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Love Poems


The Brand of Rose Madder

The romance of a simple kiss..

And a quick pulse deepens in the sheltered arbor of a dream. And in it, I watch you sleeping in my bed. Rhythmic muscled rise and fall Of a mans soft, deep breathing. The sharp lean edge of a well defined jaw. The angular planes. The memory by rote. I lean in and quietly watch. Spying the pulse beat at your neck. Concentric waves of seisms trembles along the shaded vellum of your...Read On

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Slave Boy

Adrenalin rushing through my veins; Something is familiar but is not the same. A lust, a desire that burns flesh and bone; Buried deep inside I am never alone. Feeling the texture of your skin; Relax, open up and let me in. Your sweet spot I soon will find; Do things to you that will blow your mind. Addicted you are to the sound of my voice; As I moan in your ear you’ve made your...Read On


The Dilatory Replies of Ruby

The life of a not so secret mistress..

There could never be a Silver Bullet Quite efficient enough for the likes of Scarlett. She would have already calculated angle, trajectory and speed For the most efficient of her brontide crescendos. The reducing flame for Cadmium is grey and opaque. How fitting. So just what will be the final heart stopper to the trilogy? Will dandy Rhett be left to take his southern...Read On


Lavender Interrupted

For Francisco...never forget.

If you remember just one thing.... Remember when she spoke your name In seven different voices. Delicate as an apple blossom. As if you were not flesh and bone But starlight and a million different shades of lavender. Remember her tongue on your skin Lingering to melt the snowflakes. And you may melt a little more Every time you think of her. Dark night blue Is the...Read On


It couldn't have been different.

It is what it is and could not have been different.

You are my love and I yours. I could speak your names but to what end? I write this not to you but for you. Since I am of the hoi polloi I must speak to them as you deign not to. I speak to them of love, far beyond and yet within the flesh they celebrate; our love is so pure, even within its bawdy lust full of moans, gasps and dirty sheets. We are distant in space ...Read On


Lisa II

Another view of Lisa

I see her again, a cardinal in the snow. Wild black hair is tufted up  beneath her hard hat. Layers of flannel and Carhart swathe her against the cold. Steel-toed jack boots stir dust and dance across gulches of debris. Gloved hands tear down and best a pounding jack hammer. Dark eyes glint behind shades even as her smile sparkles me. Will her eyes see through me ...Read On


Treaty of Taonga

Because the dance of words can be as erotic as sex itself..

And I rage for Tino Rangitiratanga How strange it is that I remember a line I read so very long ago. "Bees in Mykanos hum in a minor chord" And I am still here in this unsteady place of ebony water and bull kelp. From where I stand with spine to rope, I catch her in the act. Head tossed to a throaty warble- eyes closed- Undisturbed by silence or squall, undisturbed by the...Read On


Why Not?

Lovers separated in space and time reunite occasionally - for Ruby.

She is not dead, far from it. She is in love, but the pains of her days are the grim reminder that she is not dead. She lies upon a bier to not feel the memories of loves lost or unrequited, shallow sex without love, betrayal and abandonment. The daily grind of her motherly chores and the nagging weakness in her blood and bones are the canvas upon which she paints any joy...Read On


Sunshine Cemetery (irina, love: 2)

A lover meets a stranger and reflects on new love

(a companion-piece to my poem "Slight Effort") * * * * * * * A good girl free from sin may roam wild as a deer ’mong moldy stones and fear not the corpse’s clammy clutch bursting through the moistened muck-- Why, just as I approached the car intent to fetch the camera there lurched, then froze, some furry creature-- possum, rat, mole, hedgehog, beaver-- A ginormous thing! Then it...Read On


Ginger Snap

A foray into the world of linguistic erotica...

I want you most when the she wolf howls a savage song of lust and longing. When thunder detonates my core Fusillades and salvos slam my weak defences. I want you most When wild and pelting rain licks and stings my skin trailing liquid tongues of ecstasy When lightening bursts in atmospheric tandem with passion and release to vanquish the need I want you most when the...Read On


Paris Will Never Be The Same

More of a lost love poem than a love poem...where is Paris anyway?

