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Love Poems


How do I say thank you...

Just because I love you

For your love For what you do to me You make me feel like I am the only one That feels this way. You touch my neck Slowly everything below ignites Every nerve Every inch of skin that gets wet and hot. Bursts into flames that burn me up I fall deeper  Crash harder Into you. I might not say much but my heart speaks I do want much more than just to hear  I love you ...Read On


Passion in cyberspace

You know you have felt this, you totally know it

Love and passion's sweet embrace untwined, A heart waits, longing For love to take passion holding strong The body and the soul enjoined Electrons rushing through glass and wire Carry words whose images in the minds eye Hold meanings new and bold Yet no substitute for the soul's desire But passion by herself can discover Sweet release apart from the tired ache of unrequited love...Read On



When will the dream come true.

Tonight, when you lay down to sleep I hope you dream about me. Now, close your eyes my darling, relax your body, mind and soul. Go to a place where lovers meet, then look around, can you see me. I always dream of you, going to that place where only two can go. I’m there darling, looking for you, longing for this dream to be real. I reach out to you, as our fingers touch, I can...Read On


The Brightest Star

The Brightest Star during a moonless night Is a flame that flickers bright The flame burns deep Deep within the skin and soul A flame that burns with great heat Emotions are the fuel for this Fire Anger, hate, loneliness, and mistrust Mixed with passion, love, and lust Deep within they simmer And they wait For the spark That will ignite them forever The flames of...Read On


Make Me Cum

I long to be inside of you, to hear your voice and know its true; That you feel the same as I, a burning lust we can’t deny. Feeling your breath on my skin, throwing caution to the wind; Achieve that state of total bliss, what I require is your kiss. Your sweet lips all over me, creating a state of ecstasy; Tingles run right down my spine, straight to that hot pussy of mine. Baby I...Read On


Cranium Eruption

I thought you were fragile Maybe you couldn't take it How wrong I was Should have gone much harder All night long Turn the heat up Light the bed on fire Your passionate moans Breathing life into my desire I learned something knew How you like it a little more rough It was better than I thought,  Shouldn't have waited quite so long But girl I'm here tonight I'm...Read On


Upside Down Kisses

Looking at you from this angle Always makes me smile. You, on your back, looking up at me. Me, looking down at your pretty Upside down face. Kissing the tip of your nose. Both of us... So relaxed. So close. So alive. So in the moment. I brush your soft hair away from Your sexy, warm eyes. You smile and sigh happily. I lean down and kiss your mouth. Softly at first, then deeper. You nibble...Read On


hypnotising masturbation

take off your clothes lay down upon the bed close your eyes let your body completely relax take a deep breath in now let it out take another deep breath in feel your mind become clear bring your hand up to your chest let it fall upon your breast lightly massage it with your fingers so firm yet so delicate softly pinch your nipple between your fingers a small...Read On


Started With A Kiss

A poem of how it all began

It starts with a kiss The innocent touch Of two sets of lips It moves To their tongues Intertwining together Backs are pushed against walls Bodies tossed on to beds Then a hand jumps from the others side Up to their chest Theres touching and feeling Squeezing and grabbing Then the hands travel down Exploring around Bodies shake with excitement Filled with to...Read On


Shining Light

A traveler's course leads him to a destination, but is it the right one?

Swimming there, where dolphins are The waves engulf the coast You know I traveled very far I didn't come almost Listen to the seagulls cry The whispers on the wind Judgment comes but once for us, so Who is to say we've sinned? Tomorrow is a bridge that Each one of us will cross Paved with fears, and tears and dreams and All of the things we've lost Loving you can be too much And more than...Read On


Invisible Tether

Another kind of raw poem, but then again I think all of them are. All from the same place. My heart.

I'm in love with you, But something pulls me back. An invisible tether, Has been cut. Then a glimmer of hope, The silver lining, Comes around once again, The tether still holds by a thread. Is it the distance? Is it the fear? Is it me being selfish? To you, or to myself? All I know, That tether is there, But whether you care, This I don't know. I want to say it, I really do, But if and...Read On


You Could Be Mine

The wishes of the heart reach the lips as a sigh.

Looking into your eyes I wonder what you see When you see me The whispers of your lips The crying of your heart I want to hold you close And make you happy I tremble a little inside Listening to the words you speak The stories you relate Confide in me Let me be yours I promise I won't make you sad Or raise a hand to you In my heart there is a wealth of pain Some of it is mine to...Read On



O' favor, o' heaven at your feet, naked kneeling before thy grace, body taken, heart broken, skin torn, longing replaced like servant given. Longing oh, so true and blessed, dripping at thy feet, kissing all, passion given, all taken, lashes severe,  desire fulfilled by shadowed tongue. Sweet heaven, my sweet nectar,  open mouth and tilted head, swallowing, licking, consuming master,...Read On


It Was Just a Dance

Or was it just a dance?

It was just a dance Bodies moving as one in perfect rhythm The beat of the music pulsating between two bodies It was just a dance Warm breath exhaling against the small of the neck Intoxicating scents being heavily inhaled deep into the soul It was just a dance Hands roaming in search of new found paradise Kneading, pressing, gripping flesh in-between impatient fingers It was just...Read On


An Ode to CeliaisAliena

“It makes it harder to write”, I told her  “When your mouth is, oh dear” “Hmm?” she hummed, the sound more a buzz And silenced me once and for all, which was quite rare, In truth, an oddity, at least when I’m… “Oh!” Her smile was like Christmas, my gloss on her lips As she came up for air, or perhaps, a desire to know If I’d written a word or two or six “Read me the first...Read On


Apollo Farshooter

For want of remaining calm, I approach slowly Each step like crystal upon the stone a delicacy I know not how to control.  I look skyward as I touch the ground, Apollo hear my call.  the blindest beggar sees clearer than I. guide me, for in this room I have never been. ............................................................................................ For want of keeping peace,...Read On


So suddenly, too soon

To the one who isn't here...

