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Love Poems


Your Perfect Slut

I am...

Every single thought is a gift, a present for me. I unwrap and find a bright, hot feeling inside. I feel everything you want from me. I feel how much you want me. I feel how much you want to use me. How high you have placed me, your perfect Slut. I want to give myself to you completely. I want to be tied and used as a receptacle for cum. I want to be whored out for...Read On


Birthday Bath

A wonderful way to end a birthday celebration.

The tub faucet drips slowly and steadily as steam fills the room. The room’s only light is one candle for every year of your birth. Your back lies comfortably against my chest. Our breathing is relaxed and deep. Your eyes are closed as I watch a bead of perspiration trickle off your shoulder and down your back. I kiss the bead and begin nuzzling your shoulder. Your eyes open gently and...Read On


My Lovers

You know those moments when you're with a lover and memories of the other blends in?

I see you and you see me the same way he sees me. Your eyes make their way into the depths of me, and you claim to know every inch of my fears and secrets, and I wonder if you know that as I look at you, I see him looking at me in the same way you look at me now, drunk off love and consumed with desire. Your golden brown-green eyes shadowed by thick black lashes blends with the...Read On


Untitled Poem

My girlfriend had asked me to write down my favorite sex poem. :S

I lift you to my mouth. The abundance of your wetness greets me and my mouth overflows with your warm essence. Your sweet taste is on my tongue and your fragrance delights my senses. No gentle lick this visit. No bashful cautious approach For I wish to consume you. Push against my hungry mouth As the tip of my tongue slides up the slippery furrow that welcomes me between rows of delicate...Read On


Loving You

I love you my dear husband

As I am loving you, I feel like my feelings are real, like we are made for each other When I'm with you, the world stops in motion, As I touch you I am electricfied as the emotions sparkle like rain As I am loving you, I realize you are my everything When I kiss you, my mouth is glued to yours, As I cry you wrap your arms around me, You have held me when I was down As I am loving you, I...Read On


Would You Mind?

I picture her lying down in nothing but her panties...

Would it be terrible And would you mind If I lay my face Down upon your smooth belly And would you mind If I turned my eyes southward As my heart continues to race Because I long to sneak a peek And would you mind If my hands Follow my heart And slide down inside And would you mind If my needy fingers Reach for your moist flesh And draw your nectar to my lips And would you mind If I...Read On



a poem about my wild imagination...

As broad as the ocean, My brain filled with emotion, Of what I feel, Fiction and real. My imagination wild, Not quite like a child, But with some bits and pieces, My thinking never ceases. As loose, As a freely running goose, Full speed through the meadow, My thoughts just flow. All over the place, Even outer space, But I try to keep them contained. But the Lion is hard to tame. I crack...Read On


Your Beautiful Mouth

A short poem to celebrate fellatio.

This is my first, and still somewhat poor, attempt at a poem. Not my usual style, but hopefully striking a chord. Dropped to your knees, Your eyes dark with lust, Locked onto mine, suspended in time, Open and waiting, red circle of mine Your Beautiful Mouth Your lips surround me, Your tongue so divine, Licking and sucking Drawing me in Your Beautiful Mouth Animal now, your...Read On


Come On Over

I think I found me a sexy little thing; I hope he is for real and wants to have a fling. Give me your ass baby I will worship it so fine; I will take such good care of you; you will want me all the time. Your body looks hot and your face is even cuter; Why don’t you decide to come and be my suitor? Take a little drive and come on over here; You don’t need to bring anything I’ve got all...Read On



I want you My thoughts askew, Never in person, My feelings worsen, Deeply in love, A girl sent from above. Flawless and kind, Never leaves my mind. Even when I log off, Your image so soft, In my mind embedded. Through my thoughts, your threaded. Can't get you out, So I sit and pout, Until you come back on A light shines through neon! Your back at last, I type really fast, Before you drift...Read On


The Bond

The bond that holds two people together is not always a strand of silk, But a length of rope, rough and course… Whatever the bond, it is neither stronger nor weaker than The two people who would have it so… As long as they choose to travel the same road, Neither their fortunes nor their misfortunes can be divided… If one laughs, they both laugh, if one cries, they both cry, ...Read On


Off Limits

About a lesbian crushing on a straight girl...

You are more pure than a dove, An angel sent from above. You seem so flawless, Makes me thoughtless, Just taking one look at you. Caught my breath, But you had flew. Away from me, But can't you see, I just smile happily. I spread a grin, Above my chin, But then it fades The thought invades, I really hate that you are straight, Why can't you just bite the bait. Just take my hand, And you...Read On



Tied to bed thrashing about not knowing what will come hearing foot steps slowly across the wooden floor coming for you try as you will to get free not tonight my love tonight you are mine mine to do with as I please door opens you stop whispering in your ear it's ok love keep up the struggle tonight you are mine fingers trace down your belly tensing squirming trying to break free...Read On


It's A Crime

When I think of what has gone to waste; It leaves me with an awful distaste. How could an ass that is so fine; Remain untouched for the rest of time? Hidden in the closet oh so deep; Someone is missing out on such a treat. I’d give anything for a change of luck; To get a chance to give that ass a good fuck. Run away he always does; He just can’t handle my kind of love. But if he...Read On


Just Thinking Of You, Darling

There's a place in my kitchen, Where your old hat hangs. And every time I pass there, Your perfume fills my lungs. My dustbins are out by the gate, The milk bottles stand by the door. My daily came yesterday, And washed the kitchen floor. It's seven o'clock in the morning, I'm thinking of things I must do. I'll just take a nice cup of tea now, Back to bed, with my thoughts of you. I...Read On


I think of you...

