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Love Poems


Thoughts Unspoken

For Nancy, who says I don't speak enough...well, sometimes...

Oftentimes the many thoughts, That go on inside my head, So many thoughts unspoken, So much remains unsaid. And sometimes the most precious thoughts, Just never get put to word, The ones with the most meaning, Are the ones that are never heard. Because when someone means so much, I don't always have words to say, For feelings that run much deeper, Than mere words could ever convey. And...Read On

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Strap On Bitch Boi

You know little bitch boi you always lust after my cock. No matter where you go I’m in the back of your thoughts. You crave to have your ass totally violated by me. Always asking Mistress won’t you fuck me please? I am so addictive I’m just like crack. You’re most secret desire, to have me on your back. You are my little nasty ass whore. The kinky little fucker who I most adore. The...Read On


Eating Out

Catering to your most sensuous appetites

Tonight’s special is an extra virgin Italian dish, served open-legged with angel hair. Would either of you care for some foreplay? How’s the Jamaican jerk handjob? Quite popular. See anything you like, dear? The honey-pot stickers look quite satisfying, but I’m craving the mushroom topped sausage with white sauce. Excellent. For your main course, sir? The skirt steak. How would you...Read On

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I'm A Dom Slut

You know I’m just a dirty girl with my long legs and my blond curls. A big round ass and pretty tits, but I’m going to get you with my wits. My hour glass figure all trussed up in a corset, that will certainly make your dick wet. My creamy skin yes it’s on fire filled with passionate desire. Dreaming of that perfect ass, I want to fuck it with grace and class. I just love how my...Read On

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On The Attack

What good little slave boys get!

As I approach you slowly from behind. I’m going to take you and make you all mine. My nails rake all the way down your back. As your sexy ass I begin to attack. Kissing your neck and biting your ear. Don’t run away little boy stay right here. So I can use you like the toy that you are. I might hurt you a little, but I won’t leave a scar. Naughty as you are I think you need a...Read On

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Waiting For The Rain

Waiting for the rain for bring me the one I desire.

I want you so I just can’t lie. I think by now that’s no surprise. I guess I just wear my heart on my sleeve. Because I’ll do anything so that you don’t leave. I’m willing to bide my time and wait as long as it takes. Because the things you give me I will never forsake. I will be waiting for you with open arms. Though they remain empty and I miss your charms. I’m waiting for the...Read On


Home Alone

Home alone looking for trouble.

I have so much to give but it’s got nowhere to go. All my fantasies are fading they have become so slow. My favorite ones never seem to stay. Real life always seems to get in the way. Guess I have too much time on my hands. A horny little playmate is what I could stand. Why do I always have to be so damn picky? When things with these pretty boys always get so sticky. ...Read On



I feel like I don’t even know myself. Everything I thought I wanted is so out of reach. When you can’t get what you need you begin to doubt yourself. Life is far too short to let it slip through your fingers. Regrets over missed opportunities. Still these images in my mind linger. Ships passing in the night. Did it mean anything at all. Sooner or later they all take flight. How many...Read On



inspired by the woman i love, without whom, this would have been half as long

Sleepless Cold stark black and white and absent of any gray The edges are no longer blurred and I am as cold as death What I wouldn’t do to feel warm again, to feel safe? My dreams are full of images, too fast to catch hold of Painful flashes of unfocused memory, police lights on the blackest of nights In my chest a frightened bird, trapped, trying to tear me from my sleepless sleep ...Read On


Good bye My Friend

The loss of a friend never goes away...

Good bye my friend, lay down to rest You served your time, you did your best. You gave us laughter, you gave us tears You gave us memories to last our years. You took the time to love and care For many others, yet didn't dare To turn your back on a friend in need A very true friend you were indeed. So, good bye my friend, lay down to rest You served your time, you did your best. You may...Read On


Rock Your World

I’m going to take you by surprise, give all of your senses a rise. Just like every single cliché, I’m going to take your breath away. Rock you so hard you won’t know what to do, taking advantage of every part of you. No matter what is the ploy, you’re getting treated like my dirty boy toy. Hold on tight while I take you away, get on your knees it’s time to pray. You have got no hope...Read On



The second of my BDSM poetry challenge.

Sacrement A water color sleeper softly floating where she lays arms stretched taut trapped within gentle reminders of who she is, and what she is, the edge that separates night from day and want from need a stained glass cathedral upon rumpled and stained sheets light falls across the watermark illumination on a still quiet face pain washing over flesh like summer rain a lullaby of...Read On



I was challenged to write BDSM poetry a while back.

Ritual Side by side, perfectly measured and matched She works by feel as much as by sight Candle’s flickering tongue turning her into shadow Only her voice remains, and the outline that is etched Into memory, perfect curves stealing breath Each sure touch captivating A prayer, silent, balances on dry lips As she begins, taking each wrist So carefully and yet there is iron in her grip Cold...Read On


Dreaming Of You

You are alive in my dreams.

You’re in my thoughts, you’re on my mind. I don’t think of you all of the time. But when you do creep into my head. I think of you and all the things that you’ve said. You really are charming when you want to be. Letting me see parts of you that no one else can see. Your boyish charm is so very alluring. You are so exciting, you are never boring. Thoughts of you are so crystal clear....Read On

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I Want Your Ass

I know all my boy's dirty little secrets!

Spread those ass cheeks, so round and smooth. So I can give you everything that’s your due. I will take all of your breath away. Making every bit of your juice spray. But I will completely drive you crazy first. Tease you so bad, you’ll feel like you could burst. I’ll dress up all sexy and stir all of your desires. Your cock will grow so big till it can’t get any higher. Moaning...Read On


The Unknown

Appreciate what you have before it is gone.

