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Love Poems



Have you ever wanted to tell someone how you feel, but couldn't find a voice?

I stop and think, And wonder, About you, Your life, How you are. The humor being, Chances are, You never wonder the same. But for a second, I'd like to think, Before you sleep, You think of me. A smile spread across my face, All I want is to just see yours. Your smile, Your laugh, The sound of your voice, But every night before I sleep, I think of you, And I wish, You think of me as well. ...Read On


Table dancing, Glasses Are Crashing, Its Explosive

No questions, time for some action

While we are dirty dancing it feels like our hearts are racing I whisper in your ear the things you never knew I cant believe how I feel when I'm with you you make my body come alive While we are grinding to the beat I feel like my life is complete You've reached somewhere deep within. I can not hold it, I cannot control it... I really wanna do what you want me to do The next thing I...Read On


the sweet taste of love

about two girls

The sweet taste of love Still lingers in my mind A succulent tasty morsel A treasure worth its find A wet and juicy fruit That fills my mouth with joy Like candy to a baby An edible sexy toy With nectar sweet as honey A syrup of flowing silk Like a bubbly kind of lava As smooth as warm clear milk It breathes with scented oils Like a flower in the mist And blossoms when caressed By the feel...Read On


Between US

So two dimensional between us This distance between us Leaves me hanging in the moment Uncertainty clutters my vision Can’t trust this raw emotion Running right below everything I allow you to see of me These games are just masks For another reason Between what we want And what I see right in front of me You lick your lips Leaving me longing to be On the other side – pushing right...Read On


our night

it about two girls

Taking your hand Fingers to my lips I want to love every inch of you Taste every part of your body As if I can drink your loves blood Through your very pores I want to get lost in your eyes Consumed by your kiss Set my body on fire Quench the fire in my blood With sweet caresses Touch my soul with your passion Lay down beside me Feel my body crying for you Let's get lost in each other...Read On


Silent Observer

I watch you – breaking at the bend Hurting more than you’ll ever let me see I feel your heart breaking in front of me As your face masks it all All I can do is be a witness – sitting on the sidelines Taking in all of your self-destructive ways Surprised I don’t wear scars on my face From the tears I always seem to taste Cause I am right here – feeling you – even though You think you’re on...Read On


I Still ...

still waiting for you ...

I still wake up in the nights Sweating to your dreams I still stare the open door Waiting for you it seems I don’t blink my eyes anymore Expecting you to pass I never knew it good That it would end up so at last. I still check my silent phone To see if you made a call I still sometimes shout and moan Hoping you hear it across the wall I don’t turn my lights off Letting you know that I...Read On


Do you know

Do you know you are always on my mind? But still your heart I cannot find. Our thoughts the same, Some think its lame, But yet I still feel. Across the sea, Across the sky, I never want to say goodbye. I stare into the air, Knowing your right there, On the other side. I sit at my window, Just staring out, We haven't talked in a while, I wear a pout. The tears I've cried, Create a drought. ...Read On


Chocolate Creme Pie

A deserrt that you cant waste

As the room was candle lit, two glasses on the table, in the dining room, as we hold our hands together, as we laugh with joy Chocolate creme pie, a dessert that wont last long, but fun while its lasting As I lean towards you to kiss you, you grab me by my neck, kiss me forcefully, with all the love you have, I smile as we kiss, you grab my legs spread them apart, you pick me up, laying me...Read On


I am Yours

I am Your Dream I am Your Fantasy I am Your Slut I am Your Pet I am Your ultimate Fuck Slave My lips are Yours to shove your fingers and Your cock in My mouth is Yours to kiss and deposit Your cum in My wrists are Yours to tie and bind My throat is Yours to feed My cunt is Yours to stretch and fill My pink flesh is Yours to thrash and use My asshole, oh my asshole is...Read On


Lost in a fairytale

Clouds filled with stars and your name will always stay across my heart

You're my retation in the connection to the sun even though our relationship isn't always fun Every now and then without warning, I can be really mean towards you.. But I don't want to go another day without your love and all the sweet things you say For you I will walk into the fire and do anything that you desire You're like my lover and my best friend and its gonna stay like that till...Read On


Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Not sure what to say here, so I'll just let the words speak for themselves...

Don’t tell me that you need me, And I’m the best you’ve found, Because if you really needed me, You at least would come around. Don’t talk to me on the phone, Saying words I want to hear, And giving me more excuses, Why you can’t be with me here. Don’t tell me that you love me, And how much you really care, But when I really need you, I can’t find you anywhere. ...Read On


Sex in the shower

Sex in the shower

Rubbing soap suds over my body Letting the hot shower cleanse me Enjoying the sensual pleasure Filling me with such ecstasy So enthralled with the enjoyment I didn't hear you enter and stand Watching me as I washed myself The shower nozzle in my hand I slowly caress my wet breasts Such a wonderful sensation My nipples are hard and erect You'’re now full of expectation ...Read On


Fourwheeler Love

What else can we do on a fourwheeler

Summer it was, when it was hot and steamy, when my husband and I went on a four wheeler, The air was rushing in our ears, It was spectacular Fourwheeler love, when you are wearing shorts and tanktops, riding in the mud, getting dirty, when we can be in the woods without no one there Spectacular as it was, my husband stopped the four wheeler, stood me up taking me of the fourwheeler, to...Read On


The only one you love

This is the first time I've written a story/poem so please dont be too mean,Thank you

Tell me you love me Tell me you miss me Tell me you want me Tell me im the only one Tell me that your always thinking about me Tell me that I'm sexy Tell me that I'm cute Tell me that I'm pretty Tell me that I'm beautiful Tell me that I'm all yours Take your time Take it slow Dont rush Hold me Move me Touch me Feel me Excite me Dazzle me Delight me Bring me to my knees Take me in your...Read On


