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Love Poems


My Heart

So exposed The saying "I wear my heart on my sleeve" applies to me on so many levels I literally let people into my heart no matter who they are Be it enemy, friend, or lover Available for all With my heart on my sleeve as it is, everyone has access to it. Open and embracing to those that matter Stinging when pricked Bleeding when injured ...Read On



When you're not around, My Heart sinks into the ground. Deep into the soil, Though my love shan't recoil. When you are around, The rooms filled with sound, A thumping beat, I squirm in my seat. You make me nervous, Blood rushes to the surface, To my flesh on my face, You make my heart race. If only you could see, These things you do to me, Maybe then you'd understand, How much I just want...Read On


Wraith of Shadows

A woman is corrupted by a demon

Born in the depth of the wildest fire came a Daemon of dark -- the Lord of Shadow. To the despair of the world, Cheitan became. As only the most cruel can be, he was a black sinful beauty, and on unfurled wings of smoke, he circles high upon the midnight winds. Burning fire in his phantom heart, and lacking even a shred of a soul, subsisting on the pain and fear of the innocent;...Read On


My Heart Aches

A message for the boyfriend...

My heart aches in places That I thought had been forgotten And knew how to feel. My heart aches in ways That I wondered still existed On any level or plane. My heart aches in a soulful sound In a musical tragedy that only Silence can hear. My heart aches in a dozen colors Blinding me With its brilliance. My heart aches but the mind Reaches out to save it...Read On


What love is to me

Someone once asked what love was to me, thought about it for a second and got all this...

What is love to me? Love is when your heart skips a beat when he/she calls or texts. Love is when you fall asleep thinking of them and your first thought in the morning is of them. Love is when, if you don't hear from them your heartaches till you do. Love is when you would give up anything just to be at their side all hours of the day or night. Love is when you can talk to them on...Read On


Golden Summer, A moment in time

The first gentle caress, A brush on the canvas of my soul. Gliding, floating through the currents of your love, Adrift. A dream in your eyes, A yearning for something more, An escape into the unknown. A chance, One afternoon in the glory of summer. To surrender, To our hearts, To know. The freedom, To see what could be In time. Long from now, But forever In...Read On


My Flower

Came to me one day while thinking of someone

My Flower When you look at flowers You have a wide selection to choose from Some beautiful, others plain Some require too much attention Others require little to no attention No matter what you choose It's always your selection that reflects the true nature of yourself For me the choice is simple It's a rose Beautiful and elegant but not overstated Thrives on any and all...Read On


One Night of...

L onging for U ntamed S ensual T ouches F eatherlight U nder moon- L ight P leasant A lluring S ighs S ought I n O ne N ight B etween Y ou and me T ogether H ere E ver F irey I n R eaching for E xhausted L ightheaded I ntensity G rasping H olding T ight __________________________________ Poetry inspired by an ex-classmate,...Read On



how things might be different . . .

i wonder what it would be like if i had put out for you that first night we met if i had opened myself up for you just like that something there was in the sight of you that made me feel uninhibited intuitive pretty dumb the slave i might be for you unguarded and alert a night bloom instant in the crickets’ choral shade your ready eager maiden but this was a service i deferred in that...Read On


That tongue...

No strings attached...maybe.

We fucked, She left. Yet still I lust for a lick of her tits, a tease of her tongue. Brushing lightly with my fingertips, against her silken gingertips, making her lick those parted lips, and tease me with that tongue. Her luscious hips providing grips probing her bit by bit with quick thrusts of my tongue. The scent of her breasts still lingers, scraping at my throat. ...Read On


Under Your Skin

Late at night when your secrets are running free; Unleashed to roam around inside your head. You have no control because you are asleep; Do I invade your thoughts when you are in bed? I take you away to another place; Give you goose bumps, a chill up your spine. You’re unconscious there is nothing that you can do; In the dark you know that you are all mine. I will use you up and spit...Read On



Pomegranate The orangey smoothness of your peel, into the reddish-pink seedling with succulent juice inside. The sweetness in its taste piece by piece, nibbling on the texture of you, craving every inch from each seedling to the next. Peeling the skin to find the glowing of your touch caressing the perfumed fragrance of you. And my fingers dig in and out to...Read On


Unlocking Pleasure

There is a first time for everything. Unexpected pleasure.

You wanna know what you do to me.... Skin to skin, Touching softly, Tracing your fingertips along my edge. Then your lips follow the same path, Soft, then I feel you get harder, Baby, you want me. From my neck to my navel you have found the spots that make me moan, Nibbled every bit of skin, Tasted every inch of me and given me what I ask for. Then... You did more. ...Read On



Summer love at sunrise

Desire makes for a wave-lashed bed On which we writhe and crack and cleave Spritzed and sprayed with sea and sex, Tangled with tidal love we weave With no rest, no respite. Kisses Cross like sodden clouds, an endless Storm of scorching dew. Lust’s nest Leaves its tenants a mucky mess. These sleepless eyes blink leaden lids And greet a score of kisses more. A weary wriggle’s my poor signal...Read On



The conflicts of life and love...

You lift me and berate me You smile and you hate me I am your best, I am your worst I hunger in your thirst I bubble with health My act is convincing The award should be mind (mine) If I had the mystique to overcome it Talent and failure Achievement and void Generous and coy I persevere with strength My act is convincing Peace should be mine (mind) If I had the mystique to overcome it You lift...Read On


Fallen Hard

This is one of the many love songs I have written... It's the first one I'm really sharing, I have only shared certain lines to 1 other song, but this is the first whole song I am sharing with anyone besides me... You came along, Walked right into my life, You sat down, Made yourself at home, In my heart. My weaknesses my flaws, You seem to love it all, You laugh with me, You...Read On


Where have we gone?

