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Love Poems


Come and Eat Me

A storm can make you hungry

I sit here in a rut Snug and dry as a bone Or a blueberry scone Just as edible too, but It’s storming, and I’m quite all alone. There’s something in the beat Of gray afternoon rain, That pulsation on the pane: It hammers out wet heat Deep in the gloom of my belly and brain. It rattles my sore nerves, This tempest between my thighs: I squall out choking cries To trace your fluid curves,...Read On


Far away

You’re far away And every day That you’re not with me Feels empty And hollow As I walk in the shadow Of this deserted lane Soaked by the rain Shivering and cold without your warmth to hold Or your radiating smile That can be seen from miles Far away But some day When the emptiness has passed And we’re lying in the grass It’ll be just a memory A test for you and me To see if we would...Read On



 I am the serpent Warmed by the heat of your sun   Asleep until woken  Letting the rain into my window  My curtains billowing, sails upon a ship  Bound for unknown lands, each seagull  A beacon of hope, each cloud  A sign post, the distant shapes of mountains  Calling to me, singing a joyous chorus  My tongue flickering, tasting each moment  Rubbing myself raw against you  My rock, my...Read On


Candy Raver Cute

Yielding to temptation at the rave

You’re just too cute when you’re rolling Chatty Cathy candy raver you In your condition My dumbest definitions taste like divination When your lips bat them back at me It must be the Ecstasy And blue batted eyes try my Chastity (the prison guard that slumps inside of me). Why should I prize my walled-off thighs When I know you would roll me deep inside With thumb and tongue, knowing and...Read On


The One That I Could Wish For

Just a short one I made a while ago. You know how people in love got so in a mood to write.. :p

I just want you to know, that I love you. More than everything in this world, I've ever known. 'Coz you've gave me strength to stand and survive. And you're the one that I could wish for. I can't live, I can't breathe. If you're not around, I would be lost If your love away, I just feel numb. If only you know, if only you see. You're my everything, a world for me. And you are the...Read On


Under the Table

Sometimes you take a little adventure . . .

Two or three minutes more, and I’m going to Slip my hand onto his thigh Under the table, David, here at this Dinner party in Georgetown, yes Right here in motherfucking Georgetown, David. It’s become so hard to hold my tongue lately But now, see, this makes it so easy! I’m demure as Aesop’s cat become a damsel And I sit and I eat and I sip my wine So agreeable, not at all the shrew...Read On


My Angel of the Night

A poetry verse of two people in love

Spread your wings, my angel of the night You light a million stars for me tonight Today and everyday verse filled with desires Love and emotions to set your passionate love on fire Burn for me, baby I see the fire in your sapphire eyes Not a moment to soon, my angel of the night I seek your love under the full moon of night I want to fill your body with raptures of delight To see our...Read On


Could Be Trouble

The inner slut flings into spring

I’m buying eyeshadow in bulk again Six phat shades, in cream crayon-fat pencils. Maybe it’s time I get real. At these prices, I’ll tell you, it’s a steal But who am I kidding? Like I need Purple raccoon eyes to pick up skim milk At the grocery store? And I might need the milk More than I do the makeup soon anyway. Maybe it’s a spring thing, this mania For color and primping and bad...Read On


The Heartbreak

For my boyfriend...

When I saw your face There was nothing to compare To the feelings you inspired. When I was with you I always felt beautiful No matter the time of day. But now I feel the distance And the draft. No longer do you touch As though I delight No longer do you kiss To quench your thirst. No longer do you text As though you miss. No longer do you linger Before you part. ...Read On


My secret window

Freedom comes for a cost, some of you may understand what I mean ...

In my teenage room I had this secret window Through this tiny hole My dreams would come and go. I used to spend my time Staring and reading sky Flying and singing rhyme One day you came by. I was stunned by colors Your beauty and your grace We spent some happy hours And the bonding grew in days. I brought your favorite chocolates You brought my favorite flowers ...Read On


Is It The Same For You Too?

Online lover wonders if she feels the same things he does.

AUTHORS NOTE: I'm not a big poetry fan, but I just happened to run across this one written by Bunny12. It just so happens that I'm in an on-line relationship right now with an awesome Lady. I sent her a link to this, saying she needed to change it in her mind to having been written by me to her. When I left my comment, Bunny12 wrote me and thanked me for my comment and gave me permission...Read On



We always inquire, Want and need. What our soul seems to feed. Love. We question, Our brains suggestion, Love is the solution Our brain a revolution. A new heart we search, Another step we lurch, A couple steps forward, To rewind and go backward. We think we know, But it's not a show, It life, We need to roll the dice. Soldiers march forth, The compass points north, But will it take me...Read On


Afternoon Prayer

Alone and loving myself

What am I anticipating? A knocking at my door. Chance for some prevaricating: I'm naked on the floor. Random bits of scintillating Chit-chat from above: Floating hyperventilating Moans of making love. The stranger coming to my gate Will knock and pass on by; I will not move nor soon nor late Till I'm on wing to fly. My finger knows its ready dance I dance and bop for one I suffer now...Read On


Morning Breezes

Crisp white sheets caressing our naked bodies. Your head resting on my chest as I wake. Your finger traces circles into the hair on my stomach. I run my fingers through your soft locks. We sigh in unison. More content than ever. The sea breeze blows through the open window. The morning sun sneaks through a small slit in the curtains. A beam illuminates your warm face. You look up, smile into...Read On


Nothing is as perfect as you

you are better than everything around ...