To all of those out there who want something they know they will never be able to have.... Alone and cold I sit here in my bathtub while the rest of the world sleeps This tiny bathroom is my solace My refuge. My escape A low burning candle of sandalwood fills the air with a fragrant heavy musk The low droning noise of a sad and simple song fades to silence in the background ...Read On



Foundation Going through the motions, with no ending in sight. One looks toward the heavens, in the hope for insight. The sun rays cast down, as the earth hesitates. It struggles, it breaks, Yes, ... even making mistakes. Wait, start over, holding the line. Achieving the outcome, that becomes one's in time. Remember to nourish, shelter and love. This is the foundation, for what you...Read On


Young Lovers

There are all types of men that want to be with me; But the sweetest ones I have come to see, Are my young lovers yes I have two; They have no baggage they are devoted and true. I am seen as a mentor in their eyes; I will teach them to love without any disguise, Without hiding who they really are inside; Live out their true desires and never have to hide. I feel like it is a...Read On

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I found an Angel that had fallen from the sky; His innocence was apparent in his sparkling eyes. So very young, sweet and naive; I hope all my guidance he will heed. Dangers will try to make him stray; But I will show my little Angel the way. He is really not so little he is strapping young buck; But he has so much to learn I might even teach him how to fuck. I feel like he is clay in...Read On


Perilous Trust

Because I can be very foolish sometimes

It’s so easy to trust So much easier Than to think the worst Am I blind? Stand I in this den of iniquity And see only saints? My lonely soul sees no evil This den is full of lonely souls Connecting, dividing, scarring Believe in the fantasy But don’t believe the fantasy That fragile skin Give only What you can afford to lose Expect nothing back Expectations are voids Black spaces to...Read On



I have to wonder sometimes Why did I wait so long? What am I afraid of Am I afraid of love? Maybe I am I just don't know Might be afraid of you Sounds strange to fear someone I have not met Maybe that is my fear I don't know The fear I have Just might be the unknown What is out there? Why do I fear the chance? I have had love before yes I want it again So I ask you my friend What do I...Read On


It has to stop

This has to stop I can't do this anymore I've neglected my life For too long The guilt is too much Please be happy for me I'll always think of you I'm deleting this account I've closed my facebook I've changed my number I'm moving house You won't see me You won't hear from me Until I need to have you...Read On


The hunted

Walking in hearing water running She's waiting for me Showering Slowly, quietly I go Up the stairs she waits for me Not knowing I am on the prowl She is my prey just waiting for me to catch her. Vulnerable she is waiting not knowing just yet Door knob slowly turns door creeks Soft noises escape from her She tenses Not knowing what is waiting what is creeping up on her Slowly...Read On



I drift though the day, I drift through the day. I drift and dream My life away. My love has left, Gone far away  And in my dreams I'm with her, every day. I dream of you, one day Coming to find me, Little and old Your hair completely White. I take you in my arms My darling And hold you ... very tight....Read On


I love you more...

dedicated to my love

I love you more than the moon loves the sun Because without the sun it could not shine I love you more than the flowers love the rain Because without the rain they could not grow I love you more than the air we breathe Because without the air we could not live I love you more with each passing day Because without our love my heart could not be whole...Read On


Whisper to me

Thought I heard my name Turned around No one there Still I wonder to myself Who called me? Was it the wind I heard? I know you called me Closed my eyes There it is again Very soft whispers in the wind I ask my friend Do you hear it? No was all you said The voice in the wind Who is that calling to me? You don't know me? I know you well I live in your heart In your mind Just...Read On


Everlasting Anymore

A short poem /w light imagery

What's everlasting anymore My heart's a weathered shield My arm without the strength to hold It's fallen in the field And so I dream of days of yore And long for simpler times But as the shining moon doth glow I'll find you on my mind And if I found the words to state Or yet eternity could sate A harrowed mind and swollen heart Broken yet to fall apart And it is this harrowing Keeping me...Read On



I drift though the day, I drift through the day. I drift and dream My life away. My love has left, Gone far away  And in my dreams I'm with her, every day. I dream of you, one day Coming to find me, Little and old Your hair completely White. I take you in my arms My darling And hold you ... very tight....Read On


I can fly

Thank you to Loislane for helping me edit this In my mind I can fly The love in my heart The angels above I can fly No I don't have wings My feet stay on the ground Still when I close my eyes and dream I know I can fly Sounds strange I know in my dreams I can fly Dreaming of love not found yet Lifts me up when life gets me down In my mind I guess I really can fly I know in...Read On


Without You

I cant live without you

Without you, my heart is not a heart at all, It's a black hole in my chest, Without you, My days are longer than years, When you call you fill me with joy that you are safe. Without you, I cry myself to sleep knowing that you are in a hazard environment, Without you, my life is nothing Without you, I pray that you are safe and coming back home to me, Without you, I cant stand not being...Read On