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Love Poems


New Heights

A Kyrielle Poem

Select a floor, press number four; Elevator love going up. Passion and desire build more... Take me higher than I’ve been before. Thoughts swirl as my stomach drops - Suspense over floweth my cup. Third floor, the cart jerks to a stop... Take me higher than I’ve been before. A lady enters, plant in hand. We move closer - cuddling up. “Six please.” The plant’s big...Read On



Poem, love

As our world tumbles He is there with me Right by my side The rain pours above our heads Our souls weeping His touch is warm Across my flesh His love forgiving As we sit in the rain Things tumbling around us Our heads filled with sorrow and passion We will be forever Together Through thick and thin We are one...Read On


Day Dreaming

Thinking about kissing the nape of your neck, how you will taste and if you’re my best bet. Imagining tracing all your muscles with my fingers, over all your special spots I will always linger. Looking into your eyes that are so very blue, as I discover every sexy alluring part of you. I’ve got pent up passions and I want to release them all, shower them upon you like an erotic...Read On


To Another Place

A Septolet Poem

Love Elevator goes up -- skipping the steps. Push button ...Read On



A cop having fun

I'm in a uniform, ready for fun, ready to see a woman, who will give me what I desire for, what my body is craving for Handcuffed, by the end of the bed, as I am hard, when she wraps her warm mouth around my cock, As she teases me as I am craving for more I love the pleasure, I love the craving she gives me, It's unique, I'm loving every moment, Her 34 A breast in my face as I suck on...Read On


His Touch


His Love The romance The softness beneath me As his hands caress my body Moans escape my mouth As he nibbles my thighs Softly Harder His love means no bounds His heart Soul Are pure As we make love The coldness of the air Covers me Sensation swirl my mind As the evening passes ...Read On


Prince of Darkness


Curtains drawn Candles lit As shadows play against the walls Our bodies entwine Eyes behold eyes Our souls are one As you touch my cheek Feeling my ever warmth Your gentle lips Softly touch mine Passion Hunger As we rode back and forth My prince of darkness Evermore ...Read On


Give It Up!

When I get my hands on you I am going to fuck your ass so sweet, explore your sexy body from your head down to your feet. You can relax you will always be safe with me, drop all those defensive walls and let it all just be. I will tease and play with you until you beg for more, all my lust and passion on you I will pour. I need your sexy body to quench all my desires, together we will...Read On


Drifting away

Just thoughts

Rain streams down my face Like tears from the sky As I walk down the road Away from you. But I… I don’t know where I’m going But I know I have to go Leaving your warmth behind me Stepping into the cold Forever we would be That is what we said When I had you in my arms Curled up on our bed But now with every step I move farther away from you I feel my heart breaking And it’s...Read On


Whisks Us Away

A Rondeau Poem

From the lover with a key... Come then, follow me into the night air. Stars fill your eyes, moon beams dance in your hair, The bounce in your step, you know that you glow, Blush on your cheeks like a fine red bordeaux -- A cute reaction when you catch me stare. Something about your beauty makes you rare, You allow my hands beneath yours, I care. I want to massage you from head to toe,...Read On


My Understanding Of Love

This is a poem about love.

Love can happen outta the blue. You can meet someone for the first time, and their eyes will sparkle. You will get butterflies, and you will feel excited to see them. You think about that person all the time, You call them day in and out, You talk all the time, You find ways to hang out, You always enjoy being around each other, You never grow tried of them. As time passes you...Read On


My Love Did Sometimes Wander

Just another poem of love, infidelity, commitment, remorse and whatever...

My love did sometimes wander, And my thoughts did often roam, From the one who held them dear, And gave my love a home. But I was young and restless, And my heart would long to play, Never thinking of the one I’d hurt, When my love would go astray. They say if you play with fire, You sometimes will get burned, And though the lessons were often hard, The lessons did get learned. For I know...Read On



It's the tasks you were given on the day you were born Your little hand reaches and expects some warm Hope is realized or scorned You take a step and fall Hope holds its breath and can't call You take another and then stand tall You learn that crying is not a tool But only there to make you feel a fool There's a time when you lay down and rest There's a time when you must give your...Read On



The sun is raising - starry night morphing into a multi-coloured dawn. In the stillness of the early morning, I watch you sleep, tangled in my crisp white sheets. Your body glows with a deep remembrance of the night before as I see the curves of your body in the diffused light for the first time. I am mesmerized – the newness, freshness of it all – the sight of you in my bed, the smell...Read On


A Glance

A Pantoum Poem

It all started with a glance from across the room, A gentle smile and pink blush of my cheek. Your smile widens when you smell my perfume. We make our way to the stairway - to speak. A gentle smile and pink blush of my cheek, My heart rate increases as you approach. We make our way to the stairway - to speak, I down a glass of wine meant for a toast. My heart rate increases as you...Read On


The Black Fog

I made myself a box, Somewhere to put things like Unwanted memories and painful thoughts. Memories of tears and betrayal, Thoughts of "what if's" and "maybe's". I fought so hard to capture them all, It took so much time and effort. They were slippery and didn't want to be caught, They escaped easily from my fingers And rejoined the thick, black fog that was my mind. Somehow though I managed,...Read On


Reminiscence - The Lake

First time at the lake, hesitation...