I returned to Paris as in days gone by, Now that I’m here, I’m not sure why, For the city that once felt like home, Is a joyless place when you’re alone. I can’t help but recall the older days, Of sipping wine in corner cafes, Romantic dinners by candle light, That lasted well into the night. The walks along the river Seine, Huddled together against the rain, Hand in hand we’d stroll...Read On


Daisies and Anal Buttercups

Getting back to simple, homely delights

(with thanks to Lainey, who offhandedly inspired the title) * * * * * * * Good God! Katy Perry in another latex dress: at least she’s had the decency to dye her hair, not just another disco wig. I’d be more impressed if she learned to sing or write, though. Even "Just Dance," if you call that dancing, what pop tarts try to do. You think I’d go clubbing like that? Oops, not a chance,...Read On


Eating at the Y

this woman's invitation to feast on her

a woman's desire I'm Looking to spread the Y And invite some lucky guy To feast on my hairy pie. Come on in and slip it in All you ladies and you men Taste me once but not the end. I open to you my Y Taste my sexy hairy pie You'll want more you lucky guy . Cocks and tongues find a home here So all gals and guys come near So spread me wide and see clear. I open to you my Y So...Read On


Pillow Talk

Gentle nibbles prelude the whisper in your ear… Spoken words of lust, the kind you love to hear. In awe of your beauty from head to toes Fingers start to move soft, start to move slow. Expert lines draw down towards your hips Before a detour back to those ample Tits. Hands now massage the firm warm skin, Soft strokes of each breast, again and again. Electricity builds, you...Read On


Feel my touch

Feel my touch

I hurl to your heart, straight  A kiss that touches no lip  Yet heats your skin no less  Than when my kiss you sip Feel my touch,   my hands burning on your skin,   wanting you in lusty silence,   just to let me in Let me into you secret places,  where the fire burns so bright,   desire lighting up the darkness,   taking away the last of night Cause I dream the things you say  I desire...Read On



This is for a girl on here, who I really want to confess my love to, but I can't find the balls to do it. I really love her, and I have no idea if she know I do, and if she does, I hope it doesn't freak her out. If you are her, and you are reading this, I love you, and you will always have my heart. I know it sounds crazy, but I can feel it in my heart. Okay and now I will stop babbling so...Read On


Girl, Will You Marry Me?

This was actually a quick song idea, and it won the monthly contest over on Poetry Craze, btw...:)

We’ve been together for so long, And I think the time is right, Something I just need to ask you girl, And I need to know tonight. So much has changed for me, Since you came into my life, I need you so much, you see, And I want you for my wife. So girl, will you marry me? As I’m down here on my knees, It’s with you that I want to be, I’m asking you baby, please. I never thought I’d...Read On


Night and Day

The peasant girl and lord.

I was once a peasant girl clad in gray rough woven skirt and flour sack blouse; black hair chipped with straw from the pallet on which I'd lain.   Every summer day I picked berries in the lane and you'd ride by in your gilded carriage; wild black and white stallions flailing their mains; champing at their bits.   Your blue eyes stared at me beside parted lace; two...Read On


Electronic Whispers

I sit alone thinking About this person I have barely just met Intrigued by her words Trapped in her net I've had a glimpse into her life Yet never gazed deep into her eyes I have sensed the warmth of her smile I know, I smiled at the same time Her beautiful voice and laughter Electronic whispers from afar I have touched and been touched by her Without ever...Read On


Shy Girl Gone

Releasing my inner Shy and exploring my inner Vixen!