I call you my sunshine Because I want the sun to know that it is not only the one that brightens my day. I kiss you good morning Because I want my lips to know that you are the sweetest thing they’ll ever touch. I bring fresh roses for you Because I want them to know that there is someone much more beautiful than them. I gifted you canaries Because I wanted them to know that there...Read On


Magical Alley Cat

Magical "Alley" Cat Posting on the threads, that I imagine he dreads. He wasn't around for long, probably went back to his bong. I noticed him right away, the Author who knows his prey. The company he keeps, is among the elite. All well established, even on the street. His friends are loyal, intelligent and witty. They call him Jack, not the black kitty. Did you know I would wander,...Read On


Milking It Good

Sliding my greasy fingers up the crack of his ass; His knees are up and he’s lying down on his back. I was sucking his dick just a minute before; Now I’m lubing up his sexy back door. Rubbing that ring today he feels so tight; It is pulsing on my finger tips to my delight. Then it opens up and I slide in; Just a little at first in the beginning. Stroking his dick firm and slow; Then...Read On


Her Perfection

She doesn't see what I see. She only sees her flaws. This is too big. That is too small. It's all just nonsense to me. She's always too hard on herself. Trying to quell the pain inside. Hiding silently like a wounded bird. Resting, trying to find the strength to fly. It's the yearning hurt that she feels that makes me want to hold her, to comfort her. Her angel face. Her caring eyes. Her...Read On


Not in Vain

Not In Vain Gone without a trace, to go back where it's safe. No one will see these tears upon my face, I will keep them hidden, with my Southern grace. With the tears I shed, I feel so dead. But I know I'm alive, from these feelings inside. I don't want to lose sight, for what is right. I'm at an all time low, from letting you go. I can't eat, I can't sleep, all I seem to do is weep....Read On


My Summer Obsession

Do you believe in love at first sight?

You wouldn't remember The first time you ran past me,  Lost in your own iPod universe, Running hard, with purpose. The early summer sun  Hadn't quite warmed up yet.  The cold ocean lapped up against the beach  Feet from where we ran,  In opposite directions.  I noticed you because you were new,  Not a regular on this route  I had taken for years. I noticed you because of the way ...Read On


It's you

everywhere in everything , it's you ...

In the mind In the soul In the heart As a whole It’s you … In the lunch In the dine In the water In the wine It’s you … Whether day Whether night Whether love Whether fight It’s you … In the breath In the blink On the paper In my ink It’s you … In the rain In the drizzle In the dreams That I chisel It’s you … In the summer In the sun I care for Just one It’s you … In...Read On


The New in Me

I was hurt at first....

I just found it The money you put there After you left. The old me was hurt and angry And wanted to throw The money back in your face Yell at you Tell you to never come near me again. But the new me, the one that you own Felt happy you were here To leave the money To allow me to serve To be in your presence To touch, caress, and kiss. Yes, the new me felt taken...Read On



Have you ever wanted to tell someone how you feel, but couldn't find a voice?

I stop and think, And wonder, About you, Your life, How you are. The humor being, Chances are, You never wonder the same. But for a second, I'd like to think, Before you sleep, You think of me. A smile spread across my face, All I want is to just see yours. Your smile, Your laugh, The sound of your voice, But every night before I sleep, I think of you, And I wish, You think of me as well. ...Read On


Table dancing, Glasses Are Crashing, Its Explosive

No questions, time for some action

While we are dirty dancing it feels like our hearts are racing I whisper in your ear the things you never knew I cant believe how I feel when I'm with you you make my body come alive While we are grinding to the beat I feel like my life is complete You've reached somewhere deep within. I can not hold it, I cannot control it... I really wanna do what you want me to do The next thing I...Read On


the sweet taste of love

about two girls

The sweet taste of love Still lingers in my mind A succulent tasty morsel A treasure worth its find A wet and juicy fruit That fills my mouth with joy Like candy to a baby An edible sexy toy With nectar sweet as honey A syrup of flowing silk Like a bubbly kind of lava As smooth as warm clear milk It breathes with scented oils Like a flower in the mist And blossoms when caressed By the feel...Read On


Between US

So two dimensional between us This distance between us Leaves me hanging in the moment Uncertainty clutters my vision Can’t trust this raw emotion Running right below everything I allow you to see of me These games are just masks For another reason Between what we want And what I see right in front of me You lick your lips Leaving me longing to be On the other side – pushing right...Read On


our night

it about two girls

Taking your hand Fingers to my lips I want to love every inch of you Taste every part of your body As if I can drink your loves blood Through your very pores I want to get lost in your eyes Consumed by your kiss Set my body on fire Quench the fire in my blood With sweet caresses Touch my soul with your passion Lay down beside me Feel my body crying for you Let's get lost in each other...Read On


Silent Observer

I watch you – breaking at the bend Hurting more than you’ll ever let me see I feel your heart breaking in front of me As your face masks it all All I can do is be a witness – sitting on the sidelines Taking in all of your self-destructive ways Surprised I don’t wear scars on my face From the tears I always seem to taste Cause I am right here – feeling you – even though You think you’re on...Read On


I Still ...

still waiting for you ...

I still wake up in the nights Sweating to your dreams I still stare the open door Waiting for you it seems I don’t blink my eyes anymore Expecting you to pass I never knew it good That it would end up so at last. I still check my silent phone To see if you made a call I still sometimes shout and moan Hoping you hear it across the wall I don’t turn my lights off Letting you know that I...Read On


Do you know

Do you know you are always on my mind? But still your heart I cannot find. Our thoughts the same, Some think its lame, But yet I still feel. Across the sea, Across the sky, I never want to say goodbye. I stare into the air, Knowing your right there, On the other side. I sit at my window, Just staring out, We haven't talked in a while, I wear a pout. The tears I've cried, Create a drought. ...Read On