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Love Poems


For yesterday

Maybe wishes do come true.

For yesterday by Cheltenham ***** Arrive and fleet Butterfly wings A haze of movement When we interact Kiss me tenderly In your bedroom Whisper secrets I crave your splendor Weep in silence Cry tearfully I hold you closer The moment passes I wipe your cheek with My fingertip and I kiss your mouth my Hands travel south, we Sample each other To you I've been true How sweet your...Read On


The Cowboy and the Lady

Will the rugged, but tender hearted cowboy, make love to the lady?

The lady dressed in lace and linen spotted the cowboy. He had just ridden up to a hitching post that was near her. Eying his tall, lanky frame, she wondered about the cowboy. Was he as rough and calloused like the people often told her? She didn’t realize that she was staring until his eye met hers. Their piercing blue color made her quiver from head to toe. Blushing, quickly looking away,...Read On



I miss my Master...

My body feels cold without your warmth, My heart pains in its yearning, And my soul cries out in emptiness. I am simply not whole in...Read On


Just so you know

Getting rid of it all

You were perfect, The beginning of a journey I desired. You awakened the part of Me I kept locked away, For fear of feeling too much. With no words of why, or a sorry ass goodbye, you left. you promised yourself and said 'yes Mistress, I'm yours.', Did you not get what you wanted? Keep searching, keep looking, keep promising others, Never ever going to find what you had...Read On



"Pleasure-zone" The day started, as it routinely did. Deadlines to meet. Projects to complete. I took a break from my busy day, To say "Hello" to friends far away. Lo and behold, the 'message' light blinks. I opened the page, Reaching for my drink. 'What, another boring message from someone afar?' Maybe just another 'wanna-be rock-star' I say to myself. "Should I open, or just delete?...Read On


A Kiss

You sleep, my angel, next to me Your beauty and love is all I can see My heart aches to hold you close and tight As we slept embraced throughout the night I look at your face and love it so When you leave I don't want you to go Your love for me is love unbound You said I was your soulmate, the one you found I told you what I was as I hoped to dare You said that you did not care You love me...Read On



I really overthink things sometimes =/

Sometimes, I don't know what to feel. Is this a fantasy? Or could it be real? Sometimes, I feel loved, But like a baby bird, I need to be shoved. Sometimes, I feel hurt, And completely alone, Nothing more than dirt. Sometimes, The cloud has silver lining, A glimmer of hope, Forever shining. Sometimes, I mess thing up, Make it wrong, Maybe I should just shut up. Sometimes, I am stupid,...Read On


Head To Toe

The waves of your silky hair flows down over your back and shoulders. Your mahogany locks shine in the daylight and bounce with your movement. A cute fringe completes the perfect framing of your face. First the deep, hazel eyes that penetrate deep into my soul. They have such a warmth to them and hold me captivated for a moment. Your long, full lashes are so natural and so beautiful. ...Read On


Eddie's Secret

Eddie loved to take her hand, like the gentlemen of yore, and with a flourish that was grand, kiss each silver ring she wore. Friends often wondered why it was her hand alone for which he bowed, but he would only say "it does not fit for you to delve, dear crowd." And she! She knew the reason why and only smiled when watching how on fragrant cream he came to dine, his face as solemn as a vow....Read On



He tore down my defenses...

Fences I build fences. I wall myself in And protect. I build fences. And with each day, week, or month That you are gone, My barrier grows stronger, impregnable. I build fences. You show up and try to enter, And find a fortress. I build fences. You knock, pound, and ram, And are told to move on, Yet you do not. I build fences. You slowly make your way through ...Read On

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Georgia Peach

That sweet Georgia peach is my lover down south; I am going to make him do obscene things with his mouth. Like lick my pussy that is so very sweet; Then I will feed him my cock while he kneels at my feet. His love is so delicious and dripping with juice; I will fuck his tight ass until it is nice and loose. He is passionate and sexy I love being his Mistress; Everything that he gives me...Read On



Instead of a love poem about some ONE I love, I switched it up to a someTHING I love.

Click. Another object, Or a person, Frozen. Click. A sound of love, Not a hobby, Passion. Click. It's more than that, It's awesome, Art. Click. Something simple, Completely changed, New. Click. Black and white, Maybe color, Film. Click. Develop. Admire....Read On


The Wings of an Eagle

How can I tell you that all I want and need in my life right now is you, when I just met you! Baby, I can still taste you on my lips, feel your sexy touch and caress you with my heart. I feel like I am lying right there beside you snuggling with my arms tightly holding you. My head upon your chest and I hear the loneliness in the rhythmic beating of your heart. I wipe the tears from...Read On


Loving You

Loving You *********** By: ArtAngel Loving you Darling, Makes me feel more powerful everyday. The sound of your voice...calms me. The touch of your hands...leaves me breathless. You inspire me...just are you. The endless days spent without you...has all been worthwhile. The sleepless nights...are now just a dream. Loving you...fills the void that memories can't erase. ...Read On


Stroke Your Man

all about stroking

STROKE YOUR MAN Stroke him nice and easy, Real slow. That's it, Take your time, There you go. Don't rush, Show him you are sincere. He loves how you stroke him, Show him you really care. Ladies, stroke your man, Tell him he is at the center of your world.  Let him know how deep he is, And how much further he can go. Even though he knows it, With that sexy,...Read On


A True Cowboy

A Cowboys thoughts of long ago

A True Cowboy © By Rough Riding Tender Cowboy He never rode a bucking bull, Or won a silver saddle. He made his living tenden beef A critter you call cattle. He never owned a store bought suit For Sunday go to meeten. And always used a firm hand shake For friends that he was greeten. My pa just called him happy And he worked for us for years. He seldom seemed to grumble...Read On


I'd never tell

The first and probably last poem from me..