Empty and hollow it swallows you whole. As time passes by it will take its toll. Loneliness and worry eating away at you. With no information you don’t know what to do. Biding all of your time just hoping for the best. This anguish feels like you're being put to the test. You are almost not sure if you want any news to come. If things turn out bad you will end up the lonely one. If...Read On


Of Rim Jobs and Roses

For Dancing_Doll, inspired by her wisdom, wit and beauty.

  Lithe limbs that only a dancer possesses, A heart glowing with passion and fire, Golden hair that flows and caresses, Eyes alight with fervent desire; By the light of sweet candles and embers Your body calls me, it speaks and commands, It yearns for my own, it remembers The homage of lips and of hands. Now I give you words supple and tender That my tongue slowly...Read On


Avatar Nights

Fantasy.. avatars at play

At night the screens so dark they stay.. Do our avatars come out to play? Each of us is locked inside.. Our real personas they do hide.. Did VanGogh go really looking? To see what Chef has been up to cooking? And Nicola had to go pay bail.. To get WellMadeMale out of jail.. Shameless did the best he could.. To remove the panties on Hollywood.. Then love and marriage...Read On


When Is It Love?

When is infatuation love? Is it when he’s all you can think of? Is it just affection or something much deeper? When you know in your heart that this one’s a keeper. What if you have found more than one? Loving them all can it possibly be done? Conflicts abound yet your heart won’t change. The emotions you feel come in every single range. Both of you crave that unique connection. It...Read On


Lips Upon My Skin

A Haiku for my love

Lips upon my skin The anticipation builds Is she here at last? Starting at my neck Hot breath teasing my flesh now Soft touch caressing My hair brushed aside Goose bumps start, muscles tensing Pleasure erupting Nipples growing hard I feel her press against me I am not alone Her scent reaches me Unlocking fantasies told Building over time I have needed her Have...Read On

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Fate's Turn

You never know what fate will bring......

It is just amazing to me, that you were the one to see. You looked past all the obvious things, found my passion and gave it wings. Just as it was about to take flight, fate stepped in and caused a plight. I longed and searched for that prize, I wondered if you were telling lies. Always in a state of limbo, kind of made me feel like a bimbo. Then what do you know in steps fate...Read On

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I will be your secret.

Why are you so reluctant when I know what you need? Let it all go completely wild, just set it all free. Put your trust in me and don’t look back. I will always make sure you are on the right track. You know I don’t care what anyone says, it can be our secret. But if we wait till we’re too old we’ll be filled with regret. With each other we are the best that we can be. I don’t have to...Read On

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Fly By

Took a minute to escape from reality and wrote this one.

Fly by like the wind and it always makes me wonder. While my heart is beating so hard in my chest just like thunder. I hear it pounding away, so loud in my ears. I’ve gotten excited, for some reason it appears. It only lasts a few minutes and always takes me by surprise. That such a little silly thing could give me such a rise. When am I going to stop having this reaction? I can’t...Read On

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A Chick With A Dick

I don’t know why I am so threatening to them? Those jealous bitches and all those insecure men. For some reason with them I always really strike a chord. Though the attention they give me is negative, I can not be ignored. Yes I’m the kind of girl that’s right up in your face. The images I put in your mind you can not erase. Maybe the men really hate that my dick always stays hard. Or...Read On

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Please Me With Your Mouth

Cumming all over my lovers handsome face!

My smooth velvet lips all over your cute face. Moist with the nectar you’ve been longing to taste. Separate each delicate fold of skin. As I open my legs wide to let you in. Running my fingers through your hair. That’s it you stud lick me right there. Sliding your hot tongue around my little button so sweet. Don’t stop, go faster and I’ll give you a treat. Lapping at my sex you...Read On


O Spirit, My Lover

Dedicated to Sweetness, the spirit of which I speak.

Fiendish winds and unrelenting rains Assail my oaken door With icy hands and iron chains, They chill me to my core And mar the solemn peace of midnight, Veiling the autumn moon. Without the gentle moonlight Despair descends, too soon. Lining my inner chamber, Old volumes of arcane lore Full of mystery and wonder; Such stuff as I adore. But one book of mine is like no other; It is a...Read On


Is It Me?

Figuring out who your friends really are.

Sometimes I feel as though my judgment is poor. Because I take at face value who ever knocks on my door. This leads to having my better nature abused. I try my best to be nice then always end up used. Is no one worth their word anymore? Has honesty flown right out the door? I know I am usually dealing with damaged souls. But this being jerked around is getting so old. I think I...Read On



He rescued me from your hurtful grasp.

Reaching out, calling far No matter what, here I am chained Gazing up to the crystaline stars Their brilliance I cannot feign. For every step away from you Just brings me farther away From freedom, from love, from truth You remind me every day. "You're mine, you are mine to own" And you try to break my will Along with attempts to break my soul. Of my body, you've had your complete fill....Read On


Deepest Apology (Him)

This is a real life situation that is happening.

Parts may be hard to understand, but they have great meaning to the whole picture. The thought changes are to show the uneasy and confusing thoughts that pass through the mind. this is the second of a little series of a girl and guy that write back and forth. My dear, I know what you wish. I am sorry that it must come to this. You are beautiful and all that I want, But you are nothing...Read On

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When We First Meet

As soon as I see you my blood is going to boil. Burning so hot like it’s fueled by oil. My heart beat will race as my eyes drink you in. To finally gaze upon my sexual twin. I’ll grab you and whisper right into your ear. My sweet little Pet I’m so happy you’re here. Nip your ear lobe, then suck on your neck. As my hands slide down your back, your fine ass I will check. Give it a...Read On