day of Christmas My true love gave to me: Four nipple clamps, Three...Read On


Rough Sex

When you Sink your teeth to my neck, I feel my juices start to flow.  When you Push me up against a wall, I feel my climax building up. When you flip me over on my bed, and slide your cock into my ass, and pound me hard, I get lost in the ecstasy. When you fuck me hard from behind, while spanking me nice and hard, I feel my body start to shake.  When I beg you to fuck me harder,...Read On


I Love you Lydia.

A Poem for my Girlfriend, Lalita_Lydia

She is my baby girl. She means the world to me... She is my baby.. She is everything to me... Now she is hurting and it breaks my heart into a million pieces It hurts me to know she is hurting.... I feel like my heart can breaking into a thousand of pieces. I rather be hurting, I rather I be the one in pain. Than to have my baby hurting. Than to have my baby in pain. I Love you Lydia...Read On



You pace unseen like the river hidden behind its shroud of fog... I hear you breathing and my heart's eye sees your mouth.... and long to kiss it like a butterfly resting there..... can you feel my wings? their light whisper at the corner? you stop. finger tracing my eyebrow. one word. shrouded behind the fog....Read On



Dipping my toes into the poetry waters...thanks to my friend Naz for encouraging me to try.

...and to my husband for inspiring me Time is our enemy, hours pass tediously. Patiently, we wait for our stolen moment; our chance to reconnect. Knowing glances, fleeting touches, teasing innuendos of passion, promises of pleasure. At last, our sentence of separation is served. Forms gravitating towards each other. We collide; fabric falls, raining kisses, heated breaths. Bodies...Read On


Dry Tears

probably not my best, just kinda wrote itself...

I should not, But still I care. I wonder where, I wonder why, Then I think, What went wrong? Now I remember. It was there, But now it's gone. Forgotten and lost, Moving away, Hanging by a thread. Thread can be cut, But this one can't. First love doesn't die, But you can forget it. It just wasn't meant to be. You said no for a reason, So now it's my turn. For once in my life, I will stick...Read On


Trembling Lips

Searching for that kiss.

Trembling Lips He wandered around the world seeking the lips he first kissed, The ones he had the pleasure to touch his lips to, at a beach. He searched for the girl he met as the red sun dipped in the sea. His lips on her trembling lips, At the beach, staring out to sea, she let him . So soft, supple and loving; her lips, her arms, her voice. He met thousands but none did have the...Read On


Shake the Dust

Time to shake the dust off… Dance with me baby, dance To shake the dust from your skin Let it move, and bend again Move your head, side to side, So the world is blurred And the dust will shake from your hair, Let it flow, let it fly Breathe with me darling, breathe To blow the dust from your lungs Breathe the dust from the furnace, To breathe fire again, like the dragons, Like...Read On


The Masterpiece Between Us

Every finger brushing skin Like the soft glide of paint on canvas Every sigh or moan, a melody, To which we will dance, And I will find my muse along your curve In your eyes I read a poem, No… An epic to rival Odysseus and Romeo who died for Juliet The blue of an ocean far more vast Much brighter light through yonder window to your heart That will guide me through it well Alike to the rest...Read On


Searching Lips

He seeks love as his other half, surfing the world web for his loving part. One who loves him is the gal next door. Takes care of all his needs but to him she's a mate. He never thought of her as his better half. Feels no love for her though she loves him intensely. She’s always been around caring in good times and bad, And often shed tears for him, when sad. He leaned on her...Read On


The Red

The red flows along the floor Crawls away to leave in peace The broken glass that fell with it Sits cold against the floor Alongside the lovers flesh The two bodies lay still More alive than they had ever been The grapes of love forgotten In the heat of...Read On


Annie's Smile

Annie's Smile I remember her hair shining like gold, bright and lustrous as the sun that glowed on the waves where she stood, naked, and it seemed to me that it was her smile that lit the beach that day. And yes, I know I don't own her, but I owned that moment, and in that moment her smile was mine. She smiled for me. Not for those strangers on the sand, but for me alone. It was...Read On