I’d never tell you how you warm me so I’d never show you, you’ll never know I’d never call you and tell you “come round” I’d think it and wish it, but not make a sound I’d never tell you how I check my phone How I re-read our messages, when feeling alone I’d never share with you, my dreams or my fears No I’d never tell you, how you bring me to tears I’d never tell you, I might love you...Read On


How Many Tears Will It Take

Fate had dealt us a loosing hand, will love find me bet!

I thought our love would be infinite past the end of time. I loved you with my whole being and that wasn’t enough. We tried and said; maybe we could do more next time. However, fate dealt us a loosing hand and it was rough. I ask myself how may tears will it take before I forget. Your tender kiss and the way we made love to each other. I see your face in everything I do; it’s so hard to...Read On


Path of Avoidance

Another poem, expressing what I am too scared to say out loud...

You are incredible, My feelings irrepressible. These poems are proof, My feelings suspended aloof. Floating through space, And in this case, To the sun, They run. The brightest star, So close, yet far. Just like you, If only you knew. But I'm a coward, My body devoured, Burned by fear, Off track I steer. Down the path of avoidance, This path is so pointless, But I don't want to say, It...Read On


Heart on the Page

my voice is lost, so I let words speak for me...

What if she doesn't realize? What if she doesn't care? What if she didn't notice, Even though it was right there. Written in my words, Hidden in my mind, All I can hope, Is that one day you'll find. Put the pieces together, Think of everything, We have a winner, Ding ding ding. But who am I kidding, You still don't see, Or if you do you hold back, And you don't tell me. I can write...Read On


Sushi or pussy

Sushi or pussy? My lovely lady You don't like fish Or sushi. But you really like My penis In your pussy... Sebastian, 6th of july...Read On


A Love Renewed

The gentle sway as our bodies coalesce

The loving tender touch of your hands, Sends chills through my nakedness As I lie on the bed yearning for you. The soft gentle brush of your breath, Upon my hot bare rippling skin Propels desirable passion through my veins. The feel of your fingers down the crease of my back Transmits tantalizing tingles deep within me; Causing my blood to boil and brew. The sensual emotions as you...Read On


Romance in the rain

Magic of the moment created by rain ...

A shimmering stretch of light in the sky  Triggering chase for a vision in my heart Familiar ride of sparkle in her eyes Drenching myself in her alluring art. Easing guard and a reaching touch Buoyant feel in the refreshing breeze Locking eyes in a soulful search Her curling lips in a sensual crease. First set of rain jewels descending on their way To catch those her arms...Read On


Every Time

No matter what I do, It all comes back to you, All the time, Every single time. Every time I look at you, Every time it makes me smile, Every time I get these tingles, Every time my heart grows wings. Every time I talk to you, Every time you make me laugh, Every time I get these butterflies, Every time I think of you. Every time we say goodnight, Every time before I sleep, Every time I...Read On


The Road Back To Love

This poem is for my soul mate who has left this world

My soul mate in life was a good man named Ron. I cherished and loved him, but now he is gone. Our love was so special, so tender, so deep. Then one night without warning, he passed in his sleep. How we met was so funny, just lust at first sight. Not so very long after, he stayed through the night. The lust turned to caring, then grew into love. We were so good together, like a hand and...Read On


Heart Dressed in Black

This is kind of deep, and a little depressing,

Part of this was inspired by a girl I like here on lush, and the other part by a guy who is in the army, who I care a lot about and worry about everyday. I would become very depressed and heartbroken, if I lost contact with the girl on here, and devastated if anything happened to this strong, brave man. Both of these people are very dear to me and mean a lot. For each person, some of...Read On


Dirty Thoughts Wandering Free

well this is a little different than my normal poems lol

My dirty thoughts, I drift away, Letting hands wander as the may. They start on their paths, Setting free, Losing control exploring me. Breathing now labored, Thoughts of you, Oh goodness what those thoughts can do. Soft moans follow, Along with a whimper, I feel my body growing limper. Settling down, A satisfied face, The explorer lay lifeless under a wet layer of lace. Even though I...Read On



If in you dream you feel like the wind brushing against your skin; It was me caressing you. If you feel some one's arms around you and no one is there; It was me holding you. If you feel a caress and taste sweet nectar on your lips; It was me kissing you. If you feel a gentle sensation pulling softly at your heart strings; It was me...Read On


Jealous Heart

The black in her heart destroys his love, he can’t look back. Remembers the passion, but it has burned out like a slowly dying star. . Her regret is distorted into hatred and reckoning. He longs for the devotion once shared. Her reprisal is swift as his shedding of her darkness is lingering, like a terminal disease.   Ultimately, the pain sheds and the sorrow he feels for her escapes him. ...Read On



What am I supposed to say When you’re so happy in your space And I am here – choking on every thing Besides, wouldn’t matter what I have to say You find your own answers anyway No matter how deep I dig No matter what I share It only penetrates you If it is something you want to hear They say, ‘You rarely find something true’ Somehow I thought I found that with you Must...Read On