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Love Poems



For the woman I love

I want to please every part of your body Do things I have never done solely for your pleasure I will fulfill your desires and needs Just thinking about it has my mouth watering I am thirsty for your love Let me drink from your most private place I can’t wait to enjoy the sweet taste My touch will send shivers down your spine Your love is now mine Deep kisses on the lips Trailing...Read On


Ebbing Love

Hearts pounding in unison Becoming one in the moonlight Passions released in the sands of time As waves of ecstasy around us crash. Sounds release as bodies of one Mixing with the dark of the night Emotions and desire sensually climb From natures natural throbbing thrash. Peaceful bliss together shared Reaching heights beyond the stars Mists of moisture prick our skin As we gently...Read On


Daydreams at Night

Probably not as good as my others but I needed to get this out...

I think of you, I think of me, And of how happy we could maybe be, Is it a slight possibility? In my dreams I see you. In my dreams I see me. We are happy, Laughing together. So close, Yet so far, Away, But still near. I wish I wouldn't wake up, So I go back to sleep. It feels so real, These crazy dreams. Then I don't sleep, I daydream at night, My thoughts overflowing, Sleep! Think...Read On


A Top

A Poem.

A Top A snow covered mountain top resides a solitary tree long abandoned.   Deep cuts that pierce to its center bleeding out sap, that runs down to the snow.   Its needles slowly changing from comforting green to a dreary brown in longing for the tree that stood next to it. Now, there is only a deep frost coated hole There is no more warmth,  for this tree....Read On


Thinking of You

For Nicole H, Wherever you are.....

I still think of you As beautiful as you were When I first met you And didn't know of your flaws I still think of you When we went to the movies And threw popcorn all over What a great time we had I still think of you Calling me to talk And telling me I'm great And me telling you the same I still think of you And how I showed up to your house To spend the weekend with you alone But you...Read On


Count to Ten

The result of my thoughts keeping me awake another night...

You are the one, Or so I think, So I doodle hearts around us with ink. I hope yours is the heart I have won. I listen to, The sounds of love birds, Watching the pair the thought occurs, We could be just like those two. It's half past three, I'm still awake, Cause these feelings I can't shake. You don't know what you do to me. You make me want even more, Then just a mere talk. Maybe together...Read On



What did I do, why did you leave me? Of all the moments in my life, you were the best surprise   You are deeply imbedded in my heart and I long to look into your eyes I pray to feel your touch but know I never will   We talked and loved deeper then I thought possible I love you with all my heart You broke my heart You were my wish You were my desire You were my hope I think of...Read On



Afternoon storms lead to afternoon arousal

Grass tickles against the low kitchen window Trying to raise a wink in that unblinking eye; Alert for danger like a Russian woman, Cat fur bristles against the coming storm. That gray weight of clouds heavy as my emotion Hard slow relentless as the push of wind: Can you imagine now If you touch me? What peals shudder through the air between us Low and tingling like the pelt of dull drops Or...Read On



My Love. She walks in body so captivating, so relentless; can't find a reason not to caress her, love her. Lace surrounding her thighs, a glimmer bounces off her stomach from the lotion; eyes luring me to come closer, to touch her. Whispering 3 words, perfect words; my lips to hers, chest to chest her legs skimming mine. My tongue explores her body from neck to inner thigh, every space...Read On



Getting past words and excuses

I can see it’s a bit bulbous That’s how I want you Right now. It’s hard For you, being so sorry. I’m not mournful I was Such a bitch. I don’t need your apologies I don’t want you to settle I’m not going to hear I only-- Forget regrets just Slide into me....Read On


Now I Know

Inspired by a backstabbing bitch I thought I could trust with my life. Thanks you help me write.

I can rhyme in every way, I can rhyme more everyday. But nothing shows the pain I've trodden, The tears upon the sheets are sodden. How could you do this, I was close to a kiss, I thought I knew you, But with the wind you blew. Far away, That's where you'll stay, Never will walk hand in hand, Footprints left in the sand. The path I've trodden, I've left sodden, With trails of tears, From...Read On


The Salutatorian

When a smart girl turns slutty . . .