An escape from reality you provide me with pleasure, To be creative and explore my sexual treasures Breaking all the rules, allowing me to be me, Craving to set my naughty alter ego free With a once vulnerable and nervous laugh, I’m now willing and eager to set my own path I’m not the girl I once was, no hesitations no doubts, Ready to bare my other side, reveal my kinks I have...Read On


Photometric Origami

Love and Ode to Joy

There is a yellow paper origami bird that sits on my dashboard. It smells like the sun. Citrus with overtures of vanilla. I'm growing terse, this shows itself in light. Not how it pools and dimples, but how it shreds. And the "thisness" shows thin in all I have'nt read, all I still do not know, and all that I am or can ever hope to be. Equal parts of sun and shadow, eleven...Read On


The Magic Zipper

Dedicated to: super nice friend..Thanks for your help..!!

”Help me Sweetheart….my zipper is stuck” “My Pleasure”….he replied as he rushed over. She stood timidly… afraid to breathe. He takes in the fine texture of her skin His hands reaches out to touch her. The Magic Zipper slowly opens..!! The intoxication of her scent... Hair, skin, perfume...all blending as one, Soft warmth awaiting the touch of his lips Her alluring...Read On


Each moment

I miss the mist upon your lips That perfect slip of time The way you sing your soul each night Over cigarettes and wine I sit amused on the wings of stage This perfect pantomime That moment you were mine. ......................................................... You spin your dreams on webs of silk Balanced perfectly on time Though brave, you sing with shy retreat In humbleness you shine...Read On


Revised Decastich

Love in life and art

And the sharp dark corners of winter unfold Chiaroscuro and creases and uncertain lines. He does not know me And yet I draw him My own contrived deity. His words stained His hand the plot of Anna Karinina. Not knowing I threw him away Then drew him again in Rodin's Thinker. Again.. a star, light lost. Again.. a fish, swept transient. But he was not any of these He...Read On



I see her through the dust of diggers working harder than any man around. Her dreams, hopes and longings power sun-bronzed arms and thick-gloved hands. She reeks of femininity, but would never cop to that in a bar. Her scent cuts through diesel fumes even as she swabs sweat with her Tee. She is gorgeous and I want her in her sunglasses, mud boots and cascading black hair tucked up under her...Read On


Words Can't Describe

My feelings defy description...but I'll try...

I tried to tell you how I feel, But the words just didn’t work. How can I express what you mean to me? If I were an artist, I’d paint you, With fine lines and bold color and great movement To illustrate your physical grandeur. If I were a musician, I’d sing you, With swelling crescendos and intricate chords and complicated harmonies To communicate your creative spirit. If I were...Read On



I've come to this place.... To say goodbye to another place. You were in my heart for so long Now its time for me to say so long. You kept me together, when I was falling apart. You were there to hold me, while you were falling apart. Now that its over, and you have moved on. I am trying to figure out how I am suppose to move on. Mother and daughter, that is what we were. Now, I have...Read On



Why? Do you hide in that shroud of darkness…? Do you linger in such discontent? Why? Do you deny that, which is being offered…? Do you not surrender that which you want give? Why? Do you fear the hand reaching toward you…? Do your excuses help dodge certain pain? Why? Do you dream of happy endings…? When each step taken leads further away! C.M.P '05' (C.M.P ‘11’)...Read On


She has a date

When I learned Ruby had a date.

It starts with an idea; sublime torture... the bluntest of instruments. Think of apricot marmalade, with a touch of crimson cayenne, spread slowly about a nipple and over the folds of an areola. Think of the sun making it melt and wafting its scent to the bees. Think of the sweat that bleeds salt and distills the pepper to pucker. A bee hovers and buzzes seeking...Read On


2 a.m. Woman

Getting laid, the best cure for Insomnia

Insomnia blamed for logging-on White tank top… And your sexy thong The ear-bud kiss inside your ear Recollection of a song… You crave to hear Sexy thoughts dance in your head Shifting satin sheets… Your own solitude bed Clicks and strokes of fingertips Teeth biting, nipping… Your lush red lips Video stream caught, locked in your eyes Arms, abs, and cock… ...Read On