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Love Poems



is that all there is

Deep in my heart, I know it is too much to hope for ...... So I just take it one moment at a time, And savor those moments. I revel in them. I roll them around on my tongue and I accept them on my palete, like a fine wine. So sweet. So fleeting. So real. But so momentary. Like music; the passage played with such clarity, such passion, such emotion. Then gone. Off to be part of...Read On


Waiting By The Phone...

I have never been the type of girl, who waits by the phone, hoping that special guy would call. I was never the type of girl, who thought her whole life would change, by that one single phone call. I was never that type of girl, who put her life on hold, waiting for the phone to ring. I was never that type of girl, who's heart stopped beating, every time, the phone would ring. But things...Read On


My Beloved

I have always believed in love, and he knows it too, because.......

I love you so much! Just writing that small phrase puts such a smile on my face... NO, you put a smile on my face. I love you because of your sweetness, your kindness, your tenderness and, of course, most of all, your thoughtfulness. I love you because are you are my a true and loving friend. You smile at my silly jokes and enjoy my spirit. I love you because I have a longing to be close...Read On


Passion Released

Distant Passion

Today I have eaten, a true feast of delicious food, I have savored the mellow taste of aged scotch. A truly enjoyable day. I need only to taste you, to bring my night to perfection; to feel your moist lips, open to my tongue. You are already moist in anticipation for these pleasures, and I am now moist as well; my sweet honey for your tongue is here ready for you, ...Read On



Just a quick idea that popped in my head inspired from a possible past mistake

I am lost in an expression of feelings Looking for the right words to say Obscure emotions entangled with thoughts Valiantly fighting to stay. Evanescent sanity brings me to my knees Yearning for premonitions of meaning Ominous demons now begin to flee, as Ubiquitous joy floods my entire being… C.M.P ‘11’ ...Read On


Let Your Green-Eyed Angel Free

Sometimes, love is not meant to be.........

How many tears will it take for this heart of mine to realize our love will never be? How many lonely nights will I have before I realize we will never be together anymore? How can I stop remembering your touch when I still feel your spirit all around me? How come I crying out your name and say I love you when you do not hear me anymore? How can I move onto tomorrow when I reminiscence...Read On


What I Love...

I love... Waking up in his arms, hearing his voice whispering in my ear, the way his fingers wander and explore, the soft look in his eyes that suddenly explodes with his fiery passion, the softness of his lips, The incredible way he kisses, the mind blowing pleasure we share, him against me, him over me, him under me, him within me, his hand as it spanks my skin, his hand as...Read On



Lips touch, the body tingles Tongues entwine, the heart races Eyes close, lust ensues  Carnal desires take control Embrace, patience we've just begun Wet spots, lip stains Chest, nipple, tummy Slow, methodical, deliberate Gliding, gentle, caress Pause, heavy breathing Heat racing, beads of sweat Adrenaline soaring Save the best for later Working upward Warm hands at your feet Gentle...Read On


Love Me...

Love me Like I Love you Cherish me Like I cherish you Worship me, like I worship you. Love me, that is all I will ever ask of you. Care for me, that is all I want from you. Want me, as much as I want you. I hope you need me, like I need you I hope you care about me, like I care about you Love me baby, that is all I need of you....Read On


Warm Sunny Days

This is a short one and one written a while back.. let me know what you think

Have you ever noticed? When you are faced with the cold look of anger You search for the warmth found in a friendly smile. When you are haunted by the darkness of jealousy You long for the warmth of a lovers Kiss When you are trapped in the Silence of Solitude You understand the warmth of a lovers whispers When you are bruised by no longer being touched You ache for the warmth of...Read On


The Leaving

Is the time we are together worth the pain of being apart?

A single rose you spied At the tail end of summer I promised you that I would come. I packed my bag and left my grey In trails of pallid cotton candy To take the first train out of Bedlam. You meet me at the station Formalities straight up and neat But your scent Richer than remembrance Left me breathless on my feet. There is a ride I don't remember Food I could not...Read On


We met, and fell in Love

This is a Poem Dedicated to my true Love, SouthernJim.

The day I met you, my heart started to beat again. The day I met you, I started to believe in Happiness again.  By the end of our first chat, that one late night, I knew I was falling in Love. I can't remember the exact moment I fell in Love. Some people remember the exact second they fell in Love.  All I know, is by the end of that 1st conversation I was completely and totally in love.  I...Read On


Jump me!

Nothing like dragging with a woman!

Five or six shots of espresso through no demand of my own. Perfect end to a commute with a worthwhile jumper. playing "Sing Out" by Celtic Women Steering a curve at 65 with my knees heading into a bright orange sun south of the dark cityscape. The jumper was good! and turned out to be, blessed of all, a woman and brunette and I imagined her to have big tits and ...Read On


My Office Distraction

Inspired by a recent cyber lover named Michael...just couldn't get enough of him...

I fulfilled a fantasy of mine this afternoon… Once again, I find it hard to concentrate at work Phone calls to return Deadlines looming Proposals pending All temporarily parked as my mind turns to you Butterflies flutter violently in my belly Past phone conversations flood my memory Erotic sounds etched in my mind Your voice Your words Your excitement Your climax My...Read On


Morning Email

Inspired by a recent lover...

