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Love Poems


Here I Love You

Here I love you. In the dark pines the wind disentangles itself. The moon glows like phosphorous on the vagrant waters. Days, all one kind, go chasing each other. The snow unfurls in dancing figures. A silver gull slips down from the west. Sometimes a sail. High, high stars. Oh the black cross of a ship. Alone. Sometimes I get up early and even my soul is wet. Far away the sea sounds...Read On


Until you

I never believed in a lot, I guess that started my troubles. But I thought I didn’t have to, I realise it made my problems double. I never really wished, I guess that’s why I never received. I never understood the concept, I was wrong in what I perceived. I never really dreamt, Is that why nothing came true? But I thought I...Read On


Would You, Won't You

You would, wouldn't you?

Would you draw the curtains Won't you turn off every light And let the gentle music play Into the empty night Would you kiss me softly  Won't you take my hand in yours And end the pain of yesterday  So we take up new oars Would you hold me tightly  Won't you whisper in my ear And tell the fears that haunt me so  To kindly disappear Would you fall asleep now Won't you dream of...Read On


Easy come Easy go

Easy come Easy go Longing for a heart that won't let me go where is this kind of love? I just do not know Oh well some things are easy come and easy go Longing to find a heart that does not understand this phrase of Easy come and easy go Where is this heart? I just do not know It has not found me just yet but I will not give up hope Easy come easy go This kind of love has no place in my...Read On



Around the club that time of year, When the men stood about drinking their beer. Walking throughout in nothing but socks. All of them with their old droopy cocks. This gentleman's club was a different breed. Catering to the men and their cock's need. For on this day when it came about, A whore would suck these men; small and stout. Together they did drink and laugh and cheer, ...Read On


Wheel Of Passion

Gone like a leaf blowing in the wind, Why did you entice me with the notes that you would send? I was so hopeful that you would be the one, To replace my pet and show me some fun. At first you seemed so much like him, But in the end once again I did not win. Dumped with a text never even heard his voice, He decided in the end to make a different choice. I guess this revolving door...Read On


A Need To Fill

A poem about lust.

I got a chill just then as you walked into the room I was expecting you, but not this soon I have a need to fill and it’s been empty for too long I want to show you now the place where you belong You’ve got your eyes on me, I can tell from over here I can’t see you but I know you dear  You've got a need to fill and it’s been empty for so long You want to show me things I’ve wanted all along...Read On



“You are such a good slut. ” These words burn through my head and make my cunt leak more proof. I am silent I am obedient I serve your beautiful cock I serve your giving lips and tongue I serve your fingers and your hands I serve your mind and words I serve you I surrender… I am your good slut. And I will surrender to you Not because your force me But because I want to...Read On


Golden Shower

Love me! As you wish to be Loved by me Babe! Kiss me From the point Where it all begins. Around every joint. Greedy! Aren’t ya for me? Thirsty and hungry Feed on me Lick the waters That leaks out Of numerous pores On my body Stick out your tongue Not this one you stupid asshole The one that’s in your mouth And go to the south Struggle a little With the little cat ...Read On


Always Missing Him

I will never stop missing my sweet little bitch, Just thinking of him makes my skin crawl and itch. Like I am going through withdraws all shaky and sick, My mouth craves his body it’s what I want to lick. When you can’t have the one that you really want, It makes you feel empty, much worse than you thought. Time does not make it much better at all, Your heart has been stolen, for him...Read On

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My Tall Drink Of Water

Dirty and nasty he makes me feel complete, My Texas slave boy who would drop and kiss my feet. He will do anything that I want him too, I love when he says “Oh Mistress I’m cumming just for you.” When he gets all perverted and nasty as can be, I push him to his limits to see what he will do for me. I am such an evil horny bitch, When my hormones are running it flips a switch. ...Read On


Begging for it

Let me have sex with you If I am denied to love you I want to feel you closely To miss you when I’ll be away Penetrate me with your finger If your penis is unwilling If you have engagements besides me I’ll appreciate, even if you return after attending them You have to go through me If you wish to go past me If you don’t want to flow into me Flow around me I want to be surrounded by...Read On


At Night

This affliction is never going to leave me, It is all I can do just to let you be. I don’t even know if I could find you again, You would never reply to anything I send. It is like I am so incomplete, There is no way at all for me to compete. I am stuck in this big empty void, Longing for that certain hot, sexy boy. It does not matter that he does not feel the same, My lust keeps...Read On


A Love So True

You were mine And I loved it, For it meant that I Was also yours. We had fun and joy And shared a few laughs, But, alas, You had to go. To bring you back, I'd do all I could, Even trade places with thee. I'd happily trade places again, If it meant ending the suffering you'd feel, Because to me you're my everything, And I'd probably join you soon anyway. They say that a love so true,...Read On


My promise

My promise From this moment I take thee To be forever true Forever thankful These are the words I swear I promise to love you even if ever after ends I promise to keep you safe even if it’s from me I promise you to make your life full of happiness I promise to say I love you every day Every star will remind me about our first meeting Every smile reminds me about our...Read On