Phone Sex

When you call, I get excited to hear your voice

As you call, I answer, happy to hear from you within a week, missing you like crazy, hormones are out of wack Phone sex, another best thing we have until your home, when you can be wrapped around my arms and legs, as we kiss up and down each others bodies I use my toy, as you use your hand, you in a bathroom stall, I use our bedroom, I moan in your ear "Fuck me,baby, harder, faster, more" As...Read On


Seal It All With Kisses

A Tyburn Poem

Smiling Laughing Holding Touching Constantly we’re smiling, laughing with delight, Its nice to be holding, touching each other tonight. Pressing Melting Spinning Turning Our lips meet now pressing, melting - a tether, The world stopped its spinning, turning all together. Playful Lustful Blissful Soulful Biting but yet playful,lustful emotion implies, Consuming a...Read On


My Pussy

Kind of a silly poem about spreading my legs for whoever lol

An entrance into my sexual soul So tight, fresh and young Many have frequented Many of them hung Yet my pussy is very indiscriminate As my lush friends may know My pussy is not all I offer I also give a good blow My pussy is so wet I bet you’d like a go Well come on in everybody After all, i'm just a ho ;)...Read On


Midnight Love

First time I met my true Love

Midnight love, where stars surround you, where smiles are friendly Upstate New york, where I met you, you met me, You found someone happy as can be. Midnight love, where stars surround you, It felt like magic when I am with you I was in a patrol car, you were outside, You came towards me, opened the door, we talked, You gave me a index card, with a number, your number Midnight Love,...Read On



My first poem, feedback is greatly appreciated.

To see you is a reward for my eyes, the dimples in your cheeks and the smile you always wear, your shimmering eyes and long flowing hair, and a nice firm body that'll give any man a rise To hear you would be music to my ears, an angelic voice that holds so much passion, the way you laugh with such incredible fashion, powerful enough to soothe even the worst of my fears To touch you means a...Read On


The Morning After

My attempt at writing a poem, never written one before lol

Dancing and grinding, what a fun night this is Wow my head is sore I look real sexy tonight My clothes are so messed up Yea I’ll do another shot Why is there a bucket next to me? Kiss me baby My lipstick is so smeared I’m pretty hard now baby Why is my jaw so stiff? Come back to my place baby Where am I?...Read On


For L.P.

A poem for a very special young lady.

For L.P. What attraction you say Lover’s gravity I reply. You’re my moon My light You guide my way at night. But you’re miles away You say. Not true my riposte; Listen to our hearts, The cadence is one. Two distant earthly bodies You reply Ever confused. Two bodies One soul, I intone. But I’m taken You protest Our staccato pasts intruding. Our...Read On



The willow branch whispers softly against her ear; you love he sweet dear. Her brain kicks violently against her skull; you will do no such thing! Why is it so hard? His mouth moves and his voice flows like a slow moving creek against her smooth skin. I love thee. Her face cracks in a sad smile-those words make her cry inside her heart. Her brain opens its ugly mouth- you love thee not!...Read On


dark spade

A poem about heartbreak, and what the heart may feel about someone that ends up stabbing it...

Do I take a step forward? Or two steps back? Leaving you in the dust, Was that going ahead? I thought it was good, But now I'm unsure, Lost and confused, My heart abused. My brain cannot think, So I rely on ink, To get this all out of my head, So maybe one of these days, I can think again. All that you've done It can't be reversed, It's not a rehearsal, Of a Broadway play. For this ends...Read On


The Season's Romance

A bit like the story of the Crone.

Leaves are falling, Changing in color Winds change direction, Birds flying south You hold my hand, We go out again Everything is changing. The cold has arrived Death has come again Life is sleeping Waiting for us to wake From our long slumber Green is growing, The common are rejoicing For the coming of the new, Is arriving again. You join with me again Life has returned The young...Read On


Gone From Me

While you're gone from me The peace of my soul has slipped away. While you're gone from me, The edges of my soul begin to fray... And I'm lost to the anger. While you're gone from me, The magic disappears as the devil strikes another deal While you're gone from me There's a gaping hole in my life, my heart, my shields. And I'm lost in loneliness. While you're gone from me, ...Read On


The Wall Between Us

Is the end result worth the journey?

There is a wall between us. It is much too wide to walk around. And at first glance, it seems too high to climb. And yet, we have climbed it many times. You on your side. And me on mine. Straining, stretching, reaching, climbing, and ultimately making a connection at the top. When we touch, we find joy and light and magic and revel in the beauty of just being together. Inevitably though,...Read On

Audio version available

This Chain

Your collar is empty but I still hold this chain; Without you around nothing is the same. I long for my sexy lost pet; I am stuck I can’t seem to take a step. The one that I loved is no more; Did he really exist, the one I adored? Vanished into a different life; Sweet memories of him cut like a knife. Melancholy and bitter sweet; Torn over the fact we didn’t get to meet. And how he...Read On


My Lush World

Eight verses for eight friends, I'm sure you can figure out who you are

It started with flowers, and a candlelit beach. Took a while, but I dug through your layers of hiding lies. You thought I would be out of your reach, if I knew who you really were. You trust me now. Welcome to Lush, keep safe, be good Funny how the greatest temptation turned out to be you. I fell further than I thought I would; your protection no guard in your case. You want me now. Hey...Read On


All For You

ALL FOR YOU Frozen and numb My life had come undone   Looking for something Looking for more What I had become was not the sum   A simple gesture A twist of fate It all started with regards to thanks   Laughter and learning Boundaries and more Earning your trust Yearning for your touch Love blossomed from the ranks   Sealed with kiss Started with a list Hopefully ending in eternal bliss   All...Read On