Empty House despite our presence

Where have we gone? Alone in my car and parked outside our home. Our home. You are already inside. I am about to come inside. And still our home will be empty. It was once so full of love. Where have we gone that we can both be inside and still our home is empty? I'm tired of being alone. ...Read On


The Hands That Blew My Mind

My fantasy comes true after many late night on-line chats

I turned the key and as I opened the door, my jaw dropped as you stood there before me. A vision of sheer beauty, standing there wearing just heels and some very sexy black lingerie. Your legs are covered in the sheer black nylon of your stockings, a vision straight from my fantasy. Your sexy body is covered in a pure black satin corset, finished with matching satin panties. God, you...Read On


Pussy (A Woman Whole)

A pussy is much more than something sexual between a woman’s legs.

A pussy is much more than something sexual between a woman’s legs. So why do we always make it out to be? It’s soft and tender, Delicate and sublime. It can hold you together, Keep you safe and warm For long periods of time. It’s loving and affectionate And will know when you ache, Then console you Sweetly and gently Taking the pain away. Most times it’s funny and laughing A real joy...Read On


Have and Lost

This is a short poem I wrote tonight.

Lips locked with heavy breathing She pulls away with a sigh Head thrown back in ecstasy His fingers are slowly stroking Moving slowly up her thigh Living out his fantasy Warm moist mouth suckles On a harden nipple She grasps his hair There is white in her knuckles He is almost too much to handle Hips buck as she moans on the chair The loveseat is now a bed As they start to make love...Read On



I guess I am in my writing mood again. Another poem writing rampage might occur...

I look to the universe for answers. Answers that do not exist. Answers hiding behind clouds, Beyond the rainbows, Jumping into the sun. Answers hidden, By the black curtain, With tiny glimmers of hope. I stare searching every night, Plotting ways to tell you. Questions are repeated. Who am I? Will I be with you? When? How? Why have I fallen so hard? So many unanswered things. Time...Read On


The Siren

A temptress waits and sings . . .

A crossroads am I, where three hungry holes kneel And if here, Traveller, you drag your worn heel By wave or by wing, bring along a friend, Feast to my famine, my chasms to mend With cocks, fingers, or fists, and cunts to kiss, So bring your toys, and don’t forget the Miss; I’ll teach the lot of you some of my games, Three players required (plus lube), dirty names You’ve heard but won’t...Read On


Will You Be There Tonight?

This is purely fictional

Will You Be There Tonight? --------------------- Will you watch silently as I sit by my dresser, Or will you just smile Like the 'ole professor? Will you want to touch my luxurious curls, Or will your eyes only see my lustrous pearls? Will your dark eyes fill with lust, Or will your heart feel That passive trust? Will your loins shudder with needs unfulfilled, Or will your passion for me,...Read On


After Sixty

mature sex has its own foibles - my first try at humor - whatdaya think?

AFTER SIXTY I touch her clit ever so gently With my tongue. Her legs clamp shut on my head as she moans But I don’t hear it. All I hear is the screaming feedback in my hearing aids. I can’t think, and my tongue stops moving. She opens her legs as the pleasure stops. I raise my head, and remove my hearing aids. She laughs as I dive down again. Life is good even after sixty....Read On


Prairie Passion

Prairie Passion Lightening washes sky full bright Streaking white across the night Steaming sweat on glistening bodies Prairie passion feeds their fires The cowboy and his red haired lady Have found their passion swiftly soaring To the sound of natures music Keeping pace with heavens fury Through the moaning heated night Fingers glide and lips make merry Fingers slide...Read On



Finding the right words

Twenty thousand feet above the ground. Sitting in my window seat, seat belts fastened. Lovely scenery whizzing by, but all of my thoughts are of you. The last time, we talked we had a misunderstanding. Not a fight or overly harsh words, just some bent feelings. Now I can't contact you until we land, and the wait is killing me. Wanting to tell you I'm sorry that I wasn't clearer. Wanting to...Read On


Erotic Desire-First Kiss

'Erotic Desire-First kiss' --------------------------------- The burning desire within Mia escalates. Flames of passion penetrates. That which is just beyond her reach, Here on this beautiful, exotic, tropical beach. For Manuel, her sensual, soft body craves, As her thoughts flow upon the waves. She knows she must trust what's in her heart, And let her mind and body become her...Read On



Finding the right person to give your heart

Fiend That. One. Thing.  I need it, Everyday.  I need to be filled, Overflow.  Taken over by a feeling that makes me fly, Addictive.  The taste on the tip of my tongue, Lingers. Give me more, I know I am so greedy. But you made me crave it, Desire,  Hunger for it. I never had it so good, Wanted it so bad.  You are all I ever need,  The BEST I ever had.  ...Read On


Shattered Hearts and Broken Wings

Many things can go wrong in a marraige and when it does two hearts are broken.......

She looked at the pieces of her broken heart,  scattered across the ground. To her, love would always be forever, until the end of time and beyond.   Oh, what did he do when she surrendered, all and gave him her heart? He took all and left her with nothing, and now she felt unable to carry on. She was his angel, until he mistreated her, and broke her wings this time. Oh, how could he rip...Read On


Kitty Longs for a Collar

She slowed as they passed the brazen store display the window flaunting all its wares He saw her looking gingerly touching with her eyes the leather, slippery seal belly black, the rings that hung, eager (her imagination heard their silver tinkle) and the stars that twinkled an abundance of rhinestones studding matching the stars in a kitty's eyes She looked and prayed some day those stars...Read On