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Love Poems



A Poem For My Dearest

You Make My Heart Flutter You Make My Body Shudder You Make My Words Stutter You Are My Cover You Are My Lover You Make Me Whole, You Complete My Soul I Love You, No One Is...Read On


Tears of His Angel

If our love is meant to be?

His Angel spoke softly as a lonely tear trickled down her cheek. “Oh my darling, I miss you, my arms ache wanting to hold you!” His Angel wiped away another tear then blew him a lover’s kiss “My lips beg to kiss you and light then fire of love I have for you.” His Angel bowed her head she wanted him lying next to her. “My heart yearns for you it rhythmic beating saying I love you. ‘ His...Read On



I crave it always like a crack head craves their pipe; A taste of poison, though I try not to with all my might. I need that rush that sends my adrenalin pumping; Heats me up, gives me chills and keeps my heart thumping. Not a fantasy something real that has the same addiction; Sweeter than the finest wine but it is never fiction. It may be my undoing causing complete desolation; When...Read On


A Guy's Thoughts

What a guy thinks after sex

All I could think of was you Your silky sexy body, and your curves... I could still taste you in my mouth It was all I thought about All I wanted was one more touch I miss your sweet, innocent blush That came along with your big O' How beautiful you were, you didn't know I pull out my dick, and start to rub As I ponder over you, and all your love It gets intense, and I think of your...Read On


The Ruination of Sarah

Sarah lets go

Its been two weeks Filled with glances and grazes Tension taints our every encounter I dream of your hands on me Sliding over me Writhing under you Your lips are seduction And your touch ruin But if I have to contaminate the image I’d rather you be the source Its been a long day Everyone else is gone home I walk out of my office I see you two doors down Casual is my goal Smooth and casual...Read On


Is it the end?

The feeling I have now she is gone

As I hear you cry, a tear rolls down my own face, Thinking of all the good times we shared, the fun we had. The love we once had filling my heart with joy, The love that has gone filling my heart with pain. The tear on my face never ending; A picture of a rose enters my mind. Unable to control my feeling for her. Is it the end or just the beginning of the end? Loneliness is closer...Read On


First kiss

My latest effort focusing on the experience of the frist kiss.

First Kiss We face each other, Hands holding hands, Eyes holding eyes. Communicating, Uncertainty and anticipation. Then the synchronicity as our Heads tilt, Eyes close, Lips touch lips. Softly at first, Then intense, As passion evolves, And overwhelms us. Mutual surrender as our Lips part, Tongues caress, Tasting the emotion. Seconds feel like minutes, ...Read On


Going Through Old Photos

‘Smile’ he said, and I smiled Oh, baby, I was so wild And free and nothing Nothing Could hurt me Or so I believed So I smiled for him Making jokes about how I’d break The camera lens Not knowing that I’d break Not bend Not a matter of if but when And baby, I remember that day Like it was yesterday It was...Read On


sweet deperation

I put my eyes on you Full of life stroking Naked and warm Put together strong Straight and intent I touch yep..   I put my eyes on you Straight shoulders rubbed with time Take my breath away Tingling Strength from within Always happy to be yep.. I put my eyes on you Your face Chiseled with sweet desperation Sterling silk to touch Bowed in love Melt me yep.. :...Read On


When I hold you

My favourite moment yet to happen.

When I hold your warm body in my arms Your head on my chest I inhale the scent of your hair And like a drug You intoxicate me. No words Just a warm feeling Like a blanket Wrapping us both up In a moment of true happiness That I wish would never end. ...Read On



My insides feel twisted , Can't seem to filter the pain I'm slowly, and for certain Going totally insane I know what is happening, I've been here before I'm stronger and wiser, But know we mean more I've been called crazy, and pitiful For loving a man Who seems to find pleasure and solace, With another one's hand I have no hatred nor regret, For the time that we shared If I look back...Read On


Your Colors

I like how-- --I like how you're made. I like all the slopes on your body. I like how it bends. I like how it bends-and bends --- back. I like how it arches. I like how it twists -- twists in glory-- --and spasms, while you're arching your back. I love-- --I love the--underside -of your breast I like its curve. I love your brownish-pinkish button Perched on top --like the cherry...Read On



When feelings flow free It can be good and bad Too much can be said At the wrong time To the wrong person With the wrong meaning or in the wrong context All the feelings may be true and real But while this may be the case for one It may not be the case for all It could be as simple as happiness to one But at the same time it’s sadness to another Who says it doesn't matter. What's said...Read On


You, who have no name

I can go back and visit now look, and not feel the pain. The hurt that came from your rejection. I now know it was all in vain. ***** I can stay and linger now spend time and watch and look, The tears no longer flow now they evaporated with all that you took. ***** I can sit with you all now and share your laughs and joys. And I can stand in your presence and...Read On


Am I Not Still Yours

I have missed my Master...