My friends had asked, how was it so, that I had passed From steadfast salutatorian to being Such a promiscuous slut (a redundancy of sorts, but not their words). But I answered so disingenuously And with so politely maintained a pretense Of taking no offense at all: “Oh my God, I know, I am soooo Dissipated now, you would not believe!” Ay, that was my very word: ‘dissipated.’ I think I said...Read On


A Climb to the Summit

Another poem...

Stuck in a fantasy, What's real and what's not. It's just pure blasphemy, But I think you're hot. I think I may love you, I know I do like, I gave you a clue, Climb high up the mountain using your bike. Follow my trail and atop the summit, The answer is there. I pray we won't plummet, I'll be safe and climb stair by stair. I don't want to lose this, Whatever we hold, Kiss cheek or kiss...Read On


The epitome of intimacy

His embrace, tender and loving yet strongly prurient, His embrace, with arms of velvet and corn silk, His embrace, sending shivers of sensual delight through my body, His embrace, causing a tingle of excitement, His embrace, libidinous thoughts, obvious and clear. His words, stimulating causing shameless visions, His words, hypnotic – joining my body, mind, spirit and heart, ...Read On


Wild Christmas (in June)

The best time for love is six months away!

I’m a winter girl, I cannot lie (I could give you 13 reasons why). If this were the Christmas season, what a jolly apparition You’d find me to be in my yuletide condition: Cropped and tight in a warm ribbed sweater, I might even break out the high-waisted lycra, Christmas makes me feel so discofied and friendly: Everyone’s being so jolly. We could make a date underneath the holly, Set out...Read On


Erotic Full Circle

A poem that starts with someone lonely watching sex videos and ends up the same but with a partner.

I sit here thinking - naughty thoughts Of women and the pictures I've sought Scantily clad and erotically posed I wonder whether they know, what they've caused And then there's the videos I've downloaded tonight The things they do just cannot be right But I look nevertheless, and I wonder if only They would do those things for me, cos I'm lonely I see the girl across the street She leaves...Read On


Grad School Mixer

Looking across the room to attract a new mate

Pleather pants Seldom ride on the asses Of girls who wear glasses But I’m the proud exception to many a rule. Life’s full of surprises Like a bad burrito The Oort Cloud Or an offshore bank account And I’m just one of them. You seem to me to be searching Searching to reverse the decline of our culture Searching for a French movie where shit blows up Searching the Ovaltine can for All of...Read On


Thinking Of You

Every thought is for you

Seeing daylight studded with stars Moving in dark night, with sunrays in view I know these thoughts can only lead me so far The world seems a stranger, when I am thinking of you. I work on footsteps to lead the way Losing and reaching different venues Breathing in worlds and feeling like a stray A loving distraction, as I am thinking of you. Spreading my arms while wrapping raindrops...Read On


Happy Together

I have stared at blank pages, I have gone though these phases, Everything come and go, But to me you stand out and glow. I want you to stay, But how can I say? We are already happy, How we are this way. Friends forever, I must be clever, Think of a scheme, To complete my dream. Happy as friends together, My hopes tied to a pole tethered. But do I want more? Stop with the questions my brain...Read On


Erotic Anticipation

A poem about erotic anticipation.

Erotic Anticipation Is it supposed to be this way, She thinks to herself in the dark. Her heart races ahead, A smile creeps on her face, She listens for movement… Around her! The blindfold she wears, So dark and so tight. The bonds that hold her arms upright, The chains around her waist are quiet, Until his hand spanks her… There’s silence! She waits with excited anticipation. She feels...Read On


A Stormy Night

I sit there making hearts on your bosoms

There is a certain sadness in your smile But you won't tell me why As you lay there in the darkness With your head on my chest On this dark, stormy night As I trace little hearts On your bare bosoms I bring my lips close to your lips That are slowly quivering with excitement As our lips touch A wave of excitement shoots from mine And travels straight to my heart You lift your head up As...Read On


I wonder

So I threw a bunch of feelings at a paper and they formed some words again...