It’s early and still dark outside I wake from yet another restless sleep Tossing and turning Thoughts of you racing through my head Aching And in need of a release I close my eyes again And let the feeling wash over me I can’t help myself Moisture has already made its home at the entrance of my pussy I slip my fingers between my thighs Into my wet and throbbing pussy God, I wish...Read On


Rise and Shine

Rise and Shine

It's early and daylight hasn't arrived just yet Laying next to you I can feel your body against mine See your breath rise and fall Sleeping peacefully Without a word, I slip under the covers And settle between your legs I plant soft butterfly kisses along your one thigh, Then the other Slowly making my way up towards that beautiful cock of yours Just waiting to be taken again I gently...Read On


Scarlet Letters

Finding the balance the balance of syntax and symantics for the words of love..

I am the unsent scarlet letter. Tucked somewhere between Revelations and Acts In her family bible. The one you don't subscribe to. Worn at the edges, Handwriting faded...and still looking for a stamp or a lightening bolt from the heavens. Cut me and you will see All the things you have ever wanted to say but were too afraid (to hurt, to risk, to untie your arms). Because...Read On


Perfect Dream

I love our afternoon naps. The sleeping is restful, but it’s not the best part. It’s waking up next to you, but before you do. Your dark hair partially covers your sweet face. Brushing it gently away, and an angel appears. As you lay on your tummy, dreaming, snoring softly. I feel so lucky to have you as part of my life. Pulling the sheet back off of your shoulders. ...Read On

Editor's Pick

Quietly, I Exit

A Rondelet Poem

Satisfaction... our darkness illuminated ...satisfaction... I smile, inhale and sit jaded. The light bounces off of your skin, beasts released from deep within. Satisfaction! I needed that. My smoke dances through the still air. I needed that. The love made nothing to laugh at - my mind thinking back, recalling... The times when I’ve let go are rare, I needed that. ...Read On

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Just A Picture

You don’t know what it does to me; Getting exactly what I want to see. Your dreamy eyes and strong jaw line; They make me wet and the temperature climbs. All I do is ask and you always give; Every moment with you I want to relive. You make me want you all of the time; Anything I want you will do to be mine. I want to feel every part of you; With my hungry eyes drink in that view. ...Read On


Every Time - Redux

I miss you. You left, as you should, with every right and every reason. And asked me to find my answers. I expected the pain, but not the loneliness. This time, it made sense, and it feels right. Except... I wish that it had ended differently somehow I wish that it would hurt my heart less somehow I wish that it would all make more sense somehow. Every time I remember your...Read On


Your Surrender

Inspired by a submissive angel

You will surrender to me Not by my restraints… Nor my force But your own sinful needs Your dark fantasy awaiting When you surrender to me Your game of playing naive, now over My playful whore Wanting eyes tell more Hidden desires Cold steel… warming thighs Cut lingerie falling to the floor The light of reality blackened The silk veil snug and tight ...Read On


The Red Brassierre

for my friend, with apologies to William Carlos Williams

so much depends upon a red lace brassierre on a bare torso above the white skirting. ...Read On

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You Are Mine

A slaves sensual bondage

Stripped bare every little hair stands up on end. The ropes restraining you pull at your skin. All you see is blackness as your heart pounds. Fingers are running all over your body. Lingering and caressing every intimate part. Her breath on your neck you don’t know what’s next. Teeth nip at you then the lash of the whip. Whispering in your ear, right now you are mine. Warm...Read On


The Brand of Rose Madder

The romance of a simple kiss..

And a quick pulse deepens in the sheltered arbor of a dream. And in it, I watch you sleeping in my bed. Rhythmic muscled rise and fall Of a mans soft, deep breathing. The sharp lean edge of a well defined jaw. The angular planes. The memory by rote. I lean in and quietly watch. Spying the pulse beat at your neck. Concentric waves of seisms trembles along the shaded vellum of your...Read On

Audio version available

Slave Boy

Adrenalin rushing through my veins; Something is familiar but is not the same. A lust, a desire that burns flesh and bone; Buried deep inside I am never alone. Feeling the texture of your skin; Relax, open up and let me in. Your sweet spot I soon will find; Do things to you that will blow your mind. Addicted you are to the sound of my voice; As I moan in your ear you’ve made your...Read On


The Dilatory Replies of Ruby

The life of a not so secret mistress..

There could never be a Silver Bullet Quite efficient enough for the likes of Scarlett. She would have already calculated angle, trajectory and speed For the most efficient of her brontide crescendos. The reducing flame for Cadmium is grey and opaque. How fitting. So just what will be the final heart stopper to the trilogy? Will dandy Rhett be left to take his southern...Read On


Lavender Interrupted

For Francisco...never forget.

If you remember just one thing.... Remember when she spoke your name In seven different voices. Delicate as an apple blossom. As if you were not flesh and bone But starlight and a million different shades of lavender. Remember her tongue on your skin Lingering to melt the snowflakes. And you may melt a little more Every time you think of her. Dark night blue Is the...Read On


It couldn't have been different.

It is what it is and could not have been different.

You are my love and I yours. I could speak your names but to what end? I write this not to you but for you. Since I am of the hoi polloi I must speak to them as you deign not to. I speak to them of love, far beyond and yet within the flesh they celebrate; our love is so pure, even within its bawdy lust full of moans, gasps and dirty sheets. We are distant in space ...Read On


That's Not What I Want Tonight

He's decided to change the status quo

You know who I am The man inside, the real me The loving man that you’ve grown to care for And cherish, yes and even love You say I’m a giver A guy who loves and serves others well That I’m a tender yet driven warrior And for all of that I am thankful I’m thankful for your perspective For your kindnesses toward me But tonight, my dear It will be different Because ...Read On