You care not You want not Why do you still have this hold? I have knelt naked at your feet With my back straight And my belly on the floor. I have been bent over the bed With you wielding a whip And stinging my ass. I have laid flat on my back With my knees spread  And your face buried in my v. I have been on my knees With your cock buried in my cunt And you pulling...Read On


Thoughts At Bay

For some reason I keep procrastinating writing stories, but hey why not write a poem=)

I'm feeling off balance, I drink from the Chalice, On a Sunday afternoon. I repent for my sins, But the devil he wins, He brings me back to you. I pray there's a way, To keep my thoughts at bay, But yet they like to follow. A wild goose chase, My untied shoelace, Running I fall again. It's not due to the bird, Haven't you heard? I fell for a person again. Not just random things, My...Read On


Size, Cups, and Shapes May Vary

The everyday nature of breasts and the way is reflects the erotic world

Under your shirt or in your bra From a lacy black to an electric blue Maybe a red would do It’d be perfect for Valentine’s Day Or perhaps purple with an embroidery lace How about silky white, oh so bright. It will blend all day and night. Oh so many uses with them thang-thangs Seduce him Seduce her Jiggle it Wiggle it Kiss it Slide between them with a...Read On


A Happy Place

He makes me happy...

A hug, a kiss, A contented sigh, These are things I miss When you’re absent from my lips. A joke, a laugh, a pinch, a poke, A look, a touch, and a moment like this, These are things I like When you are here day or night. A moan, a rasping breath, A fluttering heart, and a burst of heat, These are things I feel When you take me deep. A warmth, a glow, A happy note, ...Read On



How I see some of the emotions in my life and other peoples lives

Emotions are a funny thing... They range from the simple ones like joy, sorrow, lust and fear To the more complex ones like love, hate and anger Most of these emotions tend to build over time Sometimes over short periods of time while others take longer I like to compare each to how a flame burns Some start small like candles and grow over time, slowly and cautiously Others erupt...Read On


Late January Snowfall

her presence reminds me of you

I am enthralled by little pins of cold that dissipate on my tongue. The crisp air tingles my nostrils as I gaze into the soft grey sky. The flakes are tiny. They float lazily down and sparkle for an instant before disappearing into the grass. The silence is palpable. "This is it," I think to myself. "This is the real snow I have been waiting for ever since...Read On


The line up

Remember in school When you lined up to play sports Captains were chosen Then they picked their teams You always wanted to be picked first When all was said and done someone was always left Being picked last for sports is tough But those teams are large and have many players In real life it’s very different Whether it be work or dating The teams are much smaller The choices are much...Read On


I Want

Two online lovers divulging their wants……

My lover. We are on a high; We have an understanding of love, We have an understanding of passion for each other. Our minds full; Of things to talk about. Our heads in the clouds, As we are both running a constant state of arousal. I see your image before me, Your feminine charms And your silky body. Infused with each other’s lust, love and desire - This is what I want….. I want to touch you ...Read On


The sparkle of starlight at dawn

For the same person as To be the one she sees

I wipe the slate clean It's like describing a freefall While drowning In a sea of endless love Pulled away from the coast Where all of those people are The ones that turn their backs And laugh And joke At your expense Let her surrender herself to me For one night To allow myself that pleasure To drop the facade To lay vulnerably on her bed And witness perfection Her deep brown hair and eyes...Read On


Delicious - Hungry - Mad - Lusty - Rough

There is a woman... She has a husband. He is handsome, she is beautiful. They are in love. She comes home from work and with silence, closes behind her the door. And out of the darkness there comes a hand that slithers over her mouth. And a whisper: "Honey, you're home." His voice a familiar comfort, He kisses her neck, The voice continues, "My love... I have missed...Read On


Loving Sundays

Longing for the fall

A crisp fall Sunday Sitting on the couch with you Cuddling under a blanket Keeping us both toasty warm The rain and wind raging Knocking down the last of the pretty leaves We share an over-sized mug of coffee. You nestle against my chest I kiss the top of your head and sigh most contentedly You twist so your back is against me You grab the coffee mug and blow the coffee cooler Watching...Read On


To be the one she sees


Be true to the you within you Let her shine like a thousand stars A fist full of dreams, wrapped tightly Kept under wraps and out of the sunlight From interacting with others So she wouldn't realize her predicament Too beautiful for words Like nothing I have ever witnessed Long dark locks of hair and curves galore I'd treasure her like he doesn't seem to want to I don't think she...Read On


To my love, Melanie

Short but to the point.

I want to listen to your heart, I want to feel the warmth of your soul, I want to smell your essence, I want to taste your sweet nectar, I want to see you in my arms, I want to love you...Read On



Just day dreaming about my wife

You nestle against me Your back to my chest Your silky skin burns I nuzzle your neck You sigh Contented I kiss your special place You moan I nip You whimper My arms ‘round you My hands Cup heaven’s flesh Gentle kneading Arched back Grinding Hips Cleft captures Slickness merges With velvet heat Penetration...Read On


Spirit Lover

It’s four a.m. the feel of your soft caress down my back awakens me. I turn over to say I love you and kiss you and no one is beside me. I close my eyes wondering if I was dreaming when I felt your touch. I feel you presence as you arms pull me closer and our lips touch. The intensity of your kiss make my body tremble clear to my soul. I hear our hearts beat in unison as your spirit...Read On


The Mistake

It's not really a love poem, but it's hot and sexy. Read it.

The Mistake A mistake - a misplaced glance That arched into some uncontrollable need. Something so primal -- This need -- That to resist the pull would prove futile. It led us to Another mistake - a tentative touch, A whispered caress, That sent all nerves up in flames, Burning and melting all lasting resistance Into a puddle of desire. Control broke as the...Read On