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Love Poems

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Just As You Are

You are perfect just as you are.

Don’t you go changing for anyone not even me. Because you are a unique treasure even if you can not see it. For some unknown reason you think all you do is take. But I am telling you that idea is a big mistake. You give far more than you will ever know. That is why I will never want you to go. I bet you don’t know I feel very honored all due to you. Because you show me all the parts...Read On


No Chance in Hell

You could have claimed me, too bad you've lost the chance to.

I thought you were more Than what others pretended to be You weren't there when I had to pour My emotions out for the world to see. What was so important that you Could not spare a call? Tell me the truth, I mean nothing to you at all. Your inaction results in losing me Should have marked me when you could I may have low esteem But I know I was a damn good person to you And I would never...Read On


The Thousand Faced

Of love found, of love lost, of love found again.

I see you in the aethereal light And in the deep solemnity of night, Goddess of a thousand names and faces, Ruling over many times and places. I often pass you on the streets by day But only seldom do you glance my way. You hide behind unblinking, glacial eyes, Out on those city streets when in disguise. Yet I know your smile and your tender kiss, I have watched your...Read On

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A Constant Struggle

Giving up the war.

I’m trying to win this battle not even thinking about the war. Fighting in a combat where there’s no telling what is in store. Shells are falling all around me creating damage beyond repair. Explosions shattering feelings making it hard to show you care. Underneath it runs a current always swift and deep. Invading my subconscious depriving me of sleep. Directing all my dreams each and...Read On

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My Baby

Affectionate feelings for someone special.

My baby is so very sweet. He is delicious enough to eat. His sexy ass is so very fine. I want to fuck it all of the time. He gives me passion oh so rich. Scratches my every kinky itch. My feelings for him are so sublime. A lust so deep it is a crime. I feel so sorry for all the lonely others. Who have never known such a wonderful lover. Who have never experienced feelings so deep. It...Read On


How do I speak what I know

How do I speak what I know deep within me? There are things I wish to say But the words just fall apart Maybe they don’t matter As many things haven’t for so long now Or not until recently There’s a feeling lodged between my ribs And I can’t help but smile As a tremble runs through my body And I try to hold my tongue. And question rather it be best to tell you How bad I...Read On


If I Were To Fall In Love

Written long ago when I still dreamed.

If I Were To Fall In Love   If I were to fall in love, It would have to be with you. Your eyes, your smile, the way you laugh The things you say and do. Your tender touch, your gentle words A love that self renews So, if I were to fall in love It would have to be with you. If I were to give my heart, It would have to be to you, For you bring things into my life ...Read On


Stormy Weather

Sex during a storm can be so invigorating.

Electricity in the air begins to soar;  The thunder begins to roar.  As I hold you, you snuggle me to you;  Excitement fills us all the way through.  As the rain pours you kiss my wanton lips;  While my hand on your heaving breast slips.  Our hearts race with desire;  And our hormones rage like fire.  The storm increases in intensity;  We run outside and set our inhibitions free.  The...Read On

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Addictive Passion

Getting my passion fix.

It always takes my breath away. A feeling that stays with me for days. Arousal so very intense. The craving for it is immense. Torrid is this burning fever. It will make you a believer. In every dangerous little thing. To this feeling I always cling. A need so very great it smolders. It is a huge weight on my shoulders. I never know what to expect. My common sense has been...Read On

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My Escape

Escape into my fantasy world.

It’s like a magic carpet ride. Exciting feelings I can’t hide. A fantasy world that seems so real. That gives me everything I want to feel. It is full of surprises. Lurking phonies in disguises But there are a very special few. Who make my day a much brighter hue. Friends and lovers all so sweet. Spending time with them is a treat. I have so much love to give. But time slips through...Read On

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No Worries

Making things right.

Yes I was really pissed off. Your treatment of me did make me scoff. I simply could not understand. Your rude behavior or what was your stand. It was a lack of communication. Caused I think by our own creation. I know I can be really extreme. But I’m very sorry if I was mean. No matter what you ever do. I never want to be hurtful to you. Or want you to treat me that way. I’d rather...Read On


Thinking Of You (Response to Long Distance Love)

Yet another love poem, originally posted under 67Goat

You asked me if I think of you, You know, my Love I always do, And even though I can't be there, I want you to know I'll always care. So much in my life has recently changed, Everything seemingly rearranged, Until I get it all on track, I don't know when I will be back. And though I sleep alone at night, Without you, my Love to hold me tight, And though I sleep with the stars overhead,...Read On


When I'm away from you

The moon shines brighter than usual on this warm spring night, the little dots that are the stars playing in the dark blue sky. I peer out the window sore and torn from the long day of labor, my mind settles in this place of solitude and peace. The flame light of the fireplace dancing casting rigid shadows on my walls, relaxed and calm my thoughts wander to the special place in my...Read On

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One Of Many

An old poem written months ago

I know you wish to be only one of many, to have no significance be one of the crowd. As hard as you try to just blend in, your secret desires will always win. I hope you can find a way to embrace them, accept them and make them your own. I have a huge fear that if you do not, they will come back to haunt you and follow you home. Maybe all my fears are unfounded and things are...Read On



You’re like a drug I need more of you You’re not good for me Yet I keep coming back I can’t have you That drives me wild I chase after you You change directions You intrigue me Your scent Your motivation Always keeps on my feet I wanna quit Just don’t know how Every time I try I crash and burn I relapse Some say I’m hopeless ...Read On



An empty canvas Left untouched Nobody cares to leave a mark No emotion No future mapped out Just days sitting, collecting dust. Weeks passing, Still untouched Until one day A beautiful man came And painted a pretty picture Filled every space No corner left alone Finally feeling complete Apart of something great That beautiful man Was you....Read On

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How Can I Resist?

