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Love Poems


Black Velvet

Cyber Life

An unknown face in an unknown place.. Holding all the desires that you can imagine.. Losing all track of time and space.. You’re trapped in her avatar once again.. Unknown pleasures in a two inch square.. The mind can build endless dreams.. Your desires and fantasies all laid bare.. But nothing is ever as it seems.. Body aroused as you bring her near.. Your keyboard painting...Read On


For Dana (1966-2006)

For my fiance Dana, who died of a heart attack shortly after her 40th birthday...

I see a girl with long blond hair, So much like yours I stop and stare, With a quizzical look she walks away, I just stand there with nothing to say, So many girls remind me of you, How they move, the things they do. I watch the sun set in the sky, Reminding me of times gone by, How we sat on the beach hand in hand, Us two lovers sitting on the sand, So many things remind me of you, Of days...Read On

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Submissive But Not

Training my slave.

You want to consider yourself as submissive but you really are not as you will never listen. All you really want is to be used to have your body taken and totally abused. You really are a substandard slave because you absolutely refuse to behave. Maybe it’s that I am just a terrible Mistress always bending my actions to meet your wishes. Could it be that we are just...Read On

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Resistance is Futile

You are mine get used to it!

So very hot you know you want everything that I’ve got. No one can take it from you better than me think about it and you will see. Baby can’t you figure it out or do I always have to yell and shout? Resistance is futile yes it is true because my desires are brutal and they are all for you. I know you had been looking for a very long time to find someone that could make you unwind....Read On


Love is Death

About how Love is pain and kills you

Love, death of all being, Sucking blood from veins. Draining the Soul. Torturing the Heart. Never fall in Love. It kills ones self. Ones Soul. Devouring it Whole. Love, Lifeless Taker, And heart...Read On


A Very Long Time

Before you know it time has passed you by.

It has been so long, so many days but it is still fresh in my memory there is no fog, no haze. It has been so long so many weeks that I am starting to wonder just what is it that I seek. It has been so long so many months before I know it they will turn into a year and I will still be greatly missing the things I hold dear. It has been so long that I just can not see what the...Read On

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What I Wouldn't Give

My message to my submissive man.

What I wouldn’t give to look at your handsome face, wrap my arms around you and all your doubts I will erase. To hold you close and let you know I am that one person who adores you so. Who adores all the parts of you exactly as you are and thinks of you as her perfect shining star. I want to let you know I accept you completely, like you for everything you are and cherish...Read On


Becoming yours

A short poem writin for a friend.

I feel so safe and protective in your strong arms I know that you won't let anything ever happen to me My heart beats faster when I see you I need to feel you inside of me again I ache for your touch You have my heart, soul and body Make me yours again I'm ready and waiting for you to have me once again I want you to make me feel like I have never felt before I feel your passion filled eyes...Read On


It Means the World to Me

About making that special person Happy.

A Night so Amazing, That never wanted to End. A night everlasting, In my Heart. All the Planning, Paying off. Impressing the one, Who is dear. A fear, that never came. But was there, Instead Happiness , Filled its' place. Happiness, that made, A night so special. Filling mine and hers, With Joy. Making everything worth While, Seeing that Smile, Seeing her Happy, Means the world to me....Read On


Something's Missing

Missing all the special people that have come and gone from Lush.

You just don’t know how much I have been missing you. Missing all of the special things that you can do. No one else makes me feel this way makes me want them each and every day.  All that is left is to sit around and dream of hopes for something that can’t even be seen. Sweet as I know you all are this loneliness is going to leave a scar. But I will always put your...Read On


My Special Love (Happy Valentine's Day)

A love poem for that special someone on Valentine's Day...

Sitting with you right next to me, Nowhere in the world I'd rather be, Your every move brings a smile to my face, With your awesome beauty and natural grace, I enjoy being with you day and night, Being with you just feels so right. Of all the loves I have known, None have the kindness you have shown, None have the charms that you possess, None can match your soft caress, None can match the...Read On


The Day Lush Stories Died

Disclaimer this poem is just for FUN!!!

Oh my goodness, Oh my dear our Lush Stories has disappeared! Tried to log on but “Server Not Found” OMG is Gav around!!! My addition has vanished oh what shall I do guess I’ll write a silly poem or two. Where are all my buddies like Albaguy, Pantyboy, Tampmark, and Vic and the ever prolific Exakta66! That is only to name a very few and without my favorite Stephenrocca...Read On


Meant to be

A short poem I wrote.

My heartbeat matches yours When I breathe it's like I'm breathing the same breath as you You gently caress my body Making me burn for you When your lips touch mine It's like a fire burning deep inside of me I think only of when we Will be as one again When we are together We touch heaven each and every time we touch When you whisper to me Your voice touches the very core of my soul When we...Read On


What I Know About Love


Every child remembers their first puppy.. their first kitten.. their first goldfish.. their first experience at loving something.. without really knowing the word or what it meant.. it just was.. it came so natural and without strings.. a lick.. a purr.. or simply following your finger along the glass of the aquarium.. In the short span of years following...Read On

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When I Wake

When I wake up in bed with all my men in my head.

