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Love Poems

Confession of the Heart

I've always doubted

I've always doubted doubted that someone out there was made just for me I've always doubted that I could love hopelessly much less the way this has turned out the way it has happened to me with you I've had to learn that sometimes life is very unexpected that it shows us everything that we deny I've said that love was something that would never happen to me, because no one could...Read On


The Kiss

The kiss to end all other kisses.

The kiss that starts it all. The kiss that transcends all kisses that came before. The kiss that has you rocking back on your heels. The kiss that sends jolts of electricity coursing through every vein. The kiss that has your heart dancing to the beat of his. The kiss that puts an end to all other kisses. The kiss that sears his taste to your lips, your memory, your soul. The...Read On


No Swimsuits Tonight

Bubbles churning up a frothy mist. Steam rising into the clear night sky. Stars shining. Full moon glowing. A scorching summer day giving way to a comfortable summer night. I slip into our hot tub. Letting the current sooth my tired muscles. Waiting for you to join me. Knowing I'll be rewarded for my patience. I position myself so I can watch you come outside. You appear in only a towel....Read On


Loving Me

for the longest time I wondered why why no one ever quite understood me why I was the one that never had all the interest why I seemed to be such a mystery why I figured I’d always be alone until you came along the way you understood me took interest in everything I am knew every secret without being told wanted to be with only me and I realized yours was the heart meant to...Read On


Cosmic Corruption

I came in from the storm, seeking shelter from disgrace, My heart racing faster than a cannonball in space, My weary brain asleep on a bed of nails, Resting in a coffin full of ice and fine lace. Waltzing Space Odyssey, twirling round and around, Everything and everyone a moulded candlelit blur, If only for a moment I'd stop time enough to breathe, Find some needed gravity and feel...Read On


The Fire Inside

We can't hide the fire inside.

The fire inside, we can't hide. Your every touch, almost too much. I feel our desire, climbing higher. The look in our eyes, the fire inside. Your hands in my hair, without a care. Your lips on my skin, we both win. Your leg between my thighs, I feel I might die. The look in my eyes, the fire inside. You begin to strip, my mind tips. Our bodies on display, we can't wait to play. Our...Read On


Your Eyes of Love

What he does to me.

As I look into your eyes I feel loved for the first time in my life. True peace and contentment from the start as our eyes meet and hold. You consume my mind with passion's kiss as fireworks crackle while I close my eyes to meet your tender lips brushing against mine, pushing harder. Your arms holding me so tight, as if you are afraid I might try to escape. But, why, when I too, am...Read On


We prove it to be true

Our love is not lost, it is in our hearts

You reach out to me once… and I check emails every hour. You said to write you when I can… and I wrote six pages. You said “I will write again Sunday”… and I check messages two days before. You say we are friends but my actions betray my feelings. You say ours is a love lost but we have talked for years and then not talked for years. How is it that I do not believe you? How is it that I do...Read On


Grand Love

Just another silly love song

You told me to run But never said how far I'm still running Chasing falling stars You told me to fall But never where to start I'm still falling With a loving heart You told me to call But never what to say I'm still calling Asking you to play You told me you'd wait But never said how long I'm still dancing Singing silly songs You're always with me Isn't our life grand We're still...Read On

...Over Shantytown

If wishes were moments in dreams of sleep Tweaking in rhymes so deep, sort of speak With a moon glow over shantytown Feeling your breath, a silent wisp I would have volumes of pages to keep And press flowers to wile away poetic hours Leaving trivialities where they belong If stanzas were bold in print with your scent I would have gilded petals past tense As your caresses...Read On

Twinkling From A Jar

By far, my midnight star With a light twinkling from a jar As if hanging from above On the corner of a rainbow In proximity of my sleeping dreams And like a Grand Harp of a zodiac's swoon I feel your soothing caress As your breath quilts my flesh Laying your head on my chest With dawn on the horizon And dew like snow In fields of lilies beneath a willow A warming...Read On


Nightmare Within A Dream

Ever have a nightmare while you are inside a dream....

A waking nightmare Cloaked within a dream Can it possibly be As real as it seems? Trembling, frightened Alone and scared Miracle of miracles I realized you cared Wrapping me tightly In your protective embrace Gently you put Tender kisses upon my face Chasing the demons Keeping my fears at bay With your gentle loving You show me the way From out of my dark And into...Read On


Moths to Flames

Why are moths led by flames, eternally drawn in to burn?

Entranced by the beauty of the fiery flicker. Moths to flames drawn to burn, but why? Mind ensnared and heart beats quicker  leads the moths to dance and die. Never understood what was the draw, how or why such a course was flown. What formed such a fatal flaw, the moth's fate already known. Until the day I met my flame and found a way to understand, when her voice called my name ...Read On


Hylas And The Nymphs

Their cunning voices coyly soothed my fear. Their whispers damp and cool, a subtle treat.  They tempted me with pledges, in each ear, To sate my every bliss, most welcomed feat. The charms of ageless beauty drew me nigh. Pervasive sparkling visions swelled my dreams. Soft dainty fingers stroked, eyes met my eye, Lest I resist such sweet seductive schemes. They trusted I could not...Read On

Bordering Crocuses

With a longing for sentiment This old 'losopher dabbles in paint From the easel of my soul And the landscapes bordering crocuses  With a pallet of prosing words As your lips seek my caress On the futon beneath the oak Where the windmill grinds Beyond the tip of your brushing blush As you bare your alabaster wear Laying in seasonal comfort While touching me with a kiss With a breath...Read On


He Took

What my love took from me.