We stripped hastily The heat of August by the lake Dampening our clothing Clinging to our bodies Hanging clothing on branches Leaving shoes and sandals on the sand. No towels to watch; we hadn’t any. You don’t like the water You're afraid I’ll be lost Amongst the tide. I assure you I’ve been swimming longer than I’ve walked. You haven’t anything to fear. You can’t swim? Really?...Read On


Shadows On The Field

I stand alone in the evening In the shadows on the field. Beside a stream I dare to dream Her love will finally be revealed. The note I sent said "wait for me In the shadows on the field." Did she read it, did she heed it, Or was the letter not unsealed? My love for her will scintillate, Erasing shadows on the field. Is she waiting, hesitating, Or will her love remain concealed? No sound...Read On


Turn Out the Lights

The single candle I hold casts a soft, golden glow about the room. You see me walk towards you, clad in silk and lace. With a smile, I raise the candle to my lips, purse my lips and… Darkness. Perfect, velvet darkness. You smell my perfume, dark and feminine. You taste my lips on yours You hear my breath softly whispering against your skin. You feel me press my body to against you. ...Read On



Remember By Gabrielsbabygirl Remember when you first got married? You had so much fun together, you were so in love. So many times you would just start laughing, and wasn't even sure why. You didn't believe it when you were told everything changes after the first few years, you were in love, that wouldn't happen to you. You went every where and did everything together. Then things...Read On


It Started When I Met You

Oh how I'll never forget our very first kiss, Stolen, Forbidden, Guilt ridden on my part, But oh so beautiful and bissful. I'll never forget those first few meetings, The sweet lies and your way with words, The way you made me feel what you wanted me to feel More importantly, The way you made me think the way you wanted me to think. It wasn't long then 'till I was yours, Totaly and...Read On


Stand up!

for L Life has been unkind - yet you still stand through unimaginable grief through shattered lives through a plague on your blood. through a mind being lost. You still stood with the unyielding weight on your shoulders alone. Then, unsurprisingly, your love finally admitting it never was A love that was never built on trust, or compromise but rather solely on the fear of being alone. ...Read On


Omnia Vincit Amor

Love conquers all.

  Each day, by the dawn’s light I greet you, I smile as you approach from afar; The rabble thinks you only a woman But I know you for the nymph that you are. Your words are as pearls from the ocean, Your breath, soft as a breeze on the sea, The world is aglow with your beauty, You are the life and the soul within me. What is gold, what are gems before you? But commonplace...Read On


Suffocated By Your Love

How I feel about you

Hands grabbing each others' bodies, like we never met each other before Graciously kissing, Faster and faster Suffocated by your love I'm obsessing more More than anything in the world We fight, We run But we both know We will both will come back Because our love is so powerful Clothes are thrown all over the place To the bedroom As our bodies are naked To take to the bedroom As...Read On


I remember

A man remembers a special night

Hi Sweetheart, Just wanted to let you know I miss you and I've been thinking of you. Actually, I've been thinking of a special night. Do you remember that night a couple of years ago when we were on vacation in Vegas? How we came to our hotel room and were rather… frisky? Do you remember how you practically tore my clothes off me and then how you pushed me on the bed and stripped for me? ...Read On


I long for your body

I long for your body To be on top of mine The soft touch of your hand Sending chills over my spine I long for your body The taste of your sweet lips Kissing me everywhere While you push down my hips I long for your body Your sweat dripping on my chest Moaning softly in your ear 'Damn baby you're the best' I long for your body To wrap my long legs around Holding you closely As in and out of...Read On


So Far Away

My husband and I

So far away it has been, So many days without you, So many lonely nights, So many days that I gone sheading so many tears, Wishing you were here. Eating less and less every day, Worried that you wont be coming back but I have faith in you, I love you and that is what matters. So far away that I can't touch you, touch your soft skin, I can't feel you breathing on me when I'm asleep,...Read On


Buff Boy

That buff boy is sexy oh my god he’s so HOT, I just want to give him everything that I’ve got. Lick him all over and make sure that he moans, His big hard cock will call my sweet pussy its home. Hey you delicious stud with your muscles all oiled, It is the one between your legs that I want to spoil. But before I get there I want to tease all your parts, You could even say all my oral...Read On


The Darkest Day

His Desires filled, then go

He sits in his room, the day filled him with gloom, Not seeing the light come his way. His life that was hiding, sitting inside him, Far away from eyes trying to take it away. One day like a child, who just opened his eyes, The light cut through the gloom and the haze. He walked through the door and out to the day, Watching and feeling his way. He knows his desire that so needed inspired,...Read On


Surfer Dude

The sandy coast's a vacant span, But on the sea my eyes are glued On urchin soul, half boy, half man With lithe young body toned and tan: A nineteen year old surfer dude. His long hair sparkles in the sun As he rides his surfboard on the waves. His goal is not to be outdone, His form's not matched by anyone, The rushing water is his slave. He rides the ocean into shore And shakes the water...Read On