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Love Poems


A Poisonous Thorn

He's now a poisonous thorn....

The days go by They turn to weeks The weeks to months With tear stained cheeks Most days are good I get by just fine Even though... You're still on my mind Then suddenly It hits me again Takes me back To the anguish within The pain I feel I cannot explain So deep within It just will not wane I struggle still With how this could be How you could do this  So deliberately destroy me ...Read On


Perhaps - II

Can we really heal?

"Time heals all wounds", you said to me. "Perhaps", I replied, doubtful. You were right, of course. Even after the years together, Even after all the sharing, Even after all the intimacy, Even after all the laughter, Even after all the tears, Even after the sudden ending. Even after the ebbing, hollow conversation which followed. You were right, of course. Time does heal all wounds. ...Read On



What makes your pulse quicken? Could it be that unspoken bond, unfurling between us like a soft coil invisible and yet tangible in these tender moments? As I look into your eyes, you are all that exists to me in this moment. All other senses muted imperceptibly as my pupils take still frames of you to keep with me when we’re apart. The lights dimmed low hands grasping for each other...Read On

Shadows In My Gin

In conversations with mutual acquaintances And dust mites taking flight in spite Casting but a shadow in a pantomime sort of way Scripting in long-hand words poetically concave At a sensual hour in residence of a spire As bells chime a chorus of zephyrs' choir In communion with castaway poets As a spirit within the tower touch my soul And as her tongue unfurls and lips kiss my fold ...Read On



NOT about Verbal

It's probably better I heard myself say It's probably better To leave it this way   I'm good at ignoring Like nothing is there I'm good at pretending That nothing is there   Farewell to whatever I've archived our chats I can't quite delete them I'm still a pack rat   Bon voyage, bye-bye The wind waves my scarf As I stand still watching The ship leaves the dock....Read On


The Extra Mile

For you I will walk the extra mile

Love sometimes requires us to Walk the extra mile Sometimes stepping out of Your comfort zone To explore new things New passions and new ways to share You sometimes go the the extra mile To show that special love How much they mean to you The extra mile Might be hard at times But the feelings and rewards are worth The journey...Read On

Love Is Never Forgotten

Once the vow is made Your love blossoms Your love lasts for decades Love is never forgotten Memories made each day A journey you go on together Love is shown in many ways You take steps on your adventure Love just grows and grows Feelings are shared Your life goes very slow You're protected and not scared You both build a life Children may come You're man and wife The children add some fun...Read On



Have I seen this tree before? Or have I circled back? I wish I’d thought to mark the spot To keep myself on track   I saw a bird That looked like moss Grayish mossy green Hopping on a lichen stone The pattern stayed with me   What can I leave And save myself Thus still remain intact? To make me shine in memory To polish up my lacks   What way to guarantee that I Can be...Read On

...And Whatnots

As an umbra of prose cast dots and whatnots On a valiance of dusk as my lips succor remorse A shadow of myself lust in tomes of omnibus 'Tween dark pages of ominous Suckling in a nest of your breasts I confess The showers of love these midnight hours Giving gust to the winds on due course Casting dots and whatnots  ...Read On


Sleepless Nights

Lying here snuggling with the nightie you left in my truck.

Rolling over in my bed. Looking at your smiling face on my phone, Remembering the nights we have spent together. The feelings we shared, All the gentle touches, Soft kisses, Both big and little smiles, Hearty laughs, Painful tears, Enjoying the high you give to me. Hoping it never ends, Enjoying the view, While soaring over the clouds. Your sweet angelic voice calling my name. Bringing me...Read On


Poetry Writing

My eyes wanders on your face...

Whenever my day turns to darkness Bringing me sunshine in your presence The salve to heal my broken soul are A written poetry you made for me Looking at the laugh lines in your face Itching to touch them with my lips Followed by my tracing fingertips My own poetry are written for you Beard that tickles when you kiss Playfully making me laughing and Wishing to feel that passionate kiss...Read On


Who is the right one ?

What path to take...

  Choices  Decisions Desires  which way should be taken  Moving nervously forward  pushing boundaries into the unknown  or chasing old flames  who were left for a reason.   The search for connection  passion  a willingness to help not just themselves  but others around them to reach their dream. Looking for not just a lover  But a friend and soulmate  Someone who makes them...Read On


Right Where I Need to Be

I'm right where I need to be -Gary Allen

Life pulls us in so many different directions  But we always seem to find right where we belong  Even if the miles separate us  I know right where I need to be  I know I belong to you  Right where I need to be is in  Your arms  But with the distance I know   Right where I need to be is in your heart  Miles apart I still I know  Right where I belong     ...Read On



I dance to you and tempt you with my heat. Smiling, your eyes crinkle in that way I love. I lose my head as I swirl with the music. I feel you watch me use my hands to motion for you to come closer so I can  whisper in your ear.   Silky words causing sensations so swift and sensual that you pull me on top of  you and we kiss and talk in each other's mouth. Intimacy, a language we pretend...Read On


Dig Your Roots

You gotta dig your roots-Florida Georgia Line

I grew up in a small town  And no matter where I am  I remember where I come from  Country music is the soundtrack to my life  Falling in love under the stars  Taking our time  We were both nervous and shy  The first time we made love under the stars  I saw fireworks  And it wasn't even the Fourth of July  But summer faded into fall  And you were gone  So now I'm left with...Read On



An exploration into online friendships and relationships, despite distance.