I wonder. What would it be like? To kiss your lips, To hold you, Right before drifting off to sleep. I wonder. Under the same moon, The night sky I stare into, The sun, What did you do today? I wonder. Am I your type? Do you care At all? Or is this unrealistic? I wonder. Have you ever thought, The same thoughts, The same time, And think your as crazy as I? I wonder. Do you care? Do you...Read On


Being Cougar Hunted

A man's wife wants to do the dirty......

She's looking at me from across the hall, her husband's sitting, consumed in the ball. I give a glance as she bites her lips, I give a slight wink as I thrust my hips. Another rum and coke bar tender, I'm being summoned. A girl's mind has gone bad, and I'm feeling hunted. Flick goes my bic, and a Marlboro has risen, blowing out the smoke figuring that he might listen. What are...Read On


A full box of confessions is all you get from me

I haven't had the time to work it out, So i'll take this opportunity to lay it all down

Say that you love me without rolling your eyes Tell me that your never gonna leave me wtihout starring at the empty skies Smile at me without faking it Say that you always think about me without counting the steps you take Tell me what you like about me Without thinking about the things you like about her Stay the whole night with me without trying to find a way to leave me Listen to...Read On


Brain vs. Heart

The brain always tries to stop the heart from talking... well, at least for me...

My Brain, Drives me insane. My heart, Well that is a work of art. The two never feel the same. Never agree, It's a tied game. The brain always trying to tame. The heart runs free, Brain says, "Don't hurt me!" Heart says, "I don't give a care." The brain is protecting, Setting up walls. The heart tries escaping, But it's just too small. The heart finds a way, Cause it needs to say, What...Read On


Just A Dream

As I lay in bed and close my eyes, I picture your body moving between my thighs. I see your head stop at my sweet spot, I feel your tongue and lips kissing and licking me, and making it hot. I picture you tasting me, touching me, feeling me inside and out. Doing things to me that would make me moan and shout. With eyes closed, I slide my fingers in deep. Wishing it was you stroking...Read On


Lonely Fool for Love

My heart wanted to talk again, and my brain allowed it.

Am I a fool? A fool for love, Or do I not even know? I feel low, I'm plankton on a food chain. Inexperienced, Unknown, To the world of love. A hopeless romantic, Waiting, Watching. Never a word, Escaping my foolish lips. But as I wait, And as I long, In the wind, I hear a whisper, A song. Is it in my mind? Am I stupid for believing, I could find someone, Or maybe I have, And just don't know....Read On


Dont Worry

Don’t worry if you stumble, I’ll try and break your fall. No other do I love so much, no one, not at all Don’t worry if your heart is heavy, I’ll carry you for a while, Your burden can be shared with me, regardless of the miles Don’t worry if your lost, I’ll draw for you a map. No other will I search for, I follow every track Don’t worry if it’s raining and you are tired and...Read On


If this isnt love?

If this isn’t love then, tell me why I’ve lost the twinkle in my eye If this isn’t love then, why do I miss the beauty that lingers in your kiss? If this isn’t love and I’m not stuck, why in heaven cant I wake up? If this isn’t love and I’m ok, why won’t the shadows drift away? You’ve moved on but I am stuck, I’ve been abandoned by Lady Luck I think of nothing but your face, the rest...Read On


Life of the Third Eye

Not really a love's all about the funny side of Willies.

I hope you find it funny! It is lonely, It is dark, down here where I live Though up with the lark, I have so much to give I see the day with my eye, pointing around Though I seem to, mostly, stare at the ground Then all of a sudden, its damp and its wet There is so much liquid, I am starting to fret I cough and splutter, I am soaked in gel And I seem to be polished, as bright as a bell ...Read On