Trying to let go.

I know you still come and go. I can tell you are here, though your face you won’t show. Lurking about watching me. But I think this time you will really will leave. It’s a strange comfort knowing you are around. Though I will stay quite and not make a sound. Not even utter a simple hello. I want you to feel free to come and go. I can’t say you will be gone for good. Even if you...Read On


Long Distance Love

This is only my second poem this month...Who writes a lot of poems?..67Goat poem...

Long distance love, how are you? Are you thinking of me too? I thought about you again today, Just hoping that you are okay, Can't you please pick up the phone? As I sit here all alone. Long distance love, do you recall? The times it seemed we had it all, The times we thought would never end, But now I need more than a friend, Everything could be so right, If you would just come home tonight....Read On


Passions Kiss

You come in and close the door I sigh with satisfaction as your clothes hit the floor. I feel your warm breath brushing my face My skin still tingles with every embrace. I cannot wait to feel your lips caressing mine As your hand slides slowly down my spine. In my ear, you whisper my name Slowly igniting passions warm flame. Satisfaction is sweet as you slide deep inside me ...Read On


My love

My heart smiles The trees sing our song A melody Sweet, but full of meaning My joy Is overflowing So proud, my love has finally come Who knows what the future holds My first love One whom I’ll never forget Your sweet embraces Your loving gestures Everything about you makes me tingle Without you I’m lost In the sea of sadness But...Read On

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Desperate Is The Night

Desperate is the lonely night.

Darkness falls to emptiness. The light is growing dim. My mind will soon be on call. With thoughts that are so grim. All alone in the night. My bed does feel so big. Trying to get some warmth. Through my memories I dig. Searching through out the past. Revisiting every fantasy. Kinky and very steamy. All the men that did thrill me. Sexy and oh so hot. Every single meeting. ...Read On



Who says I write a lot of poems? This is the first one this month...

Seduction is a mighty word, As powerful as you've ever heard, Starting out with a simple glance, Will not end till they're in your pants, Telling you everything you want to hear, Slowly calming your every fear, They'll slowly get into your head, Until they get you into bed. Seduction is a mighty tool, Can make you act just like a fool, More powerful than any drink, Once it starts no time...Read On


First Kiss

First Kiss   You leaned over and you kissed me I felt my knees go weak You leaned over and kissed me I couldn ’ t even speak You leaned over and kissed me With a passion flowing free You leaned over and kissed me Sparks flew that we could see You leaned over and kissed me A touch so soft and tender You leaned over and kissed me A kiss that I will remember ...Read On


The Mating of Two Souls

The Mating of Two Souls With the moonlight glimmering on my gown I look in your eyes and then slowly lie down. There is no need to touch or embrace We know each other and every sensitive place. I do not need to feel your lips on mine Or your arms around me to make me feel fine. All it takes is one look from your eyes To know that between us there are no lies. I can...Read On


Sonnet for You

Dedicated to all of you.

I watch the clouds drift slowly by, To leave behind an empty sky; A vast canvas of boundless blue On which I paint a scene of you. The fiery you; the shining sun, The glowing moon, with these you’re one, The tender you; soft as a sigh, With burning passion in your eye, The smiling you, with rosy lips, With gentle hands and fingertips, The speaking you; all intellect; ...Read On


Passions Deep

Another day...another poem...

Your passion burns so very deep, Like secret dreams when you sleep, The passion burns so deep inside, Such deep desires that you hide, What can I do, what can I say? Let your passion come out and play. Like a wild, caged up beast, Your passions need to be released, Will it take a kiss to your lips? Or the gentle touch of my fingertips, I want you in my arms to hold, As your passions start...Read On


Only One

Yet another love poem originally posted under 67Goat...

Of all the girls I've held and kissed, Very few I've truly missed, Even less have held my heart, During the times we were apart, Rare are the ones that make me yearn, Or make my passions truly burn, Few are the ones that felt so right, As we held each other through the night, But after all is said and done, For me there can be only one, And of all my loves from the past, Only one can truly...Read On


For my love

A short poem I wrote.

This poem was written for Stuart. Thanks for helping me out with my stories and letting me bounce ideas off of you. Love ya, Babe! Clouds in the sky My dreams don't lie I know you're the one for me The only one that I see When I see your face I become a headcase Thinking of when we will be together Our lives intertwined with each other Waking up next to you There's nothing I wouldn't...Read On


Who am I

Compelled, I endure, as I search for a single love to share the known and unknown.

Who am I Sexual, abstract and poetic, complex and centered, I am the warm light that's kindled inside me. With each morning's awaking, as the world begins to stir a sound and a shade of light at a time, I am rejuvenated. In spring showers, pulling weeds and planting new in soft soil, I am happy in my garden. Contented, I watch the new strengthened, as nurturing sprinkles wash over, before...Read On


Behind Your Door

A glimpse is all it takes...............

  Each night, in silent splendor, I see you shut your door And for a span of hours The world sees you no more; No more will you enrapture Each crowded city street, No eye will watch you passing, No heart will miss a beat. Only your door will witness, Only your lamp will see And together praise your beauty, Each night unfailingly. While I, in silent longing, ...Read On