The Road

The Road is uncertain ahead, but I have no fear. Moonlight guided my every step, setting the dark cobblestones aglow. I move forward and the doubt from my soul eases. For far too long now, I shielded myself from the world Stemming from the insecurity that, once upon a time, defined me – My heart is scarred, my soul, while not broken, heaves with weight. I thought I knew what I was and who...Read On


Be My Valentine

Sitting on the couch with my sexy girl, Both of us dressed in our lace and pearls. I’m kissing her neck and she’s turning me on, My hand will start wandering before long. The way you talk to me drives me insane, This raging boner I’ve got, you are to blame. How I love the taste of her lips, Under her bra my hand slips. Caressing her titties and making her sigh, She’s everything to...Read On


A Different Place

A Triple Tetractys Poem

Yes! We smile. Privacy. Kick our shoes off. It is finally the time to relax. Now, falling onto the couch together, At last, your arms! Hold me close. Kiss Me. Sigh. There. Stay there. Surround me. The wine can wait. Take it in, breath deeply, exhale...Read On


Morning Dew

Early morning, can't sleep, my mind turns to your body .........

5 am, I can't sleep.. I'm snuggling up behind you, just wearing my silky bed slip, spooning you, pushing my body against yours to get your warmth against me. Feeling your body through the thin fabric. You're sleeping. Feeling my nipples harden, I slide my hand down your back, to your hip, over the top of your hip to your cock. Your body's not awake yet, your sex is so soft. I take it in...Read On



Here’s my sweet groom And he’ll take me soon To do the funny boom In the coming honeymoon We’ll go to the salt lagoon And he’ll poke my heart to bloom We’ll bed in the full of moon Wish us a happy honeymoon I’ll put my ring ’round his tool To make it look like a loony toon And sing in a romantic tune I’m on a pleasant honeymoon And if found by fortune's bless A...Read On

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You made me feel completely insane, Totally out of control with no one but myself to blame. It was a wild roller coaster ride, All I wanted was you by my side. Passionate and obsessive I wanted to own you, Just got more intrigued with everything you would do. Hot or cold I never knew what I would get, Evasive and distant but then the sweetest yet. Give me a taste and then run away,...Read On


The memory of you

The memory of you It’s a decade since the last time I saw you My mind has buried the last remaining memories But everything today reminds me that it was true I felt like just one of you’re trophies I wished that everyday you would just leave But my heart knew our love would never die And I knew I just had to believe And you promised me it was never a lie. So we became one...Read On


Melody Melody

Life brings the words of a song The pain opens a gate A tiny smile brings flood One's alone self takes a course Touch is searched for and held The journey continues away Mournful pride slides by Holding still and steadily Day breaks and pushes Winding forward and set Elders amend and cease The soul is not lost but placed...Read On


Pearl of Pea

Enter my life enter my soul Enter my heart enter my flesh Kiss me to the bottom of bosom Let my eyes witness your passion Fan the flare let it glare Do unfair make it fair Fill up my body with your imprint Touch my features and hear your instinct Let the time bereave us Let the heaven curse Don’t bother think of me Love me for eternity Come on darling do the mischief ...Read On


A Different Time

An Ottava Rima Poem

Out of the jungle , we made it out fine. My heart skips a beat as our two souls meet. Energy transfers - your body to mine. The way we left and arrived, so discreet - Next up, two glasses and bottle of wine. Its so natural, please let it repeat - I trust you completely to be gentle... Finally! We are inside...Read On


Left Behind

First it’s the panic that sets in, That sinking feeling knowing I am never going to win. With every single fiber of my being, An image of you is all I wanted to be seeing. You denied my eyes the simplest of pleasures, The smallest thing I would always treasure. It is so much more than just missing you, Like I can’t breathe and don’t know what to do. Hollow and empty there is a big...Read On


I'll Miss You

Fading sight of my love, How will I survive without it? Surrounded by ignorance, Terrible loneliness. Please get back to me, With those hugs and kisses, That you delivered so passionately. Which way will I travel, To find the marvel, That I saw in you, That I felt in you? Oh It rains across me, It extinguishes my life. It blows my heart, It drowns me deep. Please, are you here? Should...Read On



In this quiet of night Me the laid on bed Come oh boy with joy Fast up-stick your dick And bang bang bang Lick my cheek Taste my breast Kiss my lips Fashion your passion And bang bang bang Tear my bustier Strip off my hip Cast-off the shame Go-on do the game And bang bang bang...Read On


Our Love

I can feel you breathing on my neck, the warmth somehow finding its way straight through me, into me. A fire that couldn’t be put out even if I wanted it to. I can’t help but wonder how we got to this point, starting out as childhood friends, and becoming much more. Soul mates, lovers, protectors of each others' hearts. Nothing can separate us now; we are linked, bonded forever within our...Read On



There is a real woman inside of me She is bursting at the seams to be released I go about my day almost robot-like Doing, doing, doing, but never really feeling A shell of what I used to be, half the woman that I was Please hurry, find me soon. I see my life like I am living above my body I watch all around me....waiting for your arrival I plaster on my face of contentment and...Read On