I must be dreaming of you at night though I can not remember if I might.   One thing that is a great big clue is my eyes always open to thoughts of you. I do not really want them to be there they are so enticing they can be hard to bare. It is an awkward beginning to most days creating a craving to want to play. A burning desire that fills me with lust and...Read On


Until we meet again

The first time I saw her And I looked into her eyes, I found myself hoping That there were no other guys.   The second time I saw her We went out on a date. I thought about that first kiss And found I couldn’t wait.   When we met for the third time I took her to my bed. And when the night was over I felt, this one I could wed.   And when that day came ...Read On



Yes, it's another love's a habit I have, what can I say?

If I called you up in the middle of the night, To tell you something is just not right, How would you act, what would you do? Would you take the time to talk me through? Or would you tell me it's way too late, That my problems just have to wait, How would you act, what would you do? If I were to really need you. If I were to show up at your door one day, What would you do, what would you...Read On


A Regular Affair

Finding a balance.

Just a regular online affair where there is no strings attached but you still care. That and friendship is all I really want with you I even got my hubby’s approval too! Being courteous to one another by sending a little note once in awhile which should not be a bother. Creating our own special private world allowing our lust for each other to swirl. Making each others fantasies come true it...Read On


Pain Within

About the heart and pain

Pain excites within, Arousing Pleasure Arousing the Mind. Seeking inner Peace. Drowning in Pain, Pain of the Heart. Killing all Pleasure, Enticed by the Pain. Pain of the Heart, Kills all things. Kills the Pleasure, Taken with Glee. The hearts Pain, Must be Quelled. Must be Extinguished, So Naughtiness can Rein. Pain Excites the Mind. Heart pain extinguished...Read On


Missing Us

Missing how we used to be.

I miss the old us. That time when we couldn’t get enough of each other. When being with you was first on my mind. When you could not wait to have me do the things I do so well to you. Where has that time gone? I can’t see it I feel blind. How did we get to this point? In the middle of life it just vanished. It slipped away so slowly we did not even notice till it was gone. I live...Read On

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I Dream

Escaping into a fantasy world.

I dream of caressing his handsome face like nothing else matters. Of taking all his passions and letting him discover mine. Making him feel so good, better than anyone has. It is always in another world, in a very different time. These dreams must be fleeting and short. I can not dwell on them for very long at all. If I allow myself to think of them to long. Under his...Read On


Sexual Insanity

My sexual insanity.

I get many compliments on the stories I write. So many think I have such sexual insight. Little do they know my mind is a big giant maze. I just draw from past experiences, pull them out of the haze. Illustrating all my naughty deeds that’s what makes me happy. I’ll throw in lots of love poems and they might get pretty sappy. Don’t ever pay attention to all my many crazy emotions....Read On

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What happens when you want someone too much.

Being heartsick is something that happens when you want someone to much. When all you can think about is how you both could possibly ever touch. You plan and you dream of things that you know you will never have. Sometimes are even told things you want so bad it makes you glad. I don’t do very well in this fantasy world. My attitude about sex is like a man’s but I am a girl. ...Read On


A Wonderful Man

A poem dedicated to my wonderful hubby!

How do you know you have a wonderful man? You know when he does things that are not in his plans. When he takes care of you no matter what. Even thought you are a very, very naughty slut. Always dependable to the very end. When you are feeling down his love he does send. Sweet and kind and thinks that you’re hot. Even though he has seen you when you are definitely not. ...Read On




I savored and craved my first taste of her.. Woman to woman I still wasn't sure.. My dreams and desires were always of this.. Her warm tender body and our first kiss.. I quivered and moaned as I first pulled her to me.. I wanted her naked and exposed so completely.. Skin so warm and smooth to my aching touch.. Her thighs already wet and dripping so much.. Our nipples touching so gentle...Read On


The Sadness

The sadness is filling me up.

The sadness is starting to set in. There will be no more tingles on my skin. I wanted him more than I could say. But all he wanted to do was play. I really do understand. And just wanted to hold his hand. Be his very special friend. Take care of him until the end. My passion is so very strong. A compulsion grew before very long. I wanted him so much every day. But I fucked it...Read On


Be My Little Whore Tonight

Just got tired of writing romantic stuff...what can I say?

Just be my little whore tonight, Don't worry baby, I won't bite, We'll do it till you get it right. Come on you little tease, I'm the one you need to please, Get down baby, on your knees. I got lots of things in store, We'll do it baby on the floor, Make you scream and cry for more. Didn't you hear what I said? Get your butt up on the bed, On your knees and give me head. Don't resist or...Read On


So Goodbye.

Can we turn back somehow And make up for all that we've been through I feel that I've let you down Or turned my back on you   But somehow things have to turn out right You've got to believe me The dreams I have at night Are suddenly terrifying   But we've said all of our good-byes We've gone over the memory Apologized for any lies And finally set each other free.   ...Read On


Not Sure


I've spent my whole life being not sure.. doubts and conflicts generally took over my thoughts.. was this ok?.. was that ok?.. I sought approval from others as if confirmation would make it easier.. it never did.. my life has been an endless parade of successes and failures.. mostly the latter when it came to relationships.. I demanded that they live up to my expectations.. while at the...Read On


Just Two Lovers On The Beach

Just a poem about two lovers on a beach...originally posted under 67Goat...

The stars above dot the midnight sky, As the full moon castes a watchful eye, As we walk along the deserted sand, Our arms swing gently, hand in hand, I cannot help but stop and stare, As the moonlight shines in your hair, As the stars alight your pretty face, I feel my heartbeat start to race, Without another soul around, We lay our blanket on the ground, As I watch the starlight reflect...Read On