Winter Chill

Crispy orange leaves are falling. The threat of snow looms ominously. So glad you and I are inside on this bitter afternoon. Daylight quickly turns to darkness. The wind moans forbiddingly. The power flickers, then dies abruptly. We work together to push the loveseat in front of the hearth. The fireplace is our only illumination. You grab our favorite blanket. We both look at each other...Read On


Strippers Booth

a fuck in private I see you standing there  In my booth you stripping bare  You turn around your pubic hair  I cannot fail but just blush and stare  Your sensual movements in front of me  You touch your toes your clit to see  You waggle your bum I think I might  Fuck your pussy it looks so tight  My arms around you for the night  I'll squeeze your breasts and twist your nipple  Take...Read On


I Was Thinking About You Today

I've never written poetry before. This is my first attempt.

I was thinking about you today. Thinking about you and the next time I will gather you in my arms And hold you close. Cradling your sweet face in my hands My eyes drink from your eyes, the depth, softness, and beauty found there. Can your eyes see the desire in mine? I was thinking about you today. Speaking in whispers words that need not be said. The whispers themselves express...Read On


Love and hate

Love... Hate... Anger... Admiration. I Love you today.. But I might hate you tomorrow.  I need you today... But tomorrow I don't want you around. I Love I hurt I cherish I push I am complicated I am complex I give it all I hold nothing back. I love with all my heart And give more than I can spare My love will never die But my hate won't last long So take...Read On

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Editor's Pick

Fragmented, Too

Alone, empty. Apart, void. Separately, fragmented. Individually, nothing. Not thinking, not feeling, not caring, just...existing. Existing, yes, but in the basest sense — not truly being. Together, we are no longer empty, void, fragmented. We are replete. We are meaningful. We are whole. Together, we are everything. Together, we are....Read On



Silk adorns your crown Eyes glow with a halo Lips luscious pink and soft A smile that melts and warms Beauty undeniable Skin smooth and flawless Curves drawn by nature Perfection in an imperfect world Hips sway with rhythm Eyes follow every sensual motion Long strong lustrous legs For eternity they flow Chocolate, mocha, vanilla Beauty desirable Defined by...Read On



is that all there is

Deep in my heart, I know it is too much to hope for ...... So I just take it one moment at a time, And savor those moments. I revel in them. I roll them around on my tongue and I accept them on my palete, like a fine wine. So sweet. So fleeting. So real. But so momentary. Like music; the passage played with such clarity, such passion, such emotion. Then gone. Off to be part of...Read On


Waiting By The Phone...

I have never been the type of girl, who waits by the phone, hoping that special guy would call. I was never the type of girl, who thought her whole life would change, by that one single phone call. I was never that type of girl, who put her life on hold, waiting for the phone to ring. I was never that type of girl, who's heart stopped beating, every time, the phone would ring. But things...Read On


My Beloved

I have always believed in love, and he knows it too, because.......

I love you so much! Just writing that small phrase puts such a smile on my face... NO, you put a smile on my face. I love you because of your sweetness, your kindness, your tenderness and, of course, most of all, your thoughtfulness. I love you because are you are my a true and loving friend. You smile at my silly jokes and enjoy my spirit. I love you because I have a longing to be close...Read On


Passion Released

Distant Passion

Today I have eaten, a true feast of delicious food, I have savored the mellow taste of aged scotch. A truly enjoyable day. I need only to taste you, to bring my night to perfection; to feel your moist lips, open to my tongue. You are already moist in anticipation for these pleasures, and I am now moist as well; my sweet honey for your tongue is here ready for you, ...Read On



Just a quick idea that popped in my head inspired from a possible past mistake

I am lost in an expression of feelings Looking for the right words to say Obscure emotions entangled with thoughts Valiantly fighting to stay. Evanescent sanity brings me to my knees Yearning for premonitions of meaning Ominous demons now begin to flee, as Ubiquitous joy floods my entire being… C.M.P ‘11’ ...Read On


Let Your Green-Eyed Angel Free

Sometimes, love is not meant to be.........

How many tears will it take for this heart of mine to realize our love will never be? How many lonely nights will I have before I realize we will never be together anymore? How can I stop remembering your touch when I still feel your spirit all around me? How come I crying out your name and say I love you when you do not hear me anymore? How can I move onto tomorrow when I reminiscence...Read On