He took so many things from me, he took my life and set me free. He took my tears from strife and pain and taught me how to live again. He took my fear of trust and hope and taught my spirit how to cope. He took my memories of shame, to show me I was not to blame. My broken bones from beatings gone, he soothed with touch and patience's song. He took my thoughts of suicide and vowed...Read On


The Voyage

The boat sets out gently propelled, By the currents of time, Making its way towards a meandering River. The currents draw it onward, Inexorably towards faster waters. Past shoals and rapids ever forward, Pausing only to embark a companion, To share the voyage. Strange lands glide past, Exotic landscapes where one companion departs, Only to be replaced by another. Ever faster flowing past...Read On


Flowers of His Love

He gave me gifts of love

  My love gave me a flower, right before my first real kiss. A morning glory of such depth, I sunk in its abyss. He held me close and promised me protection all my days. We watched the stars, the Milky Way, while in his arms I lay. My love gave me a flower, on the day that he proposed. On bended knee he handed me a gentle little rose. Through tear filled eyes I pledged my love as he did...Read On



When you're in love you surrender

Looking into their eyes, your heart skips a beat Forever and always between you, heat The imperfections become perfection You throw everything aside for them, nothing else matters. You surrender to each other. And when nothing else matters, the little things are forgotten Just the happiness between you that is always begotten You want everything from each other Everything that you...Read On

From Sipping Shallow Tea

Skipping over the monotonous lines Of black roses and molting quills  The melancholia at dusk Saying sayonara to my past harks From sipping shallow tea As ebony has turned to scrimshaw And words are fairer than air With a bust of your stature I stare On the mantle of my new found soul Scuttling chapters of gray tomes As your kisses rekindle my life And my wrought is now naught ...Read On


To My Love

For she who moves me

As I lie in bed, you come to me Your body next to mine. Enfolding me in your arms, Your heart a furnace against mine. How did it start? A gentle poke, a kind word. Time reveals you, You become a presence. Like a negative you develop in my mind. Words waft between us, Innocent ethereal words. The image develops now revealed, Unfolding, as flower spreading its petals in the sun. ...Read On


As The Sun Goes Down

The sun goes down.  Another day has gone by. The moon and stars they fill the sky. Yes I am by myself.  But I am not alone.  I am who I am that is cast in stone. I ponder just how time disappears.  Mistakes I have made they flash through my mind. But they are quickly replaced with recollections of joy that I find. Not enough for some. Too much for others.  But in all my memories it is...Read On

While I Steal A kiss

Oh! What mortals you and I  With poetic elocution  Before the fat lady sings As she warbles off key  On a symphony's love song Breathing scent of flowers And wild weeds at lusty hours  Feeling warmth of your breasts While dancing on panes of grass  Like a weathering spring Beneath showers of a mist  On paths of new mown While I steal a kiss Before the fat lady sings As she warbles off...Read On

'Neath Our Wings

With God's shadow 'neath our wings In oceans of new moan grass Raining down a gilded glow  Sharing wedding bells quell While caroling a marigold sing Whispering songs and compose In waves of caressing meadows  On a carpet of romantic clover As the morning tides swell  On this day our bands of gold  And gilded vows of prose As bobbin of life's thread begins  With God's shadow 'neath...Read On


Lust often begins with a bust

Lust Often begins with a bust And lust Often ends with a thrust And inbetween Lust is a means To keep us in focus. Lust may begin with the flash of a thigh And other times with the wink of an eye. Your chest heaves and your breath leaves Your body and you wonder why. Lust often begins with a naked breast And stakes claims to what happens next. I am in love with feeling of lust As my body...Read On



We all have wishes.

I wish I was perfect. I wish I was the one. I wish I could lie in your arms under the setting sun. I wish you were mine, that would be sublime. I wish you where here to pull me near. I wish it was your voice I could hear. I wish it was forever. I wish I felt joy. I wish I could hold your hand. I wish I could hold you tight. I wish it was you, I wish it was me. I wish I...Read On

Recommended Read

Our Secret Garden

The beauty and passion of the garden

The evening breeze, wafting over orange blossom Mixed with the aroma of blackcurrant leaves The birds and the bees, in midst of garden’s bosom A gift for you, a spray of freshly-cut sweet peas The thyme and the rosemary, oregano and tarragon A herbarium of love, a sweetly scented verse Words crafted for you, my lovely paragon Written ere the day ends, and sealed in a purse Give me...Read On

Cyber Love or Cyber Games

Is it love or just a game.

Words that you write To your keyboard lover Could it be a tad trite When you're together Love found on a screen Best to keep as a fantasy Keep it to a particular scene You must keep your sanity Do you share your life To make it seem real Life of a real wife Maybe best to conceal If in pain should you share Should you just stay in the moment Do you think the other really cares Do you...Read On


She Loved Undersized Men

Praise for the tradesmen

She loved under-sized men, For her it was a yen. To find a small man Was always the plan She did it again and again.   The smaller the better, Without a French letter, She rode them til dawn, Their manliness gone, She felt ever the better.   She loved the smaller size And often closed her eyes As she took them all in (Balls to her chin), And delivered an oral surprise.   What was it...Read On

Poetic Fancy

With a will of my quill I spun  A dream from the dusk just past As your breasts soothe my flesh I dreamt a lyrical tune... Antebellum Lea Of poetic fancy and delightful tea As she smiled with blushing cheeks Kissing my chest on the plains of my heart As her fingers caressed my penis... Antebellum Lea Beneath a wash of the morning dawn With golden rings we will wed As...Read On