You have seen me for all that I am. Covered in the darkest, unfathomable essence of the night, I have bared all of my soul to you in the softest of tones. I have given you access to all of my memories. The most vulnerable pieces of me were yours for the taking, and placing my trust in you to the forefront, I let you explore. I was scared and frightened, that you would see the damage and...Read On


All Of You

I want to memorize your scent, Like the moment before it rains.    I want to memorize every sound you make,  So when I hear that rhythm play, my body aches.   I want to memorize your taste,  Like fresh strawberries on my lips.    I want to memorize the way you look,  So every time I close my eyes, I see perfection.    I want to memorize your touch, Like sheets draped over my bare skin.    I...Read On


Prison of Emotions

A desire for a friend that cannot be fulfilled, is like a prison of emotions.

I feel it deep inside. Bubbling and spinning around. Emotions that are building.  Trying to escape their prison. Trying to make a sound. Emotions that battle for control, of a torn and battered soul. Trying to do the right thing, when the wrong thing feels so right. Trying to be a gentleman, when the curve of your bare thigh crosses my sight. It should never be this hard,  to maintain...Read On



Lips touching lips... that is a kiss...

Fluttering of wings Rat racing inside Short of breath Weakening knees That's how I feel every time   Conflicting minds Complicated feelings Constricting pains Presence missing That's how I feel right now   Wishing you are here For me With me Together That's what on my mind today   More than just a kiss But a soulful touch of Someone special.    ...Read On


Stand beside you

For now and always...

  Please understand whatever happens, isn't your fault. you have been wonderful  I really love talking and being with you.   Our phone and skype conversations seem to fly by so quick  that we're both left wondering where the time goes.   Your smile, your laugh the way your eyes shine  fill my heart with joy  my smile has never been so big.   I will stand beside you  and I...Read On

Recommended Read

Darkness, Silence and Fire

this is my heart all darkness, silence and fire neither the best nor worst of its kind it is only this fractured thing that shivers because angels with torches live in her eyes young heart in the prison of an old soul it is never enough and always too much full of stories it will never tell about angels who fell when there was nowhere left to go so this is my darkness, silence...Read On

Recommended Read

Crawling Back

Everything seems Out of my reach Like Water spiralling down a drain An empty promise of rain Conversations from yesterday Music playing too far away Half awake, half asleep It doesn't take much For him to seep Easily into my mind Thoughts spin and drift And effortlessly lift And I turn, intending to Fill the cavernous rift With a snowdrift of sugar Only to feel emptiness...Read On


Why not me

I can't do that, but I can do this

If I was a mountaineer, I would climb mountains  If I was a sailor, I would sail oceans If I was a footballer, I would score for England If I was a poet, I would write poems I am a man, who wants you If I was a dog, I would guard the house If I was a cat, I would sleep all day If I was a catterpillar, I would change into a butterfly If I was a bee, I would collect nectar  I am a lover,...Read On


She Comes To Me

She comes to me when I try to sleep My head filled with flashes of light A tempest of color Scared, alone, cold, tired, I cower. She comes to me when I think What are we doing here? We trudge through We listen to what they say We do what we are supposed to do. She comes to me when I cry The world so cruel So much pain So much suffering It’s not just mine, we share it all. She comes to me...Read On



We grew up together though we were miles apart. But even with that separation we were in each other’s heart. Those tender teenage years that included so many questions. We were only sixteen after all, and not given to know discretion. Our lives were never perfect; We both had our own faults. Still, we saw something in each other we needed. We wanted to learn the steps needed for this...Read On


My Better Place

You give me a reason to smile

Drifting back and forth With no real direction Or clear path in mind Searching for something But what was missing I couldn’t figure it out Then you came into my life And the fog began to clear. You make me smile and laugh and make me feel special We share stories As you teach and guide me Giving me back my faith and hope. And when you take me in your arms  pulling me close as...Read On


Five More Minutes

Wish I had me a pause button - Scotty McCreery

We all want five more minutes We want a pause button for the good stuff Eight years old catching fireflies Mama yells time to come in We yell five more minutes Sixteen years old on your front porch Kissing good night Your Dad flipping the light switch Interrupting our good night kissing We say five more minutes Eighteen years old last home football game We wanted five more minutes ...Read On



I need to know if there's some depth  in you that just can't be reached.  I can feel this tender core helplessly flexing around me, the sacred and profane  reilluminated into one.  A flash of lighting against the window, just a moment of violent skyward glows and your body is suddenly still and visible, a bright lithograph of all sensual mystery. And if I said I loved you, would that...Read On

Love is Being In Sync

Love is so many things A text saying I love you Your partner waiting in the wings A person to look up to A hug showing they care Smiles to make you feel good Running their fingers through your hair Loving you like they should Spending time together In person or on the phone They're your partner or lover Their love for you is not postponed Together sharing a meal Having a beer or a...Read On


Where I Want To Be

I want to be in my love's arms

Since you and I have walked as one with all our style and grace, I want to tell you I am proud when I'm in your embrace. You stroll me 'round the galaxy, you've kept me safe from harm. I always feel your passion's bliss wrapped in my lover's charm. The time we spent together has passed by in leaps and bounds. The rhythm of our lives has been enhanced by nature's sounds. Beside you as...Read On