You muddle through thoughts Like waist high floodwaters Pulling me further And farther to sea That glow in her eyes says "I'm full of surprises" "Why don't you try this?" I still don't believe I wait and I wonder What weather you're under Taking me higher And further from me Lie still and I'll whisper I pray and I wish for You to return and Come back here to see The flowers...Read On



I want to be let in, To a loving heart, Be told I'm yours, You're mine. And say I'm yours, You're mine. For now I just imagine. I want to be held, In two loving arms, All night. Then hold you back, All night. For now I just imagine. To go on a date, Stare across the table, Smiling. You stare back at me, Smiling. For now I just imagine. To run across a field, Dance in pouring rain,...Read On



Strolling down by the river, near our favorite little waterfall. The bubbling waters and crisp fall air feel so refreshing. Cleansing our lungs and our minds. We walk hand in hand, smiling. Stopping to pick a few Purple Hearts and buttercups just for you. The clouds begin to roll in and threaten. The wind blusters, causing us to huddle together. Neither of us minding the closeness a bit. As...Read On


Flooding Exctasy

A loving couple explores the Erotic Ocean{from the woman's point of view}

Kissing tongues tangle, making you ache, Invitingly, I wait willingly for you to take. Lying back, I plead without words, From clenched lips “Mmm” was heard. Raising my hips high to greet your stare, The erotic desire in me flows out so clear. Beckoning please enter with no hesitation, You stand erect and throbbing without reservation,  Your teasing evokes lust on my face, You’ve...Read On


Without you I'm nothing, With you I'm Superman.

My love for you reaches past the farthest planet, Burns stronger then the sun, Will last longer then eternity. For you I'd travel to the moon and back, Climb the tallest tower, Fight the largest army. You are my friend, My companion, My lover My soulmate. You are my reason to live, My elixir of life, Without you I'm nothing, With you I am Superman....Read On



A young sub awaits her punishment!

Hands behind your back, securely tied. Blindfold attached, legs slighly wide. Your gown feels heavy, your nipples hardened, The next few minutes will see if you're pardoned. You feel his approach, his cologne you can sense, Your lips start to moisten, your body you tense, Your hem is pulled upwards, your buttocks are shown, You tighten them quickly, your punishment known, ...Read On


Without Love

Without Love, there is no reason to get up in the morning. Without Love, there is no reason to go through life's challenges.  Love, is the first person you think of when you wake up in the morning. Love is the one thing, that gives you the strength, to stand up to life's challenges. Without Love, some days, are not worth going through. Without Love, sometimes, it may feel like life is not...Read On


Magic Finger

If only you could see this girl.

With her head slightly tilted, an a feline grin on her lips. She glided panther like towards me. Her lashes lowered and her slim hands caressing her sleek body as she stopped, just above me, gracefully she slid down beside me. Instantly her hands started in their rhythmic motion, igniting my body sending a thousand shiver like tiny volts of electricity down my legs.  I could feel...Read On



I wonder if I will ever hear from you? I imagine this is how it would go for me. My heart will be beating out of my chest. Like an alcoholic that had been clean for years. Then drank a huge swig of over proof rum. That familiar rush flowing throughout. Creating that sweet state of agony. Doing things to me that you cannot see. Temp the addiction is what my mind does. ...Read On


Time Flies

I already missed my Master

Was it just 4 hours ago That you were here With me, in my bed? Was it not just moments Ago your hand Caressed and touched? Was it not just mere Seconds ago that your Lips kissed and scorched my skin? Was it not just minutes Since you plunged deep Inside me to my core? Was it not just the blink Of an eye since you Claimed me as yours? Sigh. Seems like 4 days ...Read On


Pleasure Me

This morning it's all about your pleasure. Making you feel good is my delight.

My fingers slowly caress you...touching your skin...your cheek...your neck. I look into your eyes...I see the smile in them...the light...the love. Your lips draw soft and tender. I finger your beautiful. I touch your breast...softly...gently...your nipple hardens. I hear the intake of your breath...your arousal begins to build. My fingers move...Read On



Whisper darkness caresses formless, surrounding, consuming fear trickling down heated skin falling into the abyss. Arctic touch like steel strong and cold and dark falling silk off prickled flesh curving my body into your love. Eyes closed, flesh burning naked soft and vulnerable a single stinging prick red on white, I am yours. Slowly parting, red, glistening ...Read On


The Illusion

He intoxicated me

The Illusion I am drawn to you Like a moth to a flame And fear I might Just get burned. But I am more than fascinated I am addicted and No longer in control of The urges you create. What is this face presented to The world versus the one That only we can see? Which is real, you or me? So I sit in the near dark And sip my wine thinking of you. I wonder to myself ...Read On


Keeping you

Keeping you, I hold you in my hands. The keys I press and depress all the lettered buttons at my disposal, and you’re still here taking all I have to give every damned expensive word and thought. You don’t even know how much I’ve given. How much I’ve needed to give, keep giving to you words you’ve always asked for these words on paper; love, desire